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New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse a mustard seed planted for the future July 1, 2011

New Moon
Partial Solar Eclipse
a mustard seed planted for the future
July 1, 2011
as the crow flies
There is not enough negativity in the entire world
that can eclipse the power of one pure, positive thought.
- Abraham-Hicks
Whisper over Antarctica
Hi everyone, the third eclipse in a 3-eclipse portal takes place tomorrow. See below for some thoughts on the significance of this eclipse.
Many Blessings
Carol Ann Ciocco
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The Summer of 2011
tri-eclipse portal
time funnel
Take the memory of the future and bring it here into the present. - Deepak Chopra
cookie annular
The New Moon in the sign of Cancer occurs tomorrow at 4:54am EDT. This New Moon is also a Partial Solar Eclipse which is the 3rd in a triple-eclipse series which began on June 1st with a Partial Solar Eclipse, peaked with a Total Lunar Eclipse on June 15th, and now closes with another Partial Solar Eclipse.
Tomorrow's eclipse is a curious blend of whispering subtlety and powerful intensity. The triple eclipse portal of this Summer of 2011 is a time portal, from past through present and into the future. As tomorrow's eclipse perfects, we will be jettisoned into the beginning of a brand new cycle that won't complete until the year 3237.
By tuning into tomorrow's eclipse we can project our consciousness forward in time and glimpse various potential outcomes, based on current directions. Then we can alter the timeline by making different choices. This technique is always available to us through meditation, but as this portal closes there is extra celestial wind at our backs for this kind of journeying.
a wrinkle in time to the ancient past
The triple eclipse portal opened on June 1, 2011 with a Partial Solar Eclipse of the Northern Sun, in the sign of Gemini. Exquisite photos emerged showing a solar eclipse at midnight! Although not visible to many, the new moon glided in front of the midnight sun above the Arctic circle, producing a partial eclipse of unusual beauty. (See the remarkable photo here:
This eclipse was a wrinkle in time with a glimpse over our shoulders into the deep past, into the minds of the peoples of the past, and the belief systems we inherited from them (many of which are obsolete and damaging in the current day). Our own past beliefs, sown in childhood under difficult conditions also came up for review. It was time to 'change our mind' about many things. The June 1st eclipse initiated us to the portal. We looked back as we stepped into the vortex or funnel of time.
The June 1st eclipse had an ancient feel to it, mirroring the midnight aspect of the sun. All eclipses belong to 'families' or groups of similar eclipses, all about 18 years apart. These 'families' are called SAROS series, with each given a number. The June 1st eclipse was a member of a very ancient family - Saros 118 - which goes back to May 24, 803. The June 1st eclipse was the 68th eclipse of 72 total eclipses in the series; i.e. this family of eclipses and its foray on earth is nearing the end of its life.
IMPERIALISM - cycling to its end // Because a Saros-118 eclipse opened our 2011 eclipse portal, here is a glimpse of the themes up for transformation within this portal:
The year 803 was the beginning of the Charlemagne Empire. In the year 800 Charlemagne was crowned by Pope Leo III. The Capitulary of Charlemagne was issued in 802 and with this act the ancient Merovingian and Carolingian dynasties in the medieval Frankish (French) Empire were theoretically transformed into the Roman Empire. Imperial laws were instituted and handed down, producing a schema for imperial authority and law. Here we see the seeds of:

* What would come to be Europe and the common European identity
* The axis of power for the Western world
* The cult of figures for earthly 'protection': kings, knights, heroes, 'caudillos'...
* Inspiration and justification for the Crusades which also enjoyed the divine precepts and rights
* Powerful institutions, laws and arms to maintain power, such as the Inquisition
* The official consent for invasions and conquering of territories with the Providential 'by force or reason' (sources:,

mustard seedIn other words, the time period cycling down with the Summer of 2011 eclipse portal points to the inception of the powers of the Western world and Imperialism. The fulfillment of this portal (tomorrow) springs us into the future, with the chance to create a new template that will literally last for 1,225 years. Simple look around you at the current corporate-owned government and other trends if you want to see the 21st century results of the time-arc of Saros 118.
On a personal level, look at how you have lived under ancient, iron-fisted control and persecution - not only by people in your childhood and even people in your current life, but especially WITHIN YOURSELF (the only place that really matters if you want to change things). The new template is fundamentally based on the cornerstone of SELF-COMPASSION. Stand down on the Inquisition of yourself and others.
ONENESS - the new template birthed as this eclipse portal closes - is INCLUSIVE not exclusive. It opens to all possibilities, allowing all realities, beliefs and lifestyles to co-exist in harmony - without either side needing to be 'right' or needing to destroy the 'other' who believes differently.
NOTE: on June 7, 2011 - 6 days after the Partial Solar Eclipse - earth and Humanity experienced one of the strongest solar flares on record, a massive solar explosion that astronomers are still talking about. Seriously, it was of historic magnitude. The Sun seemed to chime in with gusto to the ancient voices that spoke at the beginning of this year's eclipse portal - bringing the power of LIGHT to burn off the old and christen a new sunlit path.
Info from my previous postings on the June 1st eclipse (and some breathtaking photos) can be found here:
On June 15th the eclipse portal peaked with a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in the signs of Gemini/Sagittarius. This portal took place across the Galactic plane (24 degrees Gemini, the Galactic Edge, and 24 degrees Sagittarius, the GalacticCenter) and in particular drew our attention to the Galactic Center, the Loving Heart of our galaxy, Our Great Mother. We looked up and into a blackened and red moon - snuffed out by the marching sun - hovering in the darkness with the vista of the Milky Way emerging in the background like a sparkling carpet.
Total Lunar Eclipses (TLE) have the effect of collapsing time. As the sun is crossing in front of the moon, we experience the entire lunar cycle - which takes 28 days as the new moon waxes to full then wanes back to new again - in only 2 or 3 hours. In the case of the June 15th eclipse, it lasted exactly 100 minutes.
The June 15th TLE again asked us to examine our mind, our vision, and our belief systems. The tendency to 'live in your head' and neglect the feelings of the heart was called into question. The GalacticCenter is a Black Hole of Love. This eclipse tried to crack open our minds and hearts and release our emotions, so that we might to feel the pulse of Love all around us.
An erupting volcano in Chile was the cause of the particularly black and red eclipsed moon. (To see photos of the black-red moon, click here: The volcanic ash shadowed moon brought our attention right back down to earth, with a reminder about the intense earth changes and weather patterns taking place with such fury right now.
Again, we are asked to get out of our minds and into our hearts when it comes to the use of earth's resources as well. Love also must be extended to the Earth. If we allow ourselves to feel the heartbeat of earth, the pulsing of her energies, we might not be as quick to think our way into focusing only on short-term profit. Many people walking this planet have never connected with Earth in a meaningful way. Many, many are separate, disjointed and are literally orphans without their Mother. If all connected to their Mother the earth with love, things would change drastically.
The Heart of Love exists in THE NOW. The Total Lunar Eclipse of June 15th touched us in the present moment, not the past, not the future. This was the high-point of the time-wave as we surfed our way through the tri-eclipse portal. Emotional clearing in the Now is essential for this journey.
To read about the June 15th Total Lunar Eclipse and to see some great photos, click here: and here: funnel summer 2011 eclipse portal
time funnel into a brand new cycle
The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer which takes place tomorrow will end the Summer of 2011 eclipse portal. Please note that eclipse effects will continue to arc outward for about 2 weeks (some say longer).
This 3rd eclipse is the antithesis of the June 1st eclipse which belonged to a very old Saros series. The July 1st eclipse is the very first eclipse of a brand new series: Saros 156. This Saros family will produce 8 partial eclipses, followed by 52 annular eclipses and ending with 9 more partials. Complete details for the entire series of 69 eclipses spanning the years 2011 through 3237 can be found at:"
As this series unfolds, the longest eclipse will last 8 minutes 28 seconds and will cut a wide path through Indonesia on May 3, 2526. Interestingly, not a single member of series 156 will evolve into a total eclipse. The very last member of the series will be a partial eclipse over the north polar regions in the year 3237. (from Guy Ottewell Astronomical Calendar 2011)
Whereas the June 1st eclipse was part of a cycle nearing its end over the Arctic, this eclipse marks a fresh new cycle, unfolding first over the Antarctic, and concluding 1,226 years from now with an eclipse of the midnight sun over the Arctic. This eclipse really does point to the future - a mustard seed of potential. The possibilities taking root now are nearly invisible, taking place in the unseen worlds. If you reincarnated in the year 2526 or 3237, what might the world, your life, your body, the earth look like, feel like? says it best: "So while Friday's partial solar eclipse will be a less than impressive sight to behold, on the cosmic scale, it is a major turn of the clock."
a whisper over antarctica
Astrononimically (i.e. physically) the July 1st eclipse is a whisper over the South Pole; it is like a mustard seed in its potential for the future. Tune in and feel it - it is extremely soft, very subtle, barely noticeable. It is as if an angel's wing gently touches your cheek as you lie dreaming.
There will be a mere touch of shadow off Lutzlow-Holm Bay, an extremely remote part of the world, an uninhabited region in the southern Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Antarctica. This is the point of greatest eclipse, where the magnitude will reach only 0.097. The shadow will be in contact with Earth for less than 90 minutes before it slides back out into space. You could even call it a "stealth" eclipse since it will probably only be seen by a few penguins and leopard seals. ( Such a remote and isolated path means that it may very well turn out to be the solar eclipse that nobody sees. (Eclipse expert Fred Espenak, of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, on the space agency's Eclipse Web Site)
Here is a video animation of the July 1st eclipse, where the moon just grazes the sun over Antarctica:
Another video animation can be seen here:
I think it will be simply amazing if a human being captures a photo of this eclipse. I am anxiously awaiting to see just how intrepid the intrepid eclipse chasers might be;)
"The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field; which indeed is smaller than all seeds. But when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches." - Matthew 13:31-32, World English Bible
CARDINAL CRUX REDUXflashback and flashforward
cardinal cross of the mastersThe subtle physicality of this eclipse is juxtaposed with a powerful punch: the astrological signature of our times, the Grand Cardinal Cross, is perfected in this chart. The partially eclipsed New Moon/Sun complete the cross.
As you may have heard (or surely you must remember) last year we experienced a powerful configuration in the sky - a Cross created by 3 heavy hitter planets (Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, and Saturn in Libra). It occurred at the Zero degree point of each of these signs which are the most powerful points in the zodiac (especially the Zero Aries Point).
The 'empty spot' in the Cross was the sign of Cancer, so the powerful engine of the cross only perfected and jumped fully alive when a planet would cross into that 'hot spot'. (The Cardinal Cross of the Summer of 2011 is not at the Zero points anymore; it is forming between 4-10* of cardinal signs). To have an eclipse appear in the Cancerian spot now, one year later, is very significant. The sun, whisper-touched by the passing dark new moon, stands in that all-important vortex.
The message here is simple: no progress can be made unless our 'inner infant' is on board. Cancerian energies include the old and no-longer healthy ancestral beliefs and habits that we were nudged to let go of within this eclipse portal. We needed the old beliefs so that our species would survive our harsh past, but things can be different now. This New Moon points to the future. Our future must contain a new way of doing the Cancerian tribal template, free from ancient fear and separation. Imperialism is based on the tribal mentality.The question is: What is family? Who is my responsibility in this world? We are looking forward 1,226 years to a time when family may not be based on blood or skin color or nationality, but on humanity, heart and especially soul. This is the transition from Dominance and Imperalism to Equality and Oneness.
All human beings come from a mother's womb. We are all the same part of one human family. We should have a clear realization of the oneness of all humanity. - His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
polar shift
On June 1st we stepped through a wrinkle in time and into a concentrated eclipse portal, a kind of time funnel, looking at ways to change our mind from past patterns toward a new way of living. On June 15th we faced glaring emotional realities alive in us in this present moment. And with the July 1st eclipse we will reorient our direction, our cardinal directional system, into the future based on what we learned in our time travel.
It is interesting that we are seeing here a flip from the North Pole to the South Pole in the trajectory of this eclipse portal. A pole shift. A shift in consciousness away from duality.
This is a good time to change course. One of the main reasons the Titanic sunk is because the Captain underestimated how long it would take to turn the massive ship around in order to avoid the iceberg. The choices we make today in our personal lives will determine a new timeline that extends far into the future. We all have changes to make. We don't have to make them all right this minute, but we can now turn our attention to a new path with our intent. Now is the time to begin turning. Today and tomorrow... it is so subtle, this turning. Shhh can you hear it? Can you feel it? Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there.

