Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4th Ray Day Attunement to Unconditional Love of Self God and others in that Order. Developing all the Level of Love for God and Godess Infinite Creati

4th Ray Day Attunement to Unconditional Love of Self God and others in that Order.
Developing all the Level of Love for God and Godess Infinite Creation!
How to develop Integrated Ascended Master Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness love at all times in all situations.

Todays Psychological Practice and Test is to remain in Unconditional Love Forgiveness Oneness Bliss and Peace with all people and all things and in all events and circumstance.Since the 4th Ray day Thursday Deals with the 4th Chakra we make a decisive decision to Remain in Balance and Harmony within Self and with all others too.We choose to be in love no matter what as an absolute focus as we develop today our 3rd Flame in the 3 Fold Flame of Power Love and Wisdom.We allow the Power Way to Bring us to Love and the Love to bring us to Wisdom.We act with out thought or regard to out come and act towards service and love and completing our Mission and purpose with our Mind ever on the Goal that we seek and our Vision statement which we have made and say aloud to ourselves as a decree 3 times a day religiously before and after we eat, bringing in the feeling of having that which we desire as already real in in our possession.We feel what we need and want as though we have already attained and realized all our Spiritual and Psychological Goals and ideals as well.This is if course assuming that we have already made our List of everything we want to do be and have,All the Goals and ideals that we would like and what we can conceive on a Physical Earthly Level and on a Psychological Consciousness level.Once we work out our goals for the year we begin taking action each day towards them,as we work through our daily list experiencing that each action is ultimately brining that one step closer to our Eventual Goal in Planetary Christ Realization and Integrated Ascended Mastery Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness and Mastery of all our Thoughts Feelings Energies Impulses and Actions in service of God Our Mission and our Brothers and Sisters on Earth.We develop then around this a practice of aligning with each of the Ascended Masters of the 7 Rays each day attuning to and Bi Locating to a Different Ashram of the Christ and we attune our Consciousness and Psychology to a different aspect of that given ray.We also express then the Higher Aspect of each of the Rays which will be coming through our 4 Body System and 3 Minds continuously now by the Power of our Request and Prayers. According to this philosophy and system we Choose today to remain in and give ourselves the Full Self Love and Self Worth that is our gift from God/Godess and we then actively give that same Love and Worth to all others recognizing that all others are the Christ the Buddha the Eternal Self the Atma and give and act in the right manner then.We forgive the behaviour but recognize and discern the Ego within self and with others and Unconditionally Love from there returning all to the Center of Love,where the Peace and Will of God is known.With all our actions then we act perfectly in Love brining forward the will as an absolute focus and remaining in Love 3 Fold Flame in all situations and circumstances of Life today,remaining in our Highest Level of Mastery demonstration and Integration by the Power of the Mighty I am Presence God and the Master which is overlighting and Directing us Lovingly today even as the Mother Father God is directing and Guiding all planetary Systems in All Worlds and all Universes and in all Systems,Even as all Sons and Daughters of God in all their many forms are being guided to upon this great path of Return that we all collectively take on our Return to our Cosmic Home at the 352nd Level of Divinity.Until that Great Completion we strive!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Guru Poornima 2010

Monday 26th July
Hari Om Blessed Self
Guru Poornima!
Revive the zeal,
refresh the mind.
dedicate a new resolve tangibly.
Test your sincerity,
love and purity.
Offer your restlessness to me.
Guru poornima is your rebirth day
- be ready.
Empty yourself so that you can be filled with music.
Bathe in nectar and await
the rising sun.
As darkness disappears,
shake your body and mind.
Let the old samskaras drop away.
Tune in to me on the spiritual plane and begin to live a beautiful life.
Swami Satyananda Saraswati
The disciple is passing through the stages of ignorance. He is a seeker, searching for light. Therefore he looks to his Guru, and the Guru in turn transforms the entire personality of his disciple. This transformation is gradual. It is not the surrender of one’s personality but rather the handing over of one’s limited self to one who changes it into infinite Self.
Swami Satyananda Saraswati (Sayings of a Paramahans)

Learning to Love Self and all others Unconditionally at all times even as God/ Godess Mother Father God Loves us as Children Unconditionally!

Learning to Love Self and all others Unconditionally at all times even as God/ Godess Mother Father God Loves us as Children Unconditionally! Opening to the Universal Spiritual Education system and thinking with the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna God/ Godess Mind at all times!

Quite a Length title for today beloved friends however it gives the Synthisis Summary of the transmition lesson adjustment that this brief lesson will be. This lesson will bring yourself and myself back into alignment with the Ideal that this Ray and Day call your Forth to embody and demonstrate. T he alignment will happen on a Physical Earthly Psychological Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension Level. It will when finished return you to the Heavenly Ideal that God the Masters and your Own Mighty I am Presence would have you embody and Demonstrate on Earth in service of your Brothers and Sisters on Earth! So with out further delay and description let us explore this Integrated Ascended Master ideal that is being given forth this Day of our Lord, this day of God/ Godess!
The Key Earthly Practice and lesson of the 2nd Ray Department of Spiritual Education and the Ashram of Synthisis is to remain in commit to Receiving in all life situation’s and personal encounters with other extended Souls the Lesson that we are being taught for in life there is always a test and lesson that we are being given by God the Masters and our Own Mighty I am Presence.When we focus on looking for this lesson in all interaction we can make quick and swift progress on the Earth School.We will be able to move quickly through our Planetary Lessons once we continually look for the lesson we are meant to learn,(Not Focusing on teaching others their lessons for that is the Negative Ego)Focusing on learning the lesson and not being attached to anyone else learning their lesson! Focusing on remaining in Love and Wisdom in all encounters and receiving God the Masters and our Mighty I am presence Love.We choose to attune to the Masters of Education namely Planetary Cohans and Directors Dwhal Khul and Dr Joshua David Stone.We attune to and request to be spiritual psychologically and Physically grounded to and aligned with the 2nd Ray Ashram of the Christ.We then own our Power 100% in all situation and use that Power to Serve Group Consciousness Unconditional Love and Oneness.We choose to remain in love and oneness at all times and in all situations,never to the best of our ability create any separation between ourselves and God and our Brothers and Sisters!
The other Key lesson is to be totally right with Self,Right with God before merging and aligning with any other relationship.We must 100% put our Relationship to self and God first before any other relationship for to do so would be to inappropriately subliminate our energies into Relationship and thus have fallen into the Duality of “Alternative Loves” “Pearls of Lesser Price” and “Little Doors” We will have in Gods eyes had false Gods,for that which we put first is symbolically our God.We must put our right relationship to self first,then God then once this is fully established that we can begin to develop a right relationship with another,in a Ascended Master Romantic Relationship which is out Ideal that we are all collectively striving for,for we are coming out of Mass Consciousness and into Ascended Masters Consciousness and this is our focus and work to be done!It must also be understood that in allowing our selves at all times to receive God the Masters the Angels and Elhoim and all kingdoms love Unconditional for us that we will be easily be able to give that back then to our brothers in sisters in the Spirit of Totally Humble God Pure Sharing and Unconditional Love that is the Ideal that we are all called to share and experience!
The Key of Course to all this is to learn to Think and interpret all life situations and experiences from our Spiritual/Christ/Budhha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/Mighty I am presence/God/Godess Consciousness and never from our Negative/Seperative/Illusionary/Lower Self/Selfish/Lower Self Negative Ego mind.For in the Aryan age we are now currently in and working towards completing we are working on Attuning to the Mental Body and thus working on Attuning to and Mastering the Spiritual Mind and Spiritual Mental Body!This should be and is in esoteric Truth the collective work we are all doing weather in Full Consciousness or not.So in learning to think with our Christ mind at all times we can be sure that will be learning all the Lessons of the 2nd Ray Ashram of the Chirst.

The Official IAMUniversity Ascension Activation Meditations,

These Meditations Exist as part of the "Official IAMUniversity Ascension Activation Meditation and Treatment Series.For the Full Real Version of these Meditations Please Enroll and sign up at the

The Ultimate Ascension Activation Meditation & Core Love Meditation
1. 18 Point Cosmic Clearing Meditation/ Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Cosmic Clearing Meditation
2. God Ascension Seat Journey Ascension Activation Meditation
3. Ultimate Cosmic Ray Ascension Activation Meditation
4. God & The Actual Wesak Ceremony Ascension Activation Meditation
5. Divine Mother & Lady Masters Ascension Activation Meditation
6. Isis & The Great Pyramid Ascension Activation Meditation
7. God & The Mahatma Ascension Activation Meditation
8. Temple of God Ascension Activation Meditation
9. Complete Ascension Manual Ascension Activation Meditation
10. God & The Metatron Cosmic Tree of Life Ascension Activation Meditation
11. God & The Golden Chamber of Melchizedek Ascension Activation Meditation
12. God & The Revelation of God Ascension Activation Meditation
13. Secret Rods of God & The Higher Light Body Ascension Activation Meditation
14. Divine Names & Attributes of God Ascension Activation Meditation
15. God & The Higher Kaballah Ascension Activation Meditation
16. Cathedral of God Ascension Activation Meditation
17. Gifts of the Holy Spirit, 22 Light Bodies & 33 Supersenses of God Ascension Activation Meditation
18. Mother Earth & The People of the Earth World Service Cleansing & Ascension Activation Meditation
19. Revelation of John & the Bible Ascension Activation Meditation
20. East/West Golden Global Fusion Ascension Activation Meditation
21. Christ & The Spiritual Hierarchy Ascension Activation Meditation
22. Becoming an Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Christ Ascension Activation Meditation
23. God & The Archangels Ascension Activation Meditation
24. God & The Elohim Ascension Activation Meditation
25. Earth Mother, Pan, Archangel Sandalphon & The Material Face of God Ascension Activation Meditation
26. God & The Divine Father Ascension Activation Meditation
27. God, Christ & The Holy Spirit Ascension Activation Meditation
28. Sacred Flames Ascension Activation Meditation
29. 72 Higher Lightbodies of Spirit Ascension Activation Meditation

