Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Activating the Electric Moon of Service,From Eden Sky

To Serve is to Shine as the Flowering Mystery
and Act in Ways Vast and Subtle,
Guided by Wisdom and Compassion,
Moved as the Winds of Spirit Propel Your Being.

On the 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar
within the 13-Tone Spiral of the Year,

Sept 20 – Oct 17
always correlates to
Moon 3
The Electric Moon of Service

Code Words: Activate ~ Bond ~ Service

Our totem is the deer.
Our Tone of Creation is 3.

3 brings the sacred trinity,
the possibility of movement, exchange and rhythm
beyond the polarity of 2.

Service is Love Made Visible

When we understand our interdependence,
with each other and with the living universe,
we sense ourselves as a vital link in our web of relationships;
we recognize the ongoing exchange of giving and receiving.

Each moment offers us an opportunity to show up and interact constructively,
to serve in the actualization of its potential; to ACTIVATE IT!

Service can refer to both one’s lifetime mission,
as well as the moment to moment invitation to support life
as it is occurring right in front of our eyes.

The more we keep centering in our hearts
and sensitizing our awareness to the depths of what it means to be alive,
the more we perceive the callings from within,
and the more we understand the needs confronting us.
In this process, our bonds with life deepen
and we feel more and more held by the benevolence of the Whole.

The essence of service is that one feels passionately, gratefully alive
and wishes to consciously participate in the circulation of this loving gratitude -
humbly serving the Whole that upholds life -
being an agent of that benevolent presence in action.

The form one’s service can take can look like many things.
We can contemplate that there are
ong range and short range manifestations of service.
Our life’s expression reflects our balance of these two elements,
and how we are serving in uniting the spiritual and material realms.

Ultimately, Service is INTUITIVE.

How service manifests is relative to the person and to the intuition of the moment.

Is one’s attention being called to the mundane or to the mystical?
To the breadcrumb or to the sky?
To the inner or to the outer?
What if these paths and acts and feelings are all connected!
Our task is to follow our heart’s promptings,
because in the scheme of Totality, its all relevant and has its own timing.

From redefining our global economy to represent new paradigm values,
to helping a child peel an orange.
From discovering new sciences and energy
breakthroughs based on higher-dimensional mathematics,
to listening deeper than you’ve ever listened to the morning bird song.
From doing yogic breathing exercises to balance and activate both sides of your brain,
to working to re-structure the public health care system.
From serving your family’s needs,
to doing ceremony and prayers to align with your spiritual guides.
From protecting the bees from extinction,
to looking deeply and self-reflectively at your own shadow and unconscious,
integrating your wounds into your own heart.
From giving a speech to thousands,
to teaching a child how to ride a bike.
From expressing your artistic soul,
to genuinely telling someone how much you appreciate and value them.
From planting a tree,
to developing your telepathy by attuning to natural time!

Life is a journey providing limitless ways to serve.
As we open up to life’s intelligence inside of us, this becomes more clear.
The opportunities and callings for service change from one moment to the next
as the waves of life unfold over time.

While the authentic spirit of service is available to explore all
the ways and avenues to be of help,
it seems that when people are doing what they genuinely love,
they can’t help but be of service to the whole.
Each of us has unique gifts and abilities,
specific passions and inclinations that we can develop
and offer for the upliftment of our communities and our world!

As we live our lives in ways that inspire us to feel Electrically Alive,
our path of service naturally presents itself.
Therefore, let us continue to follow our spirits and liberate our passions,
knowing that as we feel truly alive,
our service will gracefully emerge and flower.
As we humbly bestow the world with our ray, our note,
we offer beauty to the collective dream.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The First Ray of WIll and Power,By Petra Kumara,