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What Are the Levels of Teaching?

SECTION 3 -- What Are the Levels of Teaching?

The teachers of God have no set teaching level. Each teaching-learning situation involves a different relationship at the beginning, although the ultimate goal is always the same; to make of the relationship a holy relationship, in which both can look upon the Son of God as sinless. There is no one from whom a teacher of God cannot learn, so there is no one whom he cannot teach. However, from a practical point of view he cannot meet everyone, nor can everyone find him. Therefore, the plan includes very specific contacts to be made for each teacher of God. There are no accidents in salvation. Those who are to meet will meet, because together they have the potential for a holy relationship. They are ready for each other.

The simplest level of teaching appears to be quite superficial. It consists of what seem to be very casual encounters; a "chance" meeting of two apparent strangers in an elevator, a child who is not looking where he is going running into an adult "by chance," two students "happening" to walk home together. These are not chance encounters. Each of them has the potential for becoming a teaching-learning situation. Perhaps the seeming strangers in the elevator will smile to one another, perhaps the adult will not scold the child for bumping into him; perhaps the students will become friends. Even at the level of the most casual encounter, it is possible for two people to lose sight of separate interests, if only for a moment. That moment will be enough. Salvation has come.

It is difficult to understand that levels of teaching the universal course is a concept as meaningless in reality as is time. The illusion of one permits the illusion of the other. In time, the teacher of God seems to begin to change his mind about the world with a single decision, and then learns more and more about the new direction as he teaches it. We have covered the illusion of time already, but the illusion of levels of teaching seems to be something different. Perhaps the best way to demonstrate that these levels cannot exist is simply to say that any level of the teaching-learning situation is part of God's plan for Atonement, and His plan can have no levels, being a reflection of His Will. Salvation is always ready and always there. God's teachers work at different levels, but the result is always the same.

Each teaching-learning situation is maximal in the sense that each person involved will learn the most that he can from the other person at that time. In this sense, and in this sense only, we can speak of levels of teaching. Using the term in this way, the second level of teaching is a more sustained relationship, in which, for a time, two people enter into a fairly intense teaching-learning situation and then appear to separate. As with the first level, these meetings are not accidental, nor is what appears to be the end of the relationship a real end. Again, each has learned the most he can at the time. Yet all who meet will someday meet again, for it is the destiny of all relationships to become holy. God is not mistaken in His Son.

The third level of teaching occurs in relationships which, once they are formed, are lifelong. These are teaching-learning situations in which each person is given a chosen learning partner who presents him with unlimited opportunities for learning. These relationships are generally few, because their existence implies that those involved have reached a stage simultaneously in which the teaching-learning balance is actually perfect. This does not mean that they necessarily recognize this; in fact, they generally do not. They may even be quite hostile to each other for some time, and perhaps for life. Yet should they decide to learn it, the perfect lesson is before them and can be learned. And if they decide to learn that lesson, they become the saviors of the teachers who falter and may even seem to fail. No teacher of God can fail to find the Help he needs.

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The role of teaching and learning is actually reversed in the thinking of the world. The reversal is characteristic. It seems as if the teacher and the learner are separated, the teacher giving something to the learner rather than to himself. Further, the act of teaching is regarded as a special activity, in which one engages only a relatively small proportion of one's time. The course, on the other hand, emphasizes that to teach to learn, so that teacher and learner are the same. It also emphasizes that teaching is a constant process; it goes on every moment of the day, and continues into sleeping thoughts as well.
To teach is to demonstrate. There are only two thought systems, and you demonstrate that you believe one or the other is true all the time. From your demonstration others learn, and so do you. The question is not whether you will teach, for in that there is no choice. The purpose of the course might be said to provide you with a means of choosing what you want to teach on the basis of what you want to learn. You cannot give to someone else, but only to yourself, and this you learn through teaching. Teaching is but a call to witnesses to attest to what you believe. It is a method of conversion. This is not done by words alone. Any situation must be to you a chance to teach others what you are, and what they are to you. No more than that, but also never less.
The curriculum you set up is therefore determined exclusively by what you think you are, and what you believe the relationship of others is to you. In the formal teaching situation, these questions may be totally unrelated to what you think you are teaching. Yet it is impossible not to use the content of any situation on behalf of what you really teach, and therefore really learn. To this the verbal content of your teaching is quite irrelevant. It may coincide with it, or it may not. It is the teaching underlying what you say that teaches you. Teaching but reinforces what you believe about yourself. Its fundamental purpose is to diminish self-doubt. This does not mean that the self you are trying to protect is real. But it does mean that the self you think is real is what you teach.
This is inevitable. There is no escape from it. How could it be otherwise? Everyone who follows the world's curriculum, and everyone here does follow it until he changes his mind, teaches solely to convince himself that he is what he is not. Herein is the purpose of the world. What else, then, would its curriculum be? Into this hopeless and closed learning situation, which teaches nothing but despair and death, God sends His teachers. And as they teach His lessons of joy and hope, their learning finally becomes complete.
Except for God's teachers there would be little hope of salvation, for the world of sin would seem forever real. The self-deceiving must deceive, for they must teach deception. And what else is hell? This is a manual for the teachers of God. They are not perfect, or they would not be here. Yet it is their mission to become perfect here, and so they teach perfection over and over, in many, many ways, until they have learned it. And then they are seen no more, although their thoughts remain a source of strength and truth forever. Who are they? How are they chosen? What do they do? How can they work out their own salvation and the salvation of the world? This manual attempts to answer these questions.

