Sunday, February 27, 2011

Leading yourself and all your Energies In Service of the IAM Ideal!

A Pre requisite for becoming a Leader in the World of Spirit,One Really Needs to achieve and Demonstrate leadership over oneself and all ones Energies Action Emotions Thoughts and Feelings.One is required to demonstrate leadership over self over ones Negative Ego over ones Inner Child over all aspects of Ones Psychology including all the Higher Aspects like ones Astrology and the Solar Emenations,to the Archetypes,Sub Personalities,Past Life Conditioning,To this Lifes Conditioning and Social Economic Cultural Programing as well as this Life and Past Life Samskaras and Karmas.(Impressions on the Field of Mind)One needs to demonstrate leadership over ones Physical Actions in terms of Sleep habits and Patterns,in terms of Diet and intake,In terms of Exercise and use of ones energies,One needs to demonstrate leadership over ones mental body in terms of the thoughts and impressions they allow into their Mind and Sub Conscious.In terms of environment and so forth.One Needs to demonstrate leadership over ones Spiritual Routine also,in terms of taking time to attune to God the Masters and Ones own Mighty I am Presence as well as taking time to meditate and get the appropriate time in Spiritual Practices and service.This leadership should be developed practiced and Demonstrated for the Period of Probation which may last for a long or short time depending on ones stability and dilligence in ones daily service and routine.It can take up to 7 years to complete before one can be allowed to move into greater Planetary World Service and greater Planetary World Leadership!So get busy get working get serving Get Realizing and Get Practicing my Freinds!The World awaits the aspiring Masters Incarnate!Namaste.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cultivating Magical Victory through Ordered Systems of Living Light.

Cultivating Developing and Demonstrating Magical Systems of Order in life gives on Victory in all ones Does.By Following Order in all Life systems in all methods in all approaches in all ones actions immediately out of that Comes Victory,for God itself the Invisible and Visible God of all Creation is itself ordered and structured after the perfect pattern,from the Chromosome to the Solar System.All Follows Divine Order.Employ then this Divine Order in your Life and all your Activities so that you like the Supreme Creator Destroyer and Maintainer,so that you yourself might be like that 3 Fold Supreme Personality of the GodHead on Earth.From your Sleep Patterns,To your Exercise and Health and Meditation Regiems.To your Eating and Dietary TImes and Intakes,Make them Ordered.In your Learning and Study,in your Business Dealings and in the Direction and leadership of your FInancial Life,IN your Creativity your Practice and your Expression of your Soul and Spirit through your Chosen Artisty,Through your Life Systems through your Science and Technology you use,Be Ordered and Structured in your Devotion to God the Masters and the Greater Hierarchies of Light and Life whom we serve and who’s greater office and extension we are but a part.Develop ordered systems for living in all regards and all areas of life so you Can Be Victorious and express the Magic of God and the incoming 7th Ray Energies of Ceremonial Order and Magic.Let this be your Way,this New Earth Day!Namaste!

“Developing and Demonstrating Idealism!”

"Devotion to Ones Ideal Phsyical Earthly Psychological Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension Level Program are todays Practices.At all times and in all ways organize arrange and Demonstrate your Ideal on the 3 Main Areas of your Self."
Developing Idealism within self and ones outlife are todays Practices.At all times we put our 100% Effort and Energy into developing our Ideal Routine Structure Pattern and Practices in all areas that we are working on.We take all action towards demonstrating our Ideal and if anything seems or feels that it is un ideal,then we immediately take the right action to get back into our Ideal.If we feel anything out then we take action to get it back to the Ideal!This we do on a Physical Earthly Level in terms of Eat Sleep Work and Service,In terms of Our Psychology and thinking in terms our Our Psychological Foundations we are demonstrating and on a Spiritual Level in terms of our Meditation and Spiritual Practices we do to keep our attunement to God and the Masters.This way we develop and Demonstrate Idealism!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Focusing Consistently and Constantly on ones Goals Aspirations and Ideals on all Levels at all times and in all situations!

The Main Practice and Focus of the 5th Ray Day,Friday,Is to Constantly and Consistently focus on Ones Goals Aspirations and Ideals and the taking of action towards the attainment of those Goals Ideals,this is to be done at all times and in all situations.Now quite often due to Significant Negative Emotional Experience the Mind can often be shocked into focusing on what one does not want,there by creating it!For what ever the mind thinks about and focus’ on the Mind Creates!Therefor whenever we are experiencing thinking about feeling anything we dont want it is actually a sign from Spirit Our Higher Mind and Our Super Conscious to think about and get connected to what we want!It is a Sign to return our focus to what we want!Whenever there is a bad feeling or any kind of suffering,it usually stems from focusing on what one does not want.By focusing Consciously Consistently and Intentionally on what one wants at all times and in all situations ones consciously creates the Energy and the Conditions by the Power of the Mind for the Manifestation of What one wants,Ones Ideal outcome.This also leads one to a constant and consistent Experience of Happiness and the achievement of ones Goals Ones Desires Ones Aspirations and Ones Victorious Life in all regards.Now of course the first step is the focusing on and thinking about what one wants in any and all situatoins,then the next step is to take action to that end!For without action the Thought will not have the energy behind it to make it manifest!We also act consistently and Constantly,taking stock of our Results and the effect of our Actions after having taken them.This usually cycles with the Moon Phase,ie Full Moon Signals the Peek of Emotional Experience of Ones Goals Aspirations and Energies,and the New Moon Signals the Peek of the Review Period where one rest and watches and reviews the previous action and access the Effectiveness of the Actions taken.It is then at the New Moon time that one make any adjustments in ones thinking and hence ones acting,Any adjustments to ones thinking and actions,writing these down and making vowls and commitments out loud or quitely to oneself and the Masters with which on is working,to not make these errors again,to learn the Lesson and gain the Golden Nuggets from these Key Lessons the Last Moon Cycle has brought up!We make our vowls and then take the appropriate action,next cycle!In this way we consistently on constantly are focusing on what we want internally and externally in each and every situation,reviewing making adjustments and changing course if required.This way we will be making the highest quickest fasted and most integrated road to the attainment of all our Personal Soul and Spiritual Goals Aspirations and ideals.This way we will be outstriping and out achieving our Original Incarnation plan and creating an entire new one Based on Our Monadic Potential Incarnating into the Earth Plane!Blest be you in this Way,this Day Beloved Friends!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Exploring your Own Monadic Creativity

Todays Earthly Psychological and Spiritual Practices are based around the Expression and Experience of your Own Unique Monadic Creative Potential and Demonstration.Todays Focus is on expressing your Artistry through your Chosen Medium,through using your Unique gifts talents skills and abilities.What ever these are we focus today at all times at expressing the fullness of all these gifts and qualities,doing our best to give and share our talents with the World,for Does not the Bible say “Hide not your Gifts away that they be wasted,but get out and share you gifts with the world that you can be a blessing upon the World”.In this way we focus not only on developing and expressing our Creative Talents for ourselves and our own self development,we not only practice for self,we not only put in the hours of work for ourselves but for all of Creation,For God itself,as an offering to the Creator,in Love of its GLory and Granduer,As a Reflection and Mirror Image of that Supreme Creative Being in who’s image it is said that “We are Made!”So as a Humble Offering to our Own Development and our Own Incarnation of our Highest Self,and to a humble offering before the Supreme Creator,Then we also offer our gifts skills and abilities to our Brothers and Sisters,that we might share ourselves and our gifts with them,so that more may be given,we share so that we might bless others as we have ourselves been so blest with the Best,we give so that we might live,we share what we have to instruct and lead the way into Righteousness,and demonstrate the example of the Christed Pattern through our Chosen field and area of exploration.In this way we bring the Christed Pattern to all forms all systems all ways of Artistry all Systems and Methods of the Arts,effectively Transforming and Transmuting the Lower Aspect of the 4th Ray into the Higher Christed Aspect of the 4th Ray,giving us the creative Energy of God itself,giving us the Right to instruct lead the way and show the way into the New Day,under Supreme Author Yawhee,The Glory to the Infinite Story!Oh how Holy is he,The Mighty She,The Only we that we can ever be,the Eternal Free,the Always He,The Only me that you can ever be!The Eternal He,The Always She,that,thats me,can you see beloved how to get free?Come then dear ones with me and get yourself free with the Christ Light and lead with that Light into the Revamping and transformation of the Arts and the Christed Transformation of all 4th Ray Adepts Chelas Initiates Aspirants and Servants on the Path of the Artist,On the Path of Harmony through Conflict,And the Path of Beuty Harmony Peace Perfection of the Form,and the Earthing of the Watery realm of the Neptune Waters of Light and Life!Namaste and Blessings forever more on the Sons and Daughters of the One!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Integrating the 12 Tribes and 12 Collages!

For a Basic Esoteric Study(Which applies Universally to all Studies of all Schools all Systems all Methods and Teachings and All Techniques) we can and will look today at a quick way to integrate the Information and Key Codes Contained in such a System.For todays Lesson we will look at the 12 Tribes of Israel.These are the 12 Sons of Jacob,the Elder of the Israelites,Jacob gave his blessing and a symbol to each of his 12 Sons,Each having a specific Meaning and Purpose in the Unfolding of the Divine Plan,and Gods Plan for Righteousness on Earth to be Delivered at the End Times and at the Dawn of the Aquarian Age.If we look at a read the Following List of Titles and Attributes given to each of the Houses we can make an effort to Integrate and Interpret the Meaning of those Symbols to our self.We can then track our Interaction and Experience of the People we meet who incarnate those names and their relationship to ourselves.In this way we can track the understanding and begin to grasp and understand the Inner Meaning While Experiencing the Outer Meaning on an Earthly Level.This way we get both the Inner and Outer Worked out.So please refer to and read the Following Page for Meaning and Symbols of the 12 Tribes of Israel and their Meanings Given by the Grand Father of them All Jacob.
By studying the Meaning given and tracking our Own Experience with these Names and the Keepers of Them we can come to grasp the Meaning and Purpose of each house and Name and thus Integrate the Meaning Symbol and Purpose of each of the 12 Tribes of Israel!A Most important part to the Great and Grand Puzzle that God has Created for the Sons and Daughters with the Eyes to See the Ears to Hear the Minds to Concieve and the Hearts to Know!Do get busy then completing this Particular Study and use the Principals and Techniques to study other great systems Mysteries and Esoteric Studies,ie 12 Collages 12 Schools and 12 Sphere,Namaste and Enjoy your Study and Practice my Dear and Beloved Friends!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ophiuchus & the Ecliptic

