Thursday, July 1, 2010

13 Moon Update from Eden Sky

Greetings Tribe of Light!
First, I want to announce that our new Red Overtone Moon Calendars are now in stock and available! To all of you who placed pre-orders: Thank you so much! We have been steadily shipping out the pre-orders, and will continue to do so, as swiftly as possible. To those of you who have not yet ordered your new calendars, now is the time!
We now also have the new 13-Moon Daybooks from Japan in stock for the upcoming Natural Time Year: July 26, 2010 - July 25, 2011.
To order the new calendar and/or daybooks please visit
Thank you for your patience as we do our best to process all the orders. And thank you for your ongoing support - this is my 15th year crafting Natural Time Calendars - it is a total honor to be able to serve in this way, and YOU make it possible! Together we are manifesting the truth that Time is Art!
As of June 27, we have entered the 13th and final moon of this Natural Time Year, nearing the close of this Yellow Self-Existing Seed Year.
Moon 13 is always called the Cosmic Moon (June 27 - July 24), its totem is the Turtle, and its code words are: ENDURE - TRANSCEND - PRESENCE. This moon embodies the power of the Spiral - upwards and onwards, we must keep circulating beyond our limitations, beyond the known, riding the currents of change, opening to the new, being present to the Now over and over again...
I trust most of you were well informed of the huge astrological alignment that happened on June 26, Blue Magnetic Storm - the Full Moon/Solar Eclipse/Grand Cross that Barbara Hand Clow termed: "the most disturbing and potentially enlightening chart I have ever seen. It rings and rings of shifting vibrations, intentional personal changes, and astonishing cosmic forces..."
My understanding from the astrology reports I have read is that this entire season the alignments are going to continue their sacred intensity - the next one being this coming New Moon/Solar Eclipses on July 11, White Electric Wizard.
As astrologer Mark Dodich wrote back in January 2010: "You must look several steps down the road when you make a decision, because your actions this year will reverberate throughout all areas of your life during the next two years....The planetary energies of 2012 look calm compared to this summer. The year 2010 does the intense transforming work, so that you are prepared to peacefully meditate on creating a new galactic reality by 2012..."
Astrologer Patricia Liles writes: "Many sources agree that we are experiencing an energetic shift that is affecting the vibratory rate of our entire planet. Some call it magnetosphere changes, completion of Mayan calendar cycles, or shifting of the heart center of the planet, and astrologers have their undeniable symbols of deep planetary transformation. Whatever your semantic affiliation is, this is the time frame of an evolutionary leap. Our bodies feel it; they seem to need more down time to release old patterns of fear and doubt so they are able to hold more of our source of life. If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, heavy in these quickly moving times of strong astrological alignments - Clean, clean, clean! Clean out old thought patterns of blame, shame, unworthiness, comparison, lack. Our thoughts are vital instruments of what we want to create in our future. As you are becoming more conscious, more aware, more of a being of light and less physically dense, let your thoughts lead you towards connection and support within the web of life."
Barbara Hand Clow writes: "The Lunar eclipse on June 26 is going to set fire to the Solstice agendas. This focus will be very powerful and useful for people aligned to spirit, and it will be very threatening for people who can't figure out what's going on. The old ways of life are over now, the ideas that created these ways have already been forgotten, and we all must surrender to this great transformation. We're all going to need guidance, which is available to us if we just ask. The planet will be showered with knowledge if we ask and it will flow right through us. Your spiritual guides know this is what you've been waiting for, so they will help you to be nurtured, secure, and joyful. Feel Earth as she awakens, and some may need a technique for making yourself more receptive to these new forces coming in."
Hand Clow continues: "The next New Moon on July 11 continues the eclipse cycle with a solar eclipse at 19 Cancer. That New Moon will enable us to embody some completely new paths, so prepare yourself for this by changing the small but very crippling parts of your personal self so that you can be a vessel of divine light."

And then the next Full Moon falls on July 25th, Yellow Self-Existing Star, The Day Out of Time! This is the most important holiday of the Natural Time Year - Please join us in honoring this day of Planetary Peace Through Culture that is celebrated in 90 countries around the world! Based on the galactic timing cycles of the 13 Moon Dreamspell Calendar, this is the 365th day of the year, but this day is no day of the month, and no day of the week, this is a day for sacred pause and celebration before the dawning of the New Year (July 26th). Please spread the word!
Learn more here:
Also, explore the Call to Ceremony to Create a Living Tzolkin on the Day out of Time! The women organizing this have a beautiful vision, and there are great resources on their website to check out:
Thank you for your presence in this family of awakening consciousness. We are growing together, weathering the storms, and learning how to align ourselves with the true forces of wisdom and compassion which are our purest guides in these times.
Many Blessings of Courage, Expansion, Liberation, Endurance, Calmness, Beauty and Joy,
Eden Sky, Red Self-Existing Skywalker
PS: To any of you in the Portland, Oregon area, join me this weekend for the opening of the movie: "2012: Time For Change" I'll be on the guest panel after the 7pm showings, both nites
In Lak'ech - I am Another Yourself!

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