Saturday, February 26, 2011

“Developing and Demonstrating Idealism!”

"Devotion to Ones Ideal Phsyical Earthly Psychological Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension Level Program are todays Practices.At all times and in all ways organize arrange and Demonstrate your Ideal on the 3 Main Areas of your Self."
Developing Idealism within self and ones outlife are todays Practices.At all times we put our 100% Effort and Energy into developing our Ideal Routine Structure Pattern and Practices in all areas that we are working on.We take all action towards demonstrating our Ideal and if anything seems or feels that it is un ideal,then we immediately take the right action to get back into our Ideal.If we feel anything out then we take action to get it back to the Ideal!This we do on a Physical Earthly Level in terms of Eat Sleep Work and Service,In terms of Our Psychology and thinking in terms our Our Psychological Foundations we are demonstrating and on a Spiritual Level in terms of our Meditation and Spiritual Practices we do to keep our attunement to God and the Masters.This way we develop and Demonstrate Idealism!

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