Friday, February 11, 2011

Earthly Psychological and Spiritual Practices for developing the 6th Chakra.

Physical Earthly Practices for Developing the 6th Chakra:First thing Upon Arising Focus on taking in as much Physical Sensory Information as Possible.Keep your Eyes Wide and Open and receive the Impression from God about the Cosmic Physical Plane of Gods Earthly Universe.Before and During Sun Rise and Sun Set watch the Sun with Eyes open.Tilt the Head back and allow the Rays of the Sun to enter the Eyes giving the Eyes the Required Chi.Also allow the Rays of the Sun to Enter the Pituitary Gland Behind the Eyes in the Middle of the Brain giving that Gland a Good Activation of the DMT Chemical which the Pituitary Gland Secretes.Let the Sun Activate this Gland to Function Optimally.Use your Eyes to the fullest Possible Measure and Extent and take in as much as you can.Use the Eyes and explore your Physical Sense of Vision in all ways today.Have fun and enjoy experiencing the Physical Universe with your Physical Earthly Sense of seeing!It is God Seeing God!

Practices for Developing your Psychological Vision:Log and Journal your Dreams first thing and make any adjustments within and without so as to not give your power to them but also correct them,learn the lesson from them and use them to assist you in returning to the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna seeing.Usually a dream will be an indication if we are on or off in this regard.Our first feeling about the Dream will let us know if we are on with our Spiritual Christ God/Godess Ideal.If we are off then make the adjustment and choose to get back into the Christ Mind no matter what!Then First thing Upon Arising Focus on seeing the World as God/Godess Physical Body.Use your Mind to think correctly about all incoming data,in that Everyone you see is the Christ,Every Rock Every Animal every Plant and Every Brother or sister you Meet is the Christ.The Holy Son/Daughter of God.Honour and respect everyone you see i this way.Re cognize everyone as your Brother and Sister and Honour the Planetary Family in every one you see.Open your Eyes to see with the Full SPectrum Prism Lens of God/Godess and the Ascended Masters.Focus on seeing everything that happens on the Earth Plane Part of The Building of the Kingdom of God and part of the Grounding of Heaven upon the Earth.Be sure to Practice Thought Control and Control all your Negative Ego Thoughts by placing around your self a Semi Permeable Bubble that protects your from negative energy and thoughts from your own sub conscious mind and from the World and other people.Do this 3 TImes a day religiously or every time you eat walk pray or talk!Focus on seeing the Spiritual Lesson you are being gifted with and focus on seeing every situation and experience of life as an Initiation of Consciousness you must pass by demonstrating Spiritual Christed Response.Be sure to turn every imperfection you see in the world,take action to make any wrongs you see right!The World is Gods Ashram and as a Planetary Integrated Ascended Master in training it is your duty and responsibility to take any and all action required in transforming the Planet into a Christed Planet and IAM Civilization.Take every action you feel guided to today in this regard!Look for opportunities to do good deeds and do them!”Service is the Law and the Fruit of Life” as Lord Maitreya the Planetary Christ Likes to say!

Spiritual Ascension level Practices for developing the 6th Chakra:First thing upon waking up ask to be Bi Located to Master Sanandas 6th Ray ashram to be Trained with the 6th Ray Adepts in Higher Idealism and Devotion.Request to be Bi Located all day and all night to that Ashram for the Highest Level Spiritual Training on the Planet!Go for a morning Ascension walk and attunement.Clear your Space and make your house and space desk and workspace look physically clear and psychically clear.Ask God and the Masters to Clear your Space energetically and on a Spiritual Level.Meditation 3 times on the and in the 6th Ashram.Once in the Morning Once in the Middle of the Day and Once at Night.Ground your Antakarana into the Earth and into Source at the 352nd Level of Divinity 3 TImes a Day religiously!Ask and request your 142 Soul Extension to be integrated into your Consciousness.Ask and request your Spiritual Vision of the Kingdom of God and your Part in it to be Revealed to your Spiritual Site that you might see clearly how to best serve and help yourself the Masters God and your Brothers and Sister in the one Sonship and Daughtership!Always be in a Bi Located State on arising through out the Day and before going to sleep!This will fully align and attune your Spiritual Body to God the Masters Master Sananda and the 6th Ray Ashram!

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