This Weeks Awareness Excersise

Now before I go straight into your first exercise from Gerald
O'Donnell, there's a few things you need to know about these
Awareness Exercises.
1. They'll make you happy and leave you smiling :-)
2. They boost your chances of positive change and success
3. They'll prepare you for advanced personal and spiritual
So if you'll accept those awesome side effects, then let's get
Awareness Exercise 1: A New Way Of Being
If you're like 99.99% of people out there, you probably have
experienced stress, anxiety, fatigue, frustration, and loneliness.
What this exercise seeks to do is up the vibratory rate of your
Higher Self so that negative emotions do not plague your being
and bring you down.
The whole premise of this exercise is "Smile at the world and the
world will smile back at you."
Step 1. From the moment you awake to the moment your head hits
the pillow, constantly imagine that you're smiling from the inside at
your outer reality.
Step 2. Imagine you're smiling from deep within your mind and
from within your heart. You are projecting that happiness and
smile outward through your eyes and expression.
Don't be surprised if people comment on the sparkle in your eyes
or when your mouth automatically curls upwards :-)
Step 3. Imagine that your heart is filled with the pure joy of being
alive. And for this it continues to smile.
Now continue doing this for at least a week every day. You'll begin
to notice monumental changes. Not just in how you interact with
the outside world but also in how the world acts and projects
reality towards you.
People will notice your presence and be able to sense your Inner
Love and Smile without understanding why.
And that's just the first exercise. I'm really excited to share the next
one but until then, keep working on this one.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grounding your Spirituality, Developing Leadership and Personal Power, Organizing Arranging Life around the Ideal Physical Earthly, Psychological Cons

Grounding your Spirituality,
Developing Leadership and Personal Power,
Organizing Arranging Life around the Ideal Physical Earthly, Psychological Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension Routine and Program.
Today’s brief post is on the Inccredible importance of grounding your Spirituality into your Earth Life Psychological Consciousness and 4 Body system.The key is to live a Balanced life,getting enough sleep ,Exercising taking care of Business Keeping a Disciplined Routine and Sadhana, Practicing the Presence of God and Demonstrating God Purity Flowing with the Changes of Life Completing One Mission and Purpose committing all ones Energies thoughts and feelings to the Ascended Ideal,Getting A Good Balance through ones Energy systems working out going for a Run eating a Good Healthy Diet that gives one all the Required Nutrition,and all other factors that one might feel inwardly guided and called to practice for the purpose of grounding ones Spirituality into the Earth plane.This is very important for a lot of Light Workers have come from many other Dimensions of Reality and many other World systems to support and assist the Transference and Transformation of this Planetary World System into a 5th Dimensional Ascended Master Planet.The Only way this is really going to happen is if all the Incarnated Ascended Masters become Integrated Ascended Masters and ground all their Spiritual Work into the Physical Body! All the Light and Love has to be brought fully into the Earth!All the Heavenly Energies of the Higher Dimensions need to be fully Grounded Anchored Integrated and Demonstrated in and through the Earth Plane.
For developing Leadership and Mastery of all ones Thoughts feelings Desires action is also a key note focus of today the 1st ray day.Psychologically making the decision to own our personal power and use it to serve our Higher Monadic Blue Print on a Earthly Psychological Consciousness and Spiritual level we can direct all our energies towards Creating the Ideal in every sense.In this way we focus all our energies towards again creating the Ideal Routine on every level and then work on stick to that as an absolute focus no matter what,never getting distracted and remaining in utmost attention and focus!When we set up commit to and practice our Spiritual Sadhana in the Amrit Vela we become Victorious in all our Efforts.When we develop a Strong Psychological Practice of demonstrating the ideal of the Spiritual Christ Consciousness in a Balanced and integrated way we then live a balanced and integrated life!We will be well on our way then to the Integrated Ascended Mastery we seek!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Developing Full Spectrum Prism Integrated Ascended Masters Unconditional Love of Self and of all others.

Developing Full Spectrum Prism Integrated Ascended Masters Unconditional Love of Self and of all others. Learning to love all of Creation and all God/ess Extensions and Incarnations!

Today’s Lesson test and Challenge is on developing 100% Unconditional Self Love, Receiving Love from God The Masters Angels Elhoim your Mighty I am presence the Earth Mother and others, Then learning and practicing giving that love in all kinds of ways in all kinds of relationship while always remaining Right with self and right with God! In getting right with self First in loving Self First fully, we can allow ourselves to receive Gods Love and then give and share that love with our Brothers and Sisters .For many people actually love the wrong way around and develop bonding Patterns that are imbalanced inappropriate and not in the Integrated Ideal .If one is not right with self and right with God one cannot Love another properly for if one does not love self one will end up seeking that love and wholeness outside of self in another, which eventually will end because of ones attachment which will end up causing suffering .When one is fully right with self fully whole in self fist one can then enter relationship with others and one can then fully extend their unconditional Self love and Self Worth that one gives totally to self and allows oneself to receive from God and the Masters one can then share that Essence and Form Level Self Love and Self Worth with all others.
It should be noted here also that there are different levels of love that all need to be Integrated and Demonstrated for Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness Love in the World.There is Love for the Mineral Kingdom Plant Kingdom Animal Kingdom Human Kingdom Ascended Master Kingdom Angelic and Arch angelic Kingdom Elhoim Kingdom God/Godess Kingdom and Elemental Kingdom,There is also Love for our Brothers and Sisters Love for Our Parents Love for our Siblings Love for our Teachers Love for Our Students Love for our Employees Love for our Employers Love for our friends Love for all Kinds of relationship in truth and the key that all this must be done to ones Highest degree in a Totally Unconditionally Loving way.The Key to doing this is in learning to Think at all times with ones Christ Mind Ones Buddha Mind One Krishna Mind and learn not to think with the Negative Ego/Seperative/Dualitic/Seperative/Illusionary/Fear Based/Lower Self Mind.This is the premier test and lesson of the Spiritual Path and it must be practiced to ones highest potential for Full God and Self realization to take place!So then be sure today to make a decisive decision to Remain in Unconditional Love of Self and all others in all situations and to always think with your Christ Mind giving and Receiving Gods Love Unconditional and then giving this to others we can then pass through the 4th Sphere into the 5th Sphere!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Understanding Sub Conscious Interference and the Tendency of Light Workers to be Run by the Negative Ego Inner Child Sub Personality. The Massive interference this causes and the mistakes and errors it causes.

Today's brief lesson my beloved Friends will be on the Fallen Consciousness Sub Consciously and Negative Ego run people who claim to be spiritual yet are run by the Negative Ego to such a degree it is mind boggling! This applies to most Light Workers and So called spiritual People to some greater or lesser degree. There is no judgment in any of this for it is in truth a loving Spiritual Discernment that has been given so light workers can raise their consciousness out of this Temporary fallen state. Many Light Workers and Spiritual People have taken a tumble down the spiritual mountain and do not even realize it! Many Light Workers are run by the Negative Ego and are manifesting Split Personalities and sometimes even sociopathic and even Psychotic behavior with out even realizing it .Many have been stopped by the Spiritual Hierarchy from making any more progress and are on serious probation and are not allowed to progress for their fallen consciousness and sub conscious minds are wrecking havoc left right and center .For this many are run by the Sub Conscious Mind which means they are automatically also run by the Negative Ego Inner Child Past Life programming Inner Constitution Desire Body and other aspects of Self as well as all forms of outer influence Mass Consciousness and Group Body Negative Ego Programming . This is a massive blind spot and most people do not even realize this is happening for most do not even know what the negative Ego is except to be run by it! This has been given today just as a Loving Sword of Spiritual Discernment so that light workers world wide and at a Planetary Solar Galactic and Universal Level can make the Appropriate adjustments needed to overcome the tendency to be run by the Negative Ego and Sub Conscious mind. The Key to overcoming this Negative Ego Sub Conscious Mind interference is to practice at all times joyus Spiritual Vigillence for God and Gods Kingdom and to keep ones Mind Steady in the Light. The Key is to "Keep Ones Mind Steady in the Light" To focus on Service and being of assistance to Ones Brothers and Sisters in a Totally Humble and Selfless way for this is the key. In commiting to Selflessness and humility Integrity and God Purity one Automatically raises ones Psychological Consciousness to the Ideal that is being called for today by both your Own Mighty I am Presence and the Presence of the Other Incarnated and Inner Plane Ascended Masters. In commiting to working on our Consciousness and Psychology with Daily Charts and Logging Systems,one can on a consistent basis practice the presence of God and slowly and surely refine ones Consciousness and Psychology and rise it to the Integrated Ascended Master ideal.Forth coming materials will be provided for this process and many are all ready available for enrolled students of the I humbly suggest that you get over there and enroll in the program and course work with the Workbook and Journal System and Inner and outer Plane Training program for in doing so you will be commiting to making your Self and Integrated Ascended Master on Earth in attaining and Achieving your 7 12 and 24th level of Initiation and Light Body as well as Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness and Transcending the Negative/Seperative/Dualistic/Illusionary/Lower self/Negative Ego mind in full and Demonstrating the Spiritual Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/Moses/Mighty I am Presence/God/Godess Consciosusness in a Balanced an Integrated way.It is hoped that this brief lesson has been illuminating and opened ones eyes to the Negative Ego and Sub Conscious mind and the way it has effected so many Light Workers.You may now go forth in joyus spiritual Vigillence into Gods Kingdom and share this Discerning Wisdom with your Brothers and Sisters in the Christ Consciousness and help raise all people out of fallen Consciosuness!Namaste!

Monday, June 21, 2010

2nd Day 2nd Ray 2nd Chakra.

2nd Day 2nd Ray 2nd Chakra.
Change,Movement,Polarity,Desire,Emotions,Pleasure,Sexuality,Sensuality,Intimacy,Socializing,Water.Explainations and Higher Experience of the 2nd Day 2nd Chakra,2nd Sphere of Spiritual Education and Spiritual Training.