Ophiuchus & the Ecliptic
western zodiac v eastern zodiac
I am happy that all of us can remain the signs that we are for whatever the astrological designation we and the zodiac (tropical or sidereal) are all part of the Grand Illusion of the separated self. Just ask any Buddhist. - Alan Oken
You've probably heard (way too much) about this subject by now. It seems the constellation Ophiuchus is having its 15 minutes of fame in the modern world where information goes viral and global very quickly. Btw, Ophiuchus is pronounced 'off-ee-YOO-kuss' - I hope you will say that 10x real fast.)
Let me first preface this with saying that trying to understand this subject (of precession and the difference between zodiac signs and constellations) takes time. Here are some thoughts:
The story that broke in the mainstream press last month about 'the wrong zodiac' sign failed to mention this simple fact: most of us are different zodiac signs depending on which astrological system the astrologer is using.
There are two astrological systems involved: (1) the Western Astrology system (also known as the 'tropical' zodiac, which is used in the US and UK and other Western countries); (2) the Eastern astrology system (also known as 'sidereal' or Vedic, which is used primarily in India).
The reason we have two zodiacs is because of something called 'Precession of the Equinoxes' which comes from the tilt and the slow wobble of the earth's axis. About 2,000 years ago, the tropical signs aligned with the sidereal signs. Now they have precessed backwards by about 23 degrees. The sidereal zodiac currently begins each year in Pisces rather than Aries which is the reason why we are on a long cusp of the transition from Pisces to Aquarius.
Because the earth is tilted, when it rotates, the north pole draws a circle in the sky. Picture a top spinning, especially as it slows down - the tip is writing a circle in the air. This circle is what we call the ecliptic. The 12 zodiac signs lie on this circle. They are the constellations which impact life on earth as we know it. There are 88 modern constellations - but only 12 of them are considered in Western astrology. Eastern Astrology can take more into account because they are NOT working with the ecliptic, the imaginary circle in the sky.
This circle - the ecliptic - also delineates the Cardinal directions (Cardinal? does that ring a bell? Hint - the epochal Cardinal Cross of last summer, a game-changer if ever there was one.) These directions are associated with the Solstices and Equinoxes which are also specific to earth and our seasonal journey around the sun. Winter Solstice = North, Summer Solstice = South, Spring Equinox = East, Autumnal Equinox = West. A circle is, of course, 360*. Western astrologers have divided the circle into 12 equal parts, 12 signs of 30* each, based on this natural rhythm, this natural structure of life on earth in this particular solar system.
From our perspective on earth as we revolve around our central star, the Sun, the view of the skies is defined by our own peculiar movement in the galaxy. The 12 zodiac signs describe life on earth. The 88 constellations describe the entire galaxy. Keep in mind that our Sun is simply one of billions of stars in the Milky Way galaxy.
I personally recommend the Western system for those living in the Western world, as a place to start in understanding your chart. Then the Eastern system can be added to your understanding. In my opinion, we resonate most closely with the zodiac system corresponding to where we were born and raised.
re precession & the zodiac
Some homework for you (there will be pop quizzes so study up):
Video by Bruce Scofield, a professor of geoscience and evolution - and an astrologer:
Video by my teacher Cayelin Castell on this subject:
Article by my teacher Cayelin Castell on this subject:
Article by the astrologer Eric Francis:
An article by sidereal astrologer Nick Anthony Fiorenza (the animated graphic is especially helpful)
And - I saved the best for last - Rachel Maddow refuses to change her zodiac sign. She does a great job of explaining magnetic fields and explores the topic of the 13th Zodiac Sign. Getting to Know You
Meet: The Serpent Bearer
Jesus, intensely moved again, came to the tomb ... they took away the stone. Jesus ... shouted in a loud voice, Lazarus, come out! The one who had died came out, his feet and hands tied up with strips of cloth, and a cloth wrapped around his face. Jesus said to them, Unwrap him and let him go.- John 11:40-53
We must combine the toughness of the serpent with the softness of the dove, a tough mind and a tender heart. - Martin Luther King, Jr.
As described above, Ophiuchus is not a zodiac sign - it is a constellation. Only the toe of Ophiuchus touches the ecliptic, the pathway of the sun we use in the Western zodiac system of 12. The Sun transits this region of the sky each December between Scorpio and Sagittarius. If you are born between Nov 29 and Dec 17, you are influenced by Ophiuchus but you are still Scorpio (November 29 - November 21) or Sagittarius (November 22 - December 17).
Ophiuchus is also known as Serpentarius, the Serpent Holder. The primary fixed star in Serpentarius is Alpha Ophiuchi, also known as Rasalhauge, and marks the third eye of the Serpent Bearer. Ophiuchus is usually depicted holding a stick on which a serpent is coiled. This symbol is now used as the symbol of Western medicine. The snake represents the healing side of the ancient goddess.
HEALING: Ophiuchus was the ancient Greek God of Healing, Asclepius, a famous physician who was trained by Chiron in the healing arts. He was believed to be the first great surgeon.
RESURRECTION: Ophiuchus hovers over the constellation Scorpius. The ancient myths described Opiuchus' ability to subdue the Scorpion, an energy associated with death. Thus, Asclepius is associated with resurrection and rebirth, abilities taught to him by a snake that revived its dead mate with a healing herb it carried in its mouth. The snake has long been another symbol for Scorpio.
DREAMS: One of the key practices in Asclepius' healing temples was the interpretation of the dreams of patients to determine the method of treatment.
ST PAUL, MOSES, ST. BENEDICT: "Later, under Christian influence, this constellation became Saint Paul with the Maltese Viper; Moses who held up the blazing serpent in the wilderness; and lastly Saint Benedict, the founder of the Benedictine monks, standing among thorns." - Bernadette Brady
DRUGS: Ancient asssociations with the star Rasalhaugue in Ophiuchus include overuse of drugs, humanitarianism and tremendous visualization.
MOVEMENT AND RIDING THE WAVES: Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfield (Starlight Elixirs & Cosmic Vibrational Healing) associate Rasalhauge with the flow of energy within the body during movement, martial arts, or dance - combined with visualization. They also associate it with the 'gravity waves' emitted from stars and planets and the fun of learning to 'surf' these waves and express them in the human body - intertwining the etheric, physical, mental and emotional bodies as we move our physical form. This is 'the healing of the body by manipulation of the etheric body' and through creative visualization.
Zeta Ophiuchus
faster than a supernova-propelled hot blue supergiant
On October 17, 1604 Johannes Kepler, a German mathematician, astrologer and astronomer began observing a supernova and studied it because he knew it was highly important. The location of this historic event was inside the 13th sign of the zodiac.
To add to the sudden eruption of consciousness around Ophiuchus: on January 21, 2011 - one week after the Ophiuchus media blast - an image came in fresh from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE). This incredibly beautiful and recent image is at the top of this newsletter and can also be seen, with the full story, at this link:
It is an image of the star Zeta Ophiuchi, located 458 light-years from Earth (and 20-times the mass of our sun) in the constellation of Ophiuchus. Why is Zeta Ophiuchi so special? It's a runaway star, traveling at a breakneck speed of 87,000 kilometers per hour (or 24 kilometers per second). How did it get accelerated to that speed?
Ripped from a stellar nursery, the massive Zeta Ophiuchi probably used to have an even larger binary partner that exploded as a supernova. So, like a hammer thrower spinning quickly at the Olympic Games, the blue supergiant star was treated like the hammer, released from the gravitational embrace of its exploding sibling in an instant. At the moment of detonation, it's orbital momentum shot it off into space at high speed.
As mentioned, the blue star near the center of the image at the top of this newsletteris Zeta Ophiuchi. When seen in visible light it appears as a relatively dim red star surrounded by other dim stars and (see image above right). Ahead of Zeta Ophiuchi, which is a runaway star racing through space at high speed, is a brilliant bow shock, seen as a yellow arc in this image from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE). Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA
The powerful stellar wind coming from Zeta Ophiuchi compresses the gas and dust in front of the star, creating a curved feature called a bow shock that resembles the shape that water takes in front of a speeding boat (or in this case, as seen in the photo at top, a bird's profile).
Faster than a supernova-propelled, hot blue supergiant - hammered into space at breakneck speed like a runaway train, creating bow SHOCK in its wake? Indeed. And that's exactly how the level of change feels here on earth when this image 'appeared.' Ripped out of our nursery, we are growing up.
X-ray Sources & Neutron Stars
harnessing our sensual nature with light
The universe conspires toward purity, Pushes deep, Deep into the darkness Beyond fear and pain, Tossing motes to the wind. The fierce exultation Lulls, Droops over itself into a pool. A willow can bend so far, Diving into the river where it weeps Weeps, catching those souls Who flow past concealed, womblike, In preparation for a new birth. We push through, Running a hard breath. The birds catch sunset winds On their wingtips. They sail Before the enflamed clouds in apparent freedom. We, too, soar midway between earth and sky, Reaching toward both, Blood and fire beating in our hearts. - South Portland
Nick Anthony Fiorenza tells us about this area of the sky: "there is magnetism here, with strong attractive qualities luring those who may be lost in sensual currents." And that the Ophiuchan star Han (Zeta Ophiuchi) is related to the "conscious use of our carnal nature and sexual energy; as well as our personal transmutation, self-mastery and spiritual adeptness in the application of the primal and carnal forces of life." This is because of several x-ray sources and a neutron stars in this are. He writes:
"This is the resonance between the base chakra and the pineal gland or epiphysis, the epiphany center of the brain. This is why sacred sex can fill the body with light, the rapture or ecstasy of God, by allowing "thine eye to become single" meaning to fully turn on the pineal, to open the all-seeing eye." - Nick Anthony Fiorenza
As mentioned above, because of the position of the constellations, with Ophiuchus on top of Scorpius, the ancients had myths describing his conquest of the Scorpion. I.e. Ophiuchus is stomping on Scorpio. He is teaching us how to handle the Scorpio serpent and use it for healing, not for destruction. Pluto was demoted and now Ophiuchus stomps on Pluto's home sign of Scorpio. The brutal dark side of Pluto/Scorpio is becoming less and less relevant to life on earth.
What? How? Why Now?
It is up to us now, whether we choose to consciously evolve into our natural state of perfection, whether we will start living in the now, whether we will start taking the exploration of life into our own grasp, and realizing that we have these abilities to make a decision. - Anitheiess Jackson
The real question here is 'what does all of this mean' i.e. in a metaphysical way. Astrology is all about timing. The question with astrology is not WHY but WHY NOW. Astrologers, astronomers and geeks everywhere for at least the past 5,000 years have known about the two zodiacs, and the constellation Ophiuchus - so why did this information suddenly burst into mass consciousness NOW? As Above So Below. These happenings mirror shifts within humanity.
So... Why Now? There are many levels of why, and the turbo-astrology of this NOW on earth speaks for itself. Change is ramping up. The Aquarius Age is literally banging on the door. The current lineup of planets in Aquarius alone is mind-boggling.
The lopsidedness (of today's chart) drew my (attention). In Aquarius stood Mercury, Ceres, Sun, Mars, Moon, Neptune and Chiron. Standing nearby was Uranus in the last degrees of Pisces hanging with Jupiter in Aries. And on the other side of nearby, Pluto and Venus joined the node in clearly tipping the chart on its side. Why has no one called for the end of the world? Is this not equal to the 1962 alignment of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius? For those who were not occupying bodies at this time, the news hype promised the Earth would split in two, mayhem would result and the world would end. - Philip Sedgewick, February 4, 2011
So -- What? How? Why Now? For the answer to this question, and many more, see Part 2 of this newsletter.
The human race will change course,
that much I can promise you
The only question is whether that change
will come about through coercion
or cooperative, open-minded exploration
Neale Donald Walsch,
Article By Prominent American Astrologer,
Carol Ann Ciocco
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The Yin Process of Rest Recovery and Receptivity in Process of Integration.

"Loving Self Loving Creator and Creation Loving all Aspects of Creation and Ones Eternal Self are Todays Earthly Psychological and Spiritual Practices.Give Love to Self 100% Give Love to Creator 100% and Give Love to Creation 100% to the Best of your Ability at all time and in all situations!Love is a found that never runs dry but Overflows in to all Streams and Tributaries!"