Integral Spiritual by Craig Hamilton,

When you started out on the spiritual path, you probably sensed
that an extraordinary spiritual transformation was possible--a
radical realignment at the deepest levels of your being that would
not only liberate you from personal suffering but would infuse your
life with a sacred, cosmic sense of meaning, purpose and wholeness.
Yet after years or even decades of working on yourself, you may
have begun to doubt whether that initial intuition of possibility
was grounded in reality.
I want you to know that the highest possibility you've glimpsed,
the most glorious potential you've sensed is not a figment of your
imagination but a real possibility. And even more than that is
It is possible for life to make perfect sense. It's possible for
YOUR life to make perfect sense. It's possible to come into such
profound alignment with the moral and spiritual axis of the
universe that every moment of your life is a walk in grace, and
that you know without any doubt that you are in the right place at
the right time.
It's possible for all existential doubt to disappear, and to live
with unwavering conviction in the inherent goodness of the life
It's possible to awaken so deeply to the divine evolutionary
impulse at the heart of existence that we know that we are living
our lives in service to the highest calling there is. And in this
knowing, to discover an unimaginable and abiding liberation from
the suffering of the confused, neurotic, separate sense of self.
It's possible to be truly free.
What I'm speaking about is a completely different kind of human
life than most of us have ever encountered. This is not simply
about "being in the now" or "loving and accepting what is in every
It is not about simply accessing a more expansive state of
awareness or being able to stand back and abide as the Witness of
all that arises. And it's not just about cultivating a sustained
feeling of compassion for the suffering of all beings.
All of these are good experiences to have and important capacities
to cultivate. But I'm speaking about something more.
I'm pointing to authentic God Realization in which the ego has been
radically overridden by the ultimate principle, by the creative
force of the cosmos, by what Gotama Buddha called "the roar of the
timeless beyond."
It's a life where our personal motive to have and get for ourselves
has been replaced by a passion to give everything for the greatest
good. In this ultimate submission to and alignment with the
Absolute, the human being becomes a living, breathing force for
higher evolution.
And this changes our relationship to being alive in unimaginable
Experientially, one finds oneself in a state of profound
receptivity and openness. A deep and abiding simplicity pervades
one's life, and an ongoing sense of flow permeates everything. One
has let go of identification with the mind, abandoned any
attachment to the self, and lives as a transparent, vibrant vessel
for the Infinite.
There is remarkable mental clarity at times, but there is no
clinging on to that clarity. Insights come and go, but there is the
knowledge that "I can't hold onto any of this." And so there is no
grasping on. But in moments when clarity is needed, it miraculously
appears, integrating all of one's knowledge and lived experience in
a moment of intuitive knowing.
Experiences come and go, too, and there is no longer any clinging
to ecstasy, bliss or love. One has discovered the source of all
these things and so feels no compulsion to cling to them.
More importantly, and contrary to popular belief, one awakens to a
profound awareness of the moral order of the cosmos. One feels, in
a sense, for the Whole of Life. One feels the pain of the whole and
the ecstasy of the whole as one's own pain and one's own ecstasy.
One becomes the seeing, sensing, feeling organ of the whole, of the
And at the center of one's being is a burning passion for evolution
and transformation, a calling to transform the world into an
expression of the divinity one has discovered.
All of this may sound very big and beyond reach, but I want to make
it clear that this is not a pipe dream drawn from ancient books.
This is what it's really like. This is really what's possible for a
human life--for your life--to become.
Now, just because it's possible to awaken to this radically
different kind of life does not mean that it's easy. Indeed, what
I'm describing is without question the most challenging endeavor a
human being can undertake.
We have to recognize that, even if we feel deeply that we want to
surrender to the Divine, to be an agent of evolution, there is a
big part of us that wants nothing to do with that. A part of us
that desperately wants to maintain control, to keep our life small
and manageable.
So, if we want our life to change that profoundly, we have to come
to terms with what we're doing here. That means cultivating a clear
and unwavering intention to bring our life into alignment with that
which is greater than us.
Cultivating this kind of intention requires a 24/7 commitment, but
you can begin engaging this inquiry by engaging the following
exercises on a daily basis. Any of these exercises can be engaged
as a silent contemplation, as a journal exercise, or as a dialogue
with a trusted spiritual friend.
1) Every morning, before you do anything else, take fifteen minutes
and contemplate what you are really living for. Ask yourself: what
is the most important thing in life? What is of ultimate
significance? And what do I need to do to align with that? To be an
expression of that in the world? Don't simply ask these questions
with your mind. Ask them with your whole being, as if your life
depended on it.
2) Then, every evening, take another fifteen minutes, and again ask
yourself: What is the most important thing in life? What is of
ultimate significance? How did I live my day? Did I do everything I
could to live in accord with the deepest truth I know? To align
with a higher purpose? Where could I have given more?
3) Ask yourself: What would I need to give up or let go of to be
able to align with the divine evolutionary impulse? To be a vessel
for a greater intelligence and power in this world? What is in the
way of me stepping into full submission to and partnership with the
creative force of the Cosmos? When will I be ready to leave that
The spiritual path has always been about surrender. But the truth
is that in this evolutionary awakening, this integral
enlightenment, there is a further goal, which is the willingness to
not only surrender to the Evolutionary Impulse but to step up and
take full responsibility for its manifestation and expression in
the world.
In the end, we realize that the very power we've surrendered to is
also our truest self, and that it needs us to fully embody that, to
dare to be a creative agent of evolution, to align our own being
with it so completely that we become the conscious choosing aspect
of the Divine principle on Earth.
In this radical realignment at the core of our being, we begin
incarnating divinity and we give our every breath to making that
divinity known and fully expressed in this world. In this
unconditional stand, we discover our final liberation from the
world, even as we give everything to transforming the world into an
expression of the sacred. And when enough of us learn to live in
this way, we will have Heaven on Earth.

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The 7th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light(Starts Tomorow!)

The 7th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light in the current and final 9th Universal Wave of consciousness evolution identified by the Mayan Calendar activates on June 25th, 2011. This Heaven-Pulse is a Yang pulse.
In my original article on the 13 Universal Heaven-Pulses of Light I wrote:
7th Heaven-Pulse > June 25 - July 12 (crest July 3-4) > Yang > Proliferation and more solid developmental growth of universal consciousness which forms the next level of its emergence as a pertinent liberated expression in our experience and on the planet. The new sprout is becoming a more mature and healthy plant.
What I am being guided to impart in relation to this 7th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light is largely practical information which I am seeing now is greatly needed. Master Menon has also taken me in this direction, indicating that the integration of all strata within our reality system and the universe itself, is really paramount now.
After having experienced a bit over half of the Ninth Wave thus far, I have not communicated anyone who is awake that does not believe we are currently in a very powerful and massive acceleration of consciousness evolution... an evolution which is headed towards a more universalized experience. We can speak to what this is from many differing perspectives, but that is the essence of it.
Essence is one of the keys to universal consciousness itself. The more we are aware of it and operate from it, the more universal will our scope of consciousness be. Essence liberates our awareness from the limitations and complexities of the manifest plane. As this occurs we are then able to better be present with and operate upon the manifest plane.
This seems like a bit of a paradox perhaps. Yet, it is the degree to which our awareness is limited within the manifest plane that actually generates the burning desire to escape it. As we liberate our awareness from the manifest plane this burning desire subsides and we can become more fully present here.
This dynamic takes many forms but a real common one involves wanting to go home, not feeling like you are on the right planet, etc. I know, I experienced all of these things for many years very intensely. These experiences concluded finally the end of 2010 when the Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi spontaneously ignited within my field.
Now I have realized on every level of my being, not just intellectually, that home is right here where I am in the moment, always. There are very few times where this "wanting to go home" type of feeling ever even arises now. When it does, it dissolves very quickly because I see it for what it is.
I share this with you only because I have made this passage. I am therefore speaking to you from my own personal experiential wisdom rather than from an abstract theory or idea. I can say with certainty that it is worth every bit of energy you might put into making this passage too if you have not already done so! I am also available to mentor you on this if you wish to have some help.
The universe is also helping us immensely! In the 7th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light there will be a very powerful energy emanating from the Great Central Sun to both liberate our awareness further from the material plane and to bring us more present upon it.
This energy may seem very dis-orienting at first. It may seem as though one part of your being is going in one direction and another part of it is going the opposite direction.
It can therefore be helpful to simply be consciously aware of what is causing this type of feeling to arise in your experience if it does. If you understand what is happening then you can relax into it and let it flow more easily.
This may show up in a myriad of different ways. Some common essential themes might be:
1) You are more keenly aware of all sorts of things and how they relate to each other and inter-connect, but you are also somewhat overwhelmed with them because they are now also entering into your experience in new ways.
2) You feel more "out there" and expanded and yet life is calling you more than ever to be here engaging things more fully on the manifest plane... so a feeling of inner conflict arises around this.
3) Significantly expansive overviews in terms of where you are headed in your life and what must be accomplished are now downloading very rapidly into your conscious awareness, while simultaneously you find yourself totally immersed and seemingly stuck within the minutia of it all.
There is ONE solution to all of these and any other variations that may present themselves to you. This solution is to "be present, feel it fully, breathe deeply and be at peace." In other words, let these massive energy waves flowing in from the Great Central Sun wash over and through you.
Be aware as possible of any tendency towards trying to run to keep up, or to get away. This is an illusion and it will tumble you about real hard in this current energy environment.
You need to release density, not amplify it. Trying to run to keep up amplifies density. Relaxing and letting the new energy wash over and through you in absolute trust and knowing that all is well, releases density.
This is not about trusting in something outside yourself either. It is about trusting implicitly that there is a Higher Awareness and Source Intelligence aspect of YOU that knows EXACTLY what it is doing, and where it is going, and what it is going to take to get there on the manifest plane!
Remind yourself of this continually... it will take you through the Ninth Universal Wave and beyond going through 2012 with grace and ease!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sun! Stop!The Winter/Summer Solstice!

Sun! Stop!
A point of Great Light
The June Solstice (in Summer in Northern Hemisphere, Winter in Southern Hemisphere) occurs at 1:17pm EDT on Tuesday June 21, 2011.
Throughout time, the Solstices have been power points and honored as such by humans. Twice each year we move into a window in space-time when the sun and earth communicate in their extremes and energy is exchanged - humanity, earth, sun, light, dance of light and dark, a Tipping Point in consciousness in the service of evolution.
And during our current times - characterized by the Turning of the Ages, i.e. the end a 26,000-year cycle and the beginning of a new one - the Solstices carry even more strength. They are charged beyond what was known previously.
The word "solstice" means "sun standing still" or Sun-Stop.
This impacts us because our sense of time is driven by the sky, with its daily, monthly and yearly cycles. The summer and winter solstices are key reference points in our calendar, marking the yearly extremes of the Sun's changing height in the sky at noon. Whether we realize it or not, our civilization is ordered around the happenings in the sky. We are swimming in these energy patterns, just not consciously most of the time.
Why does Summer Solstice Happen? The seasons of the year are caused by the 23.5ยบ tilt of the earth's axis. Because the earth is rotating like a top or gyroscope, the North Pole points in a fixed direction continuously - towards a point in space near the North Star. But the earth is also revolving around the sun. During half of the year, the southern hemisphere is more exposed to the sun than is the northern hemisphere. During the rest of the year, the reverse is true.
Unlike the Equinoxes (which are all about perfect balance) the Solstices are a Tipping Point - toward or away from The Light.
You might want to Stop And Look Up. (Close your eyes.) You could consciously absorb the photonic energy generated by the nuclear engine of our central star. Photons are tiny capsules of intelligence from the Mind of God, as translated through the Sun. They are all around you, especially now.
Solstice on the Razor's Edge
To the illumined mind the whole world burns and sparkles with light. - Emerson
At our current point in the long cycles of earthtime, the Summer Solstice aligns with THE GALACTIC EDGE. This is the edge of our known world. When we look toward the stars of Orion (and others in that area) we are looking out into deep space, also known as the Galactic Edge. This area of the heavens is also known to many cultures as the point where Souls enter the Milky Way Galaxy to incarnate on earth. It has been called THE SILVER GATE.
And when we look toward the center of our Galaxy (the huge black hole that spins our world into existence) we see many stars. We call this The Milky Way. And, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, when we look in the other direction, toward the EDGE of our Galaxy, we are looking out into deep space, the great unknown, there are very few stars here; it is a place where energies profoundly beyond the grasp of human egoic consciousness spring forth.
The Summer Solstice, then, is that time when we can download information 'from a galaxy far, far away'. This place, the Galactic Edge - when we align with it - is the source of new ideas for changing the game on earth. The Summer Solstice Sun pauses here to open a door to this expanded consciousness.
From Barbara Hand Clow: "If you can take a moment at the Solstice, close your eyes and face the sun, and tune into the geometric patterns the sunlight creates on your closed eyelids as you tune into these opposing spiraling energies in our solar system. Your role as grateful creative interpreter for the Sun's communication to Earth will be activated. It's a new re-patterning of our collective "earth mind" that the Sun is setting up by your conscious participation. And for those who cannot be in a place to view the sun directly, momentarily close your eyelids as well and perhaps you'll receive the beamed transmission passing through from those that are facing the sun, giving birth to a new membrane of conscious alignment.
The Solstice Doorway of Light will stand open for 3 days - the day before, the day of, and the day after - so it's good to do your ceremony, meditation, etc at any time during that window of time.
As the Ages Turn
At the core of the Milky Way there's a black hole with a ring of blue stars around it. Does anyone else feel this strange music? - Drew Dellenger
Speaking of walking the Galactic Razor's Edge, it's always good to remind ourselves that we are right now birthing a new 26,000 year cycle. In other words, when I use the phrase "The Turning of the Ages" I am using the interpretation of this phrase as described by Shamanic Astrology.
The Turning of the Ages in this sense is not just the movement from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius - a 2,500 year cycle. (This switchover IS taking place as we speak, it's a couple-hundred-year transition, but we are in the throes of it).
The Turning of the Ages refers to a much longer cycle - a 26,000 year cycle, associated with the Precession of the Equinoxes. Daniel Giamario, co-founder of Shamanic Astrology writes: "Humanity is exactly at the end and beginning of an entire 26,000 year cycle (with 1997-1998 as the center point)." He states that the Precession of the Equinoxes is "the longest cycle that can be apprehended by the human senses in a single lifetime."
Why am I bringing this up? Because the power of this shift from one 26,000 year cycle to another one (zero-point, also associated with 2011-2102) is most profoundly felt at the Solstices. You can tune your consciousness into this "Re-start button" vibe - at every single Solstice celebration you participate in for the rest of your life (and for several lifetimes to come:)
I walk without flinching
through the burning cathedral of the summer.
My bank of wild grass is majestic and full of music.
It is a fire that solitude presses against my lips.
Violette Leduc, Mad in Pursuit
Carol Ann Ciocco
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"The After 4 Diet"