Today the 2nd Day of the Traditional Calender week which most Western World Systems currently subscribe to is of course Tuesday which from the Ascended Masters Perspective and the “IAMYA” school the Day of “Loving Wisdom” and “Spiritual Education.” On this day we make a decisive Decision to remain in Unconditional Love of Self and Unconditional Love of all others.We choose also to be totally Discerning and “Wise as the Serpent” for the Negative Ego Thought System in self and in others.This was we can be totally aware of what is happening on a Psychological Level within self and others while also being loving no matter what is going on outside or inside of self.We attune to and align to/request to Bi Locate to the 2nd Ray Ashram with Master Dwhal Khul and Dr Joshua David Stone who run and direct this 2nd Ray Synthisis Ashram.We are conscious and aware of the work of the 2nd Ray ashram and spiritual education at a planetary Level.

Bellow Is a list of descriptions of the Following themes and ideas of the 2nd Chakra which we will be dealing with working through and Mastering today on the 2nd Ray day of Tuesday!
Change:Change Is the Universal Theme of all Matter and non Matter(Spirit) for all is in a constant state of movement at a sub atomic and solar level of matter.If we look microcosmically at matter we see the same pattern of movement that is happening at the level of the planets.Essentially a Series of Different Frequency Atomic Units Moving in a Circular Center around a Radiating center of Gravitational force.

Movement:Movement is another Universal Theme of Matter and Anti Matter,(Spirit and Matter) as all is in a state of movement.When movement stops so goes out the life force into another Vehcile or body that is moving.Moving is a Requirement for Life and as such should be incorporated into any system of Health for from movement comes health and from health comes movement.

Polarity :Polarity is the Universal Dual Theme that also plays at as a pattern in this Local Melchedizek Universe.There are 2 poles (Polarity) in all manifest and un manifest forms.The Sun has a Moon,Male has a Female pole,Light comes out of the Darkness.This theme is Universal and the Balancing of all polarities is a Cosmic reality.To the degree that we have inner and outer Polarity balance is the degree that we experience Universal God Consciousness.

Desire: Desire is the aspiration for attainment of an Individual to another level or Sphere of existence above the current level of ones experience.There are 2 Kinds of Desire Namely Lower Self/Seperative/Fear Based/Dualitic/Illusionary/Negative Ego desire or Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/Mighty I am Presence/God/Godess Consciousness .In making all desires for God Consciousness all Desires to Love and Serve we enter the Higher Sphere of Bhramanic Desire .Desire for Higher aims and ideals of Life that God our Mighty I am Presence would have us experience .When we choose the lower Self we experience carnal Lower Self Seperative Dualistic Selfish Desires and cut ourselves off from our Brothers and Sisters and God itself.

Emotion:Energy in Motion is the essential Equation of “E Motion” Emotion is Both Change and Movement within the Hu Man Emotional Body or astral Body .Again emotions dependent on our thinking Is either Loving Spiritual Christed Based on Oneness or Fear Based Seperative Dualistic Illusionary and Lower Self in nature .We must choose who we feel by the way we choose to Think !Emotions also create attract and magnetize into our life a similar level of Vibration and we draw towards us that which we put out and emenate .So we can see what we are putting out by what we are drawing to us in our experience!

Pleasure : Pleasure is the Incarnated Experience of Joy and Goodness that is given forth from the Creator . Pleasure is the Experience of Earth Life. Pleasure is the Nature of Reality as God would have it be .All things aligned with God Consciousness and the Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/Krishna/God/Godess/Mighty I am Presence gives Pleasure to Self and to others. Service is a True Pleasure and Life’s real lasting joy. ”True Pleasure is in Serving God!”(Lord Meitreya)

Sensuality: Sensuality is the Incarnated Expression of Attractiveness and the Experience of Pleasurable Emotion in the Body.It is a 2nd Chakra expression and created by the attraction and Service of one pole of Reality (God/Godess) to the other Pole.(God serving Godess,Godess Serving God)Sensuality also comes through one experiencing this Bliss or embodiment and incarnating pleasure desire polarity and sexuality.

Intimacy: Intimacy is the sharing of in Unconditional Love ones Inner Realities with another. Intimacy is the Closeness of Spirit to Spirit .Intimacy is the nature of the Relationship of God to his/Her Sons and Daughters .Intimacy is the quality of closeness and Mutual Sharing and relating of self to other ,in the mutitudinus forms that that takes. Intimacy is the Closeness Sharing and Unconditional Love of One for the Other,the sharing of personality through soul and spirit.

Socializing : Socializing is another function of the 2nd Chakra and the exchange of the Individualized Soul Extensions interacting within a particular sphere of Group Service Body. It is the Function of society to share and transfer ideas through and from the varied aspects of Incarnational Experience. It is the exchange if information though Individualized Soul Extensions through a social gathering or event of some kind .Also effects and contributes to ones Consciosuness for this reason it is important for an aspirant to socialize only with those one can either add to or learn from .One who has stepped onto the path not socialize with one or others that will drop and lower ones Frequency and Vibration either Etherically , Mentally, Emotionally or Physically .One should only socialize with those that would and will raise ones individualized consciousness.

The 2nd Chakra relates Esoterically and Etherically to the Sacrum,Genitals,Hips Lower back and the Gonadic and Sexual Glands.
”We now officially and Collectively request a clearing and cleasning etherically from the Inner Plane Ascended Masters of these Chakras Glands and Organs.Ask that they be filled with the Light of the Mahatma and perfectly healed Balanced aligned and Integrated Fully into our Earth life!”

Sacred Space Arrangement and Alter Offering: Today we should align our Alter and Sacred Space with the 2nd Chakra the Colour Orange the Element Water.We might also express and experience our Sexuality in a sacred way.Offering water on your Alter to the Divine Male/female aspects of Divinity you feel devoted to can be a good practice of aligning with the Higher Dimensional Beings and Experience of the 2nd Chakra.Perhaps a Picture or image of a particular God/Godess with whom you might experience a particular attractiveness or sensuality.Pan is a Great Extended Expression of the 2nd Chakra is his Joyus and Creative Experiencial Expression.Also the Godess Aphrodite Yemaya demiter are Great Godess to devote your Emotional Energy to today.An Orange candle would be appropriate upon your alter.

Correspondences for this Chakra are as followed….

Sanskrit Name:Svadisthana
Location:Lower Back Genitals Hips Knees
Element : Water
Main Issue Lesson : Mastering Sexuality and Emotions
Goals: Fluidity Movement Change Pleasure Connection
Malfunction: Stiffness Sexual addiction and Overindulgence or Sexual Anorexia Isolation Emotional Instability or Numbness.
Colour: Orange
Planet: Mars
Foods:Liquid Spicy Foods Rajasic foods that increase desire and aspirantion.
Right:To Feel to Know and to experience Pleasure.
Stones : Coral Carnelian
Animals: Fish Snake Crocodile
Operating Principal : Attraction of Opposites
Yoga Path :Tantra,Red Tantra and Sex Magic
Archetype : The Lover , Eros ,God.Godess.

Bellow we will go through some Journal Exercises for clearing your Psychological Consciousness around these 2nd Chakra Issues and Qualities.

1.Desire: Desire is the fruit of the Body and the Fuel of the Will.To experience desire we have to be clear about what we want to do be and have,we have to get totally clear on our Higher Self Desires on a Physical Earthly Level on a Psychological Consciousness and on a Spiritual Ascension level.So go ahead now a make 3 separate lists with the Above mentioned headings ie (Physical Earthly Desire,Psychological Consciousness Desires and Spiritual Ascension level desires.)Get totally focused and clear on what you want and desire,we can then work out a battle plan for attaining and realizing them all!

2.Negative Emotion Log as well as a Positive Christed Emotion log.In this section we make a list of all our Negative and Positive Emotions through out the day we can do this by listing or just drawing images as well of the emotions we are feeling.If we do have a negative emotion we look at and list the causative feeling and then make a choice to attitudinally heal this thought and correct our thought into a Spiritual Christ /Buddha/Krishna Thought .We do this every day to make sure we are embodying God Godess Consciousness on earth by demonstrating Christed Feelings .We can chart our progress so we make consistent spiritual psychological growth in an Integrated and Balanced manner.

Pleasure List: Next we are to make a list of all the things in earthly Life which bring us pleasure. We list all the ways we enjoy experiencing pleasure and then make a commitment to get more of them on this day. Some questions to ask are: How much do you do each day that is for your own pleasure? How much guilt do you have with experiencing your own pleasure. How does Pleasure make you feel? What priority does pleasure have for you? How do you attain the highest Pleasure? How can you give and receive more of this?

Questions on Duality and Polarity:
What are Qualities and incarnational patterns are Opposite to yours and how can you harmonize Balance and Integrate these Qualities into your Own Being And Consciousness?
What is repressed in you and how can you bring this more to the fore for expression Integration and Demonstration? How are you polarized?
How much do you acknowledge and Honour your Female/Masculine Side>How can you honour and sanctify your female/male side more?
Where is your Lower Self Polarity expressing and how can you transform that into the Higher Aspect?How can you transform your Lower Self into your Higher Self Ideal?
What does the Incarnated Expression of your Higher Self Monadic Self look like?
How are negative Thoughts and feelings affecting your current lifestyle?
How even and equanimous are your emotions and how can you bring them to a greater balance and evenness that is the Christed Ideal?
How can you work to balance all your Inner Polarities?