Using the Techniques and Methods of IAMYA,We flow from one day to another day following a Yin and Yang Flow cycle.Monday is a Yang Day,ie First Ray,Tuesday is a Yin Day,Ie 2nd Ray Love and Wisdom,So all our Practices Physical Earthly Psychological Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension levels,focus around the Yin aspect of LIfe.For example we might choose to incoporate Yin Flowing Yoga Practices into our Physical Earthly Routine,We Might Choose to be Psychologically Loving and Open remaining Receptive to Recieve the Divine Currents of Loving Wisdom from God the Masters and Nature Herself.This is a day to open Physically Psychologically and Spiritually.We might choose to do opening Spiritual Practices Such cleansing Yogic Practices the 6 Cleansing Practices Described in the Yoga Sutras.We might choose to Do an Opening Stillness Meditation,meditating On Brahman and the Om,Or doing Jhana Yoga Meditation on Emptyness so we might enter Soonya,or the Void.We make a Choice Psychologically to Remain open and Receptive.We also take the time to renew and rest by taking rest and not being hugely active as we are on the Yang Days,(Monday,Wednesday,Friday,And Sunday,)This way we are integrating the Feminine aspect of God/Godess and working on Integrating the Godess Energies.For Males it might be good to give a focus to learning from the Feminine aspect of Creation,by working on integrating ones Feminine Side and Learning from the Venusian Kingdom.Venus has already Ascended Beyond the 5th Dimension so is actually guiding Earth and other Planets in this Solar System,so she already has this place as a Teacher and Way Shower.In truth all the Planets work together as an Integrated Whole working to serve the Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness of God but each planet has a particular role and service to the Cosmic Evolution.Venus being the Planet of Love is About Beuty Love Sensuality Sexuality and all things refined and Cultured.She is a Most Splendid and Most Light Filled Planet and all would do well to admire and adore her and thus learn from her.So this is an aspect of Self we need to integrate and work on developing and this is always done within first but also the without is just as important.By integrating and developing the Yin Receptivity we gain Intuitive Knowledge and Insight and are able to perceive and Experience the Feminine Face of Godess on the Earth Plane.So this is our work and service today in all our Earthly Activities and Routines,In all Our Psychological Foundations and in all our Spiritual Ascension Practices,to develop integrate and demonstrate Rest REcovery and Receptivity to the Divine and the Supreme Godess Energies!Namaste and Enjoy your Practices my Friends!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Leadership in the New Age

"Leading Oneself and all Ones Energies Consciousness Bodies Mind and Action towards the Integrated Ascended Master Ideal on a Physical Earthly Psychological Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension Level are todays Inner and Outer Service Work.Check the website and Blog for Details on Related Practices.Namaste. "

Leadership of all Energies all thoughts all Feelings All actions All Desires All Emotions towards the Integrated Ascended Master ideal,is the work of Monday the first Ray day.We make a Decisive Decision this day to direct our Energies towards the Ideal,Taking the Appropriate action towards demonstrating Leadership over our Energies.We focus on right action in getting our Exercise in organizing our Earth Life,in all ways.We focus on directing our Psychological Self,Our Inner Child With tough Love,Firmness Boundries and Unconditional Love and Guidance.We direct all our Sub Conscious Past Life Sub Personalities Elemental Energies and all Aspects of the Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness to the IAM Presence Light and Integrated Light of the Ascended Masters Consciousness.We then also direct our Ideal Spiritual Ascension Program by taking time to do our Morning Yoga Practice,To do out Sillent Meditation to get attuned to the Voice of God and the Holy Spirit.We do our Ascension Bi Location Walk and attune to the Master and Ray Ashram of Said Day,ie El Moyra and the First Ray Ashram.We also might do any and all other Spiritual activities like Visualizing Light in all Water Systems,In the Shower,Our Golden Bubble,Light on Everyone Else,Visualizing Light around all People and all things surrounding in the Light and Love of God!This way we become Good and Responsible Leaders of all our Energies inner and Outer!We become Dedicated World Servers in all Our Daily Activities!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Authoring Victory in Ones Earth Life Ones Psychology and Ones Spiritual Program!

"Authoring Victory in all Ones Earthly Activities are todays Inner and Outer Focus.In using Ones Physical Body Ones Emotional Body and Ones Mental and Spiritual Bodies to Be Victorious in every Challenge and Test of LIfe are todays Primary Solar Emenation and Vibration from God the Masters Source and the Higher Heirachies that Govern this Plane of Reality."Using the Energies of Ones 3 Minds and 4 Bodies to Author Victory in Ones Life and Personal Challenges and Tests are todays Foundational Practices.In your Earthly Life Author and Organize your Life so that all your Worldly Work can be Victorious.This means Cleaning and Getting Organized in clearing ones Space and getting Ones Earthly House Cleaned,Cleaning Clothes and the House and So Forth.This way the following week can be successful focused and Victorious.Next in Ones Psychology and Consciousness be sure to Process any emotional Baggage or sub Conscious Influence of Negative Emotion that One has been experiencing.Be sure to do a Victory log,listing all the reason why one feels great in life and all the victories one has had over the last year and months.Once getting clear and organized on paper with lists and charts and so forth one can move on to being Victorious in ones Spiritual Ascension Program in Taking Time to Meditate and feel ones Attunement and Alignment to God The Masters and Ones Mighty I am Presence.Take time then to get a Good 3 Rounds of Meditation where one Can and let the Mind and Negative Ego drop away in the Process of Ones Ascension Activation and through Ones Bi Location Practice to Master St Germains Ashram through the Violet Flame Invocation and Violet Flame Ascension Seat.Once one does this on every level one can be sure that they will be progressing in Victory and Transformational Magic in all Ones Life and on the 4 Faces of God!Namaste Dear Friends!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Climbing Ones Spiritual Psychological and Earthly Mountain Every Day!

Every Day We get a Chance from God the Masters and Our own Mighty I am Presence and Full Enlightened Self to Climb our Personal Earthly Psychological and Spiritual Mountain,by Demonstrating our Highest Ideal on Each of these Levels Each Day.By giving our 100% Effort and Personal Power to brining forth our Ideal on every level,at all times working to the absolute level,we make the fullest progress possible each day.There is a certain amount of energy afforded us each day and we have to use that wisely.Not over spending our energy nor doing to Little and becoming lethargic and Depressed.It is a Constant Balance and Process or Re adjusting.By Constantly making the Appropriate adjustment at any time we feel think intuit or start to know that we are out of this ideal that we have set our self,(Previously we have set up an ideal program to work with)Then we immediately make the appropriate adjustment to get ourselves back into that ideal balance and peace.This of course means giving our Utmost to working our Ideal Earthly Routine in terms of Phhysical Exercise Sleep Eating Patterns and So Forth.On a Psychological Level it means Demonstrating our Highest Level of Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Melchedizek Consciousness at all times and in all sitautions,to hold fast to our Psychological Ideals,in attuning to the 7 Great Planetary Rays in a Psychological Sense.It also means working our Ideal Spiritual Ascension Program in Meditating at the same time 3 Times a Day,Doing appropriate Attunements and Ascension Activations,Doing our Light Work and Getting Dressed Spiritually as well as Etherically and any other Spiritual Work we might be called to do!So if we can do this to our highest Potential at all times each day we will be sure that we are integrating the Higher Aspect of the 6th Ray of Devotion and Idealism!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Integrating the 12-144 Soul Extensions in Ones Monad,for Integrated Planetary Ascension

There are 352 Initiations to Achieve Full God Realization at a Cosmic Level.All Souls and all Spirits and all Creation will pass through this Ultimate Portal for Full Cosmic Completion!Thus will end our Cosmic Day and In Breath of Brahman,After this another will start,with a different Theme!Are you begining to sense the Immensity and Profundity of God?There are 7 Levels of Initiation to achieve Liberation form the Wheel of Rebirth and Nine level of Initiation to complete Planetary Ascension.The Tenth Initiation Marks the First Level of Solar Initiation,The Eleventh the First Galactic Initiation and the Twelfth Initiation the First Universal Initiation.TO become a Fully Realized Integrated Melchedizek you must fully Complete your 12 Levels of Initiation.The First Initiation has to do with Mastery of the Physical Body.The 2nd Initiation has to do with Mastery of the Emotional Body.The Third Initiation referred to as Soul Merge and is about the Experience of the Soul and Its Immortality.Now the Initiations Initially reflect the Amount of Light you have in your Auric Field.The Completion of your Initiations is more a sign of your Development in the Spiritual Body but not necessarily the development of your Mental Emotional Etheric or Physical Body!This used to be a More Integrated Process but due to the Mass Ascension Happening on the Planet now,The End of the Mayan Calendar and the Alignment with the Galactic Center the Hunab Ku,Light Workers and Spiritual People have been given a Special Dispensation to Spiritually Complete their First Seven Levels of Initiation ,even though the four lower Vehciles and or Bodies have not necessarily been Integrated.ON taking the 6th Initiation and Merging with your Monad you could call yourself a Spiritual Master but not an Integrated Master,Unless you have Integrated your Initiations into your 4 Body System.To Achieve Liberation from the Wheel of Re Birth,you must have achieved the Beginning of your 7th Initiation.So you can achieve Physical Liberation from the Wheel of Rebirth,however if you don’t integrated these Initiations into your Four Lower Bodies you will have to reincarnate on the Astral or Mental Plane.If you don’t do your Psychological Homework you will not be allowed to pass any more Initiations no matter how much work you do!The 7th Level of Initiation is the “Ring Pass not” for avoiding accountability on the Mental Emotional Physical Level.Now what does it mean to integrate your Initiations into you Four Lower Bodies?To Continue this Discussion,it must be understood that there are three levels to the Spiritual Path:The Spiritual The Psychological and the Physical Earthly Level.All three must be Mastered,Most People are way more developed in their Spiritual Body then they are in their Psychological or Physcial Etheric Bodies!To be developed in your Spiritual Body may mean that you have a High Level of Light Quotient,You may be a Channel for the Masters,You may have enormous amounts of Spiritual Information in your Information Banks.This is great however to become a Fully Realized Integrated Ascended Master you must become a Master of the Psychological Level and the Physical Earthly Level..A Person May haev a Highly Developed Spiritual Body however they may function in life like a Child.Be Run by the Emotional Body Lower Self Desire Inner Child Mental Body Sub Conscious Mind Negative Ego and hence may be filled with all Kinds of Negative Emotions.This is what is called fragmented Ascension and i tell you my friends it is quite rampant!Integrating your 12 Levels of Initiation into your Mental Body means that the Mind becomes a Servant of the GodSelf,that you are the Master of the Mind and not Vis Versa.It means getting Rid of all Negative Ego thoughts and learning to think only with your Melchedizek Christ Buddha Mind and develop a Healthy Balanced Spiritual Philosophy!The Emotional Level of Inegrating your 12 Levels of Initiation deal with the Understadning that your THinking causes your feelings and emotions.All Negative Feelings and EMotions are cause by the Negative Ego Philosophy of Life and all Positive Feelings and emotions are caused by the Melchedizek Christ/Buddha Philosophy of LIfe.When you live in a state of Basic Uncondtional Love,Forgiveness,Non-Judgementalness,Compassion,Joy,Happiness,and Equanimity all the time,No matter what is going on around or outside self you have integrated your Higher Levels of Initiation into your Emotional Body!Your 12 Levels of Initiation get integrated into your Etheric Body or Energy Body when you learn to run very high Light Frequency Spiritual Currents through it at all times,and keep your Energy Body Filled with Love Light and Power.Also to completely repair your Etheric Body,which is the Blueprint Body for the Physical From the Past or Present Life Damage that has occurred to it!Ig you do not repair the Etheric Body it is hard fro the Physical Body to recover from Illness because it is working from a Damaged Blue Print!In Terms of Integrating your Initiations into your Physical Body and Raising its Vibration and Frequency,eating a very refined Physical Diet is important as well as keeping the Physical Body Fit.Breathing Sleeping Well and Regularly Grounding your Spiritual Mission on Earth,Integrity and Alignment between the Super Conscious Conscious and Sub Conscious Mind and Physical Body are also Important!Mastering Sexuality and Mastering Money are also Key factors!Anchoring your Mighty I am Presence into your Earth life are also keys!Loving Earth and Earth Life!Demonstrating Integration on these Three Major Levels is a key to raising the frequency of the physical vehicle!Your thoughts and emotions greatly affect the frequency of your physical Body.By Following these Precepts you will become not only a Spiritual Master,you will also become a Full Fledged Integrated Melchedizek Christ Buddha.Now one last thought,if you thought that once you passed your Seven or Twelve Levels of Initiation and Ascension everything would get easier be aware that in some ways this is true but in other ways the Spiritual Path actually becomes much more Difficult!The Key Lesson here is that in becoming an Integrated Master and Moving into Spiritual Leadership and Planetary World Service which you will eventually you will be tested by God and the Masters Unmercifully.If you are Not an Integrated Melchedizek Christ Buddha on all levels and at all times even under the most extreme Tests and Lessons the Universe will Quickly Show, you this through your Heart Mind Soul and Spirit,so be ever aware and make the required adjustment on any and all levels that you might achieve your Integated Ascension an Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pushing through Physical Emotional Mental and Spiritual Limits,,through the Power of the Navel and the Solar Fire.

