Sunday, February 20, 2011

Leadership in the New Age

"Leading Oneself and all Ones Energies Consciousness Bodies Mind and Action towards the Integrated Ascended Master Ideal on a Physical Earthly Psychological Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension Level are todays Inner and Outer Service Work.Check the website and Blog for Details on Related Practices.Namaste. "

Leadership of all Energies all thoughts all Feelings All actions All Desires All Emotions towards the Integrated Ascended Master ideal,is the work of Monday the first Ray day.We make a Decisive Decision this day to direct our Energies towards the Ideal,Taking the Appropriate action towards demonstrating Leadership over our Energies.We focus on right action in getting our Exercise in organizing our Earth Life,in all ways.We focus on directing our Psychological Self,Our Inner Child With tough Love,Firmness Boundries and Unconditional Love and Guidance.We direct all our Sub Conscious Past Life Sub Personalities Elemental Energies and all Aspects of the Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness to the IAM Presence Light and Integrated Light of the Ascended Masters Consciousness.We then also direct our Ideal Spiritual Ascension Program by taking time to do our Morning Yoga Practice,To do out Sillent Meditation to get attuned to the Voice of God and the Holy Spirit.We do our Ascension Bi Location Walk and attune to the Master and Ray Ashram of Said Day,ie El Moyra and the First Ray Ashram.We also might do any and all other Spiritual activities like Visualizing Light in all Water Systems,In the Shower,Our Golden Bubble,Light on Everyone Else,Visualizing Light around all People and all things surrounding in the Light and Love of God!This way we become Good and Responsible Leaders of all our Energies inner and Outer!We become Dedicated World Servers in all Our Daily Activities!

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