First ray of Will and Power - Alpha Centauri
Alice Bailey, through her trance channelings with Djwhal Khul, brought through much information on the first seven rays, and in recent years this has been expanded upon by different authors and Spiritual facilitators. Since August 7, 1972, there has been an additional five higher rays available to Humanity. The five rays, rays eight to twelve, carry a higher vibration of Source Light. They do not have the level of dualities that exist within the first seven rays, and are having an amazing influence on the anchoring and activating of our own wonderful Higher Light and in the actualization of our true nature as Master Beings of Love and Light.These twelve great rays spiral forth from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, Overlighted by the Twelve Directors at a Multi-Universal level, and move through each preceding dimension until they enter our solar system. Furthermore, during the first Harmonic Convergence, between August 15-17, 1987, and the unprecedented Light activities experienced at this time, six Cosmic rays were partially anchored onto the earth plane through the Overlighting of the Mahatma, the Cosmic Avatar of Synthesis. At this time, a Galactic portal through this quadrant of the Galaxy was reopened, which allowed the six Cosmic rays to come pouring forth onto the Earth plane. The six Cosmic rays, which were withdrawn just prior to the Fall of Atlantis, are Service rays; and were not completely anchored onto the Earth until April 23, 1994.These Cosmic rays hold the highest quotient of Source Light, and are a combination of all twelve rays through the appropriate co-creative Councils of Twelve, with an additional focus on one or more of these rays, brought about through the appropriate Monadic modules at each dimensional level. In other words, there is a collective Higher Light focus at each dimensional level on one or more of the rays, which in this system of energy, is represented by the fourth to the ninth dimensions. The first Cosmic ray, for example, is a combination of all twelve rays with a Monadic focus on the second ray of Love-Wisdom, which creates the thirteenth ray of Solar Service. The second Cosmic ray, the fourteenth ray of Interstellar Service, is a combination of all twelve rays with a Monadic focus on the eighth ray of Transcendence, and so on.The Cosmic rays can best be understood as a bridge between the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy, represented by the Ascended Masters, Overlighted by Lord Buddha and Sanat Kumara, the Archangels and Mighty Elohim, and the Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy, represented in this instance primarily by Christed ET's, and the Order of Melchizedek, who have been involved in the forward evolution of Humanity for eons of time. The Cosmic rays bring with it the ability to integrate aspects of our multidimensional Selves, and further to this, allow us to step into the infinite and eternal Now through the understanding of our true Immortal nature.While it is good to have a basic understanding of the rays, Return to Original Innocence has more of a focus on the related Higher Self of the Light through the particular planet or star it embodies or Overlights. The key to the integration of each Higher Self of the Light comes through going on a journey with the archetypes related to the ray energy of that planet or star, and integrating the magical images, and symbols related to each ray, while clearing energetically on all levels. This program allows you to heal your Cosmic wounds through many of the psycho-energetic techniques offered in each guided visualization, integrate the archetypes and bring through many of the multidimensional gifts related to each Higher Self, as well as connecting you to the entire Company of Heaven, from the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and Angels, the Mighty Elohim, the Christed Extraterrestrials, Lord Melchizedek and the Order of Melchizedek, your Higher Selves of the Light, your Christed Overself of the Light, and Mother/Father God. You are also offered the gift of stepping into many Light Chambers, such as a Divine eight-cell blueprint Chamber of Light, an Akashic Records Synthesis Chamber of Light, a Cosmic Karmic Clearing Chamber of Light, a Cosmic Re-Integration Chamber of Light, and a Metatron Activated Chamber of Light, to name a few. Each Light Chamber takes you deeper into your Cosmic Heritage as you activate the dormant DNA, spin the atoms and molecules in the body at increased frequencies of Light, view the Akashic records, align yourself to your original Divine Cosmic blueprint, clear karma on a Cosmic level, go through different levels of initiation, and truly become an empowered, loving Master from a Cosmic perspective.What you will also find in Return to Original Innocence is that we do not work with all the rays, although you are given an opportunity to integrate all the rays. This is simply that that we only have twelve Higher Selves of the Light, making up our Christed Overself of the Light, and as each Higher Self travels through a particular planet or star related to one or more of the rays, we work with our Higher Selves through the energy matrix of the appropriate ray, rather than focusing on the ray itself.Much of the information on the rays is presented from a Qabalistic and magical perspective, particularly from Jacob's Ladder and a new energy system called Jacob's Ladder II, in which we gain a better understanding of how the rays are related to the spheres or Sephiroth (orbs of Light) in the Tree of Life.It is my hope that these teachings will take you to a new level of your multidimensional nature, and the ability to step beyond all veils of illusion, as you view Life through your Master eyes as a co-creator to the Company of Heaven, while having a deeper understanding of your Life purpose and starseeded Cosmic Heritage. First ray of Will and Power - Alpha CentauriWe will travel to Alpha Centauri, which holds the predominate energy signature of the first ray of Will and Power through the Alpha Centaurian Co-Creative Council of Twelve. You will be assisted by your Alpha Centaurian Higher Self of the Light, the archetypes related to first ray of Will and Power, and Overlighted by Chohan El Moyra, Archangel Michael, Faith and Khamuel, and Elohim Hercules and Amazonia. This process will clear any issues related to abuse and misuse of power as you find the symbols related to this ray, and through this, embody the associated magical symbols. Following this, you will be taken to the Ascension Seat in Alpha Centauri, where you will merge with the archetypes related to this ray, as well as your Alpha Centaurian Higher Self of the Light. You will take back your power and step into a deeper level of trust, surrender and union with the Divine.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This weeks Astrology Report,By