By Pushing First the Physical Sheath,Then In Turn the Emotional Mental and Spiritual Bodies,through Current Limits and Thresholds,First thing in the Morning,One sets the tone and energy for the Day,One Sets a Tone for Mastery and Limitation release through pushing through boundries and Limitations,by going beyond ones Current Ability.This is always the ideal and should ever be applied in all one Does.If one is not pushing boundries and limitations within self and within the World,then one is left in the stagnate waters of the Muddy Marsh,where only Dim and Dull Reflections of the Ultimate Divine Splendour can be seen.To Realize ones Fullest Potential one has to push oneself through current limitations and restrictions.This and every other Heroic Effort is always done through the Power of the Navel and the Solar Fire at the Solar Plexus.This is the Power and Energy Center of the Self and of the World.This Center relates in a Macrocosmic Sense to the Sun and the Solar Force within the Ominverse and Multiverse.It is therefor the Center of Force Power and Light from which all other Terrestial and Extraterrestial Life take their Nourishment Gain there Energy and have there life and light by.This Center has been refered to as the “World Navel” in Mythology and it is said that from there are Born the Heros and Solar Deities.This represents then and teaches us an important lesson abut harnessing the Solar Power within to Author our Most High and Victorious Life on the Earth Plane,And so that we may become the Heroic Solar Deities that it is our Destiny to become,should we choose that particular Path to Sirius.So the Key lesson of this Chakra and Day is to push through all Limitation and Restriction using the Power of both the Activated Solar Navel Force and also the Activated Power of the Mind and its Intelligence.These 2 Forces Mingle and Merge to active the Atomic Power,by which all things are done,This activates and allows us to do all things,that the Mind would concieve,To Expereince all things that the Heart Mind Feel,,It gives us the Full Spectrum Prism Eyes to see the Kingdom to Come and our Part in it,It gives us the Energy of Light and Life to be the Victorious Integrated Ascended Master that it is our Destiny to become!This Solar Force and Active Mind Intelligence will give us the Power to go beyond all limitation and restriction and take us to the Realm of the Immortals,giving us the Power of all the 12 Kingdoms,and the Will to Good and the Will To serve the Law of One.This Power and Force we must use then to serve our Mission and Purpose on Earth,To do the Will of the Divine Creator the Mother Father God and then to serve our Beloved Brothers and Sisters on the Earth Plane and in all Dimensions of Reality.This Force gives us the Power to Perfect ourselves in this Very Life and make us Humble before the Throne of Grace which is every Present,in and through all creation.So this Day be sure to use the Solar Force to overcome all Limitation and Restriction on a Physical Emotional Mental and Spiritual Level!Push through until you get to the Highest you,on every line,in every state,in every world and every dimension!Use the Solar Power to Bring through the Integrated Ascended Master and Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness on to the Earth Plane!Namaste Dear Friends!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Experience of the Full Spectrum Prism Integrated Christ Consciousness on the Earth Plane!

A Lot can be said and a lot is talked about the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Mighty I am Presence God Godess Consciousness but this can only point to the direct revelation and experience of this Mighty Consciousness that is your Truest self.All The Words are Great Descriptions and in truth the words point to and lead you to direct experience of this.They key way to access this most INtegrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness is of course to keep up all your Practices suggested by both the IAMU and IAMYA and to do all your Daily Physical Earthly Psychological Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension Practices to this end,but also these must be let go of when we are in the world,and we are simply called to practice the Presence of God.This Means remaining totally open and present to what is,and if the work has been done all that will remain is the Integrated Christ Consciosuness,that Diamond Sparks of Gods Mighty Light,That Full Prism of Perfection that Radiates the Granduer and Glory through your Body Systems and minds leaving all Human error and Conditioning behind.All that is Left is Gods Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness.Now at times of course in the Process of Practicing the Presence of God various lessons and test and adjustments will have to be made as this is what the spiritual path consists of,making subtle adjustments in your life so you are constantly flowing in the Tao.If you get a tough lesson showing you you are out in some area,be grateful for that lesson,make the needed adjustment vowl never to make that again and move on!You will be better for it for when i happens again you will no what not to do and exactly what to do!So in this way everything that happens in life is a blessing and a test for you to remain in the Christ Consciousness to remain in the Fulll Spectrum Prism Light,And anything other then that is just an indicator for you to get back to that Ideal!So as Sai Baba Says “Welcome Adversity” and “when Given Lemons,Make Lemonade!”For every test and lesson you pass with stabalize your Foundation in the Integrated Christ Consciousness and Further Stabalize your Monadic Group and Soul Family in the Experience of Gods Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness and be the best service to your Self God The Masters and your Brothers and Sisters that you could ever render!In remaining here at all costs and with all your energy you always remain in the Tao of life and will always be in the Right Time and Right Place and will forgo the Tought Lessons of Learning through Karma.You will learn by Grace and not Inflict Karma and learning with your Brothers and Sisters on Earth.You will not have to reincarnate for you have learnt your lessons and you have learnt to stay in evenmindedness inner Peace Happiness Un Broken Joy at all times.This is premier Test and lesson of the Spiritual Path!To remain in this Christ Consciusness at all times and in al situations to your Highest Potential!So go now into your Day and LIfe fully ready in your Full Personal Power your Full Loving Wisdom and Active Intelligence Your Full Harmony your Full Science of Life your Full Devotion and your Full Victorious Magical Order!Go forth into life as the Diamond of Light Percieving everything through the Eyes of Love Unconditional Love and Oneness,Recognizing everything and everyone as an extension of your Self as an extension of God through the Cosmic Monads and their Earthly Soul Extensions through the 12 Kingdoms.Go into the World open to the Gifts that Life God and the Masters have to offer you as a Son and Daughter of the Most High and go forth as an Inspiration to the World and your Brothers and Sisters of what is possible with the Power of the Spirit of God on the Earth.Go forth and shine the Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Light in everything you do!Go forth and be a Blessing to the WorldNamate!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Integration and Demonstration of all 9 Planetary Spheres!

As the Bible Says “Ye are Gods and Know it not!” Well now that we have by the Blessings of Sanat Kumura and the Spiritual Hierarchy we have been blest with the Knowledge Wisdom Power and Love to Realize that we are Gods!”We are Gods and Know it!Let us then Show it!Interesting to not while meditating upon one Planetary Sphere,for example the Sun,Solar,Sol one gains Knowledge of that Sphere within the Infinite Omniverse and in relation to its Relative and Absolute Position within the Omniverse.One also gain through rigerous Study of the Ancient Sciences of Life Astrology Astronomy Astrotheology and other Such sciences of the Spheres that there are other Celestial Bodies that Orbit this Center of Gravitational Force,This Son,The One,This Sol,This Solar Center,Our Sun.Now what role have these Bodies?What energies emenate from these Great Celestial Beings?What is the Will and Work of such Great Solar Beings?How can we Integrated these Emenation into our Own Consciousness?By Remaining Open and running the Said Planetary Energies through our System each day in a Systematic Manner.Much the Same as our Previous Studies of the Rays over the 7 Days of the Week,let us look at the 7 and 9 Planetary Bodies that Rule our Solar Plane,The 9 Great Gods,The Planets as Science of today calls them!For this Astrology gives us the Greatest Understanding of these Energy Emenations from these Great being.These beings are of course our Very Self,Our Greater Solar Self our Grand Father Mother Spirits,The Great Part of Self the Greater Part of God,The Super Celestial Self in the Body of the Great Man.We are part and on within this Greater Dance and Play,We must then work to make ourself in the Image of that which is above for surely we are bellow and thus the same as that which is above!We work then extending the Full Extent of our Energies on every level each day following the Law and Rythm of Nature herself the Great Mother,The Teacher and the Law of all the Worlds,making sure that we are in Harmony with her Timing Her Flow and her Rythms that we might Draw the Infinite Substance from Her Great Body,That we might Gain the Super Matter of the Cosmos while on the Earth,That we might by that Great Effort,By that Entering the Tao,We are Born of the World Navel and Realize ourselves as Solar Deities as Solar Aspirants on the Race and Return Home as Sons of the One.So in expressing the Fullness of the Self on Earth we express the Fullness of the Heavenly Self the Greater Celestial Man of whom we are extensions.So in expressing the Fullness of the God Self with out Limitation and Restriction on that Eternal Self that greater Whole,we find ourselves incarnating the Integrated Synthisis of the 7 and 9 Celestial Bodies,We Become expressions of the Integration of the Consciousness of the 9 Great Solar Gods.We Become Solar Deities Victorious and Revealed as the Sons of God Upon the earth!For this then we must release all Conditioning of the Dimensional Kind and move beyond all Dualistic Seperative Fear Based Illusionary Lower Self Thinking Feeling and Actions and Master and Demonstrate the Fullness of the Spiritual Christed Krishna Esclepius Helios Ra Osiris Moses Vishnu Thoughts Feelings Actions constantly,so by this means and way we become and expression of and incarnation of all that has been and all that is to come.We become the Incarnation of all that has been and we show the way for those Who are to come!We become the Point of Light and Life of God Itself in and upon all 9 Spheres of Life and Incarnations of the 9 Great Gods of the Solar Sphere.We become Reflections of the Greater Cosmic Incarnations to come.We become Wayshowers to the People and examples of the Will of God on the Earth which in this Aryan Age is to be brought forth and Higher then Love which was the Quality of the Last Age of Pices.So now with this Understanding of the experience and expression of the Fullness of our Own Energies on all levels on all lines at all times we then become expressions and extensions of the Fullness of all Lines all States and all Stages of the 7 and 9 Solar Deities.We become the Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Synthisis on the Earth.We are Gods and Know it and also show it!This is our work and service then for the next world cycle of 2,600 Years and to and through the Completion of the Aryan Age and the Age of Aquarius.This is the Way for the New Day and the Work and Service of all Aspirants and Chelas on the Universal Ecclectic Path of Synthisis.To Integrate and Demonstrate all 7 and 9 Solar Bodies as well as all 7 12 24 levels of Initiation and Light Bodies is the Work and Will of God the Cosmic Monads the 7 Lords of the 7 Rays and the 7 Planetary Ashrams,The Lord of the World the Ancient of Days The Plantary the Solar the Galactic the Universal and the Cosmic Logos Melchedizek and the Greatest of all Spirits the Mahatma!So then use this day great and every day small to raise yours energies to the all so that you might never again fall,so that you might become the Wall to it all,and open up the Great Door to it all!Blessed be the Name of God Forever More.Glory and Victory to the Sons of the One!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Practices for Developing the 7th Ray 7th Chakra and 7th Sphere of Life!

