Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4th Ray Day Attunement to Unconditional Love of Self God and others in that Order. Developing all the Level of Love for God and Godess Infinite Creati

4th Ray Day Attunement to Unconditional Love of Self God and others in that Order.
Developing all the Level of Love for God and Godess Infinite Creation!
How to develop Integrated Ascended Master Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness love at all times in all situations.

Todays Psychological Practice and Test is to remain in Unconditional Love Forgiveness Oneness Bliss and Peace with all people and all things and in all events and circumstance.Since the 4th Ray day Thursday Deals with the 4th Chakra we make a decisive decision to Remain in Balance and Harmony within Self and with all others too.We choose to be in love no matter what as an absolute focus as we develop today our 3rd Flame in the 3 Fold Flame of Power Love and Wisdom.We allow the Power Way to Bring us to Love and the Love to bring us to Wisdom.We act with out thought or regard to out come and act towards service and love and completing our Mission and purpose with our Mind ever on the Goal that we seek and our Vision statement which we have made and say aloud to ourselves as a decree 3 times a day religiously before and after we eat, bringing in the feeling of having that which we desire as already real in in our possession.We feel what we need and want as though we have already attained and realized all our Spiritual and Psychological Goals and ideals as well.This is if course assuming that we have already made our List of everything we want to do be and have,All the Goals and ideals that we would like and what we can conceive on a Physical Earthly Level and on a Psychological Consciousness level.Once we work out our goals for the year we begin taking action each day towards them,as we work through our daily list experiencing that each action is ultimately brining that one step closer to our Eventual Goal in Planetary Christ Realization and Integrated Ascended Mastery Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness and Mastery of all our Thoughts Feelings Energies Impulses and Actions in service of God Our Mission and our Brothers and Sisters on Earth.We develop then around this a practice of aligning with each of the Ascended Masters of the 7 Rays each day attuning to and Bi Locating to a Different Ashram of the Christ and we attune our Consciousness and Psychology to a different aspect of that given ray.We also express then the Higher Aspect of each of the Rays which will be coming through our 4 Body System and 3 Minds continuously now by the Power of our Request and Prayers. According to this philosophy and system we Choose today to remain in and give ourselves the Full Self Love and Self Worth that is our gift from God/Godess and we then actively give that same Love and Worth to all others recognizing that all others are the Christ the Buddha the Eternal Self the Atma and give and act in the right manner then.We forgive the behaviour but recognize and discern the Ego within self and with others and Unconditionally Love from there returning all to the Center of Love,where the Peace and Will of God is known.With all our actions then we act perfectly in Love brining forward the will as an absolute focus and remaining in Love 3 Fold Flame in all situations and circumstances of Life today,remaining in our Highest Level of Mastery demonstration and Integration by the Power of the Mighty I am Presence God and the Master which is overlighting and Directing us Lovingly today even as the Mother Father God is directing and Guiding all planetary Systems in All Worlds and all Universes and in all Systems,Even as all Sons and Daughters of God in all their many forms are being guided to upon this great path of Return that we all collectively take on our Return to our Cosmic Home at the 352nd Level of Divinity.Until that Great Completion we strive!

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