Saturday, February 12, 2011

Practices for Developing the 7th Ray 7th Chakra and 7th Sphere of Life!

Physical Earthly Practice for Developing the 7th Chakra:First thing upon waking up,slowly sit in a Meditation Posture and Meditate for 20 Minutes in Silence and Focus the Attention and energy on the Crown Chakra.Focus the Physical Energy at the Top of the Head.Practice a 1 Day Fast building to a 3 day then 7 Day and eventually a 10 Day fast.This is a requirement for taking to more extensive fast of 40 Days which all Great Master have Completed.Plato was said to not have accepted Students until they had completed a 40 Day Fast!Practice Fasting often.You will be amazed at the Benefits you will receive!If this is an Issue,Try first Juice Fasting or Smoothie Fasting and Build up to eventually taking Water and nothing else.It is a Process so of course go at your Own Speed and don’t push yourself to hard but also go through your current threshold!Stand in the Open Air with your Back to the Sun and allow the Energy of the Sun to Enter your Crown Chakra at the Back of your Head.Do very Little Rest and sit in Stillness.Meditation Opens the Crown Chakra so our Key Focus today is rest and Merger with the Monad on Earth and the Higher Octave Experience of the Crown Chakra which is Monadic Merger Soul and SPiritual Travel.If we have worked the Energy of the previous 6 Ray Days and Done required Service in the Previous 6 Ashrams of the Christ we will find quite naturally that we begin to Meditate with out making an effort our Vision and our Merger will be quite natural.To assist this sit as often as you can in Lotus of Half Lotus and just feel the Energies Pouring Down from the Heirarchy and your Own Mighty I am Presence!Be Blest and Merged with God Spirit the Masters your Brothers and Sisters on Earth and all that is in the Infinite Omniverse!You are that Forever more!

Psychological Practices for Developing the 7 Chakra:First thing Upon arising Journal your Dreams and make any adjustments on a Super Conscious Conscious and Sub Conscious Mind Level being sure to bring all 3 Minds into the Proper Spiritual Alignment first thing.If you get a Super Conscious Mind Dream,choose to Integrated that Lesson and make all outer adjustments.If you get a Conscious Mind Dream or Choose to Lucid Dream with the Conscious Mind choose to make that towards service and Spiritual ALignment.If you get a Sub Conscious Mind Dream be sure to adjust your energies and actions outer and inner to make the required adjustment so you don’t get this kind of feedback again.Attune in your thinking to the World of Freedom and building of the New Earth.Claim your 100% Victory in Self and over all aspects of the Lower Self and all aspects of Your Consciousness in service of Your Mighty I am Presence God the Masters and your Brothers and Sisters on Earth.Claim the Full Power of all your Bodies and Minds to this End!Be Victorious and COntinuos in all your Efforts to the attainment of your Integrated Ascended Masters Consciousness your Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness and your 12 24 Levels of Initiation and Light Body.Take all action on a Psychological thinking feeling level towards the Transcendence of the Negative Ego Fear Based Seperative Dualistic Illusionary Selfish Lower Self thinking and take every action on a Mental Psychological Level towards the Attainment Realization and Demonstration of the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamd Mighty I am Presence God Godess Consciousness on Earth in service of Self God the Masters and your Brothers and Sisters on Earth and in all Kingdoms of God!

Spiritual Ascension Practices for the development of the 6th Chakra:Meditate on Sillence in Solitude.Walk in Nature and attune to the Mother Earth and Her Physical Body the Elementals of the Earth and all the Elements of the Cosmos.Walk under the stary Sky and absorb the Infinite Energy from the Universe through your Crown Chakra.Smile and absorb all the energy of the Spiritual World at all times by Practicing the Inner Smile and Absorbing the Universal Energy of life that surrounds you at all times.Meditate 3 Times today morning mid day and evening and focus on the Sillence and Stillness.Ask to be Bi Located to St Germains 7th Ray Ashram of the Christ and the Higher Octave of the 7th Sphere and 7th Ray.Ask to be trained at night and in the Day in the Work of the 7th Ray and ask to be informed of your particular Monadic Use of this Energy in service of your Mighty I am Presence God the Masters and your Brothers and Sisters on Earth.Request to be Bi Located all day today to the 7th Ray ashram,so that you might bring forth the energies of the 7th Ray and act as a Transmiting force for the Heiarchy and the 7th Ray Ashram of the Christ!Ask to be over lighted by St Germain at all times through out the Day and Night and Merged on Earth with that Service work of Transformation and the REvamping of Civilization and the Creation of a Planet of IAM Presence and a Christed Planet of Masters and Aspirants.Ask to be transformed in the Light of the Mighty I am Presence and fully Merged with God on earth in the 7th Sphere the 7th Initiation and the 7th Ray on the 7th Day of the Week hereafter during your time on earth in your Last Incarnation on earth!

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