Physical Earthly Practice for Developing the 7th Chakra:First thing upon waking up,slowly sit in a Meditation Posture and Meditate for 20 Minutes in Silence and Focus the Attention and energy on the Crown Chakra.Focus the Physical Energy at the Top of the Head.Practice a 1 Day Fast building to a 3 day then 7 Day and eventually a 10 Day fast.This is a requirement for taking to more extensive fast of 40 Days which all Great Master have Completed.Plato was said to not have accepted Students until they had completed a 40 Day Fast!Practice Fasting often.You will be amazed at the Benefits you will receive!If this is an Issue,Try first Juice Fasting or Smoothie Fasting and Build up to eventually taking Water and nothing else.It is a Process so of course go at your Own Speed and don’t push yourself to hard but also go through your current threshold!Stand in the Open Air with your Back to the Sun and allow the Energy of the Sun to Enter your Crown Chakra at the Back of your Head.Do very Little Rest and sit in Stillness.Meditation Opens the Crown Chakra so our Key Focus today is rest and Merger with the Monad on Earth and the Higher Octave Experience of the Crown Chakra which is Monadic Merger Soul and SPiritual Travel.If we have worked the Energy of the previous 6 Ray Days and Done required Service in the Previous 6 Ashrams of the Christ we will find quite naturally that we begin to Meditate with out making an effort our Vision and our Merger will be quite natural.To assist this sit as often as you can in Lotus of Half Lotus and just feel the Energies Pouring Down from the Heirarchy and your Own Mighty I am Presence!Be Blest and Merged with God Spirit the Masters your Brothers and Sisters on Earth and all that is in the Infinite Omniverse!You are that Forever more!

Psychological Practices for Developing the 7 Chakra:First thing Upon arising Journal your Dreams and make any adjustments on a Super Conscious Conscious and Sub Conscious Mind Level being sure to bring all 3 Minds into the Proper Spiritual Alignment first thing.If you get a Super Conscious Mind Dream,choose to Integrated that Lesson and make all outer adjustments.If you get a Conscious Mind Dream or Choose to Lucid Dream with the Conscious Mind choose to make that towards service and Spiritual ALignment.If you get a Sub Conscious Mind Dream be sure to adjust your energies and actions outer and inner to make the required adjustment so you don’t get this kind of feedback again.Attune in your thinking to the World of Freedom and building of the New Earth.Claim your 100% Victory in Self and over all aspects of the Lower Self and all aspects of Your Consciousness in service of Your Mighty I am Presence God the Masters and your Brothers and Sisters on Earth.Claim the Full Power of all your Bodies and Minds to this End!Be Victorious and COntinuos in all your Efforts to the attainment of your Integrated Ascended Masters Consciousness your Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness and your 12 24 Levels of Initiation and Light Body.Take all action on a Psychological thinking feeling level towards the Transcendence of the Negative Ego Fear Based Seperative Dualistic Illusionary Selfish Lower Self thinking and take every action on a Mental Psychological Level towards the Attainment Realization and Demonstration of the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamd Mighty I am Presence God Godess Consciousness on Earth in service of Self God the Masters and your Brothers and Sisters on Earth and in all Kingdoms of God!

Spiritual Ascension Practices for the development of the 6th Chakra:Meditate on Sillence in Solitude.Walk in Nature and attune to the Mother Earth and Her Physical Body the Elementals of the Earth and all the Elements of the Cosmos.Walk under the stary Sky and absorb the Infinite Energy from the Universe through your Crown Chakra.Smile and absorb all the energy of the Spiritual World at all times by Practicing the Inner Smile and Absorbing the Universal Energy of life that surrounds you at all times.Meditate 3 Times today morning mid day and evening and focus on the Sillence and Stillness.Ask to be Bi Located to St Germains 7th Ray Ashram of the Christ and the Higher Octave of the 7th Sphere and 7th Ray.Ask to be trained at night and in the Day in the Work of the 7th Ray and ask to be informed of your particular Monadic Use of this Energy in service of your Mighty I am Presence God the Masters and your Brothers and Sisters on Earth.Request to be Bi Located all day today to the 7th Ray ashram,so that you might bring forth the energies of the 7th Ray and act as a Transmiting force for the Heiarchy and the 7th Ray Ashram of the Christ!Ask to be over lighted by St Germain at all times through out the Day and Night and Merged on Earth with that Service work of Transformation and the REvamping of Civilization and the Creation of a Planet of IAM Presence and a Christed Planet of Masters and Aspirants.Ask to be transformed in the Light of the Mighty I am Presence and fully Merged with God on earth in the 7th Sphere the 7th Initiation and the 7th Ray on the 7th Day of the Week hereafter during your time on earth in your Last Incarnation on earth!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Earthly Psychological and Spiritual Practices for developing the 6th Chakra.

Physical Earthly Practices for Developing the 6th Chakra:First thing Upon Arising Focus on taking in as much Physical Sensory Information as Possible.Keep your Eyes Wide and Open and receive the Impression from God about the Cosmic Physical Plane of Gods Earthly Universe.Before and During Sun Rise and Sun Set watch the Sun with Eyes open.Tilt the Head back and allow the Rays of the Sun to enter the Eyes giving the Eyes the Required Chi.Also allow the Rays of the Sun to Enter the Pituitary Gland Behind the Eyes in the Middle of the Brain giving that Gland a Good Activation of the DMT Chemical which the Pituitary Gland Secretes.Let the Sun Activate this Gland to Function Optimally.Use your Eyes to the fullest Possible Measure and Extent and take in as much as you can.Use the Eyes and explore your Physical Sense of Vision in all ways today.Have fun and enjoy experiencing the Physical Universe with your Physical Earthly Sense of seeing!It is God Seeing God!

Practices for Developing your Psychological Vision:Log and Journal your Dreams first thing and make any adjustments within and without so as to not give your power to them but also correct them,learn the lesson from them and use them to assist you in returning to the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna seeing.Usually a dream will be an indication if we are on or off in this regard.Our first feeling about the Dream will let us know if we are on with our Spiritual Christ God/Godess Ideal.If we are off then make the adjustment and choose to get back into the Christ Mind no matter what!Then First thing Upon Arising Focus on seeing the World as God/Godess Physical Body.Use your Mind to think correctly about all incoming data,in that Everyone you see is the Christ,Every Rock Every Animal every Plant and Every Brother or sister you Meet is the Christ.The Holy Son/Daughter of God.Honour and respect everyone you see i this way.Re cognize everyone as your Brother and Sister and Honour the Planetary Family in every one you see.Open your Eyes to see with the Full SPectrum Prism Lens of God/Godess and the Ascended Masters.Focus on seeing everything that happens on the Earth Plane Part of The Building of the Kingdom of God and part of the Grounding of Heaven upon the Earth.Be sure to Practice Thought Control and Control all your Negative Ego Thoughts by placing around your self a Semi Permeable Bubble that protects your from negative energy and thoughts from your own sub conscious mind and from the World and other people.Do this 3 TImes a day religiously or every time you eat walk pray or talk!Focus on seeing the Spiritual Lesson you are being gifted with and focus on seeing every situation and experience of life as an Initiation of Consciousness you must pass by demonstrating Spiritual Christed Response.Be sure to turn every imperfection you see in the world,take action to make any wrongs you see right!The World is Gods Ashram and as a Planetary Integrated Ascended Master in training it is your duty and responsibility to take any and all action required in transforming the Planet into a Christed Planet and IAM Civilization.Take every action you feel guided to today in this regard!Look for opportunities to do good deeds and do them!”Service is the Law and the Fruit of Life” as Lord Maitreya the Planetary Christ Likes to say!

Spiritual Ascension level Practices for developing the 6th Chakra:First thing upon waking up ask to be Bi Located to Master Sanandas 6th Ray ashram to be Trained with the 6th Ray Adepts in Higher Idealism and Devotion.Request to be Bi Located all day and all night to that Ashram for the Highest Level Spiritual Training on the Planet!Go for a morning Ascension walk and attunement.Clear your Space and make your house and space desk and workspace look physically clear and psychically clear.Ask God and the Masters to Clear your Space energetically and on a Spiritual Level.Meditation 3 times on the and in the 6th Ashram.Once in the Morning Once in the Middle of the Day and Once at Night.Ground your Antakarana into the Earth and into Source at the 352nd Level of Divinity 3 TImes a Day religiously!Ask and request your 142 Soul Extension to be integrated into your Consciousness.Ask and request your Spiritual Vision of the Kingdom of God and your Part in it to be Revealed to your Spiritual Site that you might see clearly how to best serve and help yourself the Masters God and your Brothers and Sister in the one Sonship and Daughtership!Always be in a Bi Located State on arising through out the Day and before going to sleep!This will fully align and attune your Spiritual Body to God the Masters Master Sananda and the 6th Ray Ashram!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Physical Earthly Practices for the development of the 5th Chakra.

Physical Earthly Practices for the development of the 5th Chakra:First thing Upon waking up get up and get dressed and go for a Morning Run Morning Yoga or Morning Weight Training.Use the energy to get into the Physical and use your Voice while Practicing.This Ray relates to the Will so focus on bringing forth Divine Will with all your Efforts.This basically means bringing for the Integrated Ascended Masters Ideal on a Physical Earthly level (Ie Sleep Patterns,Excersise,Training,Ideal Diet,Ideal Work Play Balance.)Focus all your physical energy on bringing this into Earthly Incarnation by your Powerful Loving and Wise Demonstration.Practice Signing along to your Favourite Music for an Hour or More.This could be sacred Chants and Mantras or a New Age New World New Rock/Any Genera you personally relate to.This help develop your attunment to those aspirants who are achieving results you want as well as develop your Throat Chakra.Practice Uji Breath Breathing through the Rasping Throat as in Yoga.Focus all the Physical Energy around the throat chakra and the development of Gods Will for you!

Psychological Consciousness Practices for the 5th Chakra:First thing upon waking up think about aligning your Mental and Psychological Self with the 5th Ray Adepts of the Planet and Master Hillarions Ashram of the Christ.Think about and Visualize yourself as being a 5th Ray Servant and a 5th Ray Master.Emulate Read and Learn about those who are achieving success in all the areas you wish to attain similar results.Model their actions and their Practices for similar Results!Think about how you can deliver Service to the Race of Men with your Skill abilities and Gifts given by God.Take some action towards demonstrating Planetary World Service.Take some action towards setting up and getting involved in any and all of the New Age World Church’s and New World Groups which you feel aligned.Attune your Mind Action Soul Spirit and Body to the Great Planetary Body of World Service and World Action,attune yourself to Science and the New Higher Technology coming forth on the Planet Right Now.Attune yourself and organize yourself so that you may use and implement these Technologies in your Crystals Computers Phones Fax Printers Scanners Cars GPS Satelite Technology Shamanic Power Plants Plant Spirit Teachers Sport Groups and Wellness Families Music Sound Technology Meditation Sound Technology(Holosync etc) Food Sciences of all kinds Life Sciences of all kinds and all New Age Sciences of all kinds.Choose to Integrated these WOnderful Technologies into your Earthly Life and Release everything that is of the Old World Model and out dated in Todays Universal Terms.Enter the New Age as a Master of Science Life and Technology as well as World Service!