Simple and effective, fasting is also an ancient method of spiritual purification.
Here's a simple version of it that I call "The After 4 Diet". This diet has one rule: no eating after 4 pm. (No drinking anything with calories in it, either.)
Fasting in the evening time has the benefit of removing food as an option at the time when your metabolism tends to slow, and when you feel the most tempted by the high-fat, high-sugar foods that you know you shouldn't eat.
I've used this diet myself to lose 15 lb, which went at the rate of about a pound a week. (I went from 180 to 165.)
This is an exercise that carries a lot of benefit beyond looking better, feeling more energy, and meeting a goal. It is an exercise in physical self control, and it sends a key message to your self: "I am in charge."
How calming this message is to your body. Who is the "I" that’s in charge here? Your mind, in the service of your heart.
A very powerful way to energize the depth of your heart, your solar plexus, the center from which this feeling "I am in charge" emanates, is to use this phrase on your breath, placed in rhythm with your heartbeat, four syllables to four beats of your heart.
Try this out and let me know how it goes. And if you decide to do "The After 4 Diet", I want to know how that works for you! (You should check with your health care provider before doing any sort of diet.)
Yours in the One Heart,

The World Is Not "Out There"

If we are interested in the evolution of consciousness and culture, one habit that we need to break is the tendency to speak about the world as if it exists "out there." From the perspective that I call evolutionary nonduality, we don't want to separate our self from the world process because when we do we fall into a false or dualistic way of thinking. We are not separate from the world process. In our own small way, we're all contributing to where we're going. The choices we make, the actions we take, what we say, what we don't say, are all adding to the momentum of the vast cosmic unfolding. When we really embrace the truth that we are not separate from the process that created us, then we need to become very clear about all the ways in which we are actually affecting the process, so that we can begin to more consciously impact its momentum in positive and evolutionary ways.
~ Andrew Cohen

Friday, June 17, 2011

Project Planning For Maximum Success! By Rich Schefren

Let's talk about getting work done and being productive.
One of the biggest reasons people procrastinate; why they want to learn everything before they hand it off to someone else - and a whole bunch of other issues that affect productivity - is the way they approach their tasks.
When I approach a task, I'm never thinking and doing. First I think. Then I do.
The problem is that most people don't do that. Most people don't think through things to the level they need to. Because of that, they have projects instead of tasks on their "to do" list. That leads to procrastination because it seems like this amorphous blob of stuff that hasn't been broken down to a task level.
When I'm working on a project, I break out all the tasks that are involved. It makes it much easier to attack it, to get started. It gives you a clarity when looking at it.
It helps you avoid the risk of multi-tasking and getting involved in way too many projects. People do that because there's no clear criteria as to why they're taking on a specific project. I'll get into that in a second.
Also, when outsourcing, you avoid the tendency to master everything before you hand if off. When you haven't defined all the aspects of a project, it becomes more desirable for you to hold on to it yourself.
But before you worry about any of that. There are two deeper questions you need to answer.
Answer These Questions First!
When looking at a project, it has to start with a purpose. The first question you have to ask and answer is "why is this being done?" How does this align with where I want to get? What are the strategic implications of doing this? Does this fit in with me getting to my goal in the shortest and fastest amount of time? So that's first and foremost.
The second question - the outcome question - is really two parts. First you have to ask, "what would it look like if it were totally successful?" If this project was a smashing success, what would it look like? Define it. What is a smashing success for this project?
And then you have to ask, "how would I know it's a smashing success?" How would I know that it is the success that I've just defined?
Time To Do A "Brain Dump"
Once you're clear on those questions, the next stage is to start brainstorming all of the tasks that would need to be involved your project. It's really important that you don't go linear too fast with this. By linear, I mean step one, step two, step three, step four. You really want to do a data or "brain" dump first.
The reason a data dump is always important is that if you start thinking linearly too soon, you end up cutting off options. Because as you plan step one, two, and three, there is a specific step that might be number four. But if you start laying out steps too quickly, other ideas about ways of accomplishing one, two and three may not get acknowledged.
There's something in brainstorming called the "final third" which is where you want to get to. The first third of any brainstorming session is really easy. The second third is a little bit more challenging. Most people will take a stab at it and then consider their brainstorming done.
But it's in the last third, when you push yourself to really think a little bit outside the box and be creative, is often where the big idea - the most powerful way of getting the project done the fastest - is hiding.
Most people never get to that place so they end up shortchanging themselves. They cause the project to take longer. They also set themselves up to procrastinate.
The brainstorming part of the equation is incredibly important. And only once you've fully brainstormed your project should you put your options into a linear sequence.
When you put them in a linear sequence, you can figure out where you've overlooked certain things. Everything becomes obvious as you get your tasks in order. Now you can add any missing steps and you'll have laid out your task list for any project.
Once you've organized the tasks into a linear process, the next thing to get clear on are your "next actions." What are the things that you can start immediately? What are the things that can be started that have no dependency on things that have to occur before them?
Obviously there is step one. But there might be a step five or six or a step ten or a step twenty that doesn't really rely on anything else to get done. You can get started on them right away.
Use These Techniques to Make Multi-Tasking Work For You
Now why do I mention the "next step" aspect? Because some people like to multi-task. They like to work on a few things at the same time. Maybe not at the exact same second, but they don't want to work on just one thing all day.
What I suggest for people who are like that, who want to kind of dip in and dip out of a few things over the course of the day is, instead of multi-tasking across projects, multi-task across a single project with tasks that have no dependency on something occurring before it.
This way you get the benefit of being able to skim, dive in, dive out, and then move onto the next thing. But everything that you're doing is pushing the same project along.
That's an effective way to overcome the difficulties that multi-tasking can cause. It's also a much easier way to battle procrastination than anything else I know because it allows you to gauge how you feel and based on how you're feeling, pick the tasks that are most relevant.
For example, at the end of the day I might be somewhat exhausted; my wife is watching television; the kids are asleep; I don't really feel like diving into another book. I feel like getting some work done; but I'm a little fried and I can't do anything heavy. I'll scan the tasks of the different projects that our company is involved with that I need to handle. I can look for ones that I can handle in a somewhat brainless fashion. I don't need to be at my peak. I can pick those.
I hope that this gives you greater clarity for taking on and accomplishing all your projects.
Answering the right questions, and taking the right steps in order will help you be much more proactive, much more action-oriented, and get more stuff done.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Life Path Number and how to Calculate it!

