Monday, February 14, 2011

The Experience of the Full Spectrum Prism Integrated Christ Consciousness on the Earth Plane!

A Lot can be said and a lot is talked about the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Mighty I am Presence God Godess Consciousness but this can only point to the direct revelation and experience of this Mighty Consciousness that is your Truest self.All The Words are Great Descriptions and in truth the words point to and lead you to direct experience of this.They key way to access this most INtegrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness is of course to keep up all your Practices suggested by both the IAMU and IAMYA and to do all your Daily Physical Earthly Psychological Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension Practices to this end,but also these must be let go of when we are in the world,and we are simply called to practice the Presence of God.This Means remaining totally open and present to what is,and if the work has been done all that will remain is the Integrated Christ Consciosuness,that Diamond Sparks of Gods Mighty Light,That Full Prism of Perfection that Radiates the Granduer and Glory through your Body Systems and minds leaving all Human error and Conditioning behind.All that is Left is Gods Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness.Now at times of course in the Process of Practicing the Presence of God various lessons and test and adjustments will have to be made as this is what the spiritual path consists of,making subtle adjustments in your life so you are constantly flowing in the Tao.If you get a tough lesson showing you you are out in some area,be grateful for that lesson,make the needed adjustment vowl never to make that again and move on!You will be better for it for when i happens again you will no what not to do and exactly what to do!So in this way everything that happens in life is a blessing and a test for you to remain in the Christ Consciousness to remain in the Fulll Spectrum Prism Light,And anything other then that is just an indicator for you to get back to that Ideal!So as Sai Baba Says “Welcome Adversity” and “when Given Lemons,Make Lemonade!”For every test and lesson you pass with stabalize your Foundation in the Integrated Christ Consciousness and Further Stabalize your Monadic Group and Soul Family in the Experience of Gods Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness and be the best service to your Self God The Masters and your Brothers and Sisters that you could ever render!In remaining here at all costs and with all your energy you always remain in the Tao of life and will always be in the Right Time and Right Place and will forgo the Tought Lessons of Learning through Karma.You will learn by Grace and not Inflict Karma and learning with your Brothers and Sisters on Earth.You will not have to reincarnate for you have learnt your lessons and you have learnt to stay in evenmindedness inner Peace Happiness Un Broken Joy at all times.This is premier Test and lesson of the Spiritual Path!To remain in this Christ Consciusness at all times and in al situations to your Highest Potential!So go now into your Day and LIfe fully ready in your Full Personal Power your Full Loving Wisdom and Active Intelligence Your Full Harmony your Full Science of Life your Full Devotion and your Full Victorious Magical Order!Go forth into life as the Diamond of Light Percieving everything through the Eyes of Love Unconditional Love and Oneness,Recognizing everything and everyone as an extension of your Self as an extension of God through the Cosmic Monads and their Earthly Soul Extensions through the 12 Kingdoms.Go into the World open to the Gifts that Life God and the Masters have to offer you as a Son and Daughter of the Most High and go forth as an Inspiration to the World and your Brothers and Sisters of what is possible with the Power of the Spirit of God on the Earth.Go forth and shine the Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Light in everything you do!Go forth and be a Blessing to the WorldNamate!

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