Spiritual Ascension Level Practices for the 5th Chakra:First thing Upon arising ask to be Taken to Master Hillarions Ashram all day in your Spiritual and Bi Located Split off Self,Ask to be placed in the 5th Ray Ideal Ascension Seat so all your Energies 3 Minds and 4 Bodies can be attuned and aligned with the Highest Monadic Potential of your self towards the Demonstration of the 5th Ray Ideal.Go for an Ascension walk and attune to the Planetary Work and World Service of the all the 5th Ray Adepts and Aspirants under Master Hillarions Guidance.Do 3 TImes ascension activiation attunement and alignment to Master Hillarion and the 5th Ray Adepts.One First thing One last thing and one in the Middle of the Day.This way you can be sure that all your Energies will be perfectly attuned to the 5th Ray Ideal.Practice Service and Going the Extra Mile in everything you do.Always give more service then you are currently being compensated for.Use the Universal Law to give and serve thinking not of the reward but doing it for the mere joy of it all!Focus on giving and Serving always and meditate on all the Ways you can creatively Serve yourself your Family Your Freinds Your Community Your Town your City Your State Your Country and your Planet.We will move on to greater Solar Service Later on after fully Completing Integrating and Demonstrating Planetary World Service and Planetary Ascension Demonstration!Ask to be trained at night and all day also in Master Hillarions 5th Ray Ashram of the Christ in the Higher Activity of the 5th Planetary Sphere of Light and life!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Practices for Developing the 2nd Chakra

Physical Earthly Practices for Developing the 2nd Sphere and the 2nd Chakra:First thing in the Morning Upon arising and waking up use ones Sexual Energy to express and experience the Equsitness of the Creative 2nd Chakra Energy.(God Created Sexuality,so how could Sexuality be Wrong?It is only when Sexuality is used with no Love and no Spiritual Attunement that it becomes Lust.Sexuality is a beutiful aspect of LIfe that should be embraced and experienced daily as much as eating Sleeping Working and Serving!Use your Sexuality to experience the Equsitness of this Shpere and Chakra!)Be sure to use either Tantric Taoist or Both Kinds of Practices to Cultivate and Circulate your Sexual Energy( Jing Chi ) into Higher Chakras and for cultivating the Immortal Body of Light.)Sexuality is the key to the Kingdom and the Solve and Sole for the Alchemical Process.It is the Substance of life itself and can bring Immortality if used and developed appropriately,but if used incorrectly can cause death suffering and the 7 Plagues talked of in the Bible.If used correctly it illuminates the 7 Golden Candle Sticks.(The 7 Chakras)So be sure to use your Sexuality Creatively and consistently today to develop a solid foundation for Higher Spiritual Growth.Check out Mantak Chias Universal Tao system for practices to this end of creating the Immortal Body.
Also interesting work to look at is at Express your Creativity through Music Art or any other Creative Expression.Express yourself in any and all ways you feel called to.Make sure it is alignment with the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Mind and not stemming from the Negativwe Ego Fear Based Seperative thinking.Practicing giving and receiving love of the Physical Body either with self or with a Massage Hugs Physical Affection.Express Unconditional Love of the Physical Body of self and other!Love the Physical Universe and the Physical Body of God!Love the Material Universe as much as your Love the Spiritual World!

Psychological Consciousness practices for developing the 2nd Sphere and the 2nd Chakra:Access ones Dreams upon arising writing them down and then reviewing how and if that represent a creative use of Ones Creative and Sexual Energies.If not make the appropriate adjustment in your Consciousness.Practice having Unconditional Love for Ones Content of Consciousness from ones Past Life Programing to all ones Ray Structure to Ones Personality Type To Ones Archetypes to Ones Inner Child to Ones entire Consciousness in truth.Recieve God and the Masters unconditional Love and Creative Support and then express and share that with yourself and your Brothers and Sisters also.Spread and share the Unconditional Love that God and the Masters have for you at all times and in all situations and share and demonstrate that Love Unconditional to your Brothers and Sisters on Earth!To your Greater Planetary Family in all 12 Kingdoms!Practice Loving all aspects of Consciousness as they appear to you and as they pass your Screen of Consciousness as they pass by your Witness self who watches all things rise and fall as a dance and play of the Infinite,a Silent Buddha and SIlent Watcher of all things.Sit and rest as that Perfect Buddha even in your Earthly Activities and Earthly Service!Make sure all your Thoughts every hour are aligned with the Christ Mind and that no Negative Ego thoughts or feelings have creeped in.If they have follow the Feeling back to the thought that created it and creatively change that to the proper and correct Christed thinking and therefor feeling!Attune your Consciousness to the Great Sphere of Creativity by Listening to the Radio perhaps learning about the LIves of Great Artists and Great Educators of Humanity.Listen to and attune your Consciousness to the SPhere of Spiritual Education in the many multifacited ways that that manifests.Think about and focus on learning yours lessons as SPirit God and the Masters would have you learn them!Focus on learning the Lesson in every life situation,focus on learning your own lessons not teaching other people theirs!Practice Humility for after Pride Cometh the Fall as the Bible Says!Focus on not only learning from self and your Own Mighty I am Presence but also focus on learning from the Holy Spirit in all ways.Learn from other Peoples success and from other Peoples Mistakes.Learn from those around you and all people and cultures of the World!Learn what to to do and what not to do!Learn from everything in life as everything in life is a Teacher,and the World a Schools,and the Universe a University as Sai Baba has Said!Focus on entering the Greater Planetary School for Integrated Ascended Masters!Enrol in the !!!!!!!

Spiritual Ascension Practices for Developing the 2nd Chakra and the 2nd Sphere of LIfe!First thing Upon arising ask to be attuned and aligned with Master Dr Joshua David Stone and the Ashram of Synthisis.Ask to be taken in a Bi Located State through out the day and through out your Life in general so your can be every merged with the Education Department of the Christ!Request through out your day and every Hour renewal and refreshment in this Regard so you can be right in the Front Row of the Education Department or in the Front Row of the Spiritual University of Life!Ask to be over lighted and Guided by Dr Stone and Dwhal Khul in all your Efforts today on the Inner and the Outer.Ask and request a special Disspensation to become an outpost for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Spiritual Education of the Planet!Ask to be placed in the Ascension Seat for the 2nd Ray Ashram that you might be ever aligned to the Spiritual Education of the Planet.Ask that you are given a role in Education of your Own Monad and Soul Extensions in your Monad.Ask to become a Teacher and Way Shower for your 143 other Soul Extensions in your Monad.Ask to be placed in the Seat of Education at all times and in all Situations.Enroll and study at the IAM University and IAMYA Ashram at all times in ones Split off and Bi Located State.Enroll and Join both Education departments and stay abreast each day of all latest material.Make sure you are going through systematically all the forthing coming material and current curiculum of the IAMUniversity and the IAMYAshram.This way you will be making great strides and leaps at developing your Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Synthisis Spiritual Education!

Practices for Developing the 1st Chakra

Physical Earthly Practices for Developing the First Chakra The First Ray and the First Sphere:First thing upon Waking Call go for a Walk,Walk on the Track or on the Beach Bare foot and feel your Chords of Light Connecting your Feet Chakra to the Core of the Mother Earth.Focus your Attention on the Root Chakra and feel see and experience a Red Light Connecting your Root Chakra to the Mother Earth.Feel and use the Energy of the Physical world to draw attention energy and thus Consciousness to that Area of the Body,The Tip of the Sacrum,The Anus,The Colon and the Lower Intestine.Do a Coffee Enema in the Shower and have a Really Good Bowel Movement after that.The Clear Colon allows for a Free flow of Pranic and Physical Energy to Move in the Root Chakra allow Non Physical Energies to Flow Freely there.Dress in Red as this attunes your Bodies Aura and Minds to the First Sphere and the 1st Chakra.Claim the Full Power of your Physical Body and use it to organize the Ideal Routine.Use the Energy of the Body fully to Create the Ideal and Destroy that which is not serving your Highest Incarnation of Spirit and the Integrated Ascended Masters Consciousness on Earth.Listen to the Radio,The News and Stay in Touch with Planetary National Regional News and Politics.Stay Informed and take a Stance in Position to the Current World Events.This way you are stepping into a Political Position and this taking a stance in the Political World.Use your Energies Physical Emotional Mental and Spiritual To direct yourself and all your Soul Extensions to the Integrated Ascended Master Ideal and the Realization and Demonstration of that on the Earth Plane.(You will be Guided as to the Direction of such things)

Psychological Consciousness Practices for the 1st Chakra the 1st Ray and the 1st Sphere:First thing Upon Waking Claim your 100% Personal Power 100% Master Cause and 100% Ascended Master Consciousness!Through out your Day in every situation and Circumstance be a Cause not an effect.Choose to claim your Integrated Ascended Masters Consciousness!Never give your Power away at any point to any thought and feeling any desire any impulse,Never give your Power to anyone for any reason Ever!Not to God not to the Master,Not the Angels Not to anyone for any reason Every!Claim it for yourself and your Spiritual Mission,Claim it to master your Energies and Direct your Life and all Life Streams connected to your Mighty I am Presence.Use it to Master your Routine Your Energies your Actions Your Service you Leadership Your Education your Intelligence Your Harmony your Service Your Devotion and your Magical Victory!Use your Power to Empower self and others!Use your Power to serve Uplift and help all people in all ways!Use your Personal Power to Give all to all!Claim it and never give it away but give it to serve!Take Notes from your Meditations and from any and all insights your recieve through out your day and in your 3 Times Meditations.Take not of any spontaneous ideas or insights your get through out the day!

Spiritual Ascension Practices for the 1st Chakra the 1st Ray and the 1st Sphere:First think upon awakening Ask and request to be attuned and Bi Located to Master El Moyra’s office and Ashram and to be trained in a Bi Located State to Integrated Ascended Masters Leadership and Politics.Ask to be Trained Personally by Master El Moyra and Overlighted by him in all your Efforts and Energies today.Ask and Request a Red Golden Bubble of Protection be Brought around your Etheric Body and that all energies be aligned and attuned to the First Ray and 1st Sphere of Life.Visualize your Self as a Integrated Leader of all your Energies thoughts and Feelings and see yourself Demonstrating Leadership in all things and in all Situations.Visualize the Red Light around yourself and others at all times through out the Day.In your Morning Mid day and your Evening Mediation ask to be attuned and Bi Located to Master El Moyra Power Seat,and ask to be attuned to the First Kingdom,The Mineral Kingdom at a Cosmic Universal Galactic Solar and Planetary Level.Ask to be attuned to the 1st Ray Elhiom (Creator Gods) and the First Ray Angels The first Ray Elementals and the 1st Ray Adepts and World Servers.Sit in a Bi Located state through out the Day in Master El Moyras Seat of Planetary Personal Power and Integrated Ascended Masters Leadership!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

"How to realize Integrated Communication!"

