Thursday, July 30, 2009

Convergence Upon the Sphere of Completion a Lone Mage stands Inclined to act yet,bound by his vision of the future and the Ideal Manifestation of that through dilligent daily effort and craft.The Parting of the Ways appears,2 Paths Twisting Left and Right and now the young Mage must choose!He knows that both paths lead to the same end but he has trodden before the Path of Hard Knocks and wishes well to avoid that path,he seeks he High Path direct over the Earth,through the Kingdoms with himself alone and those he meets along the way.He must then sacrifice all that he had imagined to be real and walk ever on the pathless path,leaving no trace he must walk into Grace!Leaving behind all those things that are of the past Dead and Ultimately Illusionary he must walk into the Golden Day that awaits him!Though in life there are always distractions and they must be rent asunder and remved totally.One must continue with all efforts on all lines in all states and all stages as the witness of all passing phenomona totally detached yet involved all the while from a completely surrendered state of Grace one should Meditate on joy in ones Heart and the Love in all things.Return then to the perfect vision that is Gods Infinite Eyes and let yourself be stopped not by any force or factor in attaining and Realizing your Goals and aspirations.Leave comfort and know that suffering is progress on the Path of SPirituality. Welcome adversity and let all challenges be your strength,like a Rock stand firm in your Resolve to Realize God and Self and to leave the mundane for the Super Mundane.This must be done in this life time of all life times and you must reach the great goal of all life for now converging on tour SPirits path are many great ones waiting and wanting to assist and guide you in the path of the Ancients in a World that is Modern!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Are you Alive?

Are you alive?
Have you ever considered the fact that you are having the experience of life because you are alive? It may sound very silly, but is it? The experience of life is dependent on being alive. The further question then is: are you experiencing life, yet not aware that you are alive?
Isn't it amazing that we can journey through all the experiences of life and still not realize that we are the cause of all life experience? In other words, what we seek is what we are. We cannot have a life experience unless we are already alive.
The same is true if we change the word 'life' to 'Source'. We cannot have a Sourceful experience unless we are already Source. If we are seeking Sourceful experience as something that we do not have, we are deluded. Just as there is no experience of life without being alive, likewise there is no experience of Source without being Source.
How is it possible to separate ourselves from ourselves? The answer is pretense. We can only pretend to seek what we do not have. Yet our pretense can become habitual and its repetition can make it appear real. We lose ourselves in the seeking of what we already have and construe illusion as truth. Lost in our fantasy, we have life experience without being alive.
All fantasies are embellished and exaggerated. The fantasy of Source/life is no exception. Fantasies are usually so exaggerated that they are impossible to experience. Consider enlightenment. If you are seeking enlightenment, you are lost in a fantasy. The degree of its exaggeration is the degree to which you will never experience it. Remember, that which you seek you will never have. In the same understanding, are you fantasizing wholeness? How exaggerated is your holistic fantasy? Are you aware that your holistic fantasy precludes you're having holistic experience?
This week, bring focus to your life challenges. Are you escaping into fantasy, or are you journeying them to truth? In this regard, what choice are you making in this moment? Why not endeavor to walk where your feet are and be as you truly are? Why not be Source having a Sourceful experience? Again, why not be alive while having a life experience? Remember, what you seek is what you already are. Source is the experience of where your feet are right now. All else is fantasy, illusion and plain ole delusion. Here's to the walking dead... may they live again. Yes!

