Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Expressing your Unique Monadic Energy in Form. Expressing your Mission and Puzzle Piece on Earth

Expressing your Unique Monadic Energy in Form.
Expressing your Mission and Puzzle Piece on Earth,
Todays Brief Lesson is on finding your Mission and Purpose through Expressing your Unique and Individualized Creativity.This Brief lesson comes from the 4th Ray Office of the Christ and Master Paul and his Surrounding High Level Initiates and Incarnated Extended Masters.First we will attune our Consciousness and 4 Body system/3 Minds to this Office on the Inner Plane,which is reported to have its main office in Europe,though in Truth the 4th Ray Ashram has various Centers and Extension which are “non Local” and have expression in any place where creativity form and find expression.This of course arises in the Most Unlikely and Likely Places.Know well that all forms of Creativity that arise out of any Conflict (Either within the Composes Psyche or the Composers outer life),ultimately lead to harmony in the Outer World and Inner World and it could be said that any action thought or feeling that leads to Harmony within or Without Ultimately is an expression of the 4th ray.Basically the Energy of the 4th Ray brings Harmony out of Disharmony.Order out of Chaos.It is the Perfect form brought forth form the Imperfect form.Essentially is the Beautiful and the Bountiful and it relates Esoterically to the Planet and Dimension of Venus.This Ray in its Higher Expression Creates Harmony and Beuty where ever it goes by Radiating the Inner Light of Unconditional Love Personal Power Wisdom and Intelligence through the Heart and Expresses an attunement to the Feeling Nature and Intuitive Creative Capacities.In its Lower Form in takes on Impurity Selfishness Constant Disharmony and Acramony.So whenever we feel or experience within ourselves the Lower Aspect of the 4th Ray manifesting we immediately practice and Decide to Invoke Express and Creatively express the Higher Aspect of the 4th Ray through Loving Harmony Enacting Beuty and Sharing in Open Receptivity.It might also do well to mention that this is a Yin Ray and a Yin Day in following our Yin Yang Daily Daily Cycle.So we are sure to be more receptive today allowing ourselves to receive more then putting out and we allow ourselves to be more passive in our Intuitive and Spiritual Functions and Practices.
All this being said we must now explain briefly how the Engagement of Ones own Personal Unique and Individualized Energy allows one to come into Dynamic Balance with ones Own Unique Monadic Energy.We can see feel and experience how that in being in harmony with our Own Monadic Soul Personality configuration(While also expressing and developing the other Planetary Rays)we can more easily express our joy and Beuty which leads naturally and organically to our Experience and Expression of the 4th Ray.So in doing these aftermore mentioned things,after being asked to be officially Bi Loacted to the 4th Ray Ashram all Day and After making a decision to attune our Psychology and Consciousness to Harmony and Beuty and then after commiting to expressing our Personal Form of Creativity through our Choosen Creative Endevour(Ie Music Art Writing etc) we will have then developed ourselves dynamically on the 4th Ray sphere and we will be progressing in this way nicely towards the Ultimate Integrated Ascension we Seek.We will have developed the Higher aspect of the 4th Ray in our Spiritual Life in our Consciousness and our Earth Life!

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