An Integrated Ascended Master Learns to Communication at all times on all Levels in a Balanced way in service of Spirit and the IAM on Earth.An Integrated Ascended Master Learns to communication symoltaneously on many Planes of Existence at once serving as a Transmiting force for the SPiritual Hiearachy and the Masters of Light Connected to this and other World and Universal Systems.On this lesson we will explore the many levels of Integrated Communication!
Until one becomes and Integrated Ascended Master of Communication Commuication can and often is Fragmented Disintegrated Inconsistent and not in Alignment and often fragmented.The ideal then is to have all levels and lines in consistency and alignment with the will of the Mighty I am Presence and Spirt on Earth.Ideally we communicate as the Mighty I am Presence on Earth.Lets look at the Different levels of communication.We have different levels,some of these levels are Conscious Level Spiritual or Super Conscious Level Sub Conscious Level Sound and tone of Voice Chakra level and which chakra you are communicating from Mental Level Communication Emotional Level Communication Energy Level communication Non Verbal Communication Psychoic Commuication Earthly Level Communication Inner Sense Communication and Integrated Alignment Consistency level.
So generally when we talk about communication we talk about the Conscious Verbal Level however there are also at all times other levels taking place at the Same time.Communication from Spirit and the IAM Presence,from a Non Verbal Spiritual Level,a constant transmition God to God Self to Self is taking place,this level is more about the culmination of past and future into one Now moment of pure awareness.This is the Comunication of the IAM to the IAM.When we communicate also people are recieving Intuitive information as to the accuracy of your words.People are also listening to the Sound of your Voice to see if it is consistency with the words you speak,on amental level they are evaluating if your words make sense and are rational and logical they are checking to see if it comes form Fear of Love,they are tuning into see if it feels good to them they are tunning in on a Sub Conscious Level as to what you are saying,the are also receiving energy transmition from all 7 Chakras.They are also listening to the tone of your Voice and the Invisible Motives and Intentions behind your words Sounds and Communication.Are you coming from the Pure God Consciousness of the Christ or are you coming from Attack Judgement or Unconditional Love?Are you coming from Superiorty Inferiority or Equality?Are you coming from Confidence or Knowingness or or fear and conjecture?Each chakra is giving out energy and information about weather you are coming from Survival Putting out Sexual ENergy Weather you are Balanced Mentally Weather you are coming from Fear of Love weather you are surrendered to Gods Will or are run by the Negative Egos Will,Weather you are coming from True Spiritual Vision and lastly weather you are coming from a God Conscious God attuned Spiritual Place,or a Seperative Split of Fragmented Unitegrated Place.People are always tunning into the Energy you are putting outSome people say words but their Energy does not match their Words,People are always looking at your Facial Expressions Body Language and Gestures.They are Looking at everything you are doing on all levels at all times.They are using all 5 Sense to evaluate your Communication.They are tuning into you and your Communication with their Psychic Sense their Clairvoyance Clairaudience and Clairsentience,They are evaluating your Clothes and Physcial appearence to see if it is in alignment.They are evaluating your Hygeine and Physical Appearence,They are sensing your Aura and Physical Appearance,They are evaluating your Environment your Car your Office your Home your level of Earthly Organization and Cleanliness.They are also tunning in with their Knowingness Comprehension Spiritual Discernment Idealism all Knowledge Perfection Realization Beutitude Divine Vision Spiritual Haering Spiritual Telepathy response to Group Vibration and Psychometry,They are also recieving input from the Super Conscious Conscious and Sub Conscious Minds and the Integration Consistency alignment of all these levels.They then Choose to take or leave what you have to say weather it can be of service to them.When an Enlightened being and Integrated Ascended Master Communicates it is usually consistent Integrated and in alignment on all those levels.The person receiving the Communication is usually over whelmed by all the Love Power Wisdom Balance Light Charisma and Consistency and integrity of all these levels being totally in alignment and demonstrating of the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Ideal on Earth in a New Higher Octave Fashion that they cannot help be attracted to what you do and interested in joining your Pursuit for Exellence in everything you do and the attainment Realization Integration and Demonstration of the Christ Consciousness on Earth and the God and Self Realization on all 4 Levels of life!Most people are not even aware of these level little own mastering them.So our Focus today is to get all these levels in alignment consistency and Integration!So when we communicate it is a Service to Spirit God the Master and our Brothers and Sisters on Earth!So let us Communicate this Way today!Namaste Dear Friends!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Developing Full Spectrum Prism Synthisis Love!"

My Beloved Freinds it is a Great Pleasure to bring you the Lesson of Developing Integrated Ascended Masters Full Spectrum Synthisis Prism Unconditional Love as seen from God the Masters and Higher Spiritual Dimensions of Reality!So we have talked about the four Types of Wisdom the Twelve levels of Power and now we come to the 33 Types of Love!For in learning to do and demonstrate all these qualities within self we develop Full Spectrum Prism Synthisis Consciousness and this allows your Consciousness to shine like an Integrated Ascended Full Spectrum Prism Diamond it Gods Great Comsic Eye.You become attuned to the Great Diamond Perfection of Metatron Melchedizek and the Mahatma as well as the Collective Consciousness of all the Masters and 12 Kingdoms of God as well as the Higher Attributes of Consciousness of God/Godess on Earth!This is such an amazing Experience that has never really been given before and it is being offered to you today by Grace of God and the Masters so you can demonstrate the Higheset Deepest Longest and Strongest most Pure Most Humble Most Happy Most Integrated Christ Consciousness you could imagine.Listen CLosely my Freinds!
Basically we have been given 33 Types of Love to work with currently.Unconditional Love Lovers Love Love of Love Preferencial Love Integrated Ascended Masters Love Spiritual Love Earthly Love Heavenly Love Mental Love Emotional Love Physical Love Self Love Love for God Love From God Love for Masters Angels and God Force Inner and Outer Parental Love Motherly Fatherly Love Love for Inner and Outer Children Physical Body Love Group Consciousness Love National Love Social Love Familial Love Regional Love State Love Planetary Love Love of all the Kingdoms of God Freindship and Ascension Buddy Love Professional and Service Love Love for Extraterrestial Brothers and Sisters.Love of Creation and love of Life.In developing practicing and Demosntrating these 33 Types of Love on becomes an Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Synthisis Master of Love!
Now it must be understood also that there are 2 types of Love that seperate these Spheres,This Relates to the Tree of Life and the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness in the Kabbalah.There is Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad Mighty I am Presence God Godess Unconditional Love and there is Conditional Fear Based Seperative Dualistic Illusionary Selfish Lower Self Materialistic Love.We are either coming from one or the other of these types of love on all levels.Basically the 33 Types of Love have a Correspondence lack of Love,ie Unconditional Love Conditional Love,Love for God,Hate for God,Love for Gods Kingdom and Hate for Gods Kingdom,Love of Nature and Hate for Nature.We can see this is quite harsh but true my freinds.You are either with one and not the other.”Choose who ye shall serve” as Master Dwhal Khul likes to say!I am sure my freinds you will all choose and want to choose to live on the Light Side of the Tree of Life and Illuminate the 7 Golden Candle Sticks rather then the 7 Plagues!So the way to do this is always practice Demonstrating the Spiritual Side of the 33 Levels of Love and remain there all the time.When we are totally honest with self all the time we can learn from Mistakes and if we ever do manifest any of the Conditional Love we will turn it back to the Side of Light of God! Addictive Love forms mutually co Dependent Love rather then Love based on mutual Interdependence!
So the Key to all this is to develop Unconditional self Love and Self Worth for self at the 100% level at all times and in all situations.To be right with self 100% of the time in all Situations.When we do this we open ourselves to recieve God and the Masters Unconditional Love and Worth fully,When we receive this Unconditional Self Love and Self Worth from God and the Masters we can then share this 100% Unconditional Self Love and Self Worth with our Brothers and Sisters on earth in all forms of Relationships.We can send our Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Synthisis Love to the 3 Lower Kingdoms and all that Lyes Bellow us in a Spiritual Sense.We become the Integrated Buddha of Love that Radiates its Perfect Christ Buddha Spiritually Empowered Love to all Bellow and Behind.We become Integrated Krishnas and Integrated Melchedizeks!Another Pyschological Key to this Process is to Love the Inner and Outher Child and Children of self and all others with Firmness and Love and to transcend the Negative Ego Duality of the Critical Parent and the Overly Permisive Parent.We raise ourselves our own Inner Child and the Children of all the Lands and all the Worlds on all the Planets in all the Kingdoms of God with Proper Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Synthisis Love as the Totally Responsibly and Trust Worthly Adult and Parental Self,As the Integrated Mighty I am Self upon the Earth!So what happens if we dont give ourselves Self Love and Self worth Own our Power hold our Intelligence as Active develop Harmony and Beuty Science and Service Devotion and Idealism Ceremonious Order and Magic,we end up seeking this in someone else for we have to get this 7 Fold Love from Somewhere,It is given to self and recieved from God we can then give it to another,but we must be whole within self first else we form a bonding pattern.
So the Key is to Never give up in our Practice of Self Love and Self Worth for self and others,Mistakes are ok and a part of the Process.Mistakes are positive and Not Negative for they teach us the lesson we need to learn to master that aspect of life.The Negative Ego Practices Perfectionism in a bad way in a judegemental way of self and others.This is the Lower aspect of the Virgo Pices Solar Polarity.Mistakes happen and the Idea is to just learn from them.Everyone is welcome back to the Heavenly State of Pure GOd Consciousness when ever they choose to forgive themselves and remain in the Christ Mind and Heart,God welcomes all Prodigal Sons and Daughters home.Like Jeshua said on the Cross,Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!He also said “Judge not Least ye be Judged” as well as Take not the Speck out of your Brothers Eye for you have a Log and Beam in your Own!”.Now Master Jeshua was demosntrating the Perfected thinking or Forgiveness and Unconditional Love required to Master the Poles of Virgo and Pices,The Sign of the Artisan and the Mystic.Now remember also when Jeshua was on the Cross and the Theif Next to him asked for Forgiveness,Jeshua Said “On this day you will be with me in Paradise”So in forgiving ourselves and others we return to our Paradisical State of Conssciousness that we never really left,we just think we did!In truth the Fall never really happened it was created only in Mans Mind.No Seperation from God and Creation can ever take place in truth only the Illusionary and Temporary Experience of it Due to thinking with ones Negative Ego mind.Now it is interesting to note that Psychologically speaking we project onto God the Way we relate to ourselves and our Inner Psychology.This Manifested of course in many forms of Negative Ego God of the Old Testament who is “Jealous” Angry Judgemental and Negatively Angry.This is of course peoples own Negative Egos Projected onto God!What kind of a God would be conditionally Loving?It would not be so for God is Love,God is goodness without needing a reference point to Evil.God is Goodness without Equal God is Great Beyond Measure and Loved and Love itself.You are that and you are Realizing yourself in the Fullness of that Supreme Infinite Unlimited Love of all Kinds and of and in all Types.You are now waking up to Full Spectrum Prism Synthisis Love and the Demonstration of that Most High Ideal upon the Earth in all forms of Relationships with all Kingdoms of God!Namaste!

"A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous thing!"