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Astrology Horoscope for Week 21-27 September - Digesting the big changes
After this lively and active weekend, a heavy Monday to Wednesday.Slighty calmer end of the week.And downright serious Capricorn-style weekendWeekend19- After such a critical, high-strung and depressive Friday, somewhat the Saturday brings new mental action, as the waxing Moon moves into Libra, and retrogade Mercury is now within 3º of the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Take action.20- A Mercurian day, mental action, dillemas, balance of opposite, diplomacy, communication. It's a Sunday but don't give up. There is still a very strong energy from the Saturn-Uranus opposition today. But overall it could well be a lively day.Week21- The Sun is within 2º square of Pluto, and Moon is about to leave Libra and enter Scorpio. Not nice for the beginning of the week. Mercury conjuncted Saturn and opposed Uranus. Communication may be harsh, tensions heavy, emotions erratic and dense. It is also equinox now. So I wish you all have a calm, happy and wise early week, since this seeds positive energies into the whole next three months!22-The Moon gets well into mid Scorpio. Today it will feel heavier. This is an energy of intense transformation. We are still drained and down since the effect of the last week. Mercury retrogade conjuncts Saturn. Sun-Pluto square.23- Wednesday, Moon leaving Scorpio. Mercury retrogade opposes Uranus. Sun-Pluto exact square. It may feel even heavier today! There is so much of T-square activity and transformation (Scorpio, Saturn, Pluto) energy.24- Moon in Sag. A clear relaxation of energies.25- Friday, Moon in Sag. A relaxed mood. But Moon approaches conjunction to Pluto, and during the afternoon squares the mutable opposition.Weekend26- A bit heavier moods. Maybe the retrospective of this (again) big week. Moon in Capricorn. Sun in early degrees of Libra27- Same as above. Venus is now in Virgo, lots of material focus and work. Mars approaches late Cancer, which is protectionist and very emotional energy. Saturn is also about to enter Libra, Sun entered Libra, Pluto is on Capricorn, lots of cardinal mode. Very moody end of the month.Lots of action!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bills Blog

Seeing things the way they really are, Part 1: The whole universe depends on you

I do my best to stretch you in these posts. I’m trying to describe life and the human condition in a way that might be new and different for you, hopefully expanding your perspective. Unfortunately, people use much of what they read or hear to reinforce what they already believe, cherry-picking the parts that confirm what they already think and ignoring or misunderstanding the parts that don’t fit their current view.

Some of what I share isn’t easy to express, or get, using the written word. I try to write in a way that might in some small way help you have an experience of what I’m talking about, or lead you to do something on your own that helps you have the experience. This isn’t always possible, though.

What I write about almost always comes from my personal experience. A full understanding requires a similar experience, in the same way that a full understanding of Mexico comes from having been there. Just hearing about it might be informative, but incomplete. Since I’m talking about some rather rare and esoteric experiences, with no foolproof recipe for making sure you have the experience (much less fully embody it) writing in a way that gives you the experience is difficult. In that case, the value comes in at least having some context for understanding the experience if you ever do have it.

Sometimes merely knowing about something is almost useless. If I tell you about my experience of emptiness you end up wondering what the hell I’m talking about because no written or verbal description can adequately describe it, any more than you could adequately describe what it’s like to have sex to a ten-year old (not that you should do that), or what it’s like to be an adult.

