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Total Solar Ocean Eclipse over Easter Island July 11, 2010

Total Solar
Ocean Eclipse
over Easter Island
July 11, 2010
Shadow on the Waters
The Ocean is Eclipsed
The essence (of the cosmos) is a vast living body, of which we are parts. The sun is a great heart whose tremors run through our smallest veins. The moon is a great gleaming nerve-center from which we quiver forever. - D.H. Lawrence
Total Solar Eclipse
July 11, 2010 (3:40pm EDT)
Hello there, how are you? Not sure if you realize this or not, but we are in TTBE right now. TTBE = The Time Between Eclipses. (I made up that acronym, how do you like it?) We had a Partial Lunar Eclipse (PLE) on June 26, 2010 and now we have a Total Solar Eclipse (TSE) coming up on July 11, 2010. We are in the middle of these two luminary events.
TTBE is a kind of weird twilight time. You might feel a bit on edge, not knowing why. TTBE is also the perfect time for breakthroughs, as our psyches are highly sensitive to the collapse of boundaries between ego and unconscious which occurs during the celestial phenomenon known as an eclipse. The lines blur, and long-buried information can bleed through. Sometimes it might feel like we are waiting for the other shoe to drop.
We best prepare for the Total Solar Eclipse coming up. The June 26 eclipse was only a PARTIAL eclipse. I am like the astronomers on this one: partial eclipses just don't impress me. Sorry, but I want the whole show:) I'm going to get my wish in just about 10 days.
The eclipse coming up on July 11th is TOTAL. Total eclipses are a bit more difficult for the psyche to handle. And solar eclipses - when the Moon covers the Sun - disrupt the natural order of things and hit us on a primal level.
The July 11th eclipse is nearly completely over water, it doesn't touch much land. And one of the places it does touch is one of the most remote places on the planet: Easter Island.
The astronomers are underwhelmed because it is mainly over water. For them, without totality over land, the eclipse is hard to view, hard to study, and even harder to capture on film. But just because it's over water, doesn't mean it isn't impactful for humans on a psycho-spiritual level. Scroll down for more on this Easter Island Ocean Eclipse.
There is a lot of information to share concerning Total Solar Eclipses in general. I hope to send some of that info to you over the next week or so. I'll do my best. As for this particular eclipse, it's just good for us to be aware of what being shadowed so we have a sense of how to work with the energy.
Carol Ann Ciocco
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Total Sea-Change Resurrection Eclipse
So this guy in risk management at the Department of Homeland Security tells me: "There's no such thing as sustainability. Eventually, the sun will go out." - @TheEcoist
ANIMATION OF THE 7-11-10 ECLIPSE: Very beautiful. Check it out.
On July 11th the moon will extinguish the sun. Astronomer Fred Espanek writes: "In 2009 eclipse-chasers headed to China and the western Pacific in droves to witness the longest total solar eclipse - 6 minutes 39 seconds - for the next 123 years. This year's reprise is also on the long side, offering up to 5 minutes 20 seconds of totality. But while the solar spectacles in 2008 and 2009 offered many opportunities to view from land, on July 11, 2010 the Moon's shadow will cross some 6,800 miles (11,000 km) of Earth's surface yet remain almost entirely on the South Pacific Ocean." The Eclipse will just barely touch Chile and Argentina at the end of its journey.
The totality (Total Darkness) of this eclipse will also visit one of the most unlikely places on earth: Easter Island. This triangle-shaped island is one of the most remote regions in the world, and one of the worlds' most isolated inhabited islands. The region is full of giant volcanic rock statues called "moai" (pronounced Mo-Eye) The people of the island were called Rapa Nui and no one knows where they came from or why they vanished.
Easter Island is a Polynesian Island which is a special territory of Chile. It is an open-air museum and UNESCO World Heritage Site with much of the island protected within the Rap Nui National Park.
The early settlers called their island 'Te Pito O Te Henua' or Navel of the World. I.e. The Center of the Earth. Another name used for Easter Island is 'Mata-ki-Te-rangi,' which means Eyes Looking to the Sky. MO EYE.
The name Easter Island was given by the island's first recorded European visitor, the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen, who encountered it on Easter Sunday, April 5, 1722.
It is said that between 700 to 1100 CE a double-hulled canoe filled with seafarers from a distant culture landed at Easter Island. Over the centuries that followed a remarkable society developed in isolation on the island. For reasons still unknown they began carving giant statues, called moai, out of volcanic rock.
These enormous monuments are some of the most incredible ancient relics ever discovered. At least 288 of them once stood upon massive stone platforms called ahu. There are some 250 of these ahu platforms spaced about half a mile apart, and they make an almost unbroken line around the perimeter of the island. Another 600 moai statues, in various stages of completion are scattered around the island.
