Monday, February 21, 2011

The Yin Process of Rest Recovery and Receptivity in Process of Integration.

"Loving Self Loving Creator and Creation Loving all Aspects of Creation and Ones Eternal Self are Todays Earthly Psychological and Spiritual Practices.Give Love to Self 100% Give Love to Creator 100% and Give Love to Creation 100% to the Best of your Ability at all time and in all situations!Love is a found that never runs dry but Overflows in to all Streams and Tributaries!"

Using the Techniques and Methods of IAMYA,We flow from one day to another day following a Yin and Yang Flow cycle.Monday is a Yang Day,ie First Ray,Tuesday is a Yin Day,Ie 2nd Ray Love and Wisdom,So all our Practices Physical Earthly Psychological Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension levels,focus around the Yin aspect of LIfe.For example we might choose to incoporate Yin Flowing Yoga Practices into our Physical Earthly Routine,We Might Choose to be Psychologically Loving and Open remaining Receptive to Recieve the Divine Currents of Loving Wisdom from God the Masters and Nature Herself.This is a day to open Physically Psychologically and Spiritually.We might choose to do opening Spiritual Practices Such cleansing Yogic Practices the 6 Cleansing Practices Described in the Yoga Sutras.We might choose to Do an Opening Stillness Meditation,meditating On Brahman and the Om,Or doing Jhana Yoga Meditation on Emptyness so we might enter Soonya,or the Void.We make a Choice Psychologically to Remain open and Receptive.We also take the time to renew and rest by taking rest and not being hugely active as we are on the Yang Days,(Monday,Wednesday,Friday,And Sunday,)This way we are integrating the Feminine aspect of God/Godess and working on Integrating the Godess Energies.For Males it might be good to give a focus to learning from the Feminine aspect of Creation,by working on integrating ones Feminine Side and Learning from the Venusian Kingdom.Venus has already Ascended Beyond the 5th Dimension so is actually guiding Earth and other Planets in this Solar System,so she already has this place as a Teacher and Way Shower.In truth all the Planets work together as an Integrated Whole working to serve the Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness of God but each planet has a particular role and service to the Cosmic Evolution.Venus being the Planet of Love is About Beuty Love Sensuality Sexuality and all things refined and Cultured.She is a Most Splendid and Most Light Filled Planet and all would do well to admire and adore her and thus learn from her.So this is an aspect of Self we need to integrate and work on developing and this is always done within first but also the without is just as important.By integrating and developing the Yin Receptivity we gain Intuitive Knowledge and Insight and are able to perceive and Experience the Feminine Face of Godess on the Earth Plane.So this is our work and service today in all our Earthly Activities and Routines,In all Our Psychological Foundations and in all our Spiritual Ascension Practices,to develop integrate and demonstrate Rest REcovery and Receptivity to the Divine and the Supreme Godess Energies!Namaste and Enjoy your Practices my Friends!

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