Whether the experience is profound or mundane, you have to experience it for yourself in order to really know about it. Understanding this, for most people, is an entirely new way to look at life. Almost all people decide what is true and real based on what someone else tells them or on something they read. Though you’re reading something I’ve written, I don’t want you to use it as a source of information that you just swallow whole, but rather as an impetus to find out for yourself by sitting with it, and by trying on the perspective I suggest.

Though ultimately inadequate, an intellectual understanding does have some value. It can help you avoid confusion, it can help you to know what something is NOT, and it can help you better understand your own experience of what I’m sharing, if and when you do have one.

If you do come to experience a perspective I describe, the preview I’ve given you might help you recognize what is happening and save you some confusion. If you’ve already experienced some of these insights, this discussion will hopefully create additional clarity. Genpo Roshi has certainly helped me clarify a whole constellation of experiences and insights I’d had before I met him, helping me to understand and embody them much more deeply because of his help.

Each person has a view of the universe and how they (and other people) fit into it. I began this blog with a series of posts describing how these perspectives, these ways of understanding what it means to be a human being and how to deal with the human condition, develop–in other words, change as needed. Human development is, in fact, the evolution of increasingly sophisticated and more inclusive perspectives about what it means to be a human being, why we’re here, how to navigate through life, what it all means, why we suffer and die, and so forth.

I strongly suggest that you read (or review) these early posts, as they contain some very powerful information that will help you better understand your life. The main point, though, is that your perspective regarding who you are and what it means to be human develops. For some it doesn’t develop very far; for others this development continues throughout life.

Why doesn’t development continue for everyone? Because we stick with our current view or perspective as long as it provides a workable explanation for the concerns and questions I listed above. Only when the old perspective no longer helps us successfully navigate our life are we pushed to develop a new and broader perspective.

The perspective I’ve been describing in recent posts is my attempt to describe the point of view of someone who is awake and aware, what some people call enlightened. I’m doing this in my words, based on my understanding (and limited by the fact that some of this is, really, impossible to fully impart in words).

I’m not saying that what I’m describing is an ultimate perspective, or that it’s better than some other perspective, including yours. Just in the last two and a half years since I’ve known Genpo Roshi I’ve had at least five or six major shifts in awareness. Each time I experience such a shift, I realize that my previous perspective was incredibly limited. Based on that, I’d be willing to bet that my current perspective is also limited and that, in fact, it always will be no matter how much more it expands.

Human beings tend to assume that their current perspective is accurate, that it’s THE perspective. I’ve come to see that every perspective I’ve ever had, and very likely all those I will have, are true in some sense, but also partial. Genpo Roshi is fond of saying that whatever your current perspective, that’s where you’re stuck.

Though some human beings do experience an incredibly expanded perspective, part of being human is to be limited, and part of seeing things the way they really are is to acknowledge that this is true.

Finally, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of what I share includes ideas common to Buddhism. I’m not, however, trying to show you yet another dogma, another set of ideas, that you might choose from amongst other dogmas. And, I’m certainly not trying to get you to be a Buddhist. I’m describing my own experiential understanding, limited though it may be, and I’m using terms from Buddhism because I’ve found that the great Buddhist patriarchs brilliantly described the experience I’ve had and the perspective I’ve arrived at (so far) as accurately as such things can be described.

So, with that already-too-lengthy introduction, I’d like to begin a review of several key insights about the human condition, several of which I’ve talked about in other posts but bear repeating.

First, then, let’s look at the idea of what Buddhists call the mutual interdependence of all things. One aspect of this is what a lot of people call “oneness.” This is the observation, the feeling–or, you might say, the perspective (since not everyone sees the world this way as they look around)–that everything is connected to everything else, and everything depends upon everything else.

From this perspective everything is clearly seen as one big multi-dimensional happening. Separate things and events are seen as useful ideas about reality, but with a clarity that these ideas are not reality itself. Reality, from this perspective, is one infinitely huge thing-event. Though it’s often useful to conceptually slice reality into mental “things” and mental “events,” all supposedly separate things, exist in relation to all other things, and all supposedly separate events flow out of previous events and into future events. Nothing really has any separate or individual essence. What look like separate things and events are really just ever-changing waves that make up the ocean we call the universe.

