Monday, February 7, 2011

Practices for Developing the 1st Chakra

Physical Earthly Practices for Developing the First Chakra The First Ray and the First Sphere:First thing upon Waking Call go for a Walk,Walk on the Track or on the Beach Bare foot and feel your Chords of Light Connecting your Feet Chakra to the Core of the Mother Earth.Focus your Attention on the Root Chakra and feel see and experience a Red Light Connecting your Root Chakra to the Mother Earth.Feel and use the Energy of the Physical world to draw attention energy and thus Consciousness to that Area of the Body,The Tip of the Sacrum,The Anus,The Colon and the Lower Intestine.Do a Coffee Enema in the Shower and have a Really Good Bowel Movement after that.The Clear Colon allows for a Free flow of Pranic and Physical Energy to Move in the Root Chakra allow Non Physical Energies to Flow Freely there.Dress in Red as this attunes your Bodies Aura and Minds to the First Sphere and the 1st Chakra.Claim the Full Power of your Physical Body and use it to organize the Ideal Routine.Use the Energy of the Body fully to Create the Ideal and Destroy that which is not serving your Highest Incarnation of Spirit and the Integrated Ascended Masters Consciousness on Earth.Listen to the Radio,The News and Stay in Touch with Planetary National Regional News and Politics.Stay Informed and take a Stance in Position to the Current World Events.This way you are stepping into a Political Position and this taking a stance in the Political World.Use your Energies Physical Emotional Mental and Spiritual To direct yourself and all your Soul Extensions to the Integrated Ascended Master Ideal and the Realization and Demonstration of that on the Earth Plane.(You will be Guided as to the Direction of such things)

Psychological Consciousness Practices for the 1st Chakra the 1st Ray and the 1st Sphere:First thing Upon Waking Claim your 100% Personal Power 100% Master Cause and 100% Ascended Master Consciousness!Through out your Day in every situation and Circumstance be a Cause not an effect.Choose to claim your Integrated Ascended Masters Consciousness!Never give your Power away at any point to any thought and feeling any desire any impulse,Never give your Power to anyone for any reason Ever!Not to God not to the Master,Not the Angels Not to anyone for any reason Every!Claim it for yourself and your Spiritual Mission,Claim it to master your Energies and Direct your Life and all Life Streams connected to your Mighty I am Presence.Use it to Master your Routine Your Energies your Actions Your Service you Leadership Your Education your Intelligence Your Harmony your Service Your Devotion and your Magical Victory!Use your Power to Empower self and others!Use your Power to serve Uplift and help all people in all ways!Use your Personal Power to Give all to all!Claim it and never give it away but give it to serve!Take Notes from your Meditations and from any and all insights your recieve through out your day and in your 3 Times Meditations.Take not of any spontaneous ideas or insights your get through out the day!

Spiritual Ascension Practices for the 1st Chakra the 1st Ray and the 1st Sphere:First think upon awakening Ask and request to be attuned and Bi Located to Master El Moyra’s office and Ashram and to be trained in a Bi Located State to Integrated Ascended Masters Leadership and Politics.Ask to be Trained Personally by Master El Moyra and Overlighted by him in all your Efforts and Energies today.Ask and Request a Red Golden Bubble of Protection be Brought around your Etheric Body and that all energies be aligned and attuned to the First Ray and 1st Sphere of Life.Visualize your Self as a Integrated Leader of all your Energies thoughts and Feelings and see yourself Demonstrating Leadership in all things and in all Situations.Visualize the Red Light around yourself and others at all times through out the Day.In your Morning Mid day and your Evening Mediation ask to be attuned and Bi Located to Master El Moyra Power Seat,and ask to be attuned to the First Kingdom,The Mineral Kingdom at a Cosmic Universal Galactic Solar and Planetary Level.Ask to be attuned to the 1st Ray Elhiom (Creator Gods) and the First Ray Angels The first Ray Elementals and the 1st Ray Adepts and World Servers.Sit in a Bi Located state through out the Day in Master El Moyras Seat of Planetary Personal Power and Integrated Ascended Masters Leadership!

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