If you followed the last lesson on how to calculate your
life path number you are probably eager to find out their
If you have forgotten all about it, once again, the formula
is:Convert the month to a single number or a master number
(November stays 11 rather than 2).
Then convert the day of birth to a single digit or master
Next, add the total digits of year and reduce this sum to
a single digit or master number. The individual digits
representing the month, day, and year, be they single digits
or master numbers, are then added together, as necessary to
reduce the sum once again to a single digit 1 through 9, or
to the numerology "master numbers," 11 or 22.
These master numbers, as components of the date or as a
final result, are not reduced any further.
The following interpretations are by no means consummate
descriptions of a life path. I could devote ten pages to each
number. Still this will give you an idea of your destiny in
Life Path Interpretations
Number 1
You are all about power. Number 1's often become great
leaders. For this reason, they make great entrepreneurs,
freelancers, generals, commanders, CEOs and producers.
A number one is usually blessed with motivation, enthusiasm,
creativity and inspiration. They tend to be physically
healthier and mentally stronger than most people are.
They often lust for success (especially material) at any
cost. Number 1s who stray from their paths often end up
in clingy codependent relationships.
Number 2
You are all about love. The most important thing to you
is finding a soul mate. Those following a number 2 Life Path
tend to be diplomatic, sensitive individuals who make great
judges, mediators, lawyers counselors or social workers
as they bring harmony to all group situations.
It is very important for them to get out and socialize.
A number 2 who is isolated courts pessimism, lethargy
and depression.
Number 3
You are all about performance! Number 3's are entertainers
of the world and most of them are truly gifted musicians,
writers, actors, dancers, public speakers and politicians.
The number 3 life path is one that is characterized by
beauty, excitement, eccentricity and fame. Number 3's
stray off their life path by giving up their dreams and
talents. Many escape into drug abuse or promiscuity to
avoid hearing the nagging voice of their true calling to
express their talents.
Number 4
You are all about stability! Number 4's often end up
becoming the pillars of the community. These individuals
are hard working, practical and trustworthy.
These loyal individuals make fantastic marriage and
business partners.
However, self-sacrificing number 4's often demand too much
both of themselves and others and develop reputations as
martyrs or tyrants. Their will power and stubbornness can
also be interpreted as greed and selfishness.
This completely baffles the confused number 4 whose
intentions are usually to benefit the good of all.
Number 5
You are all about freedom! 5's are highly inquisitive
individuals who consider hands on experience to be the
best teacher in life. Many of them are deeply intelligent,
philosophical and spiritually minded. They are also great
communicators that make excellent social anthropologists,
archaeologists, teachers, writers and historians.
However, fives tend to be very self-absorbed and unaware
of the effect of their actions on other people. As other
people often feel tricked or fooled by number 5's,
experiencing a series of broken relationships is also
often a part of their path.
Number 6
You are all about nurturing. Number Six Life Path are
usually people-pleasers that have a great need to feel
indispensable to others. For this reason many number 6's
often dedicate their lives to being care givers and
service providers such a doctors, nurses, counselors,
fire fighters and law keepers.
Sixes usually feel a spiritual obligation to help others.
Sixes that find themselves enslaved to an addicted or
mentally ill partner might not be following their true
path, as this is a sign that they have become enablers,
rather than healers of the diseases.
Number 7
You are all about knowledge! Sevens intellectual and
studious personalities often pursue advanced academic
careers. As they love to absorb information, they usually
require a great deal of private time to cultivate their
These reserved and analytical deep-thinkers make great
mathematicians, engineers, inventors, scientists and
doctors. A sign that a number 7 has strayed completely
off of his or her life path is a complete withdrawal
from society.In this case, the troubled 7 should try to recognize
his or her original ambitions to improve the world
through the application of wisdom.
Number 8
You are all about wealth. Number 8's are usually confident,
charismatic individuals. Usually their life purpose is
learning to manipulate money and power without becoming
corrupted in the process. They become landowners,
builders and bankers.
Eights have tremendous potential for practically improving
the lives of thousands, perhaps millions of people.
Sometimes the pursuit of riches becomes more important
than personal relationships and cost them their personal
relationships, morality and popularity.
Number 9
You are all about spirituality. Those on the number 9
Life path are destined to travel a humanitarian path.
These sophisticated individuals are very selfless souls
and are often patient, trustworthy and honorable from
the very beginning to the end of their life.
These individuals make great environmentalists, teachers,
artists, priests and healers. Sometimes a nine's lofty
ideals are presented in a manner that others find absurd.
Part of a 9's life path is to express spiritual principles
through actions, rather than through preaching or
Number 11
You are about enlightenment. Elevens tend to lead a life
of extremes. In their quest to find a balance between
the rational and the irrational, they will often pursue
the most eclectic of religions and cultures.
These avant-garde and visionary individuals make great
students, psychics, mystics, healers, teachers, writers,
musicians and artists.
Many of them are "wounded healers" who at some point in
their life suffer a devastating experience that propels
them on the search for spirituality. However along with
these situations usually comes a lot of toxic emotional
baggage and a harsh inner critic.
It takes many 11's their entire life to rid themselves of
the chip on their shoulder and achieve enlightenment.
Number 22
You are a master builder. Whatever a 22 thinks about is
almost sure to become manifest so it is very important for
them to choose their thoughts carefully. If they are
willing to work for what they desire they can achieve
enormous prestige, success and fame.
They are the most capable of the Life Path numbers and
are endowed with many powers. They have a unique talent
for manifesting ideas into the realm of reality. Sometimes
they display what looks like insensitivity but actually
they are just very focussed on their goals.
This is part of a spiritual directive to be detached from
objects and the outcome of events. Many of them work for
material gain, with the idea that their wealth should be
spread among the masses.
Now that we have calculated your Life Path number, our
next lesson will teach you how to calculate your
Expression number ... which reveal the secrets behind your
potential and what makes you (or another person) tick!
Yours in Numbers,
Mike Madigan

Your "Sweet Spot" - The Key to More Powerful Marketing By Rich Schefren

Increasing the impact of your marketing, isn't all about marketing. Strange concept I know. But the truth is that your marketing impact comes through based upon what your selling more so than how you're selling it.
It starts before you even begin writing copy. Let me explain what I mean.
Let's talk about your "sweet spot."
Some of you might already know what I mean by "sweet spot" - it's the point where your strengths, your passions, your talents, your experiences all come together. It's the intersection that allows you to provide something of unique value to your market place. And that translates into competitive advantage.
I've always stressed operating from your "sweet spot" in my Business Growth System coaching program. But more often than not, the question comes up about whether that's the only approach to take.
The truth is that it's not the only approach. It is , however, the preferred approach, but not necessarily the only approach.
Let me explain.
Conceptual Marketing And Your Sweet Spot
When you are able to find your sweet spot, it makes marketing a much easier task.
You can break marketing up into several different levels. (We'll save that conversation for another time.) The highest level of marketing is what I call the conceptual level - helping your prospects believe that there is something special about what you offer that they cannot get from others.
That's a much easier task to accomplish when you actually offer something that is uniquely valuable. (Like operating from your "sweet spot.") It lowers the bar in terms of how good of a conceptual marketer you need to be.
But, let's say that you've tried to find your sweet spot - it's been months - and you just can't nail where you are wired to provide unique value. (Even though my belief and experience tells me that everyone has a place where they can provide unique value.)
If you can't, one option is to fall back on a passion.
Now the challenge with falling back on a passion is it raises the bar significantly on the need to be very good at conceptual marketing.
For example, let's say I believe that I could be successful in the self-help niche. It is a passion of mine. But let's say I didn't have something uniquely valuable to offer. I could still be successful because one of my strengths is being able to market concepts - like the difference between opportunity seeking and being a strategic entrepreneur; the difference between working on your constraints versus working on your potential.
However, if you're not great at that kind of marketing, it's much more difficult to build a successful business that will withstand the test of time on something that is not uniquely valuable.
So What's Your Choice?
Well, first choice is always to do enough personal reflection, introspection and discovery to see where that place is for you that you can provide unique value. If you can't nail that, then it's going to require you to master the concepts of selling an idea.
It's something that I do, but for me it's more instinctive. I don't believe it's something you get in most copywriting courses. Because while courses will teach you fundamentals like structure, offers and the like, I've ever come across one that teaches how to reframe, or "spin," the marketing discussion. That's really what makes the difference at the conceptual level.
Just a side note, this whole article came about from the next Founders Club report I'm just finishing up. It's covers a topic that is absolutely fundamental to your marketing. About understanding the very core of your market that will let you frame your message in just the right way.
But I wanted to mention that idea here in the newsletter to give you some clarity about understanding why something of unique value is so important.
The World Keeps Getting Smaller
It's really an important concept to understand. Why? Because today the internet gives you such tremendous reach - something that the biggest multi-national companies spent fortunes to acquire only a decade ago. And with that reach you have the potential to grow your business extremely fast and to grow it extremely big.
But it also creates a more competitive marketplace than ever before - one that's only getting bigger over time because entrepreneurs the world over going are after that same global audience.
That means to have a competitive advantage, it's not only useful, it's necessary to have some way to distinguish yourself from your competitors over the short-term and the long-term. You consistently have to provide value. If you don't, you'll only get the first sale and most money is made in future sales.
You have to be able to make yourself unique, distinctive, different. I wrote about that in my report the Attention Age Doctrine II. I've said different trumps being better because different is more obvious. Better is only valuable if you're able to market it better.
So I hope that gives you some clarity about competitive advantage as it relates to you; your journey to have a successful business; and your point of difference to create the business that you've always wanted.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Numerology! Core Numbers! Todays Lesson!