Reassement Questions:
1.What have you learnt about yourself in relation to the 2nd Chakra.
What area needs work in your 2nd Chakra?How will you do this daily?
What are your 2nd Chakra Stregnths and Weakness?
What changes have you made and how do you feel abut them?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pranic Breathing ~ Kirael with photon energy.
Photon energy is a new miraculous power that is the cure for all ills of our journey here on the Earth plane. We used the photon to bring the power of the spirit in front of our journey to achieve inner peace that transforms.
On a practical level, in time we will run our cars with photons and we will cure the diseases that limit our personal journey. Photons can make a simple headache go away, or to relax a severe cramp.
For those of you who are skeptical, skepticism will be dispersed at the time in this magical energy they need, and remember to inspire in its physical form.
What would be the worst thing that could happen if they forget this simple practice of breathing photons? Perhaps, like most of us when we feel pain, you just forgot to inspire, depriving your body of this magical energy, and instead take an aspirin or let Mother Nature take care of your cramp.
It is assumed that it would be better to regulate your body through breathing prana of the photon. Thus, the headache or cramps disappear in a "magic." In fact, if they feel their life is going to escape, you can recover the whole way through pranic breathing. It's your choice, your life!
Master Guide Kirael through the loving mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling
Each part of the human is now raising their own pace vibration. Some are "so high quickly, and another not. What I am about to disclose in today may not be to the ears of every human being, because some still need to cling to the experience of the third dimension, while others will be willing to test your own reality and move towards light which are not fully aware. They will want to look at the things about which only have dared to dream in the past. They will open in a new way of seeing their own reality.
In today's going to talk about the photon energies and how they interact with humanity, but we have to start from a simple plane. If you in the human world for a moment to recognize your physical body is only one vehicle to maneuver through a fine movement of light that the Creator, through his love, has created, calling the plane of the Earth, you would see that are in the finest sense, a product of the light of the Creator. You are a light force of the Creator.
His journey to open in this plane of Earth is just beginning. Although you have spent millennia trying to provide to their planet's most beautiful human experience possible for you, are now aligned to move towards an arena in which the energy for which there will be seen as light. They may even go so far as to be secured in photon energy, reducing it to the value of its last particle, and realizing that in the quantum energy, the cell photonic energy can be transferred from one end of the universe to another without diminished itself .
How I can do this? This operates on the beam lines of particularization. A cell can send your energy photon from one end of the universe to the other, connect with other cell photonics and deliver the same quantity of energy I had when you started.
Let us consider the human brain. Its scientists have told them that you use about ten percent of your brain for processing thought. Well, the first thing I would do is not to associate the thought with the brain, because according to my knowledge, nobody has ever opened a thinking brain and found inside. The brain acts similarly to a computer. Receive the light of your Higher Self, which is designed to take care of their physical presence. The right brain is where it originates all that is beauty, music, harmony, the colors of light, seeing all I ever want to be. Your left brain is the essence that makes methodical walk through this project called the physical world.
You the human world, walk in a large vacuum energy around them at all times. The vacuum must be filled out because this is a cosmic law of his universe. Fill it with what is one of two processes. You fill it with the ego itself, which is 10 per cent of the thought process that imagines that you are limited, or filled with the essential light, its highest vibration of 90 percent, that part of you that most have chosen ignore.
As we help them to understand the photon energy, you are aware that for some time something is wrong - the reality that they can actually focus on the right brain. Not only that they can focus, but that can take you into the mind of 10 percent and automatically raise your vibration, which therefore automatically increase in DNA fibers of which are currently operating.
I've told them in the process of cell signature, that having the nomination to come to Earth, you chose the closest possible parental structure, best suited to your journey. As soon as the sperm and egg unite, you "instruct" their cell symbol - even what we might call his cell photonics - which will ultimately be stored in the pineal gland. The pineal gland is the central point of activity between the left and right brain. It is the center of everything we do between spirit and physical.
This cell photonics, symbol or cell or cell Divine Light is an expansion of high vibration, so small that they can not detect. However, they have to understand that light is the source of his that controls every part of their reality. When you think you are limited by the physical expression, it will take to see the other end where they are unlimited and what they call the etheric light.
His energy is the force pattern of any light connected. You are a vision, my friends. You are the light of all lights, and you move toward that experience through the light. The photon energy leading to its plane of Earth forward in the most dynamic source of light. It's the only thing, the only particle that is supported only by the power of God the Creator. It is the only energy that can be used to expand its light to any level of awareness of their choice.
Therefore, are themselves not physical, but experiencing this dimension with a physical vibration. In the part of you that is not physical, or particle of light (that beautiful photon energy cell that is the Light of God incarnate), will find an experience that will lead to an unlimited world.
In the days that are no longer striving to be better than another, the day I strive to be better collectively, the day that I do not want to see as masculine or feminine, but collectively they know that come from the light, you see the harmony and the value of being human. You will see why they are so beautifully loved by their Creator. Come to have greater clarity about the world and life will never, ever, that life is limited, but yes it is the experience of being human. So I used this time with your highest potential.
You will mitigate the human experience through death, but such as were the astronauts who left the plane of the Earth on February 1, 2003, you will never be out of life. When the particle of light is completely free of physical experience, she does not grieve, do not cry, do not do anything but love, for she loved every moment of the physical experience that your body has gone through. It has seen itself at its highest potential and in turn expects to receive another incarnation. In that light, my friends, you are eternal. In that space can remember.
Allow yourself to remember in this incarnation that the Great Shift is that level of consciousness that have been waiting for so long to use a physical presence, while experiencing the full expression of light. In contrast, they found a version of life beyond all comparison, because it is the experience of beauty. Here you know the source of the Creator, and here are no longer living in fear as they only know the world of love.
It is the Creator's promise switching to this beautiful earth in one of the highest-dimensional scales vibration for humanity and all other life forms. So be part of it, my friends. No limits are set in; Look at your potential. See the potential to be light, then further breaks will endeavor to fill every moment with the ecstasy of love itself.
QUESTION: How does pranic breathing and energy of individual photons to travel in this direction?
KIRAEL: Here's something I have not shared before. When you pull the energy through the crown chakra in the practice of pranic breathing, photonic particles also penetrate the cell to cell call of God, the cell of Light of God, or as they like to call . Scientists would like to see it as a cell photonics.
Photon light particles are vibrating exact equivalence Cell Divine in pineal gland, therefore, that cell signature register with the new energy. Looking for an accumulation of cells that are not vibrating at the top of the human experience. In essence, looking disoriented and accumulation of cells is the presence photonics to that area. So, if during the healing, you have the forces of light that pranic breathing space by the photon will pranic light to the same, together with a large number of photon light energy. This collection of pranic energy and photonics illuminate and heal accumulation.
However, they have to understand that the accumulation of disoriented cells of which I speak had its beginnings in a cell mystic who started this special process. This cell mystique - we call mystical because it is still a mystery how he manages to control and collect similar energies to itself - within the mass that is almost immune to the photon energy. The photon has to show the magic of cell signature, which is the reminder of his own divine perfection, which was previously to be disoriented.
Through the photon energy through the pranic light energy and through the thought of directing healing energy, once these three things come together, all the forces begin to move to correct and redirect a cell for physical world.
Remember that in my opening statement I said that a product of light, such as light or light photonic cell can be projected through the universe. Well, during some surgeries, while the doctor removes the mass of cells, the cell disoriented projects its mystical power to another cell in the body and expect the doctor to complete the surgery, and then reattaches itself. Consequently, it has not been healed.
I do not know how much of this you understand, but someday they will be clear that through prayer, meditation, energy healing, and the Ten Principles, people can be healed. When you combine the healing energies of the plane of the Earth, which is the world of your doctor, with your etheric plane, which is what you are, healing can occur. This is also why some people are healthy and some not. Can they understand? What I-nisation to enable you we're like photon energy, pranic energy, the healer and the physician can form a healing of the four bodies.
QUESTION: Could I go directly to the cell or cell symbol in the pineal gland divine and speak to the diseased area of the body to enhance the healing process?
KIRAEL: Certainly. By activating the pineal gland in his cell where there is Divine, you may be in full disclosure, not only with the physical presence that you are, but with its highest part, the essential light. That's what I have said over and over again, which is good to activate the pineal gland through the pranic breath before starting their journeys of healing. Once activated this and it recognizes that you are here to heal, she works with the cells outside the buildup to reflect light back into the cell mass and to the mystique. Consequently, they have an immediate healing.
Remember, the journey of healing depends on the strength of the mass or accumulation and the intensity of the lesson plan. This is what will determine if you heal the body or not. Also remember that in the very fabric of light, the cell knows to create mystique and make dough rise. However, if you have a healer working with that person and the healer in fact retain as much light in the other cells, the cell will have a hard time mystique to recruit unhealthy cells. Therefore, growth slows. To reactivate and maintain a vigilant force of energy on the pineal gland, you will see that can reverse the development of the mass.
QUESTION: So a person can heal itself by simply doing pranic breathing, without a healer?
KIRAEL: Maybe, but I assure you that the average person usually panics when you say there is a mass in your body. This fear will then influence and word, which helps the body to find energy for the cell mysticism. So, it is unlikely that you will get to do very well by itself, although it certainly can, but will not either.
QUESTION: Could you explain the difference between the pranic light, the light photon energy and the healer could channel?
KIRAEL: My first answer would be that it is impossible to explain the difference since they all are the Force of the Creator, all the Light of Creation. The greatest desire of the Creator Force is to create. Consequently, he developed his own form of energy, which is used in many ways. Photon energy of the Creator is the source of information. Pranic light sources is the activity-te. The healing light source is to merge all the other lights.
QUESTION: I know that the photon energy is involved in some way with the Great Shift and the three days of darkness, but I'm not sure how. "It just bodes, or initiates or indeed produce the three days of darkness and all the physical changes in the Earth plane, includ-ing the ascent of mankind? It seems that this type of energy has a mind of its own. Is it a living entity like Mother Earth? Do you have that kind of vitality?
KIRAEL: Certainly. Each particle of photon energy may think. Each particle of photon energy can evolve. Each photon particle is a particle of the Creator Source. Therefore you, like you, a superior being - the Creator. Photonic energy particles are powerful and yes, they can accumulate thought and memory can retain much larger than all the gray matter is in his head, he knows that he is a brain. You know it's Light. The photon can think and go to work in every way necessary. In essence, may be the highest form of intelligence, it does not aim to be.
As to your question if it is "causing" the three days of darkness, this is cause and effect. By this I mean that's not the real cause, but it is the energy through which the cause is filtered. The Creator is the true cause, but the effect will be produced through the vibration being carried by the photon energy.
With respect to the three days of darkness, if the three days of darkness is because it has formed a shield of ice between you and your sun, you would be lost. Since the photon energy is that produce the alteration of the rays of the sun, your experience will not be catastrophic. Photon energy is a light thinking, and is sending enough power through to ensure that human experience is still available for the trip.
Q: Knowing that the photon energy is a source of energy conscious memory and a superior being, does that mean that I can run as a conscious creator in my life through the scheduling of the mastermind and the state of dream?
KIRAEL: Certainly. Remember, a cell can send your thoughts photonics throughout the universe. Can you lead your higher self to communicate with another being superior? I bet yes.
QUESTION: So you are saying that in my own thought process I can address additional photon energy of light years away to provide the extra energy I'd like to send someone who is suffering from an ailment?