Over time, the thriving and advanced social order of the Rapa Nui began to decline into bloody civil war and, eventually, cannibalism. All of the Moai standing along the coast were torn down by the islanders themselves. All of the statues now erected around the island are the result of recent archaeological efforts.
The Ocean is Eclipsed
We, from the heart of Turtle Island, have a great message for the World. ...Many Animal Nations are being threatened, those that swim, those that crawl, those that fly, and the plant Nations. Eventually all will be affected from the oil disaster in the Gulf. We pray that all will fully understand that we are all connected, and that what we create can have lasting effects on all life. - Chief Arvol Looking Horse,19th generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe (
The July 11, 2010 eclipse casts a shadow on the waters of the deep. As the Eclipsed Eye in the Sky glances across the ocean, its gaze sweeps over the Navel of the World, the Center of the Earth - Resurrection (Easter) Island. And something looks back: 'Mata-ki-Te-rangi', the Island of the Rapa Nui, has its own Eyes looking to the sky.
In recent times Easter Island has served as a cautionary tale about the cultural and environmental dangers of overexploitation. In addition, the introduction of diseases carried by European colonizers - as well as slave raiding - in the 1800s devastated the inhabitants of Easter Island as well.
Easter Island is an iconic image of what collapse looks like. In his book "Collapse," Jared Diamond says Easter Island provides the best historical example of a societal collapse in isolation. "The question is: what were they thinking when they cut down the last tree?" says a documentary on the History Channel, which aired in March 2010.
Easter Island is a perfect metaphor for what happens on a small, fragile island no longer able to sustain a consumptive lifestyle. Earth is a small fragile island in the sea of space. Can we learn sustainability?
The Eclipse Eye sweeps across the deep and the Moai open their Mo(ther) Eyes -- Eyes which must acknowledge the Mother. With this TSE in the sign of the Mother (Cancerian - see next section), we of Turtle Island are asked to open our eyes and see the earth, the creatures of the deep, and the potential for self-destruction if we continue to mistreat our Mother. We are asked to see that we are all connected, and that we cannot live in isolation from the whole. We are given a grim, visceral reminder as the shadow moves across Rapa Nui: we are eating ouselves alive when we destroy earth's resources. It is, in the final analysis, cannibalism.
Easter Island was *discovered* on Easter Sunday. Easter is a time of Resurrection. We are at a crucial (as in crux, cross, cardinal cross) turning point right now. Under this eclipse it is vital that we raise our consciousness to higher levels. We need to die on the Cardinal Cross which is in the sky right now and raise ourselves from the old, dead ways of the past. Our destructive ways can be eclipsed. Can they?
Basic Eclipse Protocol
Darkness at the break of noon / Shadows even the silver spoon / The handmade blade, the child's balloon / Eclipses both the sun and moon / To understand you know too soon. - Bob Dylan, It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
Metaphysically, the length of the winking out of the sun in any Total Solar Eclipse means that we experience a full 24-hour day during that time. So on July 11th we will experience a full 24-hour day in 5 minutes 20 seconds. An eclipse is like time-compression chamber. We can send our consciousness into the future and look back into the past.
This TSE is in the zodiac sign of Cancer and Cancerian is all about the past, ancestry, blood, tribe, family. Cancerian is associated with security, nurturing (of self and others), mother (you as a mother, and also 'mother issues'), food (including comfort food), safety, nesting, taking care of your 'babies' - not only children but books, projects etc - including your own inner infant. Sensitive Cancerian is known to crawl back into his/her shell due to heightened sensitivity and emotional overflow. Homeland Security is a literal mantra for the sign of Cancer.
We had a Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 22, 2009 also. So the saga is continuing.
The key thing to ask yourself is: where does my security come from? You might be feeling insecure under the influence of this TSE. Listen to what your insecurities are telling you. What are you afraid of? Focus on what you can do to help yourself feel safe.
ALSO: When the Moon blots out the Sun, ask yourself: what do I want to be blotted out in my life? What do I want to be eclipsed so that something else can take the spotlight? In fact, you can allow your insecurities to be extinguished. Keep in mind that whatever ends at the time of a Total Solar Eclipse will probably not Restart again. Ever.
AND: The eclipse can help you to diminish the ego's (the little self's) grip on you. The term eclipse is derived from the ancient Greek and is translated as: 'I cease to exist,' or 'I am absent.' Total Solar Eclipses have often been referred to as THE EYE OF GOD. And so i (the little i) can cease to exist, so that the EYE can exist. i (the little i) can be absent so that THE EYE can be present. TSE's are a spiritual wind at your back towards enlightenment.