This means that no “thing” has any independent nature. It also means that you can’t describe any part of the universe without also describing its environment. In Buddhism this view is sometimes called the doctrine (or theory) of emptiness. It is also sometimes referred to as the law of cause and effect. Here’s what the Dalai Lama said about this subject in his book, The Universe in a Single Atom:

One of the most important philosophical insights in Buddhism comes from what is known as the theory of emptiness. At its heart is the deep recognition that there is a fundamental disparity between the way we perceive the world, including our own experience in it, and the way things actually are.

In our day-to-day experience, we tend to relate to the world and to ourselves as if these entities possessed self-enclosed, definable, discrete and enduring reality. For instance, if we examine our own conception of selfhood, we will find that we tend to believe in the presence of an essential core to our being, which characterizes our individuality and identity as a discrete ego, independent of the physical and mental elements that constitute our existence.

The philosophy of emptiness reveals that this is not only a fundamental error but also the basis for attachment, clinging and the development of our numerous prejudices. According to the theory of emptiness, any belief in an objective reality grounded in the assumption of intrinsic, independent existence is simply untenable. All things and events, whether ‘material’, mental or even abstract concepts like time, are devoid of objective, independent existence. To intrinsically possess such independent existence would imply that all things and events are somehow complete unto themselves and are therefore entirely self-contained. This would mean that nothing has the capacity to interact with or exert influence on any other phenomena.

But we know that there is cause and effect–turn a key in a car, the starter motor turns the engine over, spark plugs ignite and fuel begins to burn… Yet in a universe of self-contained, inherently existing things, these events could never occur!

So, effectively, the notion of intrinsic existence is incompatible with causation; this is because causation implies contingency and dependence, while anything that inherently existed would be immutable and self-enclosed. In the theory of emptiness, everything is argued as merely being composed of dependently related events; of continuously interacting phenomena with no fixed, immutable essence, which are themselves in dynamic and constantly changing relations. Thus, things and events are ‘empty’ in that they can never possess any immutable essence, intrinsic reality or absolute ‘being’ that affords independence.

Before we dive into this a little more, I want to remind you once again that I’m not suggesting this as another theory for you to adopt because it sounds good, or because someone you see as an authority has said it. Look around and confirm for yourself that everything does indeed exist in relation to everything else, that anything that happens to any part of the whole happens as a result of this relationship, and that the whole is, in fact, totally dependent on everything that is part of it.

Don’t just believe me about this–look around and confirm it for yourself. Though you might see in a flash that what I’m saying is true, you might need to investigate for months, or even years, before you see it fully. In fact, your ability to fully see how everything is related to everything else will continue to expand and probably never be complete.

This idea that nothing has an independent nature, and must exist in relation to everything else, is a very profound insight. When you really get into it, you see some very interesting implications.

First, if nothing has any independent nature, can there be a separate “you” who acts independently of the rest of the universe (other that, as with other “things”, as an idea)? It seems to most people that they are separate from the rest of the universe, and that they make decisions about what to think or do from some independent part of themselves–that they decide and act from within, independent of what goes on outside of themselves. It seems to such people that what they think or do is an independent choice.

This doctrine of emptiness, or the mutual interdependence of all things, however, implies that any decision, any action, any thought, is a response to the environment, rather than an independent choice.

Look at it this way. Living things are in many ways response mechanisms. Even the lowest viruses have ways of perceiving their environment and responding to it. They perceive food and move toward it, or perceive a lack a food and set out to find it. Higher forms of life develop more sophisticated ways of perceiving the environment, including ways to learn. Nerve ganglia remember certain stimuli and the consequences of those stimuli, and develop the ability to remember an effective response. The more sophisticated the learning mechanism and its ability to store what is learned, the wider the repertoire of responses.

In human beings, for instance, the repertoire of responses becomes huge and the ways of evaluating which response might be best become quite complex. All of these responses, however, are still just that–responses to the environment, whether spontaneously built into the organism or remembered. Because there are so many possible responses, it can seem as if we are independently choosing, but these choices are still reponses to the environment (while, at the same time, it is responding to us), just as with the simple virus.

Any way you slice it, every part of the whole is inextricably connected to, dependent upon, and responding to the rest of the whole. None of the supposedly agentic decisions are made independent from, or outside of, this connection to the whole.