KIRAEL: You will not be the first to do that. Of course, the last person who did that was put on a cross. It can be done. It has been done. You have to go far beyond his ego. It must be almost free of ego, because you actually would be acting as God, which you are. You have to remember that people are using this experience to return to Earth angelic realm. If you interrupt your program to pull the overall strength of the photon energy to his own strength and energy is used himself as a conduit to bring it to them, you interrupt your plan. That is why only enter what used according to the standard of your higher self and the higher self which is healing. They know what they want to do. The simple answer is yes, however it is a very involved. I hope you have understood.
QUESTION: As the photon energy levels increase across the planet, how will that affect the evolution of the human world?
KIRAEL: Photon energy floating through the Mother Earth allows the particle conscious - cell or cell symbol photonics - to release the subject of physical vibration. Therefore, those of the human light that can not withstand the new forces of light, they will choose the departicularizarse (discreate) and return to the Creator.
Perhaps they are thinking that I'm bringing a lot more information than they ever did. Well, you are bringing much better questions than they did previously.
I have a knowledge beyond what can be counted, but only what I can deliver when the order is there. So keep on keeping growth. Continue to expand. Do not live a day without the Ten Principles of Conscious Creation, because every time you complete a little of his vast experience, you give me the opportunity to bring a new experience. Therefore is available for unlimited knowledge you if you are experiencing so that I can bring a little more. Until we have that opportunity, I argue in the light of Creation.
Kirael In the book, The Great Turning, by Rev. Fred Sterling (p. 137) Kirael says: "Your breathing will change as you move up (to the Fourth Dimension), where the breath is the source of pranic energy with which the body work better. Remember that was the prana with which existed during their lives in Lemuria. The only thing for which his breathing was used to oxygenate the system. Your energy pattern was fed by the prana. The Fourth Dimension Prana Energy Photonics be the primary source of life. So now practicing pranic breathing, because it will revitalize and take plenty of their cells, and clean your cellular consciousness. This is one of the many reasons why your period of life will increase dramatically. "
THE ROOTS OF pranic breathing
In the glossary of the book (p. 165) Kirael says: "At its most primitive approach here on the Earth plane, pranic breathing was the essence for survival. Over the years, one learned how to use the lungs and mouth breathing, thereby limiting their potential to deliver valuable energy to the molecular structure.
When used properly, pranic breathing allows one to move the molecular structure to a different level of understanding.
Pranic breathing meditation
Imagine a beautiful golden light penetrating the essence of the Creator through your crown chakra. As you inhale this light, let it move down through your pituitary and thymus glands. Let it fill the entire physical body. After holding this light for a few seconds, exhale and release it through your heart chakra.
Repeat this process several times, and as he stilled his mind and relax your body, begin to slow your breathing. In your mind's eye, travel with this light and become his partner, see how slowly they can move the light down and out of your body. Because while you slow down your breathing, you will experience a sense of grace, a reminder of the love and healing in the Light of God.
You ask "Can it be that simple?". My answer is an emphatic "Yes." For the simplicity of healing in the Light of God, no reasons or excuses not to move forward in love. You begin to see clearly how they have lived their lives surrounded by self-imposed limitations. And you will have the strength of the heart to heal, change and embrace the new journey for the Truth, Trust and Passion.
Pranic breathing - HEALING IN THE LIGHT OF GOD
Remember, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, so please join me in the Light of God as I say my prayers for Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.
When they are sitting quietly and experiencing God's Light in pranic breathing, see Mother Earth simultaneously surrounded by the Light of God. This vision will heal the consciousness of fear that surrounds our planet, and passionate love consciousness.
Imagine the golden particles of light entering through your crown chakra, and then leaving. As your breathing slow down, experience the feeling of love and light to be one with the Creator. You may also want to add the traditional deep-breathing exercises to expand and collapse the diaphragm as they experience the light.
Translation: Anita Manasse

Personal Power ,Planetary Leadership,Planetary Politics and Grounding your Spirituality into the Earth,Enjoying and Embracing Earth life

Personal Power ,Planetary Leadership,Planetary Politics and Grounding your Spirituality into the Earth,Enjoying and Embracing Earth life!-Todays Focus Attention Sankalpa and Decisice decision is to be in our 100% Personal Power,Never giving our Power to anything or anyone Inside or outside and Choose to use our Full Personal Power for Unconditional Love of Self and Others.We choose to be an Ideal Integrated Ascended Master Leader over all our Thoughts Feelings Energies Actions Sub Conscious Mind Sub Personalities Archetypes Ray and Zodiac Structure Psychology and Negative Ego,and lead all our Inner and Outer Aspects into the Ideal of Integrated Ascended Mastery Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness and God and Self Realization on all 4 Faces of God,In our Earth Life,in our Psychology and in our Ascension Program.We keep our routine and program around our ideal that we have set and stick to it with a Tough as Nails Focus while also having fun and enjoying the Process.
Today we also decide to Co Operate with all other Individual Leaders(All People,of all Races,Types,)(As all are leaders over themselves to greater all lesser degrees)We decide to peacefully Co Operate with all others and live to serve group consciousness,we choose to choose love over being right,we choose to remain in Harmony With Self God and Others,We choose to co operate with the Greater Group Body within our own Service Work Mission and Puzzle Piece.We choose to be in oneness Love Co Operation and Peace in all our interactions.We can also send Loving energy in our daily 3 Times Meditation to the Political Leaders of the World Sending them loving Energy to Co Operate with each other so that all nations can co operate and come to a Peaceful agreement to clean up our Planet,Commit to Making lasting change and doing things in a Harmonious Manner.We send them the Energy of Peaceful Co Operation with Personal power that we have cultivated in our Selves in our Meditation and all our Outer actions and Service Work.
Another Key lesson today that we should practice to integrate the Higher Aspect of the 1st Ray is to Ground Our Spirituality by enjoying Earth life,Taking time to be in nature and connect with the Plant Mineral Animal and Vegetable Kingdom.We take time to get into our Body with Physical Excersise Yoga Asana Running walking etc We take time to enjoy moderate unconditionally Loving Sexuality with our Partner,we choose to take time to cleanse the physical Body groom and Dress well shower and wash well cleaning our Teeth Hair and Grooming correctly.In maintaining a Clean House Office Space etc,We make our Home a Temple Space,we give and Receive Massage and Physical Affection and love from others.In short we do all we can to ground our Spirituality and enjoy the Earth Life to the Fullest measure we can,for we realize that the Material Universe is One of Gods 7 Heavens and as such to be embraced and enjoyed!We can also add to this by fully Honouring and revearing the Godess Energies on earth by offering our Love Gratitude to the Earth Mother for her Infinite Unending embrace and giving energy,in nourishing us all with her very self everyday.We can also offer our Devotion and love to the Many Incarnated Extensions of the Godess in all forms of Female divinity,be that a Sister a Mother a Love a Lady Friend,all are incarnations of the Divine Feminine and all are to be honoured and reveared as such!If we can do all of this in a Balanced and Integrated Way in our earth Life in our Psychological Consciousness and in our Spiritual Ascension work we will be sure that we will have grounded our Spirituality,Steped into Spiritual Leadership and Political Co Operation!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Spiritual Vision and Mass Hallucination caused by the Negative Ego Programing.

Spiritual Vision and Mass Hallucination caused by the Negative Ego Programing.

There are actually 3 levels of Spiritual Vision as with all things in our Incarnation.God is a Trinity and this relates also to todays theme of “Spiritual Vision”.Most people think of Spiritual Vision as being clairvoyant.However there are a large number of different spiritual visions,some people see auras,some people see chakras,some people see into the astral plane,some see into the Mental plane,Some see into the Spiritual Plane,some see into the Earthly plane and some see into the Psychological world of Mind and its various manifestations.Some people see into the Spirit World through the use of Hallucnagenics and psychedelics.There are so many levels and layers to spiritual vision it is quite unbelievable.

It also must be understood that ones Consciousness and Psychology will also affect ones Vision for in truth ones Consciousness affects every area of ones Perception and experience of Life!The first level I will speak of is Physical Vision.The key understanding is that God Lives as much in the Physical Universe as he/she does in the Spiritual Universe.In this way we need to learn to see all physical expressions as God/Godess literally in form.All you can see is he/she!This level is of course though just one the Faces of God.Ideally we develop an efficient perception of Reality by learning to see clearly and move into perceiving life from an integrated ascended Masters perspective.The Physical appearance of any person gives us information about that person.The way they walk,the way they talk,the Physical Clothes they Wear,their demenour,their Stride how they decorate their home and so forth.Also some people are not seeing clearly physically by not having clear eye sight.Sometimes the Lens in the eyes don’t focus properly so one does not quite get a clearly defined perception of Physical Reality.In this case that person might require glasses.

