Sunday, June 20, 2010

Personal Power ,Planetary Leadership,Planetary Politics and Grounding your Spirituality into the Earth,Enjoying and Embracing Earth life

Personal Power ,Planetary Leadership,Planetary Politics and Grounding your Spirituality into the Earth,Enjoying and Embracing Earth life!-Todays Focus Attention Sankalpa and Decisice decision is to be in our 100% Personal Power,Never giving our Power to anything or anyone Inside or outside and Choose to use our Full Personal Power for Unconditional Love of Self and Others.We choose to be an Ideal Integrated Ascended Master Leader over all our Thoughts Feelings Energies Actions Sub Conscious Mind Sub Personalities Archetypes Ray and Zodiac Structure Psychology and Negative Ego,and lead all our Inner and Outer Aspects into the Ideal of Integrated Ascended Mastery Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness and God and Self Realization on all 4 Faces of God,In our Earth Life,in our Psychology and in our Ascension Program.We keep our routine and program around our ideal that we have set and stick to it with a Tough as Nails Focus while also having fun and enjoying the Process.
Today we also decide to Co Operate with all other Individual Leaders(All People,of all Races,Types,)(As all are leaders over themselves to greater all lesser degrees)We decide to peacefully Co Operate with all others and live to serve group consciousness,we choose to choose love over being right,we choose to remain in Harmony With Self God and Others,We choose to co operate with the Greater Group Body within our own Service Work Mission and Puzzle Piece.We choose to be in oneness Love Co Operation and Peace in all our interactions.We can also send Loving energy in our daily 3 Times Meditation to the Political Leaders of the World Sending them loving Energy to Co Operate with each other so that all nations can co operate and come to a Peaceful agreement to clean up our Planet,Commit to Making lasting change and doing things in a Harmonious Manner.We send them the Energy of Peaceful Co Operation with Personal power that we have cultivated in our Selves in our Meditation and all our Outer actions and Service Work.
Another Key lesson today that we should practice to integrate the Higher Aspect of the 1st Ray is to Ground Our Spirituality by enjoying Earth life,Taking time to be in nature and connect with the Plant Mineral Animal and Vegetable Kingdom.We take time to get into our Body with Physical Excersise Yoga Asana Running walking etc We take time to enjoy moderate unconditionally Loving Sexuality with our Partner,we choose to take time to cleanse the physical Body groom and Dress well shower and wash well cleaning our Teeth Hair and Grooming correctly.In maintaining a Clean House Office Space etc,We make our Home a Temple Space,we give and Receive Massage and Physical Affection and love from others.In short we do all we can to ground our Spirituality and enjoy the Earth Life to the Fullest measure we can,for we realize that the Material Universe is One of Gods 7 Heavens and as such to be embraced and enjoyed!We can also add to this by fully Honouring and revearing the Godess Energies on earth by offering our Love Gratitude to the Earth Mother for her Infinite Unending embrace and giving energy,in nourishing us all with her very self everyday.We can also offer our Devotion and love to the Many Incarnated Extensions of the Godess in all forms of Female divinity,be that a Sister a Mother a Love a Lady Friend,all are incarnations of the Divine Feminine and all are to be honoured and reveared as such!If we can do all of this in a Balanced and Integrated Way in our earth Life in our Psychological Consciousness and in our Spiritual Ascension work we will be sure that we will have grounded our Spirituality,Steped into Spiritual Leadership and Political Co Operation!

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