Daily Blog,Synthisis of Ideas,Demonstration of Ideals,

This Blog then goes out to all Disciples and Initiates on the Universal Path of Integration and Synthisis which is of course the purpose and aims of this particular Ashram!We begin today as we started although the begin ushers in the end and the End means the begining.In hearing this our Minds not unfamiliar with the Endless Poles of Duality perceive them thus as they are.One!So todays discussion and Blog post is upon the keeping of ones personal Schedual and routine in ones daily life.This should be set out from the outset with ones personal Goals and Aspirations in Mind on a Spiritual Ascension Level,A Psychological Level and a Physical Earthly Level.One should write all one wants to achieve in each of these three levels and be as clear and precise about these as possible. The more feeling one attaches to the Experience and attainment of these goals the more powerful will be the Sub Conscious' minds ability be at attaining them.So once one has ones Goals Aims and Aspirations clearly logged in ones Journal System you can then begin mapping out a Daily,Weekly,Monthly,Yearly,5 Yearly,10 yearly,15 Yearly,25 Yearly,50 Yearly Plan for the Realization and Demonstration of all these Goals. This is a timely process but it helps to first write out the Basic outline for each on different sheets of Paper so you can start to see with the Eagles Eye,and start to grasp the Big Picture for this Life and your aspiration upon it. All this is inspired from the Teachings of the Great Dr Joshua David Stone and the IAM University.I recommend all students enroll at this pre fine Learning institute and begin to take the Rocket-ship to God! Understanding of course all the while that we each get many incarnations as many as is required to learn all Earth lessons and move onto the Next Dimension of evolution we can add meaning and power to the Final and Highest Attainment of our Life,which is of course Integrated Ascension and greater Planetary World service. With this firmly fixed in our mind as our Ultimate end we can begin the work of our Life's Ultimate attainment and the demonstration of that in our Daily lives!So the first thing we want to do friends is to set you daily wake up time! Time and habit are Key factors on developing Mastery and really we can consider that Mastery comes simply from the continuos repetition of Good Habits!So also in picking our Waking time the most ideal time is early as Possible.If we can rise before the Amrit Vela which is 4-7 am in the Morning for preperation that is ideal.Once we have taken a Cold Shower and dressed appropriately we can begin our Meditation! I never said this was going to be easy! Now this can be a difficult habit to enthrone but once it is achieved the benefits will be amazing! These teachings have been drawn from the Body of Work left behind by the Great Yogi Bhajan as we knew him. realistically this is the only time to Meditate with ease as during the day there are to Many Solar and Environmental factors that do not allow for pure Meditation.So after sitting for our Morning Practice which should consist of Asana Practice,Pranayama,Pratyahara,Dharana and Samadhi ( )in equal measures we are ready to begin the day of Seva Yoga!So this brings us to the 8am time frame which in Chinese Medicine is Stomach time,and a good time to take our first meal of the the day!Our first meal should ideally be light and fruit only.This will allow our energies to remain satvic and pure and to allow the Energies of the Mornings Practice to Integrate while we organize our day!Next we should institute our Goals and targets for the day in relation to our Big Picture Life Plan.We see the smaller steps required to attain our Large goals and can begin "Hitting them" in order and with precision adding no extra steps.This can be assisted and is based in some ways on the work of Mark Joyner and Simpleolgy. Sign up for a free account and start your daily practice here Once we have gone organized and gone through our Daily targets we can begin doing our work by this time it should be about 9-am. A good way to start really is to do the most hard tasks first,this should also be applied to yearly tasks so that we can overcome the hard tasks first and most quickly and then have the rest of the year to doing all those things which bring you so much joy and if that turns out to be your Work service and Mission in life all the better.In following this program i am sure you will find that to be the case!So this then brings us to the Morning mark and the first few Hours of the Work day.We should Ideally focus our attention on the most important Business Tasks in these first few ours of the day or the most important work we are currently under taking,be that Creative,Business,Scientific endevour,Transformational Magical Work or devotions.What ever is our main work should be carried out in the Morning Hours before lunch so that by Lunch time we already have a real feeling of achievement and success!We are looking to build this Feeling in the positive sense at all times so that our Positive Success Energy can keep building.So from this morning time until Lunch which we be at 1:30 we have spent engaging our Passion and primary function in life we can take our Lunch knowing well we have achieved well and are well on our way already to achieving all our Life goals and aspirations!So for lunch again the Ideal is ever Individualized and you will have to work out what works best for your Constitution. Again Light Eating is preferable and one should always stop eating before they start to feel full. Actually when one is Full it means you have eaten to much! The stomach should be filled one third with Food one third with Liquid and One third with air! This allows for maximum Digestive Fire and Integration of all Sustenance within the food itself.A short rest period should be taken after Meals and no work should be done for this time. One ideally would rest in Vajrasana the Thunderbolt Pose for maximum Digestion. One can also use this 20 minutes to center ones Spiritual,Mental,Emotional and Physical Energy on the Cosmic Center within and then begin moving again slowly from there! This will bring us then Friends to the End of this Post for today and to the 2:30 pm mark or there about in our Daily Routine!We will continue and complete this Post tomorow as the alloted time for this post is almost expired!We wish you blessings and success in the Mastering of all your Energies in Service of God your Mission and your Brothers and Sisters!Be well then in the Love,Power,Wisdom,Integration and Synthisis we send you now and at all times!The Collective Consciousness of the Ascended Masters through Joseph WAP Norton.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Moon Phases!