Of The 3 Levels of Vision,(Earthly,Psychological and Spritual)psychological is the most important for it colours our other perceptions for we not only see with our eyes but with our minds,Super Conscious Conscious and Sub Conscious.If the 3 Minds are not balanced aligned and integrated we will see from a fragmented perspective.If we are run by the Sub Conscious mind we will see through the lens of the Sub Conscious past life negative ego programming.We most certainly will not see clearly.This is why we need to at all times and in all now moments learn to balance integrate and align our 3 Minds.We need to learn to see clearly through a Transcendent Spiritual Psychology,We need to learn to see the Material Universe As Gods Body as much as the Spiritual and we need to see the Spiritual as much as the Physcial.Learning to do this in a balanced and integrated way we develop an efficient perception of Reality!There are basically 2 Levels of Spiritual Vision,one being the Spiritual Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/Mighy I am Presence/God/Godess seeing and the Fear Based/Seperative/Dualistic/Illusionary/Lower Self Negative Ego seeing.Once we learn to see with our Christ mind alone in all situations and circumstances we have come to have an efficient perception of reality!There is a way of perceiving that will bring unchaning joy happiness inner peace and another way that will bring you ups and downs and a rollercoaster of life.Choose then my friends to think with your Christ mind and choose always to have the Spiritual Christ Vision of the Holy Encounter and Innocent perception that God would have you see!

Sub Conscious Interference,

An interesting Spiritual Discernment from a Psychological Perspective is that Most Light Workers are to a great degree run by the Sub Conscious Non reasoning Mind and so automatically run by the Inner Child Negative Ego Lower Self desire Body.Occurs for most people have not yet learned to practice Joyus Spiritual Vigilence at all times.This leads to one being ineffective in theier perception of Gods Reality.Most people are totally programmed by Teachers Rabbis Priests their parents their Past Life Programing the Inner Perception Media Government National Karma and everything else that effects ones programming.Most things people see and even most light workers is a Massive hallucination of the Negative Ego.Most things people see is a massive hallucination of the Sub Conscious mind and Negative Ego.It has been said that the World is Dream,The Aborigines talk of the World as “Dreaming” and this is quite true in many ways!We are constantly dreaming either from a Love perspective or a Fear Based Perspective or some mix of the 2.Our goal and mission then is to dream and perceive only from the Spiritual Christ Mind and to Enter Gods Infinite Endless dream of Perfection Love Oneness Eternity Abundance,in short to re enter the Dream of God/Godess that we are!

So most People Currently are being Run by the Sub Conscious mind to a great degree and living in a mass hallucination of the Negative Ego and are not even aware of it!The Sub Conscious Mind was never meant to be the programmer of Ones Life however that is what is happening to a great extend even in Light Workers and so called Spiritual People.This has caused so many to be dreaming up and perceiving things that do not even exist for the believe things to have deep meanings when they might actually have no significance to that person or situation.Also people see through their own Ray Structure Astrological Make up,Past Life Programing,Level of Spiritual Psychological and Earthly Development,Philosophy,Gender,Profession,friends,Politicalaffiliation,Education,Numerological Configuration,Archetypal Configuration and identification to name just a few!Most people are looking through one millionth a lens that God sees through.So then we can begin to see why it is so important to Integrate all the Many Levels of Spiritual Earthly and Psycholgical Vision into a Cohesive and Synthisized whole so that we can see with Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness and Integrated Ascended Masters perspective and true Spiritual Vision!We can now see why it is so important to Become an Absolute Master of Every Thought Word deed and Piece of Energy in Service of God and the Masters,To totally Master Ones Energies Routines Patterns Life Rythms Mind Negative Ego Sub Conscious Programing Inner Child Psychology and so forth.That is why it is so important to keep your Golden Bubble of Protection up at all times,To Balance your 3 Fold Flame of Personal power Unconditional Love and Wise Discernment!That Is why it is so important to remain joyously Spiritual Vigilent for God and Gods Kingdom and never go on Automatic Pilot for a second even while you sleep!We can see that why it is so important to absolutely master every piece of Energy at the highest level at all times and in all situations in service of God on Earth!We can see why it is so important to learn to transcend the Negative Ego/Dualitic/Seperative/Fear Based/Dualistic/Lower Self mind at all times and to learn to think feel and see only with ones Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/

13 Moon Calender Basics,

In the 13 Moon calendar the names of the 13 moons correspond to the thirteen galactic tones of creation. Each of the 13 moons is saturated with meaning and altogether they form a whole vision sequence of cosmic order. Each year also serves as a planetary service wavespell. Before we introduce the names of the thirteen moons, please consider the meanings of the 12 months of the Gregorian calendar:


January is the God of the Doorway.

February is an obscure reference to a type of entrails used in a form of divination.

March is named after Mars, the God of War.

April and May are named after obscure floral goddesses of the springtime.

June is named after Juno, the wife of Jupiter.

July is named after Julius Caesar.

August is named after Augustus Caesar. August used to be the month called Sextile, which means 6, and Augustus Caesar figured that if Julius had a month named after him, then Augustus also wanted a month named after himself. So he changed Sextile to August and at that time it only had 30 days, February had 29, so he took the 29th day from February and added it to August so it would have 31 just like Julius did with July.

September means 7 (“sept”) but is the ninth month.

October means 8, but is the 10th month.

November, which means 9, is the 11th month.

December, the 12th month, means 10.

In the 13 Moon calendar, the meaning of each of the 13 moons corresponds to that particular number frequency having three key words. These numbers are known as the thirteen galactic tones of creation that together form the cosmology of movement. These 13 Moons can be put into the format of a wavespell:


Moon 1: Magnetic Unify purpose Attract

Moon 2: Lunar Polarize challenge Stabilize

Moon 3: Electric Active service Bond

Moon 4: Self-existing Define form Measure

Moon 5: Overtone Empower radiance Command

Moon 6: Rhythmic Organize equality Balance

Moon 7: Resonant Channel attunement Inspire

Moon 8: Galactic Harmonize integrity Model

Moon 9: Solar Pulse intention Realize

Moon 10: Planetary Perfect manifestation Produce

Moon 11: Spectral Dissolve liberation Release

Moon 12: Crystal Dedicate cooperation Universalize

Moon 13: Cosmic Endure presence Transcend
Here are the full names and Gregorian dates of the 13 Moons:
1. Magnetic Bat Moon (July 26-August 22)
2. Lunar Scorpion Moon (August 23-September 19)
3. Electric Deer Moon (September 20-October 17)
4. Self-existing Owl Moon (October 18-November 14)
5. Overtone Peacock Moon (November 15-December 12)
6. Rhythmic Lizard Moon (December 13-January 9)
7. Resonant Monkey Moon (January 10-February 6)
8. Galactic Hawk Moon (February 7-March 6)
9. Solar Jaguar Moon (March 7-April 3)
10. Planetary Dog Moon (April 4-May 1)
11. Spectral Serpent Moon (May 2-May 29)
12. Crystal Rabbit Moon (May 30-June 26)
13. Cosmic Turtle Moon (June 27-July 24)
Day Out of Time (July 25)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

5th Ray Master Hillarion and the Building of the New Earth,New Churches and New World Systems.

5th Ray Master Hillarion and the Building of the New Earth,New Churches and New World Systems.

The 5th Ray Day Friday Deals with Concrete Higher Mind Science that reveals the Higher Function of Science and Group Consciousness in the Building of the New Ascended Masters Earth.5th Ray Deals with the Vision,Healing,Clarity,Constancy,Healing,Science,Music,Wholeness,Clarity,Truth and Harmony.This ray grounds the Higher Aspect of the Christ Mind into the Form to bring forth the Externalization of the New Higher Order World Systems that are to be the Service Vehicles for the Next 26,000 Year Cycle.Master Hillarion Directs the New Age Builders of the New Earth and Directs New Age Systems into Manifestation.This ray also deals with holding the highest Vision for all concerned in any particular group body.This ray Gives us the Ability to be constant in our Efforts until their completion.This Ray gives us the Healing Vision that sets us toward our Highest Incarnated Freedom.This ray also gives us the ability to perceive truth in any and all situations despite appearances.It is related to a Higher Aspect of the 3rd and 1st Ray.
Focusing on what you want and what you want to be do and have and taking then consistent action towards those goals each day you will find a balanced integration of the 5th Ray energies Expressing through your being more fully.By Consistently acting feeling experiencing your connection to your Goals you will feel empowered at all times.Focusing on what you want draws that very thing to yourself.Focsing on what you want creates suffering.By consistently and diligently focusing on what you want to the exclusion of all else you attain and achieve that in the shortest possible time!
Putting all your Energy and effort into your Sacred Labour will give you a constant stream of Divine Guidance Divine Connection and give you the Pure joy and perfection that comes from expressing your Divine Mission and Purpose/Puzzle Piece!
Wholeness is a Quality of our Being,Wholeness is an essence level reality.Wholeness comes from who we are not by what we do or have.However these things also ultimately add to the Form Level of Wholeness that we are developing and experiencing.
To realize wholeness simply remember that you are a part of Creation and God/Godess infinite Creation and nothing you do or even have done can separate you from this.Only in thinking outside of this Great Oneness can you seem to experience this “temporary and False separation”.The Keys to Understanding your essence and form level wholeness are –Aligning with Integrating and Demonstrating your Mighty I am Presence on Earth.
-Remembering you are a Part of God/Godess Infinite Cosmic Body.
-Balancing all Inner and outer Polarities through transcendence and transformation.
-Forgive Self and all others Unconditionally.
-Commit 100% to God and your Spiritual path above all else.
-Focus n fulfilling your Mission and bringing forth your Life’s Work above all else.
-Call forth to Spirit the Ascended Masters and your Own Mighty I am Presence 3 Times a Day Religously and ground your Antakarana and spiritual grounding chord each time you eat!
-Call forth to Master Hillarion for Overlighting Guidance through out your day.
-Request to sit in the 5th Ray Ascension Seat in Hillarions Ashram.
-Bi Locate to the 5th Ray Ashram through out the day and night.
-Realize you are an extension of God and One with everyone and everything.You already literally are and have everything!
Creating Abundance you need to remove all lower negative energies from your Mind and body systems by cleansing clearing fasting and other spiritual forth for Spiritual Level clearing from the Inner Plane Ascended Masters and the Map Healing team while you sleep.ask for a Total clearing of any and all negativity on any and all levels of your being.
-Use positive affirmations everyday and chant God Holy Name Constantly.
-Declutter your living space and give away what you no longer need or want.
-reprogram the Sub Conscious mind with Meditaions Sub Conscious Mind Makeovers and decrees.
-Use the Violet Flame constantly!
-Keep a Journal System and Workbook for mastering all aspects of Earthly Life,Your Psychological Consciousness and your Spiritual Ascension program.(
-Create a Vision and Dream Board and look at it each day while you do your work and service!
Use all your energy in a One pointed focus to the completion and attainment of all your Spiritual Ascension Psychological Consciousness and Physical Earthly Goals.
Listed Bellow are some affirmations for your edification,
“I am totally abundant and full,My source is God and Spirit and my Cup Runeth Over!”
“I accept the Unending abundance of Gods Grace”
“I receive now and Invoke God/Godess Infinite Abundance!”
“Every Spiritual Mental Emotional and Physical Need of Mine is provided for by the Supreme Creator Mother/Father God.”
“I allow my Mighty I am Presence to Descend into my 3 Minds and 4 bodies and take dominion over my being.”
In relation to Healing it has been said known and revealed that,
Illness Sickness Death are Illusionary and Temporary Experience or “Perceptions” Created for the Human Soul and Spirit to learn the required earth Lessons,and in learning them fully pass through the Earth Portal into the Open door of Eternal Life and the Kingom of God/Godess!
Sickness and Ill Health are Illusions created by Negative Ego Perception of Gods Reality.They in truth do not exist!The same can be said for Suffering,Duality,Illusion,Glamour,Maya,Lower Self.
Any sickness or Ill Health has been brought to your attention solely for your Mastery and Transformation of that condition.You are being taught lessons in regard to this particular health lesson.Decide to learn the Lessons and earn the Golden Nugget of Wisdom contained within them!
Surrender your Healing to God the Masters and your Mighty I am Presence and know that the healing will happen by grace as well as your own effort.
-Be willing to let go of any limited Lens Consciousness or Lower Aspect of life thinking in any of the Rays or Chakras that led to that imbalanced condition.Release the Thinking release the problem!”The mind leads to Liberation or the Mind leads to Bodage!”(His Holiness the Lord Sai Baba)
-Generally an Illness or Health lesson is guiding you to release some aspect or fragment of Mass Consciousness.Choose to examine your Consciousness and release all limited lens thinking around this issue.
-Realize that there is thinking to be changed around this issue and that is your main lesson.
-Call on God and the Masters for a Miraculous Healing Having perfect Faith and knowing that “Thy Will be Done!” and return your consciousness to the perfect ideal that is your essence and form reality!

