Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Understanding Sub Conscious Interference and the Tendency of Light Workers to be Run by the Negative Ego Inner Child Sub Personality. The Massive interference this causes and the mistakes and errors it causes.

Today's brief lesson my beloved Friends will be on the Fallen Consciousness Sub Consciously and Negative Ego run people who claim to be spiritual yet are run by the Negative Ego to such a degree it is mind boggling! This applies to most Light Workers and So called spiritual People to some greater or lesser degree. There is no judgment in any of this for it is in truth a loving Spiritual Discernment that has been given so light workers can raise their consciousness out of this Temporary fallen state. Many Light Workers and Spiritual People have taken a tumble down the spiritual mountain and do not even realize it! Many Light Workers are run by the Negative Ego and are manifesting Split Personalities and sometimes even sociopathic and even Psychotic behavior with out even realizing it .Many have been stopped by the Spiritual Hierarchy from making any more progress and are on serious probation and are not allowed to progress for their fallen consciousness and sub conscious minds are wrecking havoc left right and center .For this many are run by the Sub Conscious Mind which means they are automatically also run by the Negative Ego Inner Child Past Life programming Inner Constitution Desire Body and other aspects of Self as well as all forms of outer influence Mass Consciousness and Group Body Negative Ego Programming . This is a massive blind spot and most people do not even realize this is happening for most do not even know what the negative Ego is except to be run by it! This has been given today just as a Loving Sword of Spiritual Discernment so that light workers world wide and at a Planetary Solar Galactic and Universal Level can make the Appropriate adjustments needed to overcome the tendency to be run by the Negative Ego and Sub Conscious mind. The Key to overcoming this Negative Ego Sub Conscious Mind interference is to practice at all times joyus Spiritual Vigillence for God and Gods Kingdom and to keep ones Mind Steady in the Light. The Key is to "Keep Ones Mind Steady in the Light" To focus on Service and being of assistance to Ones Brothers and Sisters in a Totally Humble and Selfless way for this is the key. In commiting to Selflessness and humility Integrity and God Purity one Automatically raises ones Psychological Consciousness to the Ideal that is being called for today by both your Own Mighty I am Presence and the Presence of the Other Incarnated and Inner Plane Ascended Masters. In commiting to working on our Consciousness and Psychology with Daily Charts and Logging Systems,one can on a consistent basis practice the presence of God and slowly and surely refine ones Consciousness and Psychology and rise it to the Integrated Ascended Master ideal.Forth coming materials will be provided for this process and many are all ready available for enrolled students of the www.iamuniversity.org I humbly suggest that you get over there and enroll in the program and course work with the Workbook and Journal System and Inner and outer Plane Training program for in doing so you will be commiting to making your Self and Integrated Ascended Master on Earth in attaining and Achieving your 7 12 and 24th level of Initiation and Light Body as well as Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness and Transcending the Negative/Seperative/Dualistic/Illusionary/Lower self/Negative Ego mind in full and Demonstrating the Spiritual Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/Moses/Mighty I am Presence/God/Godess Consciosusness in a Balanced an Integrated way.It is hoped that this brief lesson has been illuminating and opened ones eyes to the Negative Ego and Sub Conscious mind and the way it has effected so many Light Workers.You may now go forth in joyus spiritual Vigillence into Gods Kingdom and share this Discerning Wisdom with your Brothers and Sisters in the Christ Consciousness and help raise all people out of fallen Consciosuness!Namaste!