Unless you live on another planet, you have probably noticed thatthe Moon looks different every night. As the moon orbits (movesaround) the Earth, the sun's light reflects off of the moon'ssurface. As the moon grows and wanes she seems to magically appearand then disappear again, beginning from invisibility to the barestsliver of a crescent to a Zen like half dark half-lightconfiguration to the full round silver disk of a full moon. Thisentire cycle takes about twenty-eight days and has four phasesknown as the Four Quarters of the Moon. However these quarters alsohave sub phases such as the Balsamic and Gibbous moon that last aday or two. The First Quarter of the moon is a phase that begins when the moonand sun are conjunct with one another in the heavens. The moon isinvisible at this point and referred to as a New Moon.This phase symbolizes beginnings and especially the very beginningof the planting cycle, when the seed of a plant first starts togerminate deep beneath the ground. This phase also corresponds tothe Winter Solstice in the cycle of the seasons.During this phase, it is important to be careful of your thoughtsbecause whatever you think is likely to manifest. It is a time whena great idea can come to you and either die from doubt or be givenbirth.During this phase people also tend to be more withdrawn andsubjective in their opinion. Taking care of your immediate needs oremotions may seem more important than thinking about the future.You may also find yourself questioning yourself and others moreoften as this phase of the moon is often about analyzing and"getting to the bottom of things" before a relationship or projectis started.After the moon is "born" it takes about five and a half to sixhours before she is seen in sky. Towards the end of this firstquarter phase, the moon grows in size until a delicate thin silvercrescent appears.The Crescent Moon occurs during the last couple of days of theFirst Quarter, which was initiated by the birth of the New Moon.This is a great time to put an idea into action. In this phase, theMoon is waxing and halfway between New and First Quarter Moon. AAgriculturally, this phase represents the young plant's firstencounters with its environment and has yet to take hold. Any newthing in your life at this time might still be tentative but thereis a great hope that the venture will succeed in the future as longas you are vigilante. This phase also symbolizes bravery, new ideasand impulses. You are also most likely to win over opposition whenthe moon is in crescent form as the sickle shape of it symbolizesthe sword of redemption or the sword of justice.The crescent phase of the moon corresponds to the seasonal holidayof Christmas, around February 1st, midway between the WinterSolstice and the Spring Equinox.When the moon is in its First Quarter it is squaring the Sun. It ishalf dark and half light. This represents the time of flourishingand growth. In the planting cycle it represents a time when theorganism shoots out its roots, leaves and branches. In the cycle ofthe seasons, this phase corresponds to the Vernal Equinox.The First Quarter of the moon is the best time to build newstructures or put ideas into reality. You can realistically achievegreat goals while the moon is in the phase. It may take less effortfor you to accomplish whatever you have in mind once the moon is inits half phase.The Second Quarter of the moon begins when the moon has move 90degrees away from the Sun. At this point, the waxing moon rises atabut noon and sets about midnight and she can be seen even duringthe day. This period of the moon's growth corresponds to the development andgrowth of life. In this phase, also known as the Gibbous moon. Thisrepresents the moment in the planting cycle when the bud begins toform, carrying within it the promise of a blossom. It representsfecundity, accomplishment and fertility.In the seasonal cycle this phase is symbolically linked with thecross-quarter holiday of Beltane, which