In regards to the Truth another aspect and emenation of the 5th ray we should come to understand collectively that truth is an innate knowingness gift and ability given to all souls.It is a gift from God/Godess itself!
By making an effort to know experience and express truth you can invoke and experience this more and more!This is commonly known as “Intuition”
The Purpose of all Spiritual Traditions is to bring the individual to an experience of Truth within the indivualized soul.All organizations communities have been set up by the Spiritual Hierarchy to educate Humanity in “Universal Truth.”
The Kingdom of God is Within and becoming without!This can only be experienced first in ones Inner Most Being,it is then slowly incarnated and Externalized,more and more now this is the Trend we are seeing now,as many High Level Initiates Light Workers and Masters Externalize we are brining Heaven to Earth and Externalizing our Inner Knowingness Our Inner Truth and our Inner reality!

Harmony is a State of Inner and Outer Balance.Harmony is a Balance of Interaction with Individuals and Co Operation within a Group body towards a Collective goal and outcome.Harmony is the way one merges oneself within the Group Consciousness.Focusing solely on Harmony and taking your attention and focus off all forms of disharmony Dischord and all other lower form of the 4th Ray of God.
By Striving to remain in Harmony with all beings we contribute to the Great Group Body Harmony.Harmony within self leads to Harmony outside of self.
By Correectly using the Energy of Each chakra.Being in Harmony is the First Lesson of Mastery.When you have harmony in your Mental Body Harmony will naturally fall into your Emotional Physical and Outer relationships.To keep harmony then we need to,First Stop senseless chatter,Refrain from Gossip Idle chatter,talk that harms others and self by default,Practice speaking Harmoniously rather than dischordantly.Settle any and all debts on all levels for any debt keeps your energy tied up to that system.Until you are totally karmically free you will be called back into systems you are wishing to exit.
To clear yourself from any and all debts from this Life and all past lives you need to act towards service of Humanity.Also doing powerful mantras affirmations and decrees can clear your energy system from all forms of karmic debt.However debt and karmic lessons must be repaid on the level that they where created.Ask and request God the Master your Own Mighty I am Presence and God Self as well as the Karmic Board to Clear all your Karmic Lines.
5th Ray relates to Right Livelihood and the Buddhas Noble Eight Fold Path.(Buddha is the New Planetary Logos taking over for Sanat Kumara.)It relates to the 1st 3rd and 5th ray which basically integrate Leadership Business into a Service Modual.The Ideal of the 5th Ray is to generate ones Livelihood through ones service One Mission and Puzzle Piece and through ones own Passion.Your Mission and purpose allows you to balance Karma through Service to Humanity.This will benefit yourself and your Greater Planetary Family.It ultimately leads to the 12 Great Riches of Life and the Perfection of Ones Energy thoughts and feelings.Your Mission and purpose should come through sharing your talents and God Given Gifts with others.Your Passion is something you do regardless of pay or renumeration of any kind.Discovering this through Meditational Revelation one kind receive the Vision of Ones Highest destiny.
Also to express the Higher Aspects of the 5th Ray one Needs to balance all the other 6 Great Rays of God,ie Personal Power,Love and Wisdom Active Intelligence Harmony and Balance Devotion and ceremonial Order and Magic.With the higher Illumination of the 5th Ray ones Vision allows one to Percieve the reality of any situation,Percieve future developments,To see God in all.This also allows you to perceive and be the Christ on the Earth,This also allows you to hold the vision of the Kingdom of God that will come to Earth,ie Hold the Vision of the Golden Age,See the Oneness of all things and to see all beings are part of one great Planetary Family.This also gives one the vision of ones Highest potential in self and in all others too!

“So then may we walk in the Light of the One,In the Higher Aspect of the 5th Ray,May we be overlighted Guided and Directed by Master Hillarion and his Overlighting Consciousness this day.May we attune our Earth Life our Consciousness and our Spiritual Life to the higher Aspects and frequencies of the 5th ray.We ask the Collective Consciousness of God and the Masters assistance in this Today.We thank thee and accept this as done.”


This handbook is a guide to systematically develop the top 400 Spiritual characteristics that ultimately define the Ultimate Man of Character. It is an 8,400 days and/or 23 year program and project to methodically develop all the inspired character traits that mark an Integrated Ascended Master. It is esoterically understood that it takes 21 days to program a new habit into the subconscious mind. The idea of this handbook is to keep your mind and consciousness focused on expressing one specific character trait at a time for a period of 21 days so as to integrate, one by one, all the character traits that characterize the consciousness of an Integrated Ascended Master. After 21 days of conscious expression it will become a subconscious habit to demonstrate the given character trait as needed and appropriate. As the saying goes, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” By continually working on yourself and always being on some kind of campaign to become a better person and develop another facet in your character, your mind will always be attuned to Spirit and you will always be busy working on the refinement of your consciousness in a systematic and thorough way.For details where to purchase visit,



You have always been one with God, you are one with God right now and you will always be one with God. By learning to see through the illusion of the negative ego, you are now waking up from a bad dream and/or nightmare and are now fully being reborn to the fact that the bad dream of the negative ego/ fear-based/ separative/ dualistic/ illusionary/ selfish/ lower-self/ materialistic mind’s past interpretation of reality was never real. It is all forgiven. It is all just a bad dream which you have now awakened from. You do not blame yourself for believing a bad dream while sleeping at night was real. When you wake up you just say, “I am sure glad that was just a dream!” That is what you should also say to the negative ego’s bad dream that it was giving to you in a waking state by feeding negative, untrue thoughts into your consciousness and mind. In this holy instant you are born again. You are 100% now freed. God does not hold anything against you – and neither must you! God is just pleased you have awakened. Peace has come at last. The war is over! The negative ego has been undone…

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Learning the Lesson of Unconditional Ascended Masters Love and Transcending Negative Ego Dualistic Seperative Illusionary Lower Self Love.

Learning the Lesson of Unconditional Ascended Masters Love and Transcending Negative Ego Dualistic Seperative Illusionary Lower Self Love.

Interesting to note that today the main focus and lesson is learning to be right with Self God first before merging with another in any kind of Romantic relationship.This is a key understanding to entering into Ascended Master relationships and not need based relationships.The Key lesson and understanding is to First give yourself and your own inner child the Unconditionally Loving Firmness that he she requires.For if our Inner Child receives to much discipline without love e/she will become rebellious and if the Inner Child gets to much love without boundries and structure the Inner Child will become spoilt and inflated.So the Key is in guiding our Inner Child with Unconditional Love and Firmness into an Adult and Fully Adult Integrated Ascended Master on Earth.For in truth there are only Souls incarnated in Babies bodies and all souls need to be raised to embody the fullness of Spirit on Earth for that is the work and mission that the Masters and the 2nd Ray Synthisis Ashram that Direct Spiritual Education of the Planet is wishing and intending at this time.So our part in this is raising first our own inner child and then learning to parent all other outer children as well with the proper balance of Firmness and Love.For in doing this one will find the Proper Balance and Integration of Ones Proper Psychology that is required.The other Key is receiving Love from God and the Masters for we can only give that which we posses and we can “Of our own selves do nothing!””For it is the Father in Me that does all things”(The Mighty Iam presence)In understanding this we allow ourselves to receive all the Love from all the Levels of Creation,we also are active in giving and sharing our Unconditional love for we understand that Love at comes from both and essence level and a form level.So after acknowledging and Honouring our essence level we can then begin to practice form level by doing Affirmations of Self Love,Doing our Journals and Logs to develop self love and self worth and practice giving and sharing love on an Physical Emotional Mental and Spiritual Level.All these levels are required for us to receive Integrated God love and all levels are just as important.So our Key focus and attention Psychologically today on the 4th Ray day is to practice giving and Receiving Unconditional Love to Self First and then to give to Others.This is our main focus and all energy can be organized around that guiding principal and practice!Now a brief prayer to close.

“Beloved Presence of God/Christ/Holy Spirit and my Own Mighty I am presence,we invoke and request your descent into our 3 Minds and 4 Bodies and ask your divine assistance in being in total 100% Unconditional Love to Self God and others at all times no matter what!We ask for full Power and Wise Discernment also in this!”

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Transcending and over Coming Sub conscious Mind Interference,Mastering the Negative Ego and Sub Conscious Mind in service of God!

Transcending and over Coming Sub conscious Mind Interference,Mastering the Negative Ego and Sub Conscious Mind in service of God and your Brothers and Sisters on Earth!

The Key Lesson and Test of today is to overcome and Transcend Negative Ego programing,The Sub COnsiocus mind and us all energies thoughts and feelings in service of God and ones Highest SPiritual Physical Mental and Emotional Attainment.The Key to Understanding this is to know that most people are run by the Sib conscious Mind Intead of Being its master programer and most people are not in control of thier own Negative Egos!Most People do not even know what the negative Ego is exept to be run by it!When ever we are run by or give to much lee way to the ub Conscious mind it means we are automatically run by the Emotional Body,Desire/Astral Body,The Lower Self Inner Child and different aspects of Consciousness.Therefor the Greatest effort has to be made today in all "Now Moments" to be "Joyusly Spiritualy Vigilent"for God and Gods Kingdom and to work n using the Conscious Mind to re program the Sub conscious mind.We also make the Mind receptive to the Super Consicous Spiritual Mind and allow ourselves to recieve thought transference from the Spiritual World and Higher Dimensional Consciousness in the Ascended Master thought Stream which is ever ready to guide those who have but the "Ears to Hear!"Todays key Lesson test and challenge is to always actively think with Ones Christ Mind and to actively Think clearly in a Christed manner and never to let the Sub Consicious Mind and desire body to slip into action and control.The Key is to always direct our Energies of our Mind while taking guidance from the Higher Mind and Dorecting that into the Sub Consicous Mind.The Key lesson is keeping the Mid steady in the Light of Personal Power Unconditional Love and Wise Discernment.If we can do this to our Highest Potential at all times we will be sure we have done all we can towards developing our COnsciousness and refining our Psychology.On a Spiritual Ascension level we are requesting to be Bi Located in our SPiritual Body and Spilt off self into Serepis Beys Ashram.We call in the Higher Aspect of the 3rd Ray of "Active Intelligence"and or "Business Acumen" and "Clear Christed Thinking!"We choose to awaken in Mind to the Positive Radient Mind energy and let our Inner Sun illuminate our Inner Mind.We focus on aligning our actions and energies towards alignment and integration and we own our Power Full to Be loving and Wise within our Own Consciousness and the Greater Connsciousness on a Mental Level.We also of course practice this on a Spiritual Level an Emotional level and a Physical level!If we can help others do this also we will procceed all the more swiftly!For a Lord Meitreya Likes to say "Service is the Fruit of Life and Service is the Law of Life!"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Julija Simas ,"Cancer Ingress 2010,"

Cancer Ingress 2010 - 21st June - UT 11:28am
We know significant change is on the horizon when we see Uranus at the first degree of the zodiac, zero Aries, at a cardinal ingress. The Agent of Change heralds a new beginning, a global awakening, a step out of the past and into new uncharted territory. It is this sign-shift of Uranus, beginning a new 84-year round of the zodiac, that we celebrate this solstice. Jupiter joins Uranus at this zero point; it ignites and doubles the spirit of Uranus – we can expect spontaneous outbursts and thrilling revelations. Uranus, just like lightning, changes the dynamics of a charged atmosphere and rejuvenates and invigorates the earth.
The solstice Sun at zero Cancer squares Uranus exactly. The Sun in the sign of Cancer represents consciousness of our need for safety and security; Cancer symbolises the oceanic womb from which we all emerge, regardless of nationhood, borders and race, the sense that we are all family and we all share the same home. Radical Uranus squaring the Sun suggests that we can feel change, we can feel heightened tension and discomfort. As the dynamics of the upcoming cardinal t-square get tighter, tension builds, aggravating major global change and heralding the fraught energies of the next 3 months and beyond. However change won’t come easy. Uranus’ position at the zero point at a cardinal ingress will occur twice again in the next 1½ years: at the Aries equinox of 2011 (when Uranus will conjunct the Sun), and again for the Capricorn solstice of 2011 (when there will be a Sun -Uranus square), promising 2011 to be a year of even more significant dynamic change than 2010.
Uranus’ move into Aries liberates pent-up energies and frees them up to breathe again, causing disruption, sudden readjustment and rebellion. With this move we are more than ready to act with Promethean spirit to fuel the fires of change. The price, however, to equalize, liberate, enlighten and awaken, is to challenge the powers that be, the structures and systems that no longer nourish, nurture or make us feel safe. Uranus isn’t afraid of shifting the comfort zone and with a Uranus-Sun alignment we are compelled to change, consciously. The Sun, arguably the major focus at a solstice, is placed at a pivotal point, namely the missing link of the tightening cardinal t–square. A few days after the solstice, a partial lunar eclipse with the Sun at 4 degress of Cancer and the Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, accentuates our familial ties and every individual’s role in global transformation. The subsequent total solar eclipse on 11 July 2010 at 19 degrees of Cancer (the eclipse being visible in the South Pacific Ocean), alerts us to the way we treat our oceans, water resources, water creatures, water pollution , the element which makes our planet’s environment so unique in this solar system, the giver of life and nourishment. The eclipse path’s closest major mid-Pacific landfall is on Easter Island, and we could consider the historic ecological demise of Easter Island as very symbolic at this time, and perhaps a warning for where we, as a planetary community, are potentially heading. It is not surprising that we find ourselves in the midst of one of the worst oil pollution disasters, a signal event that must ultimately raise consciousness to the drastic need for change and transformation with regard to the ongoing destruction of our natural systems resulting from corporate blindness and greed.
The Sun at this solstice is opposed by Ceres and Pluto. Ceres radiates great energy as she aligns with the Galactic Centre at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. The Galactic Centre, a massive black hole with unimaginable amounts of energy and matter being sucked into it, is the point in the middle of our galaxy around which our solar system revolves. The Galactic Centre represents surges of inspiration, abundant sources of energy and information flow, as its physical nature suggests, identifying obsolete or wrong information and knowledge and letting it go or getting rid of it. At this solstice this swirling vortex of energy is channelled through the great goddess Ceres, indicating how important it is to follow her fecund rules, to ensure the continued blossoming of the Earth. Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the sea, is also aligned with Ceres via the magical aspect of 144 degrees; almost like they are colluding together as the natural world retaliates against abuse, neglect and destruction.
The 29-degree Libra Moon speaks to us about balance and rebalance and the difficulties and restlessness associated with the times ahead, the general uneasiness of the world and its people and the lessons of justice that must be learned. The grand trine of Neptune with the Sun and Moon seems out of harmony in different elements, a mix of water and air: emotions, memories and unconscious urges springing to the surface to be somehow rationalised. It suggets that we lack faith, that we are unhappy and not yet ready to become more passionate about what we believe in.
Mercury, associated with trade and communication, is strong in Gemini and is moving fast ahead of the Sun. It conjuncts the fixed star Bellatrix, a star that depicts the great hero Orion’s shoulder in the constellation of Orion. This connection indicates the need for quick decisions, taking on a courageous fighting spirit, planning strategies and organization, which we will see, reflected in a world desperate to fix the mess.
Mars in trine to Pluto reminds us that energy spent on good missions can be very effective and transformative; motivated action will surely transpire to make something shift. Mars ruler of the sign of Aries, where Jupiter and Uranus meet, conjuncts by ecliptic longitude the star Thuban in the constellation of Draco, the dragon associated with many myths, alerting us to poisons and poisoning, very appropriate for cleaning up the biggest ever oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Mars in Virgo, the sign of health and purity, is appropriate for the humble acts of service to the body of the world in which we are being required to engage, the cleaning of the exquisitely complex ecosystems which have been fouled with toxic sludge.
This solstice, step outside and have a look at Venus in the evening sky (if the weather permits). Her brightness at this part of her cycle illuminates what we value most here on our planet. Hold up a mirror to yourself to acknowledge how you act in the world. Do you sit back and complain, are your actions effective, do you blame everyone else for what goes wrong in the world? In Leo, Venus wants to shine, to radiate beauty and stylish confidence, to declare its value openly and with frankness: those leaders who lead with magnanimity and poise will be popular and attractive. Leaders who confidently express the need for justice, peace initiatives and dialogue and who advocate respect for alliances will be more assured of success.
As the Promethean spirit is embodied in the Uranus archetype, we think of what new gifts we can bring to humanity, or what may be handed down to us from inspired ideas, inspired people, leaders and movements, as we have become more ready to receive change and move forwards from the past. As we stoke the solstice fire, whether at a northern summer festival celebrating the peak of the sun; or keeping the flame alive as a yule log on the longest southern winter night, reflect on Prometheus’ courageous act, the act of bringing fire down from Olympus for the good of humanity. As you light the solstice fire this Ingress, think of your own burning Promethean urge and how it can bring positive change to humanity, as we collectively consider the Sun as a representation of our global fire and evolving universal consciousness. – Julija Simas