Today we are going to introduce you to
the "core" of your Numerology chart ... your four most
important numbers, that really help to define you as a person.
These numbers are your Life Path Number, your Expression
Number, your Soul Urge Number and your Destiny Number.
Whether you are punching your birthday and full name
into a computer program or asking a numerologist to do
your calculations in person, almost every numerology
report contains these four elements:
* The Life Path Number that is based on your BIRTHDATE
* The Expression Number (sometimes referred to as the
Personality Number, Potential Number and Destiny number)
* The Soul Urge Number (sometimes also called the Soul,
Soul Path or Heart's Desire number) that is based on
a reduction of the VOWELS in your full birth name.
* The Destiny Number (sometimes also described as the
Inner Dreams, Inner You or Karmic Number) that is based
on a reduction of the CONSONANTS in your full birth name.
First of all lets look at the divination of the LIFE PATH
number. The Life Path Number is calculated from assigning a
numeric value (which don't worry! we will provide for you
next week) to your birthday (which must be written out in
long form as in 05/25/1959 as opposed to 05/25/59.)
The Life Path Number is perhaps the most commonly requested
reading of all of the numerology readings as it is the
easiest and fastest to do. It describes your journey through
life and what you can best hope to accomplish.
However simply looking just at your Life path number does not
constitute what I would call a full reading. Even a reading
that consists of just the four core elements is not a complete
analysis as it only describes the most likely projected path
when you are born. It does not take into account special
challenges or potential moments in time when you can use your
free will in order to change what would otherwise be your fate.
The Life Path Number is the sum of your entire birthday
including the year. This number represents whom you were
when you came into this world and the extent of your
potential and limitations physically, psychologically,
spiritually and emotionally.
For instance a number Three may be born into this world
with enormous talents and charisma but according to
traditional numerology may not be able to sustain a
relationship one on one for long because they are so busy
following the calling of a successful career.
However, a number three who also has a Soul Urge Number
of two (which is about finding true love) could meet a
soul mate because they learn to transcend their personal
fears and flaws. This is why it is important to look at
all four of the CORE calculations before you assess a
person's numerology chart.
The next core number you will be learning how to calculate
in this course is your EXPRESSION number. This number is
derived from all of the numbers in your full birth name.
Not your married or pen name. It must be the name you were
born with including all of your middle names.
The Expression Number is the number that describes all of
the talents and personal potential that you will have at
your disposal during this lifetime. This is the number that
describes the ideal version of you that can develop if you
make the right choices in life.
Some people are often quite daunted when they first 
calculate their Expression number as usually the 
interpretation describes ideals that may seem impossible
to attain. Either that or they feel disappointed in
themselves because the interpretation somehow "rings
a bell" and they realize that they have achieved their
potential so far in this lifetime.
One of the values of performing the Expression Number
calculation is that it can be a wake up call that shows
you just how far you have strayed from your heart's desires.
In essence, it can help you remember what it was you always
wanted to be when you were a little girl or boy. For instance,
a stockbroker, with a Life Path number of materialistic eight
might have an Expression number of nine, which means despite
accumulated wealth his or her real desire might be to adopt
children or be a philanthropist.
Without the fulfillment of the ideals of their Expression
number in their lives people often feel empty or depressed
no matter how successful they are.
Although you may find it difficult to live up to the
expectations of your Expression number, the reading is
almost always a call to action that asks you to live
in the here and now and fulfill your original ambitions.
Your SOUL URGE number is calculated from the VOWELS in your
full birth name. The unique interpretation that results
from this number can almost be described as the ethical
measure of who you really are on this earth. It defines
what or whom you value most and describes "what makes you
bloom and what makes you wilt."
Your Soul Urge Number is a very spiritual reading and the
value of it's calculation is that the resulting interpretation
often points you in the direction of where you can find real
fulfillment in life. By this I mean the "food for your soul"
that can help you thrive, rather than just survive from day
to day.
The Soul Urge number is often revelatory because it also
describes your inner desires as opposed to the limitations
of your birth as imposed by the Life Path Number or your
higher calling as described by the Expression Number.
For instance, a person with a spiritually oriented number
9 Life Path Number could feel rather lonely if they have
devoted their life to chastity and the church if their
Soul Urge Number is actually a number two which is about
finding a soul mate.
As you can see, as we go on describing the function of
the four core numbers that the readings can be as
contradictory and complex as our personalities.
The fourth core number, the KARMIC number is arrived at
through the reduction of the consonants in your name.
This is the number that describes your secret fears,
hopes and fantasies. It also represents the mysteries
of the unknown. Some numerologists ascribe this number
as possessing the traits of a person that you were in
another life. At any rate, it describes the individual
that you are on a subconscious level.
The Karmic number also possesses the odd quality of
describing how others might see you as a first impression.
It is considered to be a description of your astral imprint
and what effect it has on other people and situations.
For instance, a nurturing Life Path number six might
strike others as a busybody or interfering character
if his or her Karmic number is number one which is a
number about vainglorious achievement. The Life Path
number six might be truly oblivious to other's perception
that he or she is taking others to seem "holier than thou"
thanks to the distortion provided by the Karmic Number Three.
If anything, the Karmic Number can explain why sometimes you
feel like you are "damned if you do and damned if you don't"
and why sometimes you may have strange dreams or feel
compelled by strange or irrational urges that even to yourself
seem "out of character."
In the next newsletter we are going to get into the
nitty gritty of the calculations, starting out with
instructions about how to calculate and interpret your
most foundational number - your Life Path Number!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Awaken to the Galactic Family!