I Do not like to admit this but some of the Most Disturbed People i have ever meet in this Life time have been Proclaimed Spiritual People and Light Workers.I do not say this to be Judgmental but to bring the Sword of Discernment to your Mind and heart.When we begin to understand Soul and Spiritual Psychology we start to see how this can be.We have all heard the Saying,”The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions”and we all know people and groups of people who make this saying so Christianity etc!How can so called Spiritual People be like this?The reason is what we like to call “Sub Conscious and Negative Ego Interference.”MOst of these People mean well,these people are often very knowledgable and have a lot of Spiritual Knowledge.But they are so run by their Emotional Body Sub Conscious Mind Inner Child and Desire Body that although they have a lot of Spiritual KNowledge they are not in control of their Spiritual Energies.Their Sub Conscious Mind is running them!The Sub Conscious Mind has no reasoning.When you let the Sub Conscious Mind run you this also means you let the Emotional and Astral Body run you.This also Means the Desire Body Runs you.This also means that the desire Body Runs you.This mean that you do not cause your Emotions,but they are victimizing you!This also means that the Negative Ego is running the person and their Life is being Run By a Non Reasoning Mind.This is an Indisputable Fact and Law of the Mind,This also Means that if Ones Sub Conscious Mind is to much incharge tha ones Mind Ones Inner Child and Ones Desire Lower Self and Negative Ego will be to much in Charge.a Person will be constantly making Mistakes and basically ones Sub Conscious Mind will be Creating Havoc in ones Life.This is what happens my friends when we let a non reasoning Mind run our Lives.Usually this Kind of Person is One Mistake after is really Mind Boggling to Watch.How can some one who is so knowledgable about SPiritual Things be So Unclear and make so many Mistakes over and over again in everything they do?
This also leads to the Most Unbelieveable Distortions of Perceptions!Their Belief System and Perception of Reality is hence greatly Controlled by a non Reasoning Mind Sub Conscious Mind and Negative Ego.A Great Many people think that “ALl you Need is Love”.This is not True,They do need love however they also need to know how to own their Personal Power and Little Psychological Wisdom Besides.It is always the Proper Balance of Love Wisdom and Power that is the Key!Only having one of these 3 Fold Flames will manifest in Negative Ego and Distorted Fragmentation.Now in Some cases this will manifest as Extremely Selfish and Socio Pathic behaviour even though the Person is on a Spiritual Path!How can a Person on a Spiritual Path be Sociopathic?This seems like the Ultimate Paradox.The Reason is that the Super Conscious the Conscious and the Sub Conscious Mind are all Fragmented.If you actually realized how many people this is happening to you would be astounded!If you knew how many Spiritual Leaders and Spiritual Teachers this is happening to you would be even more flabergasted.It is so common it is Mind Boggling!Most Spiritual Leaders,Channels and Teachers are falling Down the Spiritual Mountain Right and Left and a Great Many are also falling from Grace.This is because the SPiritual and Pyschological and Earthly Levels are not Mastered and INtegrated Properly.What is even more amazing is that these people who this is going on to don’t even have a Clue and this they are totally together.They for the Most part dont even know what the Negative Ego is except to be Run by it.What is even more amazing is that if you asked these people what the Negative Ego is they would say that they Mastered that in the Spring of 72!There is So much Corruption and Glamour going on in the Spiritual Movement and Spiritual Path it is Mind Boggling!If you have ever watched Shows Like Survivor and Big Brother one can get a sense of the Negative Ego and Sub Conscious Mind Interference taking Place.The ammount of Back Biting and Negative Ego Corruption os perceptible even to some one not trained in Spiritual Psychology.We can only Imagine what an Advanced Civilization of Extraterrertial Race might think in this regard!
Now there are often instances of Advanced Spiritual leaders and People that are even involved in semi criminal and almost even insane belief systems about things.They are so run by the Sub Conscious Mind and negative Ego and don’t even realize it.Because of this Sub Conscious Mind and Negative Ego are running them to such a degree they even start believing their own Lies.They are so unclear they do not even know what Integrity or Honesty is.Thei negative Egos are running the Show so no telling the Truth becomes a way of life and pretty soon the cant even tell the Difference between what is un truth and what is reality.They then become self righteous behind their Unconscious lies actually believing they are true.This usually coincides with a complete obsession for power fame and money!It also sometimes manifests with the Person who is so incredibly disturbed they think they are some kind of God Realized Being or Avatar.In truth the Only thing they are Realizing is their own Negative Egos!Now one of the Most disturbing things of all is how many Spiritual People are completely lacking in the Spiritual Discernment to see through their own Corruption.Many of these people are Major Spiritual Leaders Teachers Channels Scientists and Healers!They often say the are getting their Informations from their Guides Angels and of Ascended Masters.This is the Biggest joke of all!If truth be known their so called Guides and Angels and Ascended Masters are there own Negative Egos!These Spiritual Leaders and Teachers actually think it is legitimate guidance however it is corruption at the Highest level.They go on stage and act all loving and undiscerning light workers buy into it hook line and sinker!Now behind the scenes this person is manifestion behaviour that could be described as the Anti Christ.As the Ascended Masters once told me the Anti Christ would be a Spiritual Teacher!
In these Cases i am talking of we see here the Dichotomy of their Stage life of being a Masjor Spiritual Teacher SPiritual Channel and or Spiritual Scientist and the Total Corruption and Completely Selfih Motivations behind the sences.Their Psychologies are completely and totally confused.They do not have the first clue of the difference between Negative Ego Fear Based Seperative Dualistic Illusionary Selfish and Lower Self Materialistic thinking and the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad Mighty I am Presence God/Godes THinking and feeling!Their Motives are so impure that is it mind Boggling,that they could even call themselves SPiritual Leaders or SPiritual Teachers.They are Often Filled with Self Aggrantizement.They say that they are working for the Masters but all they talk about is themselves.Power has completely gone to their Heads,They often abuse their followers and call it Spiritual teaching.In some cases they are Filled with Anger and Even Hatred.They bite the hand that feeds them and even after being caught in their web of deceit Lying Negative Ego Manipulation Selfishness thirst for Power and Greed they just make up more Lies to try to escape from their Incredible Hypocrisy.These people are incapable of admitting Mistakes or ever apologizing.They lack the most Important Spiritual God Quality in my opinion and that is God Purity!Now it can also manifest very oten as a tupe of split personality where there is a very nice spiritual person who is totally believable then this other sides comes out that is selfish to the Core and Filled with Anger Hatred and even Evil.You would actually be amazed how common this is in Major SPiritual Leaders and Teachers!THere is often such a split that the person cant even tell when they fall into one or the other Personalities.They are so unconscious they cant even seem to tell they difference.In a lot of cases these Negative Ego Run “Spiritual Leaders and Teachers” are totally being Run by Dark and Evil Forces with out even knowing it.One of the Most Common qualities is being a Pathological Lier,however it is masked in a Spiritual or Scientific Manner and Spiritual Language and said in a loving manner which people often believe.These people are so deluded they don’t even realize they are being run by dark forces.Even when caught as they eventually are in a lot of cases,they do not admit their mistakes for their Negative Ego and Sub Conscious Mind Rationalize it and Blames others again!It also often Manifests as an extreme case of being run by the Inner Child.The Person is a Major Spiritual Teacher Leader Channel Healer Spiritual Scientist on the Stage and can be quite impressive.However the second they get off the stage the Corruption starts up again.Now hoe can this person give such a beutiful speech channeling or write such a book.Light workers and SPiritual People are often so un discerning.The Person is totally run by the negative Ego and Dark forces in their Life but gets on stage and gives a great speech or channeling.Light Workers need to be much more Discerning!Even after being caught in the act these people are so Negatively Ego Defended they Could not admit a Mistake if their Life depended on it.These are Major Spiritual Teachers and SPiritual Leaders i am talking about!They are so run by the sub conscious mind and negative ego and do not even realize it.So even when they are caught and communicated with in their own mind all they do is blame others.They often only fous on teaching other people their lessons instead of learning their own!They are often quite attached to their point of view as well as self Righteous and Opinionated.They are also over emotional.IN some cases they are so run by the Negative Ego Sub Conscious Mind Astral Body and Lower Self they are Prone to Drug abuse or Substance abuse!They are also filled with competition and Jealousy.They talk behind other peoples backs and are prone to backstabing and betrayal.They think they are strong but they are really weak for the are out of control,even though they put on the Facade they are not!They are very Conviving.One of the Most Astonishing things is what good liers they are.They can turn on the SPiritual Charm and can speak the New Age SPiritual Language and Exude such love that no matter how many times they actually do it you actually believe them.The next thing behind the scenes they are acting as selfish as hateful and as evil as ever!Be aware my freinds of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing!
So why and how are so many light workers so easily deceived?This is because they have not been trained in Spiritual Psychology to the degree that they need to be.They do not understand the fragmentation can take place between the Super Conscious the Conscious and the Sub Conscious Mind.They have not been sufficiently trained in the difference between Negative Ego and Christ Consciousness.They also have a Naive Understanding of what channeling and Psychic abilities are and how they are totally channeled through ones Ray Strucuture through ones Conditioning Ones Mind Ones Negative Ego ones Programing Ones Astrology and so forth.They think if it is channeled it is true.Nothing could be further from the Truth!If People knew how much any and all channeling of the Ascended Masters Angels Guides and Teachers is channeled through ones Psychology Ones Belief System Negative Ego Agendas Negative Ego Glamour and Psychological Philosophical and Personality Filters of the Person doing the Channeling they would be shocked!THey would think twice before every giving their Power away to a Person doing a Channeling.The Same Applies to Psychics readings and SPiritual Teaching.We have all heard the saying a little KNowledge is dangerous thing.Most of these people are filled with Book Knowledge from workshops.They Package it up all Nicely and give SPiritual Bullets.SInce it is based on a Many Great Truths Light Workers buy it Hook Line and Sinker!What they are not discerning is how fragmented these the information is and how corrupted the Messenger is.The messengers only real concern is for self aggrantizement Power Fame Sex Vanity Control of Others.The Hypoocrisy is unreal.The Corruption is Mind Boggling!The Most Unbelievable thing is how common it is among enormous numbers of Spiritual Leaders Channels Teachers Scientists and Healers.
This Lesson has been lovingly Given to help Light Workers to have more SPiritual Discernment and Psychological Vision to watch out for “Wolves in Sheeps Clothing!” and also to be aware of “Sub Conscious and Negative Ego Interference.”For the SPiritual Leaders and Light workers are 100% of the Time completely un aware these are going on within themselves and their students and followers are not aware of these things either.They are drawn to True Knowledge,but have not been sufficiently trained yet in SPiritual Psyschology to be able to see the Enormous Corruption that is taking place.It is Mind Boggling to think all of these spiritual leaders channels teachers scientists psychics do not have a clue that any of this is going on.A great many number have taken a tumble down the Spiritual Mountain,and do not even have a clue.A Great Many have actually fallen from Grace and the Ascended Masters have stopped their Evolution and they do not have a clue.Many have been reported to the Karmic Board and are on serious Spiritual Probation.Many are actually involved in Semi Criminal Sociopathic and almost Schitzophrenic Split Personality Multiple Personality Delusionary and even almost psychotic Behaviour and they dont even have a clue!Many are on ego trips so massive it is hard to believe anyone but an absolute insane person could believe such a thing,yet they do not even have a clue this is going on!If you asked these SPiritual Leaders Teachers Scientists Healers Musicians and Light Workers if they are clear or if they are Spiritually clear and centered,if they are in control of the Negative Ego Inner Child Sub Conscious Mind Emotions thoughts and feelings,They will say they are and that they are Manifesting 100% Christ Consciousness all the time!I have observed this over the years over and over again and it still never ceases to amaze me!I have spoken to the Master about this for hours on end and it is as disturbing to them as it is to you and me.It was for this reason that God and the Masters in the Company of Heaven and Spiritual Hierarchy that Evolution should actually be slowed down not speeded up.Things where slowed down because the Spiritual Bodies where far more advanced then the Psychological Bodies as well as the Integration of Spirit into the Earthly Bodies and life.In other words the advancement of the Spiritual Body has not been integrated fully and properly enough into the mental emotional etheric physical and earthly aspect of life.Hence this is causing way to much disintegration and fragmentation as has been described.It is for this Reason that the Masters asked me to Write this lesson!It is for this Reason that all the IAMU COntent training Manuals Soul Psychology and Correspondence Courses have been written and given to Light Workers to be able to understand these things and start to master and demosntrate the Psychological Ideal in this Regard!This lesson is given lovingly as a wake up call to light workers to be very Spiritually and Psychologically Vigilent within self and with other people for only in seeing these things in self can we learn to see them in others!This lesson has been given to open your Psychospiritual Vision so that you may not be taken over unconsciously by these Forces and so you may help your Family Friends Students or Collegues to whom this is happening.
To Fully Realize integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness you must become a Master of the Spiritual Level the Psychological level and the Earthly Level in a Balanced and Integrated Manner!It is only when this is done that Full God and Self Realization can take place.It is only by being aware of these things in self can we see them in others.So we can now be on guard for this,and help others ti be aware of this also!It is my Sincere Hope and Prayer that this in depth study of the Negative Ego within light workers and spiritual people will help to inspire you even more to become and Integrated Ascended Master within Self and then to dedicate your Life to help others to doing the same in their Lives!Namaste!
Dr Joshua David Stone and Gloria Excelcias Run the Inner and Outer Plane IAMUniveristy.( is a humble extension of this Great work and all thanks and acknowledgement is given to Joshua for Providing this Material and for Gloria in Expounding and Disseminating this more Widely across the Planet.These Teachings are the New Higher Octave Aquraian Teachings and Joshua is himself in training with Lord Meitrya to take over the Office of the Christ as Lord Meitreya Continues in his Cosmic Evolution.I think you can then sense the Profundity of what has been given here!It is our hope and pray that you use all this material to become a Master of it and then share that with all your Freinds Family Students Collegues and So forth so the Entire Planet can wake up to this and eventually become a Race of Ascended Masters and Advanced Earthly Civilization,eventually back to one of the most advanced in the Universe!