Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3 rd Ray of Business and Financial Mastery of Mind, Hermetic Studies Table of Correspondences, Using all Planetary Aspects Favourably,

3 rd Ray of Business and Financial Mastery of Mind,
Hermetic Studies Table of Correspondences,
Using all Planetary Aspects Favourably,

Todays Brief Lesson and sharing will be in the Spirit of Service to all Incarnated Soul Extensions upon the “Hu Man” Kingdom and all other Kingdoms that exist Mutually Interdependent and Interelated to this most Crucial Kingdom.It will be writing from attunement and Alignment to the more Advanced 5th Kingdom in the Ascended Masters Kingdom in an attempt to convey the Consciousness and Mind of the Races Preceptors Guides and Teachers the Ascended Masters.In these most special times we are seeing the Externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy as well as the Return of many Atlantean Lemurian and Previous Age Masters to help advance the Planetary Plane for beloved Mother Earth and all her Inhabitants.This is being done under the Guidance of the Planetary Logos Lord Buddha as well as the Planetary Christ Lord Meitreya and the Other 7 Main offices of the Christ and their Presiding Cohans(Lords)It is then written and channelled from the Collective Consciousness of this Core Group as will all forth coming Materials Meditations Blogs Articles Sound Tracks Books and Cds.It will be an ongoing study and exploration of the first 7 Primary Planetary Rays and their Solar Correspondences as well as their Earthly Correspondences in the Earthly Kingdoms.We will also explore each day together in Consciousness one of the Kingdoms that relates to that days Ray influence.We will be working on developing our Spiritual Life and Psychological Self and our Earthly Routine around Mastering and Demonstrating these Aspects and Rays in a Balanced and Integrated way to be sure that we develop an whole Balanced Integrated Synthisis of all 7 Rays.Latter we will work on developing and Mastering the other Planetary Aspects mentioned through the Writtings of Dr Joshua David Stone,in the Archetypes,Sub Personalities,Zodical Influences as well as other factors included in the Full Spectrum Prisim View of Reality originally brought forth by Joshua.
Todays for example we will bring our Attention awareness Consciousness to the 3rd Ray Ashram of the Christ which is ruled by Master Serepis Bey from Luxor in Egypt.This Ray Deals with and Directs the Energy of Business and Finance and finds its externalization be they yet in a lower form in the World of Business and Finance from the Wall Street Banks World Banks All Financial World Systems,as well as all business’ private and public and includes within this all Home Business and all forms of Personal Wealth Creation Generation and Maintenance.We are seeing this ray being revamped and Trasnformed by the Active Ruling Ray of the New Aquarian Planetary Day under Master St Germain,who is in truth over seeing all the other rays to a greater or lesser extent.As we build together the New Earth all Ray Energies and all Ashrams have a trace and part of the 7th ray of Trasnformation within them so as to necessitate the required Transformation that is being completed at this time of Endings.
The 3rd Ray specifically deals directly with Mastering the first Sphere and level of Mind and ones Masters this Ray energy as one learns to own the 100% Personal Power of Ones Mind never giving ones ability to think clearly directly with the Christ Mind as an absolute focus.This manifests as a lower form in the form of seperative thinking and feeling by creating isolation and seperation in ones thinking.In thinking clearly and Consistently ones is able to organize and Direct the Energies of Finance as well as ones personal energies to a certain goal.This generally relates globally to Finance and Business however it also relates to all other activities within the 7 ray offices and all Ray types and Ray Masters in training will need to develop the 3rd Ray as they will need to develop in truth a Good Overall Balance and Synthisis of all the Rays.One this particular 3rd Ray Day which happens to fall on a Wednesday we make a decisive decision and effort to Master the Financial Face of God by organizing our Finances Developing our Business and putting our focus energy attention and action towards Manifesting and Mastering our Business,ideally created from enacting and Sharing our Life Mission and Soul and Monadic Energies with our Brothers and Sisters as a Service Role,not primarily out of necessity which is insidently a Glamour of the 3rd Ray and a Non Existent Energy idea and notion which exists soley in the Realm of Illusion.All “Needs” are provided for by the Eternal Benefactor in Mother Father God and made manifest through Mother Earths Endless Bounty and Unbounded Oppulence.Only through Mans seperation from the Eternal Factor of Perfection in the Nature and the Natural World has man Created a False Seperation from the Infinite and Abundant supply that is all beings Birth Right and Heritage/inheritence.Therefor with this understaning we enter then into the Great Galactic Building Work Service Cultivation and Externalization!
There are interestingly correspondences for Each Ray Day in the Associated Planet and Kingdom.For example Wednesday dealing with the 3rd Ray also relates to the 3rd Planet(Excluding of Course Earth,The Hermetic Stone Itself)Mars,and we incluce and attunue to align with the 3rd Kingdom at the Planetary Level that of the Animal Kingdom.We include invocation Activation Meditations and Physical Earthly Practices to attune to these Kingdoms and Dimensions of Reality.Ideally we practices our Physical Earthly Excersises First before sitting to attune to these Aspects of Reality in our Sillent Stillness Meditation Ascension Actications.Any type of activity will do anything that brings sufficient energy into the Body and Mind.Running Yