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6th Day,6th Ray,

A6th.Ray of God Peace, Ministration and Selfless Service.
The 6th. Ray is the Ray of Accelerated Unity. Life Lesson:-- “ Walk the Middle Way of Balance.” The energy of the 6th. Ray :---enables you to minister and serve all life. The energy of the 6th. Ray can be mastered as you learn to use the energy of the Solar-Plexus Chakra correctly :---by mastering your desires. --by aligning your desires with your goals in life. --by setting aside your own desires when necessary to support and serve others. --by mastering your emotions. --by engaging the power of your emotions as an instrument for peace. --by cultivating inner peace, brotherhood and selfless service. --by striving to walk the Middle Way of Balance. --by letting your solar-plexus chakra be the open door for the expression of Divine love as God Peace. --by letting the solar-plexus chakra radiate the Dynamic peace that will consume all division.

Positive Qualities of the 6th. Ray.

--peace --brotherhood --selfless service --right desire

--balance --harmlessness --desirelessness --reunion with God.

Unbalanced Expressions of the 6th. Ray. --anger --fanaticism --egoism --fear --passitivity Harmlessness. --You become harmless when you:---let go of all desire for justice, revenge. --you let go of trying to somehow make up for the wrong by committing new wrongs. --you stop fighting and resisting. --you stop feeling victimized. --Leave such things behind and love and surrender --agitation --aggression --overindulgence --anxiety

unconditionally. Then the Holy Spirit can descend and change the situation so that what seems to be the guaranteed outcome will not come to pass.

--By refusing to play your part in the dualistic struggle, you might inspire others to realize that there is an alternative, there is a way beyond the struggle.

Reunion Reunion with God. --The highest, safest and most expedient road leading to reunion with God, is the Path of Initiation under one or more of the Ascended Masters, wherein you invoke the Violet Flame (through the giving of decrees and rosaries) to transmute your past records . You also call on Archangel Michael as your protector ( by giving his decrees and rosary.) ---for Violet Flame decrees. For decrees and rosaries.

Peace. --Peace can only be obtained through your heart chakra, by going to your heart daily and practicing being centred in your heart. ---There is only peace where there is love. And there is only love where there is the Will of God. --The only place you can have peace is inside your own being. --Keys to peace:---forgiveness and tolerance.

--giving up all revenge. --overcoming all warring in your own members. --reconnecting to your own Higher Self, your I Am Presence. --bringing your conscious awareness in contact with your soul so that you can make sense of your life with your conscious mind. --using your free will to make right choices. --focusing on being Who You Really Are and letting other people be who they are or who they are choosing to be at the moment. --expressing your own unique individuality and being less concerned about the beliefs and actions of others.

If you are at peace---then know that you are Being Who You Are. If you are not at peace---then know that you are compromising your true individuality and you will feel agitation in your solarplexus chakra. Affirmations:-Affirmations:-“ I find peace in constant self-transcendence.” “ I attain inner peace by purifying my heart. “ “ I know who I Am, therefore, I have inner peace. “ “ I claim my God peace. “” “ I Am Peace ! Peace I Am ! “

“ My inner peace depends on nothing outside myself. My inner peace depends on my inner contact with, my

centredness in, the God Flame of Peace. “ “ Inner peace is necessary in order to bring about outer peace on Earth. “ “ I express God peace that is in alignment with the Will of God. “

Right Desire. A true, right desire is based on oneness with the Source of life and will make you feel whole, fulfilled and nurtured. A right desire springs from :---the drive to be part of the self-transcendence of God. --the drive to share God’s abundance. --the drive to express your divine individuality. --the drive too experience the beauty of God’s creation. --the drive to become More of God. --When you are pursuing a true, right desire you will not seek to own or possess. Instead, you will seek to give so that you can receive more from God and thus be part of God’s River of Life that constantly brings more abundance to this world. This is how a true, right desire becomes a spiral that leads upward to greater and greater fulfilment and a sense of being perfectly nurtured. --Examine all your desires and check whether they spring from your sense of being separated for God and others, or whether it springs from the drive to magnify, to raise the Whole because you accept your Oneness with the Whole.

--Learn to accept and pursue only true, right desires. Affirmations:-Affirmations:-“ I align my desires with my goals in life. “ “ I surrender all ego-based desires, ambitions and expectations. “ “ My desires and my free will choices are in alignment with my I Am presence. “ “ I accept only, true, right desires. “ “ My desires are in alignment with the higher desires of my soul.”

Service. Service. --Service is an act of help or assistance that is given to someone in need. --Pursing your own spiritual growth will enable you to serve all life in a better way. --Giving service to others is an excellent way to transmute your karma, especially if your service is given with a joyful heart and no sign of resentment or obligation. --You also need to understand that you have creative powers or abilities which you can use to either raise up yourself or to raise up others, raise up the Whole, of which you are a part. --To give truly creative service you need to help others to realize that there is More to life than the endless struggle that most people experience. Your creative powers are :--

--power of thought , of imagination. --power of your spoken word ( to speak positively or negatively.) --power of your attention and the ability to focus. --power of free will that enables you to make choices. --Once you realize and accept that you are the one responsible for creating your own life, you can then teach others and show them how to take command of their own lives. (teach them how God’s laws work ---see notes on 1st. Ray.) This is true service. --True service is to serve the God who is in all. You do this by:---serving others in your family, workplace, or community. --raising up all life by supporting and encouraging others to learn and grow spiritually. --setting all life free by forgiving and loving others unconditionally. --attaining inner peace through being non-attached to people and the things of this world. --using spiritual techniques to balance negative energy/karma. Ie. Give affirmations visualizations, decrees and rosaries. --By serving others you are releasing God’s light and love from person to person. --Reconnect and maintain your connection to your higher self, your I Am Presence. Then you will know what to do each day.

You will naturally give the service that is needed in any given situation. --There is a higher service than giving an outer practice, such as prayer, meditation, decrees or rosaries. --The ultimate form of service you can give is total, inner peace. This kind of peace only comes when your are completely nonattached to other people and the things of this world. --Becoming the Christ while here on Earth is the most important service you can give to yourself, your loved ones , your planet and to the Ascended Masters.

Desirelessness. --You only have a certain amount of energy released to you each day. Therefore, it is important that you do not waste it or allow it to be tied up with your false desires. --False desires arise when you feel separated from God and from others. This causes you to try and fill the emptiness and loneliness with the things of this world. --A true desire will give you inner peace because it is based on your sense of Oneness with God and with others. Out of this sense of Oneness you will then be willing to freely give of yourself to others.

Brotherhood. --Brotherhood is the understanding that we all came for the same Source--God. We are all One. So what we do to another we have

already done to ourselves. --Strive to live with brotherly love with all you come into contact with. --Do not concentrate on your differences, but celebrate your Oneness.

The 6th. Ray corresponds to Right Effort one of the points of the Effort, Eight-fold path of the Buddha. Right Effort always involves service to others , ministration to life, caring for others. When you are motivated by the care for others, your effort will always be right.

Choices. A choice is an expression of your current state of consciousness. It is an expression of how you see yourself, how you see the world and how you see your relationship to the world. Life is all about making choices. Only you can make the decisions that will change your life. You can never turn off the responsibility of making choices. You are constantly choosing. Life is the choice to Be--to BE MORE. All choices have consequences. You are either making free choices or you are allowing others to choose for you.

Either way, YOU are the one who must live with the consequences of those choices. You can only influence the consequences if YOU are making your own decisions. Consequences that limit you are the result of choices you make based on incomplete or incorrect knowledge. Consequences that liberate you are the result of choices you make based on full understanding. Before you can make a truly free choice, you must make the decision with your conscious mind. You must base your decision on a complete understanding of the situation. With your free will, you must take back your ability to make truly, free choices, to make conscious decisions. By making choices and reaping the consequences of those choices, you learn and grow .

Master the 6th. Ray and balance it with willpower, wisdom, love, purity, vision and freedom, the qualities of the other 6 rays. Use your free will, your willpower, your determination, to step up to the next level of the spiritual path and leave behind the focusing on yourself and move on to focusing on others. Through the giving of service to other parts of life, you can balance your negative karma and learn your spiritual lessons. Eg.--by serving your family and those in your immediate circle of influence. --by serving those in your workplace.

--by serving those in your community. Your service to others should always be more than just seeing to the personal needs of others. Ideally, it should also include a sharing of your knowledge , of what you have learn about the spiritual side of life. Eg. --about the ego and its games; about God’s laws and how the universe works; about how to change and imptove life. It should also be about helping to raise up other people’s consciousness/ awareness and to empower them so them can take care of themselves. Your motivation for serving others should be pure. It should not be for the purpose of making you feel better or more superior, or to make people like and accept you, or to fulfil any personal need of your own. A pure motive for serving others would be :---because you love God and other people , because you realize and accept that we are all extensions of God---we are all One. --and because you have compassion for others who are suffering and you want to help them rise above their illusions and limitations. Any service you render to another should not make them dependent on you. It should enable them to take control over their own life experiences and enable them to Be free to choose. Realize that any imperfections that you observe in other people do not have to be permanent. They can change. By giving people the knowledge and tools of self-empowerment, you can serve them in the best possible way. --easy to read and understand

teachings on the universal spiritual path. --tools for journaling . ---Violet Flame decrees for transmuting negative karma. transformation. intuition. --teachings and rosaries for self

--information on developing your -teachings on your origins and how to deal with aspects of your life. You can also strive to see the good in all people and to focus on their potential rather than their mistakes or imperfections.

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The Tesla Interview,


Marc J. Seifer, Ph.D. MetaScience Publications, Box 32,Kingston, RI 02881
July 10, 2011

It was a warm winter morning in the new millennium. The seeker hailed a cab for the New York Public Library, strolled over to Bryant Park and waited as he was told. It was not too long before he noticed a tall, exceedingly thin gentleman feeding pigeons at a nearby bench. The man wore a long black coat, colorful scarf, and a derby hat with ear flaps. With a gleam in his eye, he looked over. "Seeker?" he asked, and the initiate nodded. "Come," the wizard motioned. There could be no doubt, it was Tesla. Considering the hobble to his gait and his advanced age, there still was a perceptible bounce to his stride. Nodding to an elderly couple who seemed to know him, the wizard grabbed two segues, exited the park and led his visitor down 5th Avenue to the Hotel St. Regis. Motoring up a ramp, they parked their vehicles and entered the foyer, taking their seats beneath a painting of John Jacob Astor where Part I of this interview took place.


Seeker: From the Tesla archives we have obtained an interview with you from The New York Times July 11, 1933 where it states, and I quote, "Inventor says his health and mind are better than ever -- expects to live beyond 140." You were born in Croatia in 1856 and were 77 at the time. How does it feel to have been on this planet for so long?

Tesla: I never think of my age. Really, you know, even now, I'm still a youngster. Knowing that I have descended from a people who came from the mountains of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia who lived to 110 or 120 -- we even had one relative who made it to 140, -- I began from the start with the plan to outlive each of them. I feel mentally stronger and more fit than ever.

Seeker: How do you do it?

Tesla: First of all, it is not as uncommon as you think. Humans are a simply machines who must follow natural law. An individual who is an offender of the law is a machine that has been degraded so that its responses are no longer accurate and death ensues at an earlier age. The recent story about that French lady who the media said was the oldest living person who died at the age of 120 was poppycock. There are many people today living in mountain villages in Europe and South America who are easily 140. I believe that aging is caused by bacteria on the skin. These can be eradicated by taking electrical baths, which I do daily.

Seeker: An electric bath?

Tesla: I step aboard a special platform which can transmits millions of volts through my body. This is at a very low power, but very high frequency, as much as 80 million oscillations a second. The electricity, for the most part, travels around the surface throwing off unwanted molecules with extreme vigor. I believe that electrotherapy can also be used to cure numerous ills, particularly cancer. The idea would be to find a resonant frequency for the corresponding virus or tumor and rattle it with such a high intensity that its molecular structure would be shattered asunder.

Seeker: All one needs is an electrical bath, and that's it, you live to 140?

Tesla: That's a key component. For my ancestors and those others who have survived well past 100 who are not bombarded by the disease one finds in the urban environment, there are other factors which include exercise, I walk ten miles a day, pure thoughts, abstinence, hard work, an occasional glass of wine, and a strict diet of a product I call factor actus.

Seeker: Which is?

Tesla: It's a simple health potion equivalent to the protein value of a dozen eggs, made from twelve vegetables including white leeks, cabbage hearts, flower of cauliflower, white turnips and lettuce hearts. The product can be eaten warm in a soup or as a powdered substance added to purified water. I also recommend fish, stewed prunes marinated in honey and fresh oranges.

Seeker: What about sleep?

Tesla: Oh, I don't sleep. Sleep is a racial habit growing out of the fact that humans spend half their life in darkness due to the rotation of the earth. Sometimes I doze for an hour or so, and once in a long while, perhaps once in a year, I have a long sleep of five, six or seven hours. When I awake from that I am so full of energy that I have to work it off!

Seeker: What about naps.

Tesla: That was Tom Edison's trick. He used to stay awake around the clock until he nodded out, and then he would sleep on a problem. Tom used to hold two rocks in his hands and sleep over a bucket. And if he got the answer he was looking for in his sleep, he would drop the rocks, and the racket would wake him up. I admit I also doze during the day when I get tired, but that is mainly to recharge my batteries. Unlike Edison, I do my work while I'm conscious.

Seeker: You are credited with a long list of inventions. We've even heard you developed waterwheels at age five. Can you give us an easy summary of the inventions you lay claim to?

Tesla: I didn't invent anything. I discovered and created. Below is a modest list of some of my achievements:

1. Rotating magnetic field.
2. Induction motor.
3. AC power transmission, transformers, alter-
nators, turbines.
4. Commutators, and regulators for dynamo
5. Electric meter.
6. Electric arc lamp
7. Fluorescent and neon lights.
8. Radio tubes and precursor to TV tube.
9. Refrigeration devices.
10. Ozone producing machines.
11. Electrical igniter for gas engines.
12. Lasers
13. Dematerialization devices.
14. Particle beam weapons.
15. Wireless transmission.
16. Cellular telephone, scramblers, encryption
17. Remote control.
18. Radar, stealth technology.
19. Lightning protectors.
20. Artificial intelligence and automatons.
21. Oscillators and Tesla coil.
22. Steam turbines.
23. Bladeless pumps.
24. Water fountain.
25. Hovercraft.
26. Reactive jet dirigibles, flying wing designs.
27. Helicopter-airplanes.
28. Magnifying transmitter.
29. Fueless planes and automobiles.
30. Weather control devices.
24. Method for obtaining fertilizer from nitrogen
in the air.
31. Electro-therapeutics.
32. Electric bath.
33.Teleogeodynamics & earthquake machines.
34. Speedometers and tachometers.
35. Cosmic ray generators for power tranmis-
sion between planets.

Seeker: That's quite a list. How do you think it compares with Edison.

Tesla: Edison invented. I discovered.

Seeker: If you had it to do all over again, would you forgo working with Edison?

Tesla: Of course not. Edison had the most advanced electrical operations at that time. It was an invaluable experience.

Seeker: What was it like to meet him?

Tesla: My first encounter was a memorable event. He was at that time, the most famous man in the world, known then as the Napoleon of Invention. I was amazed at this wonderful man who without early advantage or scientific training had accomplished so much. But after working with him, round the clock, day in and day out, I became frustrated. If Edison needed to find a needle in a haystack, he would not stop to reason where the needle might be, but rather, would examine every straw, straw after straw like a diligent bee until he found the object of his search. It was almost sad to watch him at these times, when with a little theory and mathematical calculation, he would have saved 90% of his labor.

Seeker: Why did you leave his employ?

Tesla: Let's just say we had a misunder-standing. Edison was simply incapable of comprehending my alternating current electrical system. At the time, he had over 1,000 small direct current power stations dotted around the country. I tried to show him that by using AC, all of those stations could be scrapped, and electricity could be sent from one central source. He would hear none of it. The invention was too new. I had no publications on it. So I pulled back and suggested I redesign his DC system instead. I knew I could increase its efficiency at least 15%. The manager said "There's $50,000 in it if you succeed." And when I did, and tried to collect, Edison laughed and said it was a joke, that I didn't understand American humor. That was the last time we worked together. And pretty soon after that, my AC system became the standard, and Edison's DC system went the way of the passenger pigeon.

Seeker: Is it true that he electrocuted cats and dogs in order to win the battle of the currents?

Tesla: Most definitely, and a cow and even a rogue elephant! The problem at the time was how to harness a current that changed its direction of flow at many times per second into a unidirectional flow. No one could do it before me, so the electricians of the day simply eliminated the up flow and only used the downflow current. This became known as direct current. The advantage of direct current was that electricity could now be harnessed to light bulbs and run electrical equipment, but at a great price of efficiency. What I did was figure out how to eliminate the commutator which caused the current to go direct, and use alternating current in its natural state.

Seeker: What was the difference in outcome?

Tesla: With Edison's system, and a similar system that the Westinghouse company was using, one would need a power station for every mile of lighting. So, for instance, if one wanted to light the city of New York, one would need a dozen or more electrical plants for every square mile of homes, and even then, the power dropped off with distance. Thus, if a home was near the plant, it's lightbulbs shone brightly, but if you lived, say three quarters of a mile away, your bulbs were dim. And, what's more, this systems could only be used for lighting, not for running machinery.

Seeker: Then how did they power factories in those days?

Tesla: By being close to a power source which usually was a river. In the early 1890's during the height of the battle of the currents, the great industries of the day were all planning on moving to the banks of the Niagara, because that is where the power was. Edison was upset that we had a competing system, as I had already sold the system to Westinghouse, so he got a man on death row sentenced to die by alternating current. It was Edison's hope that the public would be so afraid of my AC system that they would keep his DC instead.

Seeker: What happened?

Tesla: Well, the first thing I did was figure out how to send AC through breathing organisms without gaining injury. I toured the world explaining my system and at the same time sent hundreds of thousands of volts through my own body without harming myself. By increasing the frequency and dropping the power to a whisper, it became child's play. Nevertheless, the current was still strong enough to illuminate wireless cold lamps which I held in my hand. That was another reason why Edison was so upset with me.

Seeker: Because the lamps were cold?

Tesla: Yes. I had removed his precious filament. You see the common electric light wastes 95% of its energy in heat. Try touching an Edison bulb when it is on, and you will see what I mean. I realized that the vacuum in the bulb was more important than the filament. It's one of my most important discoveries, namely, that when electro-magnetism reaches a certain high frequency it creates light. Now almost all major buildings are lit by my fluorescent lights. They use less power, are cold to the touch, and the bulbs almost never have to be changed.

Seeker: People have said that the war of the currents is similar today to the war between Microsoft and Apple Computer. Would you agree?

Tesla: There are similarities, but I think it would be best to first point out the advantage of my AC system over Edison's DC. As stated above, with the Edison system, electricity could only be transmitted about a mile, and then only for lighting homes. The upshot was, that if Edison had won the battle of the currents, the entire country would have been dotted at every mile with direct current generators harnessed mostly by coal. One can imagine the amount of air pollution that was being created in the late 1880's and early 1890's when there was already nearly 3000 smoking plants -- and that was just the start. With my AC system, however, one needed only one clean energy producing station at Niagara Falls, and with that, the entire northeast could be illuminated. By the turn of the century, harnessing my system through the Westinghouse Corporation, we transmitted electrical power from Niagara to Chicago, Toronto, Boston and New York. Now factories could stay in their respective states. They did not have to all line up along rivers or way up at Niagara Falls. It also meant that housewives for the first time, could run electrical appliances in their homes. They couldn't do that with Edison's DC system.
Now, if you look at the history of the home computer, you see that there were three major competing systems in the mid 1980's, the Apple II disk operating system, Microsoft DOS which became the standard for IBM, and the new Apple system called the Macintosh. Mr. Jobs liked the Macintosh because it was set up specifically for graphics capabilities, and so he sought to dissolve the other profitable Apple II system. His company resisted this idea and fired Jobs instead, even though he was the largest shareholder. Since IBM was the dominant force in the computer field, whatever DOS they settled on was destined to become the standard. Bill Gates knowingly settled on a slap-dash DOS which was sloppily assembled for word processing and for crunching numbers, but it was not set up for graphics. In the long run, it became clear that the Macintosh had the best system, but Gates had the market. In an interview in a men's magazine....

Seeker: Playboy (July 1994)?

Tesla: Perhaps, I only had the article, Gates said, and I quote, "Actually, [our DOS] would have been obsolete some time ago if we hadn't come along with Windows and sort of built it on top of DOS to renew its capabilities.... [And] believe me, it would have been a lot easier to write Windows so it didn't run DOS applications." What Gates was really saying, of course, was that he should have scrapped the Microsoft DOS because it was inferior, and adopted the Macintosh DOS instead, but it risked great market share, so he took the expedient route at the cost of ultimate efficiency.
Here we see some key similarities and the differences. If Edison had won in our battle, the air would be polluted, factories would have to move near water falls, or install great smoking generators and homes would not have electrical appliances. My system was so far superior that its advantages soon became blatantly obvious to the financiers, even though a number of the Westinghouse people did not want to scrap their inferior power distribution system and take mine on.

Seeker: Then why did you give up your royalty clause?

Tesla: Because Westinghouse, like Edison, had over 1000 of his own small power plants providing electricity for lighting to a few hundred homes a piece, and these plants were making money. My system threatened this profitable scheme, so I had conflicts with some of their engineers. I told Westinghouse that money was not the issue. They had to change over to my system, and to make my point, I ripped up the royalty clause. In the long run it hurt me financially, but I wouldn't feel the effects for nearly a decade, as I was still receiving compensation on the invention, and revenues from other patents I had.
And, so my AC polyphase system was put in at the Chicago World's Fair of 1893 and at Niagara Falls in 1897, and the system is still used essentially unchange today. Gates' system is clearly inferior, just ask any computer animator or graphics designer, but it is not so obvious as to why it is inferior, so he was able to prevail in the short run. His chip maker, Intel, is also figuring out how to make faster and faster chips. However, their foundation is wrong. The Macintosh starts with a more elegant premise, so it is my belief that in the long run, all computers will be run on Macintosh based disk operating systems. Obviously Gates knows he had an inferior disk operating system, but his pride was involved and he was too afraid to scrap the system to take on the better foundation. It is sad, although from a business point of view, he's still way ahead.
Seeker: According to your speech at Niagara, the system of AC electrical transmission that we use today, your system, was also obsolete.

Tesla: Not the whole system, but the means for transmitting electrical power over long distances was obsolete. Look what happened with that ice storm a few winters back in the northeast in Maine and Canada. The power lines broke and tens of thousands of people were without power for weeks in the dead of winter. My idea was to do away with long-distance power lines entirely.

Seeker: Is that really possible?

Tesla: Of course. I had built my first wireless power transmission station in Colorado Springs in 1899 to study the principle, and then I moved back to New York and erected my second station out on Long Island.

Seeker: Wardenclyffe.

Tesla: Yes. The idea was to erect a large transmission tower which could do a variety of things. For instance, if a similar tower were placed in England, which was my plan, than energy could be jumped from the Long Island plant over the Atlantic to the receiving tower in England. From there the electricity could be transmitted either by means of wireless to the local dwellings or by conventional means, that is, but using wires. Mostly, the idea would be to locate receiving plants at distant places that were not near sources of power.

Seeker: But Wardenclyffe was not near a water fall.

Tesla: True enough. But this was really an experimental station. My full plan involved the erection of a source plant at Niagara, and I had designs with both the American and Canadian power companies to put this in but other complications prevented me.

Seeker: You claimed in 1900 that you had a wireless telephone?

Tesla: That was nothing new. I also had facsimile machines. All of the principles to what today is called the cellular phone is in my patents. I told Morgan at the time....

Seeker: J. P. Morgan?

Tesla: J.P. Morgan was the son. This was J. Pierpont Morgan, the father, that I could create an unlimited number of separate wireless channels, but he didn't believe me.

Seeker: Was that because Marconi sent his message across the Atlantic before you got the chance?

Tesla: That was part of it. I told Mr. Morgan that the microbe was using outmoded equipment based in large measure on the work of Heireich Hertz, even if he did pirate my oscillators, and that he was merely trying to send Morse code, dots and dashes across the seas, where I was going to transmit voice, light, pictures and power. I had already calculated that Hertz' system was not conducive. That is why I invented a continu-ous wave oscillator because that was the only way to go. Today, no-one uses Hertzian frequencies to transmit radio, wireless television and cellular conversations, they all use Tesla waves.

Seeker: How did you create an unlimited number of separate wireless channels?

Tesla: By using what John Hays Hammond Jr. called my prophetic genius patent. This was achieved by combining frequencies. Let me give you an example. Say you have an oscillator which produces ten frequencies. You then have ten channels. Do you see?

Seeker: Yes.

Tesla: Then how do you create more channels?

Seeker: Hey, who's asking the questions! I don't know. How?

Tesla: By inventing a receiver that is receptive to a combination of frequencies. If the receiver works when it is activated by two separate frequencies, then you have 10 times 10 or 100 channels. If it is three frequencies, there are 1000 possible channels, and so on. In reality, we are already starting off with thousands of channels, so when you multiply the frequencies, you see that there are a virtually unlimited number of possible stations. That is how every person on the planet can have their own cellular phone, and that is my invention.

Seeker: How do we know that is true?

Tesla: First of all, it is in my patents, but also, I displayed this principle in my remote controlled boat which I showed at Madison Square Garden in 1898.

Seeker: So, you invented remote control as well?

Tesla: And selective tuning and telautomatics. The whole idea of thinking machines can be traced back to my boat whose patents I displayed in the electrical journals at that time. Now we see this applications in dozens of ways, such as in beepers, garage door openers, remote controlled toy cars, airplanes and boats, the television remote, and so on, all based on that patent. One can also see that telephone scramblers and computer encryption devices, cable and satellite station blockers are also based on this simple principle of using multiple frequencies.

Seeker: And you say humans are simply biological automatons too?

Tesla: Essentially, yes. Man, however, is not an ordinary mass consisting of spinning atoms and molecules and containing merely heat-energy. He is a mass possessed of certain higher qualities by reason of the creative principle of life which he is endowed. His mass, as the water in an ocean wave, is being continuously exchanged, new taking the place of the old.

Seeker: Would you say this concept is analogous to the modern day idea of artificial intelligence.

Tesla: I do not believe that intelligence is artificial, but rather a property of matter. I have, by every thought and every act of mine, demonstrated and do so daily, to my absolute satisfaction that like these machines, I am nothing more than an automaton endowed with a power of movement, which merely responds to external stimuli beating upon my sense organs, and thinks and acts accordingly. I remember only one or two cases in all my life which I was unable to locate the first impression which prompted a movement, or a thought, or even a dream.

Seeker: Wasn't one of those two instances the intuitive flash you received which gave you the insight to realize that a solution to the AC problem was possible.

Tesla: Yes.

Seeker: And you mention dreams. You do not believe in Carl Jung's idea that dreams can be prompted from something inside like genetic memories, which he called archetypes. You say that dreams only come from something external.

Tesla: I don't want to get too far afield. But even if Jung's idea was correct, it would still prove my point that information ultimately was derived from a reaction to something from the environment, even if it was in the environment of our ancestors.

Seeker: Implanted into the DNA?

Tesla: DNA is merely a special arrangement of particular atoms. Even matter called inorganic, believed to be dead, responds to irritants and gives unmistakable evidence of a living principle within. Take a crystal, for instance. Certainly its growth and structure gives evidence of this animating principle. DNA, much like the crystal, is made up of matter, just five elements arranged in a peculiar fashion: hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and phosphorous. Everything that exists, organic or inorganic, animated or inert, is susceptible to stimulus from the outside. There is no gap between, no break in continuity, no special and distinguishing vital agent. The momentous question of Spencer, What is it that causes inorganic matter to run into organic forms? has been answered. It is the sun's heat and light. Wherever they are there is life.
It was from this premise, that the life principle, which, ultimately, is electrical in nature, is present not just in the plants and animals that inhabit the earth, but also in the structure of matter itself, which enabled me to create the first of a new race on the planet, a race of non-biological life-forms.

Seeker: So, this was the basis for the robot you invented?

Tesla: I prefer the term automaton, or telautomaton, because it was activated by remote control. Long ago I conceived the idea of constructing such a machine which would mechanically represent me, and which would respond, as I do myself, but of course, in a much more primitive manner to external influences. Such an automaton evidently had to have motive power, organs for locomotion, directive organs and one or more sensitive organs so adapted as to be excited by external stimuli. Whether the automaton be of flesh and bone, or of wood and steel, it mattered little, provided it could provide all the duties required of it like an intelligent being.
The automaton that I created and displayed before the public at Madison Square Garden in 1898, was constructed so as to follow a course which I laid out, and obey commands given far in advance. This mechanical being was capable of distinguishing between what it ought and what it ought not to do, and of recording impressions which would definitely affect its subsequent actions. This original automaton had to use a borrowed brain, my own, but my ultimate plan was to continue evolving the entity so that it would be able to reproduce itself. This machine has evolved into various kinds of computer entities and automatons existing in the real world and displayed in movies.

Seeker: What do you think of these modern thinking machines such as Big Blue which recently beat Kasparov in a chess match.

Tesla: I am impressed but only so far as its applications to more important problems. Big Blue has the advantage of storing tens of thousands of games and hundreds of thousands of chess moves that are reversed in the machine for inevitable conclusions. The real question was if Big Blue had reflective capabilities, and I don't believe that Big Blue achieved this level of thought. The big difference between these thinking machines, and, to use your term, the robots is in motivation. Humans are motivated to live and to improve themselves. Machines have no motivation. This is what must be instilled in order to train the machine to want to think for itself. That is why I laid out the plan to inspire my future automatons to want to reproduce.

Seeker: What would you use to motivate a machine?

Tesla: I don't know. Maybe an extra zap of juice! (laughs) if it came up with a new thought. The idea of creating computers that would program themselves, however, is not new. There are many articles on this concept.

Seeker: You mention in your writings the possibility of weather control and the creation of artificial lighting.

Tesla: Yes. Wardenclyffe was set up to do a variety of things. I had realized long ago that cloud bursts and rain showers were often triggered by lightning. This whole El Nino thing could have been averted if my system of weather control had been in place.

Seeker: Really?

Tesla: Of course. I knew that if I could change the electrical matrix in the skies I could generate clouds and create rain or do the reverse and diminish a weather storm's capacity. I was also planning on lighting up shipping lanes over the high seas so that ships would be able to see at night.

Seeker: I'm not quite sure what you mean?

Tesla: Aren't you listening man? I would use my giant Tesla coil, which I called my magnifying transmitter, to beam up frequencies, say, between New York and England, over the seas, and these vibrations, much like the Northern Lights, would create luminescence so that ships could see where they were going at night. Had I finished my plans, that is, if I had not run out of money, then my good friend Colonel John Jacob Astor, and his friend Benjamin Guggenheim would not have died during that awful mess when the Titanic sank. The captain would have seen the iceberg, the event happened at night, and 1500 lives would have been saved.

Seeker: So, is it your belief that had Wardenclyffe been completed, the Titanic would not have sank.

Tesla: The lighting of the shipping lanes was the back-up plan. My main invention would have been an efficient world telegraphy system. Had that been in operation in 1912, and it should have been, the Titanic would have been able to radio a half dozen nearby ships who could have come and rescued the remaining passengers. The problem was that the dolt Marconi, had placed his inferior dot and dash system on board the Titanic. The range and capabilities of that system was woefully inadequate. My system of what today is called mass communications, was more efficient then in its final form than the wireless system of even today. The Titanic would have had instant access to all neighboring ships and these people would have been rescued.

Seeker: Have you seen the recent movie Titanic?

Tesla: Yes, I have.

Seeker: And what did you think of it?

Tesla: I liked the one with Clifton Webb better.

Seeker: Why was that?

Tesla: Because the story line of this one was too narrow. I thought the love story was inspirational, I'll give the director, Mr. Cameron, that, and I tip my hat off on the special effects on the sinking of the ship, and the pointing out the idiocy of letting the ship go to sea without enough life boats, but his depiction of Mr. Guggenheim and Colonel Astor was simply dredful. An insult to the intelligence of anyone who knew these find gentleman. There were mere cardboard cutouts and cowards in Cameron's picture. The real men were men of substance, who gave their lives so that women and children could be saved in their stead. Don't you think a man of Astor's stature, who at that time was worth probably four or five times what Bill Gates is worth today, could have had the means to get himself onto one of the lifeboats? He was a gentleman as was Guggenheim. Astor had donated his ship thirteen years before that during the Spanish American War and he went down to Cuba to help Teddy Roosevelt and the Roughriders. He was helping me fund my flying machine when he died.

Seeker: You had a flying machine?

Tesla: Several. I had designed a hovercraft for Astor to travel over the Hudson, much like the hydrofoil of today. It worked like a charm. I had a dirigible jet, you know, a Zeppelin, lighter than air ship that was propelled by a jet engine. And later, I had my famous flivver plane, which was a small aircraft that took off vertically, like a helicopter and then the propeller was rotated into the airplane position to fly like a conventional craft.

Seeker: Much like today's military plane the Osprey tilt-roter?

Tesla: Precisely. But the cost would not have been 40 million dollars a piece as the Osprey is. My plan was to construct small flivver planes that could fly five or six people. They were being priced right before the crash of '29, at about $1000 a piece. I was negotiating with Henry Ford. But then the Depression came. This vehicle was going to compete with the automobile. Each home would need a small helipad, or there could be helipad centers every few blocks. I'm not sure that the flivver plane would have worked in densely populated areas, such as New York City, but in the suburbs they would have been fine, particulary for trips between cities and states.

Seeker: In 1970, there was a book written by Arthur Matthews about you entitled Wall of Light: Nikola Tesla and the Venusian Spaceship, which stated that you were still alive at that time living on a space ship that came from Venus.

Tesla: I can neither confirm nor deny that book. However, I will say that Venus is much too hot to live on.

Seeker: You had some fundamental issues with Einstein's theories when they first came into the scientific noosphere. Today, however, they are widely accepted. Do you feel you owe the quantum physics community an apology.

Tesla: You neglected to mention that Einstein, himself, never accepted the premise of indetermancy that lies at the basis of quantum physics, and we have yet to hear him apologize. Einstein was a pad and pencil scientist who deduced mathematical equations instead of constructing physical devices which would have proved or disproved his lofty cerebrations. There is, however, one area where we are in agreement and that is the notion that "God doesn't play dice," the idea that the world operates like a great machine, where everything is interconnected.

Seeker: Surely you see now that you were in error about atomic energy.

Tesla: You know what they say about hindsight. In retrospect I realize that we had been talking about different parts of the atom. You see, I had split atoms hundreds of times through extremely high voltages, but never released the kind of energy Einstein talked about. The problem was that he was discussing the splitting of the nucleus of the atom, and I was discussing the disintegration of its larger structure which involved the breaking down of the electron orbits, and the changing of one element into another, not the demolition of the inner workings of the components of the nucleus. Either he did not make that point clear in the 1930's when I voiced my disapproval, or somehow I missed it.

Seeker: You split atoms?

Tesla: Many times. It only takes about one million volts to vaporize carbon and about four million volts to change it into helium, but this process does not involve the destruction of the nucleus.

Seeker: You also say lightspeed can be transcended?

Tesla: So do the physicists, and I'm not talking about tachyons although that idea bears some merit. I'm talking about the problem of trying to apply relativity to the structure of the atom. Read Gamow's book Thirty Years that Shook Physics. He tells us that the orthorotational speed of the electron is 1.37 times the speed of light. That violated relativity so the quantum phycists did some fancy mathematical footwork and somehow skipped this real problem entirely. But it remains one of the key reasons we don't have, as yet, a unified field theory. They can't completely combine quantum physics with relativity. My magnifying transmitter, is another instance of violatiing relativity. In this device, I created electrical waves that travelled one and a half times the speed of light.

Seeker: That is on a whole different order, and as I understand classical physics, this just can't be possible.

Tesla: Let me ask you a question. How big around is the earth?

Seeker: 25,000 miles?

Tesla: Right. Now, light travels at 186,000 miles per second. Let's round that off to 200,000 miles per second to make the mathematics more easily understood.

Seeker: OK.

Tesla: So, that means that it takes light approximately 1/8 of a second to travel around the earth. Do you agree?

Seeker: Yes.

Tesla: Now, let me ask you another question. How long do you think it takes the electrical field of the North pole to interact with the electrical field of the South pole?

Seeker: What do you mean?

Tesla: Will you agree that it has to be a lot faster than 1/8 of a second?

Seeker: I can't tell.

Tesla: You're missing the point. The earth is a single entity. So obviously it is instantane-ously connected to itself. The field of the North pole is connected the field of the South pole instantaneously. And if that is true, that violates relativity. Let's take it one step further. Jupiter's diameter is about 10 times that of the earth, or, in round numbers approximately 250,000 miles around. Thus, it would take light well over a second to travel around Jupiter. There simply must be forces involved that exceed the speed of light as one end of Jupiter is obviously connected to its other end. Now, if we apply this same concept to the solar system as a single unit or to the galaxy as a whole, which is many millions of light years long, we see how absolutely silly it is to think that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. The angular momentum of the galaxy, caused by its spin, can be measured. Owing to the immense charge of the sun, it alone produces cosmic rays that travel 50 times that of the speed of light.
Another example is the ubiquitous presence of gravity which also suggests a mechanism that vastly exceeds lightspeed. Mach's principle suggest this, whereby every part of the universe is linked to every other part. We don't have to go into such far out ideas as non-locality to comprehend this point. I myself, have transmitted impulses around the earth at speeds 1.5 time that of light, and further, I have measured cosmic rays that exceed lightspeed by five times.

Seeker: And you have proof?

Tesla: Naturally. I am presently working on a interplanetary tube that will send signals at twice the speed of light.

Seeker: Can you describe how this tube will function.

Tesla: This device should be ready sometime next year, and at that time I will demonstrate it and explain its principles in detail.

Seeker: Are you talking about hyperspatial dimensions?

Tesla: No. The physicists went wrong when they abandoned the ether theory. If you read Einstein carefully, he never said the ether did not exist, what he said was that it could not be detected. There must be something between the stars and galaxies and I prefer to call that something the ether. And this is easily proved. In fact, it is self evident.

Seeker: What do you mean.

Tesla: Take any point in space, say somewhere millions of lightyears between galaxies.

Seeker: OK. Now what?

Tesla: Will you agree that if you were situated at that point and had a telescope, you would see millions of stars and some galaxies.

Seeker: Yes.

Tesla: So, we see that every point in space contains the intersecting light from millions and millions of stars and galaxies. And that is only part of the story. The ether exists and has threshold values associated with its various properties. Certainly lightspeed is one such threshold. Rather than call the next level hyperspace, I prefer to link it to frequencies or oscillations that exceed that of light. Hyperspace implies popping in and out of dimensions, travelling back and forth in time and so on, and I for one, will not accept such views. My idea is much more simple. Certain cosmic rays vibrate and travel through the ether at frequencies that exceed lightspeed.

Seeker: You also disagree with Einstein concerning his idea that space is curved.

Tesla: It's nonsense. How can "nothing" be curved.

Seeker: Then how do you explain how light bends around large objects such as planets and stars.

Tesla: The light is bent by a force-field. All of this will be explained when I publish my theory on gravity. And for that matter, I also do not agree with Stephen Hawkings and his ideas on black holes in space. You read about these black holes in all the science magazines as if they are real things. They are not. They are theoretical constructs that do not exist in the real world.

Seeker: Since your work is so important, why is it that you are so little known by the general public?

Tesla: There are a number of reasons. The first is that once I sold my patents to Westinghouse on the AC polyphase system, this then became known as the Westinghouse system. Of course Steinmetz didn't help either.

Seeker: Why is that?

Tesla: Because he left my name out of his textbooks on my system! Same thing in wireless, as I alluded to earlier, once my Tesla coil and oscillators became part and parcel of any workable wireless system, such as the radio, one would think that the term Tesla waves would come into vogue. But no, the people in power referred to them as Hertzian waves, which are a myth. Intelligent information cannot be transmitted with Hertz's system, but can only be transmitted by my system, which I displayed before societies in England, France and America one, two and three years before Marconi even began his studies in the field. And then, of course, the conspiracy continues to this day.

Seeker: Is this just philosophizing or do you have proof?

Tesla: Proof?! Take Scientific American. Is that big enough for you. April 1997 -- there's a big three-page article on me and my work so what do they do, they say that Sebastian Ferranti invented the AC polyphase system in England in 1889. I write the editor, some young whippersnapper with a haughty grin, sticks his picture on the inside of every cover, and I show him my letter from Gisbert Kapp dated in 1888 where he thanks me for allowing him to publish my lecture so that engineers in England could begin to build my apparatus. And lo and behold, the following year Ferranti makes good. Do you think Scientific American would correct its story. NO! They ignored me even when I gave them signed proof! Not only that, this editor never even wrote me back! And then there is Nature. They actually said in their July 1997 issue that I had no mathematical skills! I had to threaten them with a lawsuit before they finally printed a retraction, which was done the following year!

Seeker: What about Morgan?

Tesla: What about Morgan?

Seeker: Do you think he sabotaged your work on wireless because of his holdings in copper, timber and rubber?

Tesla: Not a disparaging thing can be said about him. Mr. Morgan adhered to our contract to the letter.

Seeker: Well, do you think he played any role in diminishing your fame?

Tesla: Certainly not. I can only laugh when I hear people criticize Mr. Morgan. He was a nobleman of the highest order and towered above the Wall Street people like Samson over the Philistines.

Seeker: So, why is it that you failed?

Tesla: The world wasn't ready. Certain devices can be great advances, but if the time is not right, society does not integrate the invention into its markets.

5th Day,5th Ray,

5th. Ray of Truth, Healing and Vision.
Life Lesson :-- “ To Sustain a Vision of Wholeness for All.” The energy of the 5th. Ray :---allows you to access the power of inner vision to perceive the reality of a situation. --gives you the ability to focus, to put your attention upon what you want to become, or to create. --gives you the ability to exercise your spiritual vision by seeing the Good (God ) in all, in friend and foe alike.

The energy of the 5th. Ray can be mastered as you learn to use the energy of the Third- Eye Chakra correctly:---by focusing your inner vision on the Divine Plan so you achieve clarity and creative insight. --by honouring the creative genius and insights that come to yourself and others. --by recognizing that what you put your attention upon, you will become. --by striving to recognize and overcome the mind-sets of the world, and see as God sees. --by letting the Third- Eye Chakra be the open door for the expression of Divine love as God truth. --by letting the Third-Eye Chakra radiate the healing Vision that will awaken all life to the Living Truth.

Affirmations:-“ My third-eye chakra is balanced. “ “ My third-eye chakra now radiates the healing vision that awakens all life to the Living Truth. “ “ I use the power of my third-eye chakra correctly. “ “ My third- eye is a centre of Violet Fire ! My third-eye is the purity God desires ! “ “ I release all disqualified energy of my third-eye chakra into the Violet transmuting Flame---NOW ! “ “ My third-eye chakra is the open door for the expression of Divine Love as God Truth. “

Qualities Ray. Positive Qualities of the 5th. Ray --truth --vision --healing --wholeness --clarity --music --science -- constancy --abundance --holding the highest vision for self and others. --harmony

Unbalanced Expressions of the 5th. Ray. --falsehood --lack of vision --spiritual impoverishment --inconstancy -- lack of clarity -- mental citicism

Vision. --Everything in the material universe is made from one basic substance ==Light/energy. --behind all imperfect appearances is the Ma-ter light, the Mother Light. This light can be envisioned as tiny particles or strings that vibrate at very high speed. When you are confronted with an imperfect appearance, whether in your own life, your own physical body, or in your society or on the planet as a whole---you can make a decision that you will not accept it as real or permanent. See beyond it and see the vibrating particles of the Ma-ter Light. Use your attention to see beyond the outer appearance and see the perfect vision of Christ instead of the outer appearance. --Whatever you focus your attention upon, you will magnify through the power of the light in you. So, if you focus your attention on an imperfect appearance, especially if you accept it as real and permanent, you will actually reinforce that condition. --You need to consciously take the power of your attention and vision and use it to focus a more perfect vision, the most perfect vision you can imagine and affirm that vision as real and permanent.

Constancy. --At the beginning of the spiritual path, you need to be constant because you have work to do---the transmutation of your karma. --Over the years and your previous lifetimes , you have made negative karma and created habits and momentums which keep your energy tied up. --To free your energy, so that you can pursue your purpose, your divine plan, you need to transmute your past. This can be done by daily giving the Violet Flame decrees or the Aquarian Age Rosaries, in order to transmute your karma. --Constancy does not always mean doing the same thing indefinitely. As you transmute your karma and make progress on the spiritual path, as you maintain your connection to your Spiritual Self, your I Am Presence, you will know when it is time to move on to another aspect of your divine plan. --You will also eventually discover and be able to pursue your sacred labour, which is the creative expression, the gift, that you came to give to this world or to a specific group pf people. You can bring your unique gift to the world by letting your light shine, the light of your God Flame, shine through your identity, thoughts, feelings and actions.

Wholeness. --Wholeness is a feeling of completeness. There is a longing and yearning inside each of us which we try and fill with people and the things of this world.

--But to attain wholeness, you need to realize that what you are really seeking for is union or oneness with your own Spiritual self, your I Am Presence. --To find that wholeness, that completeness, you need to:---leave behind the mind-set that you need something from outside yourself to become whole. --rediscover your true, spiritual identity. --recognize that you are part of the Whole, part of the Body of God on Earth. --bring your lower being into alignment with, into oneness with, your Higher, Spiritual being. --regain balance in all areas of your life. --forgive all life unconditionally. --be willing to grow spiritually and become More. --fulfil your reason for being in this world--- give your gift, your creative expression, to help raise all life. --The key to your wholeness is energy. When your life-stream has the correct connection to your Higher self, your I Am Presence, it feels a constant flow of spiritual energy streaming through all levels of its being directly from its I Am Presence. It is this flow of energy that gives the life -stream the sense of being whole, of being one with the flow of the River of life, that is God’s creation. --You are whole when you realize that you get everything from God via your direct inner oneness with God---because your true self is an extension of the Creator’s being.

So you need nothing from any other person. “ I Am Whole. I Am complete. I Am part of the Whole, a part of the Body of God on Earth. “

Abundance. --To create abundance in your life, you need to :---cleanse and purify your mind and emotions from all negativity. --replace the negative thoughts by using positive affirmations of what you want to be, do and have. --get rid of what you don’t want in your outer world to make room for what you do want. Eg. De-clutter your personal living space , belongings, clothes, etc. --impress your sub-conscious mind by using different techniques:Eg.--use the spoken word, using only positive words, eg. affirmations. --give Violet Flame decrees --give rosaries --use a personal journal to write down your desires and goals. Read and revise regularly. --create a collage of picture, photos, drawings or paintings to represent your desires and goals. Place in a prominent place and view daily. --Abundance is more than money or possessions It is knowing :-- your true identity as a spiritual being. --that you create your own abundant life.

--you have creative powers eg. Your free will, imagination, your attention. --You use the flow of energy that daily flows into your being over your crystal cord to create what you want. --But there are things that can block your creative powers :--non-forgiveness. --fear, anxiety. --lack of faith. --not holding your attention on what you want but focusing on what you do not want. -subconscious thoughts and the beliefs you hold about money and wealth. -- believing you are separated from your Source --from God. --wrong conscious thinking. --These blocks need to be removed before you can attract abundance into your life. --You can do this by daily giving Mother Mary’s Rosaries which use affirmations to replace your negative thoughts and beliefs. Affirmations:-“ Abundance is my natural state. “ “ I accept the abundant life. “ “ I have the abundant life. “ “ I manifest God’s abundance in all aspects of my life. “ “ The abundant life is to constantly become MORE and thus receive more abundance.”

“ I do not need anything outside my Spiritual Self --my I Am Presence--in order to manifest the abundant life. “ “ I allow my I Am Presence to direct my life through my heart and thus I have God’s abundant life. “ Healing. --Illness is an expression of a state of consciousness. It can be caused by your karma. It can be created by your lower mind, by the ego, to give the soul an excuse for not taking command over its own destiny, for not taking responsibility for itself. --Before you can be healed of any condition in body, mind or soul, you need to :---take ownership of that condition. Realize that you have created it , either consciously or unconsciously. Or you have agreed to take it upon yourself in order to learn a lesson or show others that the condition can be overcome. --be willing to let go of any limitation and the consciousness, the thinking, behind that condition. --Healing requires surrender. You need to surrender the outer illness and also surrender something in your mind---the thoughts and beliefs that have caused the condition. --There are two levels of surrender. First, you must let go of the beliefs that you hold about the illness, eg. You may believe that the illness is necessary, unavoidable or it is offering you something---the chance to be on your own, to be waited on, to be pampered, to get attention. --Second , you must realize that the illness itself, whether it is physical or mental, is the result of the out picturing of the thinking and beliefs held in the collective consciousness.

--In order to be healed, you have to separate yourself from that collective thinking. You may have taken on the illness in order to show others that it is possible to rise above it. --When you discover the consciousness behind the illness or disease , you need to free yourself from it, by realizing this is not the creation of the Real You. Your I Am Presence and your soul did not create this consciousness. It was created by your ego, and the egos of other human beings and the consciousness of dark beings. Foe instance---if a physical condition is the result of anger , you can only be healed by recognizing that it is the result of your anger. Then you need to find out what caused you to feel the anger in the first place. Often anger is the result of an expectation that you have that does not line up with the reality of life or the higher will of your soul. Realize that the anger is separate from yourself--it is a thing you own and not a part of yourself. At the moment you own it, you have the option of giving it to God. Then you have to be willing to take control of your life, your thinking, etc, so that you deal with anger once and for all. --Why does healing not occur? --your soul may not have fully learned the lesson that it needs to learn from that condition. --You may not have balanced the karma that you were supposed to balance by carrying that condition. ( This karma could be personal or world karma that you have agreed to hold for others.) --For some people, an illness, mental or physical can be a labour of love. They have taken upon themselves a part of the darkness to give other people an opportunity of a lifetime, where they were not so burdened in body and mind, so that they could discover the spiritual side of life. --So there is a possibility that the soul, at deeper levels, does not

want to be healed----or at least not yet. --Unless you are attuned to this in your own mind, you cannot truly know. And thus, you may seek to attain healing through unlawful means. eg.-- Someone else takes upon themselves the karma that you have volunteered to carry. --or you use some form of medicine as a shortcut to either take away pain or take away the illness that was meant to be borne. --Therefore, you need to tune in to your own higher will and see what God’s will is concerning your illness. And if you feel in your heart that the healing should take place, then you can use appropriate means. --All healing is energy. By invoking the light of God and by affirming the purity and perfection of God, you can transform the imperfect energy, the energy that has currently taken on an imperfect form. --All healing is faith healing. Truth. --The ability to know truth is already built inside your being-it is a gift from God. --By making an effort, you can develop this gift to its full capacity. --This ability to know truth is commonly known as intuition. --The purpose of any religion or spiritual teaching is to eventually bring you to the point where you discover and connect to the Spirit of truth that is inside you. This is so that you can become spiritually self-sufficient and not have to rely on an outer source for answers.

--The Kingdom of God, which is the Christ consciousness cannot be known through an outer knowledge. It can be known only by going deep within yourself and connecting to the source of truth that is within you. This is your Christ self, your I Am Presence, and the Ascended Masters, who are the spiritual teachers for all mankind. Harmony ----is a state of peaceful agreement and co-operation between people or groups of people. --is the way parts combine well together or into a whole. The way to maintain harmony in your life :---is to think and focus only on things which are harmonious and take it off all forms of in harmony. --is to strive to maintain peace and harmony between you and all other people. --is to strive to maintain peace and harmony between the different parts of your being ie, your 4 lower bodies, your charkas, the 3 plumes of your three-fold flame and most importantly, between your lower self and your Spiritual Self--your I Am Presence. You break the Law of Harmony whenever you misuse the energy of any of your chakras. Without harmony everything disintegrates, everything breaks down. Being harmonious in every life situation is the first lesson in selfmastery. When you have harmony in your thoughts, then your actions will be controlled and harmonious.

When your emotions are in harmony you will then produce harmony in your spoken words. Therefore, to keep your peace and therefore your harmony in your life :---stop senseless chatter; --refrain from talk which degrades or humiliates yourself ot others; --practice silence rather than speak harshly or discordantly. Ultimately , you cannot have an inner or outer peace or have a life of harmony if you have debts that you owe to any part of life. So, own no man anything and pay back what you owe. To deal with spiritual debts, made over many lifetimes, you can use powerful spiritual techniques , such as decrees and rosaries.

The 5th. Ray corresponds to Right Livelihood and is one of the points on the Eight-fold path of the Buddha. Right Livelihood :---is any occupation which supports yourself and your family; --and helps you balance your karma through service to some form of life; --and is benefit and blesses all life. It is not an occupation that involves trade in human beings, arms, intoxicating drinks or poisons, such as drugs. You came to Earth with talents that you are meant to share with others. You came in order to give a unique gift to the world or to a specific group pf people, even if it is just your immediate family or circle of influence. Until you discover and express your gift to the world, you will not feel fulfilled.

Your passion is what you love to do . It is something you choose to do, regardless of whether you get paid or not. It can also be what you love to BE--eg. Love, peace, harmony, joy, patience, etc. To discover your passion, spend time in the silence, in quiet contemplation , or write in a a journal using free flow writing which allows your inner being to have a voice. Master the 5th Ray through Balance. You can master the 5th. Ray and balance it with willpower, wisdom, love, purity, service and freedom-- the qualities of the other 6 rays. The quality of vision gives you the ability :---to see; --to perceive the reality of a situation; --to perceive future developments; --to focus on a mental image produced by your imagination, to put your attention upon what you want to become or to create; --to see Good ( God ) in all. To balance the quality of vision with the other 6 rays :--- see who you really are; -- choose to BE who you really are ; ( eg. A spiritual being living at this current time in a physical body) And a co-creator with God , with the ability to create your own reality by using your free will, self-awareness and imagination. -- see your potential to be the Christ on Earth;

--and choose to BE that Christ; --see the higher vision of your divine plan, a clear purpose for your own life and then follow it out of pure love for God and your own Higher being. --purify your motives, intentions, and desires so that your vision is of the highest and best; --see and hold the vision of the Golden Age; -- see many people awaken and discover their spiritual selves and the inner, spiritual path; --see the Oneness of all life; --realize that true service is not just about seeing to the outer needs of people. It is about giving them a higher, better vision for how they can take control of their own lives and improve the quality of their material and spiritual lives. It is about raising up others and giving them the knowledge and the tools which can empower them to become self-sufficient. Thus, they can, in their turn, share what they have learnt, with others. --realize your power to choose and to order your own actions. With your free will, you are free to Be Who You Really Are. --freedom must also be given to all others so that they vcan Be Who They Really Are. These thoughts can be more fully explored at

4th Day,4th Ray,

4th. Ray of God Purity.
Life lesson:-- “ Wed the Material To The Spiritual. “ The energy of the 4th. Ray :---enables you to make plans. --enables you to strive for excellence and perfection. --enables you to be practical and grounded in the material realm. “ I use the 4th. Ray energy to make plans, to strive for excellence and perfection and to be practical and well grounded in the material realm. “ The energy of the 4th. Ray can be mastered as you learn to use the energy of the BASE-OF-THE-SPINE CHAKRA correctly:---by being practical in your daily life. --by choosing right actions. --by appreciating the Earth as a platform for your spiritual growth, so you can learn your lessons. --by taking care of your physical body because you know that it houses your true, Spiritual Self. --by realizing that you are in the world, but you are not of the world. --by being non-attached to material possessions. --by seeing the inner, spiritual essence behind all outer appearances. --by appreciating nature and learning her lessons and applying

them to your own life. --by respecting and nurturing the feminine aspect of yourself. --by letting your base chakra be the open door for the expression of Divine love as God Purity. --by letting your base chakra radiate the Immaculate Purity that will raise all people to accept that they are worthy to receive and express God’s love. Affirmations:-“ I am practical in my daily life.” “ I choose only right actions. “ “The Earth is a platform for my spiritual growth, so I can learn my spiritual lessons. “ “ I take care of my physical body because it houses my true, Spiritual Self. “ “ I am in the world but I am not of the world. “ “ I choose to be non-attached to my material possessions. “ “ I see the inner, spiritual essence behind all outer appearances. “ “ I appreciate Nature. I learn her lessons and apply them to my own life. “ “ I respect and nurture the feminine aspect of myself. “ “My base chakra is the open door for the expression of Divine Love as God Purity.”

“My base chakra radiates the Immaculate Purity that raises all people to accept that they are worthy to receive and express God’s love. “

Positive Qualities of the 4th. Ray. --purity --joy --integration --nurturing --hope --self-discipline --perfection --order

The Ascension is the major initiation of the 4th. Ray.

Expressions Unbalanced Expressions of the 4th. Ray.

--discouragement --impurity --extreme self-concern --indecisiveness

--hopelessness --chaos --use of drugs and rock music

Joy. --Joy is a deep happiness and contentment. --When you have no joy or you have lose your joy, then know that something is wrong in your life. You need to discover what is wrong, or what is missing. --To establish or re-establish joy in your life:---go within and reconnect to your Spiritual Self, your I Am Presence. --be grateful for what you already have. --be grateful for the gifts that God has given you, Eg, --the gift of life and self-awareness; --the gift of free will and the ability to make your own decisions; --the gift of the Violet flame which you can use to transmute your negative karma which creates pain and suffering in your life. --Make sure there is no unforgiveness in your heart towards anyone. --Examine your thoughts, feelings and actions for any negativity. If necessary use spiritual techniques such as the giving of decrees or rosaries to consume that negativity. --See every situation in your life as an opportunity to serve others, to learn your lessons and to grow spiritually.

Hope. --Hope means that you desire something which usually has some possibility of fulfilment. --Through studying spiritual teachings you can reach an understanding of what the spiritual path is all about and what to expect along the way. This will then give rise to hope in you. Easy to read and understand , universal spiritual teachings can be found at ---- --Your greatest hope will then be to realize your potential to be the Christ. --You will also have the hope of__ --reunion with God; --spiritual renewal; --freedom from sin and the consequences of sin; --the ability to deal successfully with your problems; --achievement; --enlightenment and understanding about the spiritual side of life.

SelfSelf-Discipline. --When you first start out on the spiritual path, you may need the discipline of the outer path---where an outer teacher, spiritual teaching or organization points you in a certain direction. --The purpose of any religion or spiritual teaching should be to show you how to make contact with the kingdom of God within you and enable you to follow a systematic path which will eventually enable you to be a spiritually self-sufficient person. --An outer teacher, teaching or organization can only take you so far on the spiritual path. At some point you must be willing to go beyond the outer and be willing to receive teaching and direction

from within. --You can do this by taking responsibility for your own spiritual life and by developing your intuition. Purity. --Your Base chakra is your spiritual purity centre. --here you strive to keep your thoughts and motives pure so that your behaviour and actions are in alignment with God’s laws ( especially the Law of Love; the Law of Free Will; the Law of Cause and Effect. See notes on 1st. Ray) --Purity is the state of being pure. In the spiritual sense it means you need to embrace purity in all the areas of your being and life. Eg.--in your body, mind and soul; -- in your four lower bodies ie. Identity, Mental, Emotional and Physical.) --in your chakras, your spiritual centres; --in your heart; --in your motives and intentions --To help you , you have your Christ Self, an inner spiritual teacher whom you can call upon. --You can also use spiritual techniques such as decrees and rosaries, which will help you clear your being from all impurities. --if you do not purify your being, you will be so laden with impurity you will not be able to raise yourself up and make progress in your spiritual life. “ My base chakra is my spiritual purity centre. “ “ My base chakra is a chakra of Violet Fire ! My base chakra is the purity God desires ! “

“ My base chakra is balanced. “

“ I keep my thoughts and motives pure and therefore my behaviour and actions are in alignment with God’s laws. “ “ I embrace purity in all areas of my life. “ “ My heart is pure and free from all imbalances and imperfections. “ My desires are pure and free from all that is less than my divine plan and the immaculate concept for my life. “

Order. --There must be order and balance in your life. You need to be practical so that you life is well-ordered and disciplined. --You need to organize your environment so that it nurtures you soul and four lower bodies.( Your identity, Mental. Emotional and Physical bodies.) --To create order out of chaos and confusion:---de-clutter your personal living space, including you possessions, clothing, music etc. --clear your identity body of all sense of separation from God, of all sense of being a sinner and being unworthy of God’s love. Accept your true spiritual identity ---your I Am Presence. --clear your Mental body of all negative thoughts, of all limitations and restrictions. Replace them with thoughts of your creative powers, of your divine plan and the contribution you can make in this world.

--clear your Emotional/Desire body of all negative emotions that do not serve you, that keep you making negative karma and prevents you from growing spiritually. --purify your desires so that they serve you and enable you to follow your divine plan. --Use the rosaries found at to help you clear your four lower beings. Affirmations:-Affirmations:-“ All aspects of my life and being are now purified. “ “ My four lower bodies are purified. “ “ My heart is purified of all imbalances and imperfections. “ “ My motives and intentions are purified. “ “ My chakras are purified. “

Purity of Intention. Consider :-1) God’s intent for you and all humankind:---is for the Law of love to be obeyed; --that Life and Living will prevail over the dead and dying; --that the universe will always return to a state of balance through the Law of Cause and Effect.

“ What a man sows, he shall surely reap. “

2) Other people’s intentions:---Recognize other people’s intentions. --honour them if you can by realizing that they have free will the same as you do. --or, learn to live with them. 3) Your own intentions:---note what your intentions are. --seek to purify your intentions by first checking that you have taken into account God’s intent and the intentions of others. --realize that only you can change your intentions. You have no control over God’s intent or the intentions of others. --In any situation where you feel that some adjustment needs to be made or changed,--realize that you can always change something about yourself. Always weigh your intentions by the simple formula :---right reason--wisdom --right motive--power --right cause--love.

Right Right Action. --Right action means that you use your creative powers to raise up others instead of you separate lower self. Your creative powers include the ability to think, feel, imagine, speak and to direct your attention. --Right action will always allow you to share your uniqueness and your spiritual self with others and to share your truth. --Right action always springs from unconditional love.

----Whatever you do for others, do not be attached to the outcome of your actions. When you are attached to the outcome, when you have expectations of how life should be or how other people should react--all this will cause you to suffer and feel limited and restricted.

“ My actions are in harmony with God’s laws. “ “ My actions support all life. “ “ I act based on the pure love of expressing Who I Am , in service to the All.” “ My actions are guided by the highest vision from my Identity Body, by my pure thoughts and harmonious emotions. “ “ My beliefs and actions are in alignment with the true teachings of the Ascended Masters. “ “ Everything I do is in alignment with God’s purpose and the design principles used by God. “ “ I act based on the pure joy of the action itself. “ “ I act in order to share my light and truth and in the act of sharing, I am complete.” “ The light of my I Am presence illumines my actions. “ “ I control my actions by first controlling my reactions. “ “ I always do the right thing at the right time. “ “ I allow my light to shine and I witness to my truth, while being non-attached to the fruits of my action. “

Ascension. --The initiation of the Ascension enables a soul to permanently move into the spiritual realm. Once the soul has gone through this initiation, it has no need to return to Earth in a future embodiment. --To win the Ascension, a soul must meet both outer and inner requirements. --The outer requirements are :---to give your gift to humankind or to a specific group pf people; --to use your creative abilities to fulfil your goals that you came here to do. --to balance all misqualified energy/karma which you have created in all your lifetimes here on Earth. --to experience all the desires that you came here to experience. --to release all attachments to the things of the world so that you can become desire less and therefore there is nothing to hold you here on Earth. --to walk the path of personal Christhood whilst still living in the dense energies of the material world. For more details --The inner requirements are :---you must choose to permanently leave Earth behind. --you must be willing to give up your earthly life and experiences. --you must be willing to give up your earthly identity in order to win the higher sense of identity as a God-free Being who can permanently move into the spiritual realm. This is a choice that only you can make.

The 4th. Ray of God Purity can be mastered when it is also balanced with the qualities of the other 6 rays--with the quality of willpower, wisdom, love, vision, service, freedom. This can be done by determining to use your free will and making the decision to purify all aspects of your being and life. Purify your four lower bodies so that they can become the best possible instruments for the expression of your spiritual individuality and the fulfilling of your divine plan here on Earth. a) Purify your Identity Body :---of all false sense of identity. ( ie. A sense of just being a human being with limitations; or a sense of being a sinner who needs a Saviour.) --of all hatred against yourself for making mistakes. --of all hatred against God for exposing your mistakes. “ Beloved Christ self, please take command over all aspects of my life and consciousness. “ Purify your Mental Body :---of all illusions. ( eg. The illusion that you are separated from God, your Source; the illusion that you need to compare and judge yourself and others-----for we are all One. ) Learn to differentiate between the godly thoughts of your Spiritual Self and the selfish thoughts of your human ego. “ Beloved Christ self, please take command of my mind and give me clarity of thought. “ --Purify your Emotional Body :---from all imperfect feelings, such as , anger, hatred, fear, guilt, blame, revenge.

--from all false desires of the human ego which can never be satisfied. ( eg. The desire to control ; the desire to be superior to others; to have more than others. ) Replace all false desires with the true desires of god which are based on the Oneness of all Life. --from all feelings that nothing is ever enough or good enough. “ Beloved Christ self, please take command of my emotional body and desires and give me peace of mind.” --Purify your Physical Body :---from all diseases, viruses, toxins and all addictions. --from all attachments to the things of this world. “ Beloved Christ self, please take command over my physical body and give me perfect health and abundant energy. “ To transmute imperfect thoughts, feelings and actions which have manifested as ill health in your physical body, give Violet Flame decrees and Mother Mary’s rosaries.

Purify your heart of all imbalances and imperfections, of all that would block the free-flowing of God’s unconditional love through you to other parts of life. Eg. Selfishness, self-centredness, impure desires.

Purify your motives and intentions so that your actions and behaviour are in alignment with God’s laws. Eg. The Law of love; the Law of free Will; the Law of Cause and Effect.

You will instinctively do right actions when you follow the principles of unity, love, life, respect, honesty, justice and kindness. Let your motivation for serving life be :--- for the love of God and all other people, who are extensions of God. --for raising up all life instead of just the lower, separate self. Purify your chakras by mastering the energy of each of the 7 major chakras. Remember at all times that all people have free will. Just as you can choose to be pure, to purify your own thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions, so you must give all others the same freedom.

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3rd day,3rd Ray,

3rd. Ray of God Love and Selfless Giving. Life Lesson:-- “ Become Love in Action. “ The energy of the 3rd. Ray :---enables you to make contact with your Spiritual Self, your I Am Presence, through your threefold flame, the divine spark, which God has placed in your heart. --enables you to change or “alter” aspects of yourself, including your sense of identity , when you go within to the altar of your heart. --gives you the impetus to :---do random acts of kindness; --accept God’s plan for yourself and loved ones; --actively appreciate others; --forgive others; --be sensitive to needs of others; --be understanding.

The energy of the 3rd. Ray can be mastered as you learn to use the energy of the HEART CHAKRA correctly:---by loving your I Am Presence with constancy and faithfulness. --by cultivating mercy and compassion; --by using right speech, by realizing that whatever is in your heart will be expressed through your spoken words. Only love can be the instrument of right speech. --by seeing that challenging circumstances in your life can be opportunities to keep your heart open.

--by exercising your heart through devotion and meditation. --by letting the heart chakra be the open door for the expression of Divine love in its purest form---unconditional love. --by letting the heart chakra radiate the perfect love that will cast out all fear. --by guarding the heart against all negativity, hatred, mental criticism, hardness of heart, envy and the death wish. --by acknowledging and appreciating the beauty in yourself and others; --by setting healthy boundaries in your relationships. --by recognizing the power of softness, that a soft answer turns away wrath. --by nourishing and expressing your caring, feminine side, the side of yourself that has to do with the building of relationships, coaching and team work. --by expanding your heart chakra through listening to waltzs and music played on a harp.

Positive Qualities of the 3rd. Ray . --love --beauty --generosity --comfort --compassion --creativity --selflessness --appreciation

Unbalanced expressions of the 3rd. Ray.

--hatred --selfishness --human sympathy

--dislike --self-pity --negligence

:-Compassion :---empowers and supports others but does not smother them. It empowers because it helps us to learn the spiritual lessons which are inherent in all of life’s challenges. Your support and caring should never cushion others from learning their own lessons and growing from them. Sometimes those we love the most , need a dose of reality in order to wake them up. Sometimes ,all you can do is release them and let them go so they can learn their lessons. If they ask for advice you can share with them the knowledge of God’s laws ( Law of love; Law of free Will; Law of Cause and Effect ---see notes on 1st. Ray) so they can begin to see how the world works. --Compassion does not blame others for the circumstances of life. The most important thing to realize is that it is our reaction to those circumstances that will help us grow spiritually or go backwards or even come to a halt. --Compassion will always lift up others so that they can realize their full potential. It supports them while they refine their soul.

Beauty. --Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When you look at someone , you can choose to see their human frailties and mistakes or you can choose to see that behind all outer appearances there is the beauty of the inner Spiritual being and treat them accordingly. --The ability to create beauty in some form is necessary for the nurturing of each soul.

Love. --Love is the flowing essence , the ephemeral quality of God that holds everything together. --Human beings cannot generate love. They have to receive it from their Source--their I Am Presence ---before they can express it towards others. --You can increase your capacity to release love through disciplining your energy, your supply, your expression, the hours of the day, and your service to life. --You are loved by God because he created you as an individualization of His own being. Love God as your Spiritual Self--your I Am Presence. --To love others as yourself, you must know that they too are extensions of God. Therefore they are extensions of your own Greater Self and therefore you are connected to them through your own connection to God. --Love all people unconditionally. Do not judge them or look down on them because they have made mistakes or expressed imperfections. We are all here on Earth to learn our lessons and grow spiritually.

--Realize that in every situation, the goal should be to produce the maximum spiritual growth for every person. --Respond to all situations and people with Divine Love-unconditional love---a love that does not accept any imperfection as ultimately real or as permanent.

Creativity. --Light or energy is the basic substance from which everything in this universe is created. --God’s light is constantly flowing through your being. A stream of spiritual energy flows from your I Am Presence and you can use this enery to co-create in this material world. You are a co-creator with God. He provides the light/ energy and you create through the power of your imagination and your attention. --God’s law states that you will create what you allow your attention to dwell upon. --You can never stop creating. You are either creating consciously or unconsciously. So you need to use your free will, your willpower , to make the decision that you will create consciously. You must be aware of what you want to create by first purifying your motives. Your motive should always be promoted by love for others and by your desire to raise up the All and not just your separate self. You can only do this when you know and accept the Oneness of all life. --You need to know how you create and the importance of creating within the framework of God’s laws, especially the Law of love; Law of free will; Law of Cause and Effect. ( see notes on 1st. Ray)

You create by using your creative powers correctly. You have the gift of free will, the gift of awareness, the ability to imagine , and the ability to focus your attention on your desire goal. By focusing your attention you direct your images on to the the light/energy of God which will manifest in the physical world in time. But before this spiritual energy reaches your conscious mind, it must pass through your subconscious mind where it will be influenced by the beliefs you have about yourself, your identity, about God and about the world in which you live. Many of these beliefs do not serve you and do not allow you to reach your full potential. Therefore, if you want to grow spiritually , there is need for you to purify your beliefs. You also need to purify the energy that you have misused in the past. This can be done through the giving of Violet Flame decrees and the Aquarian Age Rosaries . ) (

--You can also purify your creative efforts by taking note of what you are creating, what the cosmic mirror is reflecting back to you , to teach you where you are misusing your power, wisdom , love and creative powers. --When you are creating you must ensure that you do not violate the free will of other people, that you do not take away their freedom to be, to do and to create their own reality. Release all desire to control and manipulate others. --When you are co-creating you must be in harmony with you own Spiritual Self, your I Am Presence and your spiritual brothers and sisters with whom you feel oneness.

Generosity. --To be generous means that :---you are unselfish; --you are ready to give freely what you have received; --you are free from pettiness of mind and character. --Why should you be generous ? --Because it is in your own self interests to do so. Foe we are all One and what you do for others --you are ultimately doing for yourself. --As you freely give, you will also freely receive, for the Law of Cause and Effect will return to you whatever you send out.

Comfort. --offer comfort to those who need it, those who are grieving or suffering. --Comfort springs from the love which is in your heart. --When you give comfort to someone who is in distress , you bring ease into the situation. You enable the distressed person to express how they feel in a loving and accepting way. But do not encourage them to wallow in self-pity but give them hope and spiritual truths which will help them. --As you offer comfort to others , by the law of return, you will receive comfort when you need it.

:-The Heart Chakra :---is the spiritual energy centre that is the very centre of your four lower bodies. --is the centre of the energy field that you truly are here in the 4 planes of matter. The light of God , the light from your I Am Presence, descends into your four lower bodies, and this very light gives you life and the ability to co-create the abundant life. This light enters your lower being through the Secret Chamber of the Heart Chakra which is a chakra hidden behind the heart chakra. This spiritual centre has been placed there by your Spiritual Self, your I Am Presence. This is your connection to God. This light is the pure white Mother Light and it springs forth in a threefold manifestation , a threefold flame . --It is called the threefold flame because it has three aspects which express the three main qualities of Spirit. --The blue aspect represents Divine love expressing as power or the “ will to Be .” --The yellow aspect represents Divine Love expressing as wisdom or balance or the “ direction to Be. “ --The pink aspect represents Divine love expressing as love which sets life free from bondage and restrictions. --The size of this flame determines how much spiritual light can flow from your I Am Presence ( which resides permanently in the spiritual realm ) into your lower being, here on Earth.

Its size also determines your creative powers. --To increase your creative powers, you need to enable your threefold flame to grow and expand. This can happen only as you balance each of the three aspects of that flame. --If one of the aspects of that flame in unbalanced, you will tent to misuse your creative powers. This will reduce the size of the flame which will then restrict the flow of spiritual light into your being, thus restricting your creative powers. --To balance your threefold flame, consider:---the need to align your being with God’s laws ( especially the Law of Love; the Law of Free will; the Law of Cause and Effect.) (see notes on 1st. Ray.) --Study the characteristics of each of the three aspects of this flame. --Reflect on which characteristics you are already manifesting. See which you are lacking. See where there is an imbalance and then work on balancing the missing characteristics. Blue Aspect of Power. --patience in pursuing goals --strong desire to succeed --leadership qualities --responsibility --productive --independent --self-disciplined --practical --motivated --self-directed --perseverance --determination --efficiency --hard-working -- competent --organized --accountable --self-confident --self-controlled --enthusiasm

Yellow Aspect of Wisdom. --orderly --imaginative --resourceful --learns quickly --communicative --moral --think and act quickly --neat --discerning --insightful --make wise decisions --intuitive --detailed --adaptable --precise --thirsty for knowledge -- systematic --honest --creative --thorough

Pink Aspect of Love. --dutiful --loving --sociable --supportive --motherly --gracious --loyal --dependable --artistic --compassionate Affirmations:-Affirmations:-“ Beloved I Am Presence, I demand and command a balanced flow of power, wisdom and love in my being. “ “ My heart chakra now radiates the perfect love that casts out all fear.” --devoted --obedient --tender --optimistic --trustworthy -- grateful --sensitive to others --warm-hearted --co-operative

“ My heart chakra is balanced. “ “ My heart chakra is the open door for the expression of Divine love in its purest form. “ “ I release all misqualified energy of my heart chakra into the Violet transmuting Flame---NOW ! “ My heart chakra is a chakra of Violet Fire ! My heart chakra is the purity God desires ! “ “ My threefold flame is balanced. “

Master the 3rd. Ray through Balance. The 3rd. Ray can be mastered by balancing it with the qualities of the other 6 rays,---willpower, wisdom, purity, vision, service and freedom. Use your free will , your willpower, to choose to see every situation in your life as an opportunity to express more love to God and unconditional love to all life. Learn the difference between human love and divine love. Divine love cannot be generated from within yourself but only from the Source of love---God. When you love with divine love , you will always seek to raise up others by giving freely of yourself. Learn to respond to all situations and all people with divine love. Realize that your heart is the centre of your being. It is the very centre of your creative powers which are filtered through the heart chakra , thus colouring whatever conditions exist in that energy centre.

keep your heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. “ ( proverbs 4: 23)

Whatever is in your heart will be expressed through your mouth. So it is important to clear the heart of all imperfections and impurities, such as, fear, anger, hatred and anxiety. To do this effectively, you can use--- “ Rosary for Clearing the Heart “-- a powerful spiritual technique, found Balance your Threefold Flame by balancing the qualities of love, wisdom and power in your being. In every life situation, your aim should be to ensure that all concerned have the best possible opportunity to grow spiritually and learn their spiritual lessons. See that you are an extension of God and that all other people are also extensions of God. At the deepest level of your beings , you are all connected. You are all One. Thus, what you to do to another, you have also done to yourself and thus you will surely reap what you have sown. Give service to life, to others, to God because:---you love God. --you love all others as extensions of God. --you want to help raise up others and not just your lower, separate self. --you want to help bring God’s Kingdom to Earth. Give others the freedom to be, to do, to have, to create their own reality---by always being aware that we all have been given the gift of free will. If you violate, or go against this basic spiritual law, you will reap negative experiences for yourself.

Affirmations:-Affirmations:-“ I open my Being to Love. I allow this Love to take me where I need to go in order to fulfil my divine plan.” “ I Am The Flame of Love. “ “ I Am the open door for the Flame of Love. “ “ I claim my God love ! “ “ I Am God Love ! “ “ I Am in alignment with the Love of Christ. “ “ I have the victory of the Love Flame in my heart. “ “ I Am Love in action ! “ “ I Am God’s unconditional; Love manifest here ! “ “ God’s Love is unconditional and non-judgmental. “ “ The essential quality of Divine Love is ---Self-transcendence --the drive to BE MORE ! “