Germane: Greetings to you. 'Tis a pleasure to be here once again. We would like to give you information about the physical genotypes of your galactic family. This is information you have been asking about for quite some time and we would like to provide you at least the foundation of this information so that you may build upon it in some of your future work.
The Lyrans
We are going to start with the group called the Lyrans. We are going to give you some basic information about the various subgroups that have existed within their races and allow you a more expanded point of view, perhaps, on the diversity of your forefathers - which, of course, is reflected in the diversity you have upon your world. We will then bring in the Vegan civilizations, because they are instrumental in forming some of the other galactic races as well.
Starting, then, with the Lyrans (going back chronologically), the first expression of physicality that could be considered Lyran would be somewhat small - smaller, in fact, than your present average human. But as the culture grew, as their experiences and genetic structures began changing, their physical characteristics began expanding as well.
We're going to give you some of the primary groups that were very active in space exploration because those are the ones that matter the most to you, since they are the ones you had contact with. First is the genotype that we will call the Lyran Giants
These entities (physical like yourself, of course) existing in third and fourth density, were Caucasian in type. They were primarily of light skin, light eyes and light hair; the darkest hair would be a medium brown, which was somewhat unusual.
The physical body would be likened to the mesomorph, which is basically a well-balanced, muscular body. The height would be anywhere from six to nine feet tall, depending upon the group of entities we are speaking of, the smallest being at the six-foot range (female as well as a male). These entities developed this size from long periods of genetic development on a planet with higher gravitational fields and a denser electromagnetic envelope, also present in the solar system in general. This added to the creation of a more hearty, shall we say, entity. These entities are reflected in some of the Greek mythology and in some of the biblical stories of giants. This is one of the groups that your civilization still has a cellular memory about. This particular group was one of the primary groups that began forming a God/worshipper relationship with you. Do you follow so far?
This is one of the reasons for some of the expressions in your religious art and architecture (which has very large doors and windows); this patterning with this particular racial structure was very deep within the human psyche. These were the original "gods" - or at least the ones that made the biggest impression on you.
There is another race that has branched off from this giant race, the red-haired Lyrans. Their hair was red to strawberry blonde in color. The skin tone very, very fair; these entities had a difficulty exposing their skin to certain frequencies of natural light, due to the planet they sprang from. Some of these were also giant in stature, though there were some who were average human size. Eye color was generally light to what you would now consider green, though it is a different quality of green than you see upon your world. These entities were some of the first Lyran pioneers. (Pioneers is a very kind word, for there are many worlds that consider the red-haired ones to be the invaders, marauders and the basic havoc-wreakers of the Lyran genotype).
Are we speaking of what their current state is also?
Well, to some degree we are speaking about the distant past as they interacted with your earth plane. These entities still exist but are much fewer in number. We would say that your closest mythological remnants are in your Norse mythology - Vikings etc. Some of that mythology was about actual Earth beings who were either influenced by or interacted with this red-headed Lyran strain. This is not a very common interaction on your world, not as common as that of the giants, but common enough to have made it into your mythology.
Did they have any spiritual or energetic relationship to the few red-haired Pleiadians? Apparently there's a remnant of a red-haired group in the Pleiades.
Yes, there would be genetic connections, most certainly. And if there is a genetic connection there is always an energetic connection.
It's hard to think of someone living in the Pleiades who would be violent. But if that aggressive tendency somehow channeled into other areas...
It's channeled into excitement. The Pleiadian version is much more watered down. (We can get to that later on if you wish.) But the purebred red-head was very aggressive, violent, passionate and, to some degree, very rebellious. They saw the giant Lyran race as their parents, and they were rebelling against that idea. They were rebelling because they felt that the morality of the giant race was being impinged into their reality. We do not perceive this was the case, but this was another expression that needed to be experienced in your galactic family.
Did these red-haired people naturally evolve as red-haired, or was there intentional manipulation somewhere along the line?
There were those from the giant race who left and went exploring. The primary group colonized one specific planet and over generations adapted themselves to the planet. They adapted to the specific mineral content of the planet as well as the atmosphere; the specific wavelengths of the planet's atmosphere caused the mutation to lean toward the more red tinge. That, in combination with the more rebellious attitude, began to create a specific sub-genotype.
So that particular race must have felt somehow slighted within the family. Colloquially speaking, did they carry a chip on their shoulder? Did they feel they had something to prove?
We would say that's pretty accurate, yes. We say this a little lightly, but this is the story of your entire galactic history. Most groups splintered off because they did not agree with the mother group. In this way most of your experience as a galactic species is based on conflict/disagreement and the attempt at rightfulness.
So far you have the giants and the redheads. And within the redheads you have two subgroups - one giant-sized, one average-sized. Also within the Lyran you have a broad type we would call Caucasian who are light-skinned, light-eyed (the darkest eyes were perhaps a light brown, but that is uncommon), hair ranging from almost white to a light brown (but anything in the brown range was unusual). These entities' body types would be anything from ectomorphic, (thin) to the mesomorphic (muscular). This is the broadest category. Most of your genetic forefathers were from this Caucasian category. Your diversity began with some red-head influence as well as some giant influence, but those are secondary compared to the Caucasian influence, which is primary.
In terms of actual internal structure, that information is unnecessary, for it is lengthy and not all that pertinent right now. The desire we have for communicating this information is not so much for the raw data, but for your understanding of how your planet has achieved such a group diversity. So we will stick to the external appearances rather than the internal makeup.
There was one other group, a humanoid type that is more rare, but it has had interactions with your world as well. This was Caucasian in features but the skin is more of a light chocolate, very uniform throughout the whole body. You would consider it a very pleasant, appealing shade. The eyes are brown, not black, although some were green; and the hair was not black but dark brown. This group had influence on your planet in the area of India, Pakistan, etc. That was their primary area of interest in their visits here. None of the races now on your world are pure extensions of any of these races; just about every race on your world has had some mixing. However, this last race, which we will call the darker-skinned Lyrans, were considered pacifists. Their psychological makeup was one of extreme passivity, peacefulness. One may even call them lackadaisical, because it was very difficult to get an emotional reaction out of them. You will find some of these individuals mentioned in some of your Sanskrit literature from ancient times.
In a moment we will talk about the Vegan influence. However, we want to make it clear that this last group, the darker-skinned Lyrans, is not the same as some of the Vegan genotypes we will speak of, who have a different genetic structure.
Would it be a completely different genetics from the Lyran? This group is Lyran-based and the group you'll talk about later would not be considered Lyran?
Yes. They might look similar in appearance, but the base genetics is different. There is a need to express some of the other forms that have expressed their energy through the energy of Lyran that are humanoid, meaning mammalian, but whose appearance is different from what you know as humanoid. This has also accounted for some of your mythology. There is one group of entities who are mammals, yet are oriented toward Lyran principles (Lyra being the mother group), and whose features are very different from humanoid. One particular group resembles what you call alien. The body type of these entities would be what you call ectomorph, very thin, almost frail and birdlike. The facial structure is more angular, sharper, resembling a bird, though these are still mammals. The eyes are birdlike. The hair is not feathered, but is of a different quality that can resemble feathers, if you are not touching it or in close proximity to it. It was also ceremoniously adorned in a certain way that made it look like feathers. This was not intentional but simply their own expression. These entities are very cool and intellectual. They consider themselves primarily scientists, explorers and philosophers. They do not engage in galactic politics, but they do travel and visit. They have had interaction here on your Earth during some of the most influential civilizations - Sumerian, Egyptian. There was interaction in what you call the Indus Valley.
These entities have entered, in a backhanded way, the mythology of your people. They are not bird creatures; they are mammals who are birdlike in appearance. We have not talked about these entities at all up until this point because we've limited our discussion to what matters to you now on the Earth plane. This is a curiosity, but at least for now they do not represent something significant you need to look at to continue your own unfoldment.
One other Lyran subgroup is also mammal and what you would consider to be humanoid - but whose physical appearance resembles what you call the feline kingdom on your world. They are not cat people, but humanoids who have catlike qualities. They are very agile and strong. The nose is not predominant but catlike, if you can imagine the nose of a cat. The ears are neither human nor catlike but somewhat of a cross, a little pointed, not very much, but a little. The mouths are very gentle and small. (Many times when extraterrestrials look at the human face, to them the human face is overwhelmed by the mouth.) These catlike entities have very small, delicate and what you would call dainty mouths. The eyes are very pronounced, large and catlike, with a second lid. Again, these qualities developed from the specific environment they have placed themselves within over generations. They do not have fur. However, there is a protective layer of what you could consider peach fuzz over the skin because of the harsh ultraviolet radiation on their indigenous planet - it simply protected the skin.
Any primitive interaction with these entities on your world may report that they are cat people - they are not. They are humanoid.
So early on, the development of these two groups took a different direction than ours did. If they're Lyran-based, then we're talking millions of years ago that these developments started separately from our branch, right?
Oh, yes. They are not so much involved in your human drama. This has not been from a denial of the Lyran dysfunction and conflicts. It is simply that their excitement has gone in other directions, and they've evolved in those directions. They have had contact with you every once in awhile. They recognize that you are all part of a family, at least genetically. And there are individuals within their societies who often project to you on an astral level simply to keep the lines open for communication. But for now there has been no necessity for a lot of interaction between your cultures.
There's a point we would like to make here about the Lyran, Vegan and other extraterrestrial civilizations as well who have communicated with you. It is about their eyes. Primarily the eyes are accentuated, whether it be through the tilt, the shape, the size, the color or their reflectivity. They are usually very pronounced. If you search through your mythologies, many civilizations have accented the eyes - most notably the Egyptian civilization. This did not start out as an adornment but as an imitation of the gods, as an attempt to make humans more godlike, as an attempt to revere the gods. Over time there has been a loss of the connection to why the eyes were accentuated; it was originally because of the gods.
So why do our eyes appear to be so small in comparison to the rest of the family?
If you remember the stories we've told about the genetic manipulation in the creation of Homo sapiens, the Lyrans did not want to create you as them. They had some definite issues about creating you equal with them. So one of the choices was in the creation of the eyes - to give you more a simian eye quality. You understand what we mean by simian?
To retain the simian quality?
To retain the simian eye quality, the ape, which to some degree is one of the most painful things they've done to you, because when you look in the mirror your cellular memory remembers simian. If you had the eyes of the gods when you look into your own eyes, you would see God.
Interesting. When we look in the mirror we see to the past, whereas they see to the future, at least symbolically, the genetic response.
Yes. That was the intent originally, so that you would always be looking behind you, never looking forward. When the Sirians took over the project from the Lyrans it was too late to change it. So to some degree the Sirians encouraged your practice of accentuating the eyes as a remembrance of God so you would not forget your forefathers. They have done a lot through the ages to stimulate memory in you so that you would never ever forget.
Are there other lines of Lyran evolution that have nothing to do with us historically, that literally branched off into other parts of the galaxy?
Oh, yes. But the majority of Lyran evolution is tied with you. For instance, the birdlike and catlike entities we have spoken of have their own affiliation with other groups. They are a part of the developmental evolution of other civilizations.
It is important that we stress here once again that the Lyran basic genetic structure is the mother of all in this case. However, we recognize Vega as being a significant enough emergence that it can take on its own genotype as well. Those entities who from the very, very early days of Lyra branched off in other directions, began through their own experiences, through their own evolution, to form their own unique genotypes.
The Vegans
There's less variation in the Vegan genotypes than in the Lyran. The primary subgroup of Vegan genetics is what we would call standard Vegan, averaging approximately six to seven feet tall (males and females), darker skin, non-Caucasian type. Generally speaking, the skin layers are thicker with fewer layers. The skin is not as soft as human skin, is much tougher, able to withstand high levels of ultraviolet radiation and heat as well as cold. A much sturdier and more durable humanoid being. Generally, the hair of any Vegans who have hair will be primarily black, and the range of shades will be standard black as a midpoint to a light to dark brown (which is unusual) and an even darker black with a greenish tinge. That range frequently varies.
What is interesting to note is that, depending on the various Vegan race, some have no hair at all, some have very little hair and some have full heads of hair, depending on the individual race. The skin tone will be anywhere from light brown (almost beige) to very dark brown - what you would call on your planet (using your own terminology) either negroid or Indian (your native people) - anything in that shade range.
So some of the Eastern Indians are extremely dark brown in contrast to the skin color of some of the African groups that are very black, almost coal black?
Yes. Generally speaking, the coal black is a quality of your Earth that was bred here. It is very unusual out there. Also you will find that the skin will have more of a wrinkled quality - not always, but some will.
We're basically going to break up the Vegan genotypes into only two categories. One is humanoid and one is nonhumanoid and these are appearances only, not genetic structures. What we have described to you previously as Vegan is of the humanoid type. Generally you're going to find in the humanoid group that the eyes are very striking. The average eye of the standard Vegan humanoid group has a very large, dark pupil and iris. The eyes are generally a little angled but still large, and they retain a lid. So it's not like the Zeta, who appear not to have a lid. If they walked down your street they would be very unusual looking, but you would not necessarily think they were alien. They would definitely attract your attention; you might think they had some type of birth defect.
The eyes of these Vegans are very striking, and were even more instrumental in getting the attention of the humans than the Lyran's eyes. It was simply the contrast between the darkness of the skin and the whiteness of the eye outside the pupil and iris that made it more striking. Of course, those with darker hair and eyelashes seemed to have a black outline around their very large eyes.
Many of the other groups we will talk about stem from this Vegan group, most notably the Orions. It is a very broad category we've been describing, the human-type group in the Vegan genetic structure.
