Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2nd Ray Day Way!

Todays Focus is on developing and demonstrating Spiritual Education Synthisis and Integration in all things brining loving wisdom for self and all others in to all areas of our life.Especially in the fields of Education.Master Dwhal Khul passes on the Government of the 2nd Ray Ashram of Synthisis to Dr Joshua David Stone and his Choosen Disciples and high level initiates as Dwhal moves on in his Cosmic Ascension.Dr Stone and his High Level Initiates will continue to externalize the 2nd Ray Ashram through all fields and areas of education,this ray and ashram will continue to be a synthisising ray for all the other ashrams and rays and each adept and initiate of all other rays will continue to visit the Synthisis ashram regularly to attune to the ray of Synthisis and then bring this forward to their own particular puzzle piece and choosen area of service.There is a lot hapening in the Synthisis ashram at this time i am sure you will agree and have experienced!
Focus particularly first thing upon awakening to attuning to the 2nd Ray Ashram and feel God Christ the Holy SPirit and all Creations Love for you!Then once filled with this Loving Wisdom share that with your brothers and sisters on earth!Look actively on a mental level for the lesson that life is presenting you with!Make a commiment to learning that lesson no matter what the negative ego and mass consciousness might tell you and be a spiritual warrior to demonstrate mastery over this lesson!Set up a battle plan if need be but make sure you learn every lesson in a balanced integrated and continuous way!Focus on being totally loving to self and the Inner Child and also other people.Receive God and the Masters Love for you which is like the sun,always shinning!realize that you have essence level Love which comes from the fact that you where created by God and so of course are totally lovable and perfect!God does not create Junk!Also perhaps consider doing a Victory Log so you can develop your form level love.List and write all the reason you should feel totally good,all the things you have been doing and all the things you will do.Think of all the effort over all your past lives and in this life and i am sure you will soon start feeling very good about yourself!Also feel free to call on and request to be placed in the 2nd Ray Core Love Programing Seat,giving you perfect Love at a spiritual Light level in all your Chakras and Minds.This will be done etherically and filter down into your 4 Lower Bodies.Also choose to think at all times with your christ mind at its highest potential always no matter what never falling into the Negative Ego thinking by always keeping your mind steady in the light!This way you will become invinsible and invulnrable to the Negative Ego attacks of other people and Maya and Illusion in general,which will until you utterly master the dweller on the threshold attempt to assail your Christ mind with Negative Ego images and visions in an attempt to convince you of their illusionary existence and hence keep you in their un real world!Keep your mind heart and will steady and strong,chant Gods name and affirm your Christ Self and Mighty I am Presence through this barage of Illusion and you will be totally successful and be able to over come and conqour anything for you have conqoured the forces of Evil Illusion Fear Seperation!You have mastered the Self and are merged in that light!You will become a supreme Victor in this world and be able to author every victory for the Good of All and for the Victory of the Christ Light on the Earth!Master the Mind and Master the World!Love Self and Love the World!This is our focus today!This is the Way of the 2nd Ray!We walk this way today!
Tuesday, 7 June 2011

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