Friday, February 18, 2011

Climbing Ones Spiritual Psychological and Earthly Mountain Every Day!

Every Day We get a Chance from God the Masters and Our own Mighty I am Presence and Full Enlightened Self to Climb our Personal Earthly Psychological and Spiritual Mountain,by Demonstrating our Highest Ideal on Each of these Levels Each Day.By giving our 100% Effort and Personal Power to brining forth our Ideal on every level,at all times working to the absolute level,we make the fullest progress possible each day.There is a certain amount of energy afforded us each day and we have to use that wisely.Not over spending our energy nor doing to Little and becoming lethargic and Depressed.It is a Constant Balance and Process or Re adjusting.By Constantly making the Appropriate adjustment at any time we feel think intuit or start to know that we are out of this ideal that we have set our self,(Previously we have set up an ideal program to work with)Then we immediately make the appropriate adjustment to get ourselves back into that ideal balance and peace.This of course means giving our Utmost to working our Ideal Earthly Routine in terms of Phhysical Exercise Sleep Eating Patterns and So Forth.On a Psychological Level it means Demonstrating our Highest Level of Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Melchedizek Consciousness at all times and in all sitautions,to hold fast to our Psychological Ideals,in attuning to the 7 Great Planetary Rays in a Psychological Sense.It also means working our Ideal Spiritual Ascension Program in Meditating at the same time 3 Times a Day,Doing appropriate Attunements and Ascension Activations,Doing our Light Work and Getting Dressed Spiritually as well as Etherically and any other Spiritual Work we might be called to do!So if we can do this to our highest Potential at all times each day we will be sure that we are integrating the Higher Aspect of the 6th Ray of Devotion and Idealism!

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