was celebrated around May1st (or May Day), half way between the Vernal Equinox and theSummer Solstice.During the Gibbous moon it is very easy to accomplish goals,especially those started during the previous first quarter. Manypeople have the most energy and clarity during this moon phase whenthe moon slowly becomes a fully rounded silver disk.The Third Quarter of the moon starts when the growing moon and thesun oppose each other in the sky. During this time she can b seenrising in the east at sunset and can be viewed in her full glorylater and later each night.This time of the approaching full moon corresponds to theculmination of plans and maturity. This phase symbolically relatesto the Summer Solstice, the time of maximum light in the cycle ofthe seasons.During this phase, it is likely that you will reap some kind ofrewards or harvest. You may also be more aware of others and growcloser to them. Projects may reach their final culmination. The Full Moon, like the New Moonies considered being a very magicaltime during which the Gods are more likely to honor your prayers.Once the full moon has expired it begins to wane (grow smaller). Inthis phase, the Moon is waning and halfway between the Full andFourth Quarter Moon. In the planting cycle this corresponds to thefirst appearance of the plant's fruit. In the seasonal cycle, thereis a symbolic correspondence to the cross-quarter holiday calledLamas, celebrated about August 1st, mid-way between the SummerSolstice and the Fall Equinox.During the first 48 hours after the moon first starts to loss lightit is also known as the Crone moon, the Old moon or theDisseminating Moon. During this phase you are to share what youknow with others. Depending on how your endeavor went you might belearning from a lesson or contemplating an achievement with greatsatisfaction. In terms of agriculture, this phase represents theculmination of the entire planting cycle.The Fourth Quarter of the moon occurs once the moon has moved 90degrees past the full phase. She is dimmer and rises at midnight.The moon can now be seen now in the eastern sky during late eveninghours. The moon in this phase doesn't reach the highest point inthe sky until very early in the morning.This is considered to be a fallow time or a time of drawing back ordisintegrate. It is the time for tying up loose ends, to reorganizeand plan for the next new main phase, which will be a new firstquarter that begins with a New Moon.While in its Fourth Quarter, the Moon is waning and square the Sun.In the planting cycle, your phase represents the beginning of theend of the cycle, when the plant is harvested and the partsremaining start to wither and die back into the ground. In theseasonal rotation this phase corresponds to the Fall Equinox.During this phase, you may tear down old structures to make way forthe new. A subphase of the fourth quarter of the moon is known asthe Balsamic moon which is during the 48 hours leading up to theNew Moon. In the agricultural cycle, this is the time of thematuration of the seed, while the rest of the plant dies away. Some astrologers also say this is the optimum time for conception.Psychologically, the Balsamic moon and the Fourth Quarter phase ofthe moon in general is a time of cleansing and a better time todiscard things rather than acquire them. It is more a time ofcontemplation and vision rather than a time of action. Symbolically it represents the deepest part of the subconsciousmind and the treasures that are held there.In the seasonal progression this phase corresponds to Halloween,midway between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice, when theveil between worlds is considered to be thinner. In the next newsletter we will take a look at the different typesof moons that occur over the course of a year such as the ColdMoon, the Storm Moon and the Harvest Moon.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Integrated Ascension and the Process and Path of Realizing God and Self,

