Thursday, July 1, 2010

Entering the Sphere of Infinite Space.

Entering the Infinite Sphere of Space is our effort and attention today.To open into the Grace,Opening and Entering into the Akasha we enter in our Consciousness the Great Planetary Solar Galactic Universal and Cosmic Levels of Experience.We expand our Experience to The expansiveness of Space.Recieving Communication from the Higher Dimension Brothers and Sisters in the Kingdoms of God in Gods Infinite Omniverse.We open to the Grace of the Higher Space of the Kingdom to come of the Holy One.The Many in the One and the many in the noe.All openness expansive freedom Warm Cosy Open Solid Grounded Experience of Infinite through all our senses and actions.We communicate the Will of God and Communicate undendingly, the Flowing waters of Life that is Gods endless out Pouring of Grace.In Meditation after our Morning Excersise Run or Vigerous Yoga Set we enter the Infinite Sphere of Space by Meditating within on the Throat Chakra.We open and expand into the Infinite and bring that Omniscient awareness into our 4 Body System 3 Minds and Consciousness.We ground that awareness into the Mother Earth and thus offer our World Service to the Transformation of the Consciousness of the Mother Earth and all Her Systems Schools and Churches we are a part of.Old is made New!

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