I can’t resist telling you about one of Alan Watts’ quite witty descriptions of what a human being is and what it’s all about. Human beings, Watts once said, are really just tubes. Food goes in one end of the tube, and waste comes out the other end. So the tube develops different ways of finding food and getting it into the top end of the tube, which allows the tube to have enough energy to look for more food so it can continue to put it in the top end and allow waste to come out the other end. Eventually the tubes develop these nerve ganglia that help it become even better at finding food and putting it into the top end so the waste can come out the bottom end.

As the tube becomes more efficient at finding food to put in one end so waste can come out the other end (and so it has the energy to find more food to put in the top end to keep the process going), it ends up with a certan amount of free time, so it creates various ways to keep from being bored–hence literature, music, the Beverly Hillbillies, American Idol, Monster Truck shows, and other profound and significant human endeavors.

All this food going through the tube, unfortunately, wears it out after a while, so the tubes also develop a way of making other tubes, so that when the tube wears out there are other tubes who can keep up this business of putting food in one end and letting waste come out the other.

When I heard this I had to admit that he had a point, and that he had boiled down human existence to a very basic (and actually pretty funny) truth.

But back to our regularly scheduled program. What this discussion–of emptiness (of any independent nature or essence) and mutual interdependence of all things–really means is that whether or not it feels this way to you, you, as a separate entity, don’t exist. Yes, there is an organism (which is not exactly the same as what people think of as “me”, and isn’t any more separate from the whole than anything else). And, that organism chooses many of its behaviors, but all of this choosing, and which choices are available, flow directly from the immediate interactions the organism has with the rest of the whole, plus (in some cases) what it has learned from past interactions. None of its actions or choices happen in isolation.

In fact, you could turn this idea that you depend on the entire universe on its head and say that the entire universe also depends on YOU. Even before you were born, the universe depended on the fact that you would someday be here, and after you’re gone it will depend on the fact that you were here. In my own case, this is a universe that does something called Bill Harris, in the same way an apple tree produces apples, and the existence of Bill Harris (or you) can’t be separated from the whole going on of it all.

I’ve been talking off and on over many posts about the experience of emptiness, or what some call the transcendent, and a few people have posted lately saying that they’ve had such experiences, while using Holosync, while doing Big Mind with Genpo Roshi, or in some other way. In this experience, you FEEL, or experience, how everything goes together. It is obvious that everything goes together and is dependent upon everything else. So let’s look more closely at this sort of experience, and why is might happen (or not happen).

First, if everything goes together in the way I’ve described, why do most people tend to see the universe as a collection of separate things and events? In fact, seeing the world as a collection of separate things and events is so common that those who talk about emptiness, the transcendent, oneness, or whatever you want to call it, are seen as a bit nutty.

The common explanation for the experience of separateness is that the mind, by its nature, divides everything into separate things and events. This is in line with what I said earlier: these divisions are conceptual. They are mentally generated and are not intrinsic to the world. As Alan Watts used to say, a thing is a “think,” a unit of thought, as much of reality as you decide to get your mind around in any particular moment.

When we’re very small we learn the names of things and events, which gives us the impression that things and events are something concrete instead of merely conceptual (in addition to learning that a thing and it’s name are synonymous–that the “map” is the same as what it represents). This leaves us with an underlying premise that a separation exists between one thing (or event) and another in reality, not just in the mind.

Once we learn to see the world in terms of separate things and events, we learn to divide them into two categories: those that are desirable and those that are undesirable. Then the fight (what I’ve referred to as The Game of Black and White) begins. Most people spend their entire life trying to get what they (with the help of parents and society) think is desirable, and to avoid what they think is undesirable.

This fight, which happens both internally and externally, can’t happen unless we mistakenly believe in the reality of separate things and events, and unless we believe that these supposedly separate items really are in opposition. There is a deep secret (shhh!) about all things that seem to be in opposition: they are really one indivisible and interdependent unit. The two warring sides actually go together. Neither side of the conflict can exist without the other. And, ultimately, the division itself happens only in your head.

I’ve often written about the problems created by focusing on (in other words, making internal representations of) what you don’t want. To the degree that you do this, you feel bad and you unconsciously arrange to attract or create more of it. The whole process of focusing on what you don’t want–trying to avoid one side of a supposed polarity– is rooted in the underlying premise that separate things and events are real rather than merely conceptual. Focusing on what you don’t want (along with clinging to what you do want) causes most human suffering.

The mutual interdependence of all things is also another way to refer to the process of cause and effect, or karma, but that’s a topic we’ll tackle in another post.