The second group - nonhuman-type Vegan - is still humanoid, still mammal. When we say nonhuman we are talking about appearance. The appearance of these particular entities can either be insectlike or reptilian. (These are your labels that we apply to the physical appearance of these particular entities.) Generally speaking, you will find that the range of skin color will apply the same as the human type. However, there are some groups who not only have a greenish tinge to the hair but also to the skin. It's not very pronounced; we don't want you to think we're talking about some type of green monster. We're talking about a basic humanoid entity with a copper base in the skin and bloodstream that gives it a greenish tinge. The eyes are very large and may or may not have a second lid, depending on the planet of origin. They have a very small nose and a pronounced jaw in some cases. The jaw can either be thrust forward (which would give it a reptilian look) or downward (which would give it an insect look). We are talking about humanoid-type entities. We call this group nonhumanoid type only because of the appearance - they are still mammals. These entities have had communication on your Earth plane with you and have been responsible for some of the stories that circulate about reptilian monsters or cold-blooded aliens, etc. (When one is in fear, when one encounters the unknown, one often exaggerates the experience.) These entities are genetically connected to you. They still procreate as mammals. The base genetic structure is reflective of the template from which your galactic family expresses itself, so they are still part of your family.
There is more to say at some point about these particular entities, but for now we simply want to present this idea for those of you who have had a curiosity about what this reptilian stuff is about. They are not insect; they are not reptilian; they are humanoid and mammalian. They simply do not look the same as you do.
These two groups, then - the Lyran and the Vegan genotypes - are instrumental in how the rest of your galactic family expresses itself genetically. We will now mention the other primary groups of the galactic family and show you where their genetic heritage lies.
The Pleiadian Civilization
The most obvious is that of the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians splintered off from the Lyran group, some going directly to the Pleiades from Lyra, others going to Earth and mixing their genetics with the Earth genetics for themselves, then going back to the Pleiades to join some of the other Lyran splinter groups there. The standard Pleiadian is a mixture of the different genotypes we've talked about. Generally, a Pleiadian will manifest anywhere from blonde to even some black-haired, or very dark-brown-haired strains. The eyes are generally light blue to a light brown - Caucasian. Generally, they are Caucasian. They can range from very petite (five feet tall) to very large (sometimes seven feet tall - rare, but possible). You can see how some of the recessive genes that they brought from their Lyran heritage (the giants, for instance) may manifest in a body. So the Pleiadian group, in terms of the Caucasian type, is very diverse.
These light brown eyes you keep mentioning, would they appear at first to be gold?
So reports of golden eyes would actually be these light brown eyes, as opposed to our standard brown eyes?
Yes, it is not like your standard brown eyes. When we are talking about eye color, in no way are we talking about what you know as eye color. What you see of your own eye color is only how your eyes reflect light in this reality. If you are vibrating at a different rate or if you are in another plane of reality, all color quality changes, because the laws governing light reflection change and the quality of reflected light changes. So we can describe this only broadly. There are other colors of eyes, but if we told you lavender eyes, you would picture what lavender looks like and then your perception of what we're saying would be very wrong. So we keep this information very standardized.
There's really no need to go further into the Pleiadian genotypes because they reflect the Lyran groups very much. Some are combinations; some are redheads; some are very light-skinned. Pleiadian physical expression is basically dealing with Lyran genetics and, in some cases, Lyran and Terran genetics. Is that complete?
Can you talk about the emotional temperament of the Pleiadians, the similarities or dissimilarities within their own groups and in comparison to us? Is it similar to ours, and is there variance of emotional temperament within the Pleiadian groupings?
Their emotional bodies are much more harmonious, though, understand that where they are today came from their denial of negativity. We've talked to you about that already, so that's nothing new. You, on the other hand, deny both negativity and positivity in an attempt to be neutral or nonfeeling. That is what a greater portion of your reality attempts to do. Now, to some degree this is an attempt at balancing what you see as your forefathers' energies, because obviously whatever they did didn't work for them, since they were still in conflict. So you are bound and determined not to do what your forefathers did in just about every way. The Pleiadian emotional structure is now not repressing negativity, for the most part. However, who they are today is because of their repression of negativity. So to some degree that's how something that is actually a negative thing (repression) can turn into a growth process that can eventually lead to the growth that is sought.
Is the potential similar; is the basic emotional structure similar?
Oh, yes. We would say, more than any of the other races we've talked about with you. The emotional similarity between the Pleiadians and yourselves is most pronounced. One of the biggest reasons for the difference is simply the differences in your reality. If, let's say, several thousands of years ago, Pleiadians from that era came and lived on your world today, they would have become you emotionally. But with their evolution, that would not occur.
The Orion Civilization
The Orion civilization is primarily 89% Vegan in nature. Of that 89% Vegan genetics, we would say that 75% is of the human-type, Vegan-based genetics. The remaining 14% would be considered nonhuman-type Vegan genetics. Therefore, your stories of reptiles from Orion, although they are embellished somewhat (usually by the emotional body), are accurate because there are those nonhuman-type entities with Vegan-based genetics living within the Orion system (or have in the past) that account for those stories. Primarily it is Vegan in nature.
This would be the body types with the very high copper content that is due not only to the genetic line but the diet?
Yes, most definitely. Your bodies here on Earth are based on water and though theirs have water as a primary substance to some degree, a certain oil or fatty content lubricates the body, the skin. Kind of like the idea of the engine in a car; the gears turn because of the oil. One thing we want to mention is a uniqueness in the eyes of Orions. Through very strict spiritual training, which includes diet, ceremony and certain psychic experiences, various priests in the Orion system can change their eye color to a very vivid blue. Some of your people have had encounters with these Orion-type entities with very sharp blue eyes. If anyone has, it is most likely that the entity they are contacting is a priest of some sort, for the eye color is not natural at birth but is attained through a type of spiritual path.
We told you that 89% of the Orion entities are Vegan in nature. The remaining 11% are of a Lyran stock. We would say that of that 11%, 90% are of the light-brown-skinned people we've talked about and the remaining 10% are of the Caucasian-type Lyran - light hair. They are rare, but of course if you're talking about several billions in population, then that could account for a goodly amount of people.
And they do tend to be aggressive, to leave their mark?
Yes, generally that is the common theme. These are the most common physical attributes of these Orion entities. Getting a little esoteric for a moment, as you get into the rarified vibrations, as you're getting into higher levels of fourth density, the physical appearances really become very malleable and not all that important. What we're talking about is the third-density and early fourth-density characteristics, because that's when the genetic differences are very marked, very apparent.
Is there enough genetic similarity that natural cross-breeding is possible?
Yes, absolutely.
What about between the Lyran and the Vegan types?
We would say that if you took a random Lyran and a random Vegan, there is a 60% chance that the birth would be successful without any alteration whatsoever.
What would the result look like?
In some ways like a typical ethnic person on your planet. Now we're getting into the idea of the breeding on your planet. There have been two lines active on your planet. The royal houses of Vega - which actually have changed hands and are now the royal houses of Sirius, but are the Vegan genetics - and the royal houses of Lyra. Your interbreeding with each other throughout history has been an attempt at unifying those houses. So it stands to reason, then, that any crosses between the two out there would primarily be successful with very little manipulation.
The Sirian Civilization
This brings us to Sirius. Sirius, being a primary star, in some ways a dimensional doorway for a lot of consciousness, is very diverse. So we would like to make it known here that the Sirians of which we speak are the Sirians of your history, the Sirians who were part of your genetic project on Earth. There are so many Sirians on many different levels (mostly existing in the Light realms) that we don't want you to get confused with what we are talking about - those who were part of the genetic creation on Earth of Homo sapiens. This Sirian race we are talking about - we'll call them the Sirian gods - stemmed from Vega. So the primary genetics of Sirius is a Vegan stock - darker skin, but anywhere from very light brown to very dark brown. They have a lot of the Vegan qualities, including the very pronounced eyes, the large, slightly angled eyes. The particular Sirian gods who had interacted with your planet, having spent a lot of time with the Lyrans who were also part of the genetic project, had done some interbreeding themselves. So these Sirian gods began through time to take on a lot of qualities of the Lyrans. Some began to have lighter skin, some began to be more diverse in their genetic makeup. It got to the point where the interbreeding between the Lyrans and the Sirians was so mixed that the only way to denote a Sirian would be through their belief structure rather than their physical appearance.
Since our focus right now is not the genetic project on Earth, we will be very brief with this. (There are tapes available that can give the fuller story.) The ultimate attempt was to join the royal houses of Sirius and Lyra. Throughout time on your planet, since the prototypes of Adam and Eve were created, this attempt has been made with the belief that a more advanced type of human being could be created. This is still going on; it's not so much now the physical attributes attempting an integration but rather the belief structures themselves.
Because the Sirians gods were of Vegan heritage, it stands to reason that some of them may have had some of the genetics of the nonhuman-type Vegan entity, which would mean that some of the Sirian gods appeared to be nonhuman, whether that seemed insect or reptilian (though they were mammal, like you but with a different appearance). That accounts for some of the stories. Anything more about Sirius before we move on?
Sirius, like Vega, has an extremely bright sun; so bright that if we were to look at it, even at the probable orbits of the planets, it could cause instant blindness, being thousands of times brighter than our sun. I can understand how their sun conditioned the Vegan body, and the Sirian sun may be even harsher. So I'm wondering if some of the aquatic references could not have been due to some elaborate genetic engineering done in the Sirian system just to survive - or is this a distortion of the mythology?
The idea of the cetacean connection on your planet (meaning that cetaceans represent Sirius consciousness) is more a Terran than a Sirian representation. Though there are cetacean creatures in your galactic family, the creation of the cetaceans here was deliberate for Earth. It did not come from somewhere else. Thus the types of cetaceans you have on your planet evolved with some help; you can see that by examining the skeletons of dolphins and whales. They have finger and toe bones in their fins. They have a rudimentary humanoid skeleton that has been adapted for their environment.
What you're saying is that cetaceans don't represent a genetic heritage in the human family through Sirius.
Correct. But they do represent a genetic alternative. It was desired that genetic alternatives would be present for those who wished other experiences. There is a lot more we could talk about regarding this; however, we want to keep it focused in a certain direction. If you want questions on this at another time, please feel free to ask.
The Zeta Reticuli Civilization
We'd now like to talk about the entities that you know of as the Zeta Reticuli. The physical characteristics of the Zeta Reticuli that you are already aware of is 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 to, in some cases, 5 feet tall, generally bald, frail-looking, larger-headed in proportion to the body, large eyes that seem to have no lid, very small (if any) nose, mouth and ears. We have given you the story about the Zeta Reticuli. To encapsulate it here, they were a civilization very much like you who went on a path of (in some ways) self-destruction, a specie crisis. They caught it before they were annihilated. However, they found themselves sterile. They performed genetic engineering, cloning, etc. to change their species and so you have the Zeta Reticuli you see today.
We will tell you that the base genetics of the Zeta Reticuli before they went through their species crisis and transformation was that of human-type Vegan heritage. Their civilization, when it went through the change, required them to alter their body structure into what they are now. This accounts for one of the reasons why they are here and interested in your genetics, because they are looking for an aspect of their original genetics to reinsert into themselves because of what they perceive they've done wrong during their transformation - namely, breeding out emotions. If they were to time-travel, which they can do, and go back to their past, they would only be gathering genetic data before their crisis. To them, that genetic data is inferior; they do not want that. They look to other races who have Vegan forefathers for some of the Vegan DNA that has been adapted through experience to a more expanded state of being. Your planet is one of the places. There are Vegan codes active here, and at this point just about everyone on your planet carries both the Lyran and Vegan codes. You've intermixed so well. When they are taking genetic samples from you, they are looking mostly for Vegan (but some Lyran) genetic codes that have been strengthened and adapted from their original state on Vega millennia ago. So this is why, to them, you are so important - because you carry locked in the cells of your body what they think is their only future. You on Earth, more than anything else, have served as a genetic repository, a genetic storehouse for the galactic universe, for your galactic family. In some ways you've been earning interest on this DNA you've been storing, because it's a lot more valuable now than it has been in the past. Individuals are now coming back to explore that greater value and that is what the Zeta Reticuli are doing.
Do they themselves have a genetic future? And what is it?
They are creating their genetic future as they go along. In some way (and we speak a little bit loosely here) they have no future other than what they deliberately manipulate. According to the laws of species evolution, they "should" have transformed out of physicality already. Since they are not running according to the standard laws of species evolution, their future is what they make it. They could annihilate themselves tomorrow by simply pulling up all of their laboratories and leaving, never enhancing their own genetics, and eventually dying off. They could do that, but they don't want to. They don't want to leave this reality without resolving the things they feel they need to resolve, and so they will keep themselves physical until they do so. And as we've stated before, they understand that you have invited them and that you are also getting something out of your interactions with them; it's not a one-way street. We would say at this point that what you are getting out of your interactions with them is much more valuable than you've ever realized, much more valuable than we've ever told you. It's essential.
What do these various races think about us when they see us physically? How do they feel about us?
There are different emotions. Imagine being an interracial couple; imagine being an Asian woman and a black man creating a child. As you watch the child grow, you can very clearly see, at least physically, the African attributes and the Asian attributes and you can watch them expand and grow and interweave with each other. They know themselves so well at this point that when they watch you, they can see not only the physical attributes you have, but the emotional and mental attributes, even the spiritual attributes, and they can pinpoint themselves within you very clearly. To some, it's a shock; it's painful to come here because you are very clear mirrors for them. To others, coming here is the only way they can see themselves.
Do they like our physical appearance? Do they dislike it? Are they neutral or is it a curiosity?
When you have traveled the universe as much as many of these races have, it's not a matter of liking or disliking appearances, because you've seen very strange things. It's like a sense of deja vu when they see you. There is something very familiar about you, and yet there's something very alien - something that frightens them very much. They are drawn to you and they are also frightened - and that is where growth lies.
With that, we will thank you for your wonderful questions. There will be more information on this in the future. We're just laying the groundwork here. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the gifts you have given. Not only to your reality, to your forefathers, but mostly to yourselves, because those gifts will bear much more valuable fruit than you can yet see. Much love to all of you.