Keeping in mind the metaphor of Easter Island, ponder on this: how can I/we create true, sustainable security for ourselves, both individually and collectively.
It is a good idea to meditate, pray, chant mantra and etc at the time of the Eclipse - if at all possible. Keep it simple, all you have to do is sit quietly with the energies. And keep in mind that the Eclipse Portal for several days after the actual eclipse, so you can practice this exercise throughout that entire time.
Note: Some of the brightest stars and planets will appear as the Sun is 'put out' by the moon. Several minutes before totality, brilliant Venus - at magnitude -4.1, the third brightest object in the sky next to the Sun and Moon - will begin to become evident. During totality, if you use binoculars you might see Regulus the bright star of Leo sitting to close to Venus on the left. In addition, the three brightest stars will be in the sky during the total phase: Sirius, Canopus and Alpha Centauri.
From wherever you are, you can tune into the emerging starlight as the twilight blackness curtain comes down under this Easter Island Total Ocean Eclipse.
Eclipse Season: a good time for a consult
When you discover your (purpose), you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it. - W. Clement Stone
The energies of this summer are a perfect breeding ground for growth, change, new beginnings andradical aliveness. One of my previous newsletters described some wild energies shifting into place this summer (Uranus and Jupiter conjunct at the Aries point) Click here to refresh your memory on the sizzling:
This wildness, combined with eclipses (one of them Total), and a Crucible ... Well, this is a really good time to have a consult. It helps to know how the sizzling points are 'hitting' your chart and how to ease into the energies while also using them to make spectacular new beginnings - and how not to burn out on them.
The current special is still in effect. This is the best price I've ever offered and it will be changing, but I am going to keep it available for you this summer.
To read some thoughts on the benefits of an Astronology Consult from those who have had one, go to this page of my website:
What does an Astronology Consult involve? This consult contains at its core the use of Shamanic Astrology. Shamanic Astrology is a powerful system based in ancient wisdom through which we use the blueprint of the moment of birth to gaze into the Soul's Intent for this lifetime.
Astronology Consults initiate you to your life purpose, helping to make conscious the Divine Intent infusing this lifetime. An Astronology Consult can inform the process of finding you passion and service in this life, and can also help to accelerate your leading edge of evolution. A Consult can help you to decipher the language of the Soul via the symbols and archetypes of Astrology - and to remember.
Please go to this page to get the full story on what my consults offer to you and to purchase your consult. There are Paypal buttons on the right-hand side of the page, reflecting the prices for the Full Astronlogy Consult, which is priced at $88.25. Or you may pay by check in by sending to: 545 Larose St. Apt 7 Pittsburgh PA 15226.
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I deeply appreciate your support as it allows me to continue to bring this work into the world, via newsletters and person-to-person interaction.
the Vast Wall of Darkness produces
Filaments of Light
As in the soft and sweet eclipse; when soul meets soul on lover's lips. - Percy Blysshe Shelley, 'Prometheus Unbound'
Guy Ottewell is an astronomer who publishes the "Astronomical Calendar" every year (sponsored by the Department of Physics at Furman University, and the Astronomical League). He is an eclipse-lover (like myself and so many others). And he expresses the beauty of eclipses in, well, scientifically exquisite ways. Here is his poetic description of the Easter Island Ocean TSE on 7-11-10:
The vast "wall of darkness" which belongs to the Moon's approaching umbral shadow will rush in. Those who are on the lookout for it should concentrate on the northwest sky while watching the horizon darken dramatically as if some great storm was brewing.
As the crescent fades to a thin filament of light, it will not go out like a snuffed candle, but might disintegrate either into irregular dots and points of light known as "Bailey's Beads," or perhaps just a singular bead of silvery light set on a thin luminous ring - the inner corona - producing a beautiful "Diamond Ring" effect.
The rather clammy light of the waning Sun will seem to rush out in a deathly silence, as if suddenly immersed in a vacuum. Because the shadow is moving rapidly, its appearance continually changes. Overhead the sky appears a dusky blue, and the light from outside its edge forms a bright border around the horizon.
The most spectacular afforded by the corona, a marvelous fringe of pearly white light. It differs in size, in tints and patterns from eclipse to eclipse. It is always faint and delicate, with a sheen like a pale aurora. Sometimes it has a soft continuous look; at other times, long rays of it shoot out in three or four directions. It may stand out from the disk in stiff streamers or end in brushlike tips.have a wonderful eclipse experience this newsletter brought to you
in Totality by
Carol Ann Ciocco


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