This Brief Chapter beloved Friends will be a brief description on the process and path of Integrated Ascesnion and Realizing God and Self.We will go into more detail about the details in latter Blogs.This is just to give you the Big Picture and Bones of it all as it were!
There is a lot of talk about the coming phenomona of 2012 and what will be happening then and inthe lead up to that time.Understand that 2012 December 21st will be the completion of the 13 Galactic Underworlds and the End of "Time as it was" and the "New Time""Free Time" of the 7th Golden Age of Peace and the Age of Aquarius.For more specifically on 2012 and the Esoteric Marking of things please see,

So we are starting to see and Realize Collectivelly now that on this Auspicious Date Humanity will be collectively completed all 3rd and 4th Dimensional Consciousness and be fully Anchored in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.Gernally it takes 26,000 years to complete on full astrological cycle which consists of "12 Ages" each lasting for 2,600 years respectively.

Each Age has a special disspensation that is embodied and demonstrated Most perfectly by A Particular Master.FOr Example Master Jeshua or "Jesus" as he has been come to be known most perfectly demonstrated the Picean Ideal of Love above all Laws Codes and Systems.Love is the Highest Ideal of the Picean Archetype and Jeshua demonstrated this in that lifetime.

So understading that the Ascension proccess is a Universal Proccess that is happening through out Gods Infinite Omniverse in every dimension to every being constantly we can accept that this process is happening for us and Mother Earth at this time.Knowing this we can begin to understand and learn the Laws that Govern this process and start applying and living by this Law that we may be in Harmony with the All that is and flow with the Universal Water as it were.

So understanding that we are now taking to a Collective and Individual Process of Ascesnsion we can start to align ourselves with the Ideals and Principals that lead to the Culmination and realization of that Process.Integral to this is what the Eastern Mystery Schools have refered to as Self and God Realization.This is the process of Realizing our Self as the Self of all and the Self same Being that exists in all things at all times.This is the first step towards God Realization.This has esoterically been called the Soul Merge and happens at the 3rd Initation in the Western Esoteric System.There are many great Teachers and Guides on the Outer Plane who can swiftly take you to this Experience Realization and Stabalization.Firstly just request this inwardly to yourself and your presence.You will be amazed at what you begin to attract and how quickly you are drawn to that which you seek!"Knock and the Door will be open unto you!"

So in Realizing our Self as the Eternal Self we can begin to also recognize that we are also Gods Incarnate as is everything and everyone else!There is but one being in this Universe and that is God!God incarnated as Us!Once we realize and experience this we can start Demonstrating this Experience by acting like Gods and Treating all others as Gods!This is the tough part my friends,however i guarantee you that it is the most powerfull Spiritual Practice you will ever be able to do!If you forget all things and so this one thing you will make good progress!There are many other practices and paths towards Realizing Integrating and Demonstrating God and Self Realization but i humbly suggest that the practice of seeing and treating every plant mineral Animal and being you meet as an Incarnation of God will bring you mostly swiftly to this ideal!So to Realize God and Self simply treat everyone and everything as they are!Gods!

Also in this brief Post we will be giving you a brief introduction to Integrated Ascension as apose to Fragmented Ascension,which many Light Workers and Incarnated Masters have fallen prey to.Achieving our Ascesnion is in truth the Easy part,it is easy to call in Light,to Raise our Frequency Meditate do Yoga Eat Raw foods and all means of other techniques to achieve our Ascension but this can cause a fragmentation if we are not Integrated in our Understanding and demonstration in the World.So what if we have achieved our Ascension if we are run by our desire Body and totally victimized by our Inner Child and other people?So what if we have achieved our Ascension if we are totally commpetitive and run by the Negative Ego thought system?We can see than how important it is to begin taking to "Integrated Ascension" and start really Mastering all our Energies in Service of God and our Brothers and Sisters.

So in conclusion we can see that there is a 3 Fold Process to Realizing God and Self and taking to the Path of Integrated Ascension.First Activation which involves the Activation of the Desire for these things,then comes the Realization in which we start to directly Experience our self as the One Self not different from all things but self same and at one with all things.Next comes the Demonstration of these Realizations by Acting and as and being in alignment with these Universal Principals in all our Interactions with all beings.This process as you can see is really simple and easy to do once you know the basics but can seem incredibly complex if there is to much information and you can not "See the Forest through the Tress" as it were.So over the next few days we will continue to assist you in understading and simplifying this process for you so you can begin to really practice the Holy Encounter in every interaction with all things.It is our Prayer and Request that you today start truely practicing Purity in all your Interactions and really start to be about the Father/Mothers Business which is love,in an Integrated way!