Monday, July 26, 2010

Spiritual Education and the 2nd Ray Ashram of the Christ.

Spiritual Education is a Universal Theme and Activity of the 2nd Ray Ashram of the Christ Currently Headed and Directed by Dwhal Khul,who is handing that office over to Dr Joshua David Stone who will be heading this Ashram for the next 2,600 year cycle and World Age.Joshuas position will be 2 fold in taking over Lord Meitreyas positions as Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy.Joshua has qualified himself by is outstriping and outshining his last incarnational pattern in Achieving Realizing Integrating and Demonstrating his 22-24th Level of Initation and Light Body and then creating a system for others to attain the same level.( Joshuas work continues to this day and into this very moment and directs himself these words for this work is being done in total co creation with God Chist the Holy Spirit and the Entire Company of Heaven.This Current Ashram that we are externalizing is one of the Many outposts of the 2nd Ray Ashram of Spiritual Education,but this one however deals more concisely and Directly with the over-lighting influence and emenations from the Ascended Masters who guide and direct this work (and all works)directly.As such we would be well advised to drink deeply from this Well as it is the Well that Leads to eternal Life.It is the well of Life and the Fount piece of the Glory of the Aquarian Age in the Water Bearer.It is actually an Externalization of that Universal Solar Archetype in the Water Bearer.The Universal Waters of Life through SPiritual Education are being poured out upon all those with the Eyes to See the Ears to Hear the Minds to Concieve and the Hearts to know.All those with empty Cups can come fill their cup of Knowledge so that they may say truely that "My Cup Runeth over!" The way we do this on a Spiritual Ascension level is simply to make the Request to be Bi Located and Placed in the 2nd Ray Ashram of the Christ through out out day that we may feel and experience the Spiritual Education permeating every life experience.On a Psychological level we make a choice to learn our own Psychological Lessons,focus on Realizing that Earth is a School and Ever encounter and Experience in life in an opportunity to grow to evolve to learn our lessons and progress through into the Sphere of Light and Life.We choose to focus fully on learning our own lessons as a focus,but also stepping into our Role As Spiritual educators Guides and Mentors,as well as accepting and surrendering to those that have walked before us.We in essence develop a right relationship to the Student Teach/Teach student polarity.We fully embrace this with our 100% Joyus Spiritual Vigillence which we hold at all times!On a Earthly Level this might mean getting enrolled in firstly the then any other university or course of learning that we might be interested in and then showing up and attending this course of study.Fully commiting on a earthly level to showing up and being totally 100% dilligent in our Effort to Self Mastery of the 2nd Ray Energies.If we can decisively and Continuosly practice Integrating and Demonstrating these levels to God and Self Realization consistently each tuesday we can be sure that we will have made the required effort and given the required energy to take and realize our Integrated Ascension and to have Mastered to the highest Degree our Full Spectrum Planetary Christ Realization.(At least upon the 2nd Ray line!)We will discuss further the other 6 Rays and Offices of the Christ in the Forth coming Days.Until then we say Namaste and H

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