As I said in the beginning of this post, learning about how everything is dependent upon everything else has limited value. The real ah-ha comes not from intellectual understanding, but from really seeing and experiencing it for yourself.

This is, then, something for you to sit with in meditation and be mindful of as you go through your day. Look around and notice how you are connected to everything–in fact, that every living thing, every object, and every event is connected to and flows out of (and into) its environment. Keep noticing this and reminding yourself of this basic premise and eventually it will become obvious. Your goal is to embody this truth, so that it is with you all the time.

Next time we’ll look at another aspect of “seeing things the way they really are”.

Before I let you go, though, I want to remind you of a few upcoming events:

1) September 19-20, New York: Genpo Roshi and I will be leading another of our 2-day workshops. These events really are life-changing. I can’t emphasize enough the benefit of spending two days with us. For more information, see www.centerpointe.com/bigmind.

2) September 30-October 3, Calgary, Canada: I will be speaking with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, billionaire Richard Branson, Nobel Peace Prize-winner F.W. deKlerk, and several other world thought-leaders, business experts, and charitable activists. Many are calling this the Event of the Decade. For more information to to www.engagetoday2009.com.

3) October 24-25, Houston, Texas: Genpo Roshi and I will be leading another 2-day workshop. Again, a rare opportunity to spend time with a true Zen master, and me. For details, and to register, go to www.centerpointe.com/bigmind/houston.

I would love to see you at one–or all three–of these events.

Be well.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Samudra Manthan

The Samudra Manthan- The Churning of the Cosmic OceanBy Deepam Chatterjee
The ancient Hindu texts talk of the great churning of the ocean by the Gods and Demons where Lord Vishnu appeared as the Tortoise Avatar, and supported the Meru mountain on His back, as it was used to stir up the Divine Ocean using the Vasuki snake as a rope. A great many treasures appeared, but first appeared Halahala, the greatest poison in the creation, which was swallowed by Lord Shiva. This was followed by a seven-headed flying horse, a seven-trunked elephant, Goddess Lakshmi, a wish fulfilling tree, a gem of immense lustre, etc. Ultimately appeared Dhanvantari, the healer of Gods, holding the golden pot filled with the Amrita -nectar of Immortality.Actually, the Samudra manthan is the churning inside our mind to cleanse ourselves and to purge the negatives and reach the positives...Meru or Mandaar parvat represents the spine- which is also called meru dand...The snake represents the awareness moving between positive and negative thoughts- which are represented by Devas and Asuras.Vishnu as the tortoise represents the expanded awareness- and the basis of existence.The tortoise form represents the meditative mind where the 5 senses- as the 5 extensions- legs, arms and head- are withdrawn inwards into the shell...Shiva represents awareness- which remains vigilant and alert...In the initial stages of meditation, intense churning of the mind occurs, and first all vile negativity appears- one feels filthy and dirty- as all bad thoughts appear...These are represented by halahal and the ever vigilant and aware one swallows these and does not react- these are not allowed to be re digested and thus no reactions occur.Shiva swallowing halahal implies pure witnessing- the vile thoughts dissolve, and then great joy and wealth appear in the purified mind...These are represented by the fourteen jewels appearing from the ocean...Neither Shiva, nor Vishnu, nor any other Deva actually exists in the forms we see them- but as our mind patterns, which occur eternally...Actually all puranas are layered and full of symbolism- they tell secret tales behind closed doors...email at thetimelessfaith@googlegroups.comWebsite at http://groups.google.co.in/group/thetimelessfaith-- Happiness is not having what you want...It is simply wanting what you have... .Deepam

BB King.

On September 16, 2005 B.B King turned 80. He has beenplaying the blues since World War II and he is one of the greatestguitarists who have ever lived. This is the first part in a seriesthat is being made here at Jamorama about the players who haveinfluenced the way we play guitar.
BB was born on a plantation in Mississippi in 1925. His family waspoor and as a youth he played guitar for spare change to help hisfamily. Even at a young age he traveled from town to town refininga technique and style that would change the way people playedguitar and make B. B. King a house hold name.
The first time B.B. King appeared to a large audience was in 1948on a radio station in Memphis. This would become a regular setwhere King would play every week. This along with a gig at apopular restaurant and bar gave King some momentum and popularity.
BB King began to tour around the South then eventually nationally,allowing many people to hear his new style. On one of the manygigs King played over the years a fight erupted in the crowd. Thisfight led to a kerosene stove being knocked over and a wild fireraged. King along with patrons and staff ran from the building.However King had left his favorite guitar in the burning building.Ignoring the risk he ran back into the fire to retrieve his pridedposition. When the smoke died down King discovered that the menwhere fighting over a girl called Lucille. Since that day has namedever guitar he has owned 'Lucille' so he remembers never to getupset over a women.
Though BB King was popular until the late 60s his audience wasstill mainly black. This was until he was chosen to open for theRolling Stones on a world tour. Also many other famous whitemusicians were openly proclaiming King's brilliance. King'sintroduction to the mainstream audience caused his popularity andrecord sales to soar.
BB King's style and tone is easy to identify. His wild stringbending and vibrato are distinctive and his gravelly voice cutsthrough recordings and adds character to his music.In contrast to many skilled guitarists he has a remarkable economyand restraint with his playing. King only plays for the song anddoesn't get involved in over indulgent extended solos. Also becauseof the length of his career BB King has been through many musicaltrends and styles. This has meant that his style is a collection ofmany genres and in a sense King has created his own style.
BB King has been inducted into the Rock and Roll and the Blues Hallof Fame. He has received a Grammy and many honorary doctoratesincluding one from Yale. Even though he is 80 BB King still toursplaying his songs to the world. His legacy to music and guitarplaying cannot be overestimated and for that reason the music andthe man will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Song of Oneness

The Song of Oneness

"The way of the wise is withoutknowledge...in the place of ten thousand sutras... one song." Ikkyub - Zen Tradition

Here and now... in this blissful moment... I am... all is... One. If we are wakeful in the here and now, we are always fulfilled. It matters not what is happening. Primary Being imbues our Becoming with its innate delight. We sing the song of Oneness.
The above quotation is short, sweet and to the point. It's about the emptiness of authentic Being. All intellectual knowledge is the domain of Becoming. If secondary Becoming dominates primary Being, knowledge is fragmenting. The egocentric glorification of the mind precludes its transcendence. While we may be full of information, we lack wholeness and fulfillment.
If primary Being dominates secondary Becoming, we are mostly still and empty. The fragmented mind is transcended. We are wakeful in the here and now moment, and experience the newness of creative consciousness. We are blissful and free. In stillness and emptiness there is only one song... the song of Oneness.
Let's keep it simple in the spirit of this quotation. This week's focus is to put Being first in all your experience. Practice wakefulness... moment by moment. Be still... be blissful... be One.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Witness or Reaction?

Witness or React Power or Force?
The world presents us with an infinite variety of experiences and we can interpret these in any number of ways.... good or bad, blissful or painful, right or wrong...the dance between experience and judgment is endless. We try to avoid some experiences at all costs while we search for others. This process of "pulling towards" and "pushing away" from life can take a lot of energy and leave us with a fragmented experience of what the world really is. This is the realm of 'force' where we literally feel propelled by our reactions to events. We live from our illusions and we see the world for what it is not.
With balance comes wholeness and with wholeness comes power - the authentic power of our own state of being. From this perspective, life is experienced from the realm of 'power' where we are not pushed or pulled, not propelled by reaction but rather are witnesses to our creation and experience the choice to respond from a calm, centered state of awareness. When we live in the realm of power our energies are conserved and consciously directed. We live from our truth and we see the world for what it is.
Rather than approaching life through illusion, try experiencing whatever is in front of you without judgment or interpretation. See if you can catch your mind before it jumps to a conclusion about what is happening and just be the witness to the experience. Include whatever manifests in your world as appropriate for your own journey and ask, "Is this the experience I choose to have?" When you stand in your power the experience that you have in any moment is always one of choice!
Through the practice of meditation, we develop the capacity to expand our awareness beyond the mind and witness what is happening. When we drift off or identify with thoughts or feelings, we grab the reins of the mind and pull it back to the present moment. Likewise, this can be extended throughout our day as we make a conscious effort to stay in the "here and now" where our power is always to be found.
This week, see how often you can approach each moment freshly with awareness and an open heart. Witness the world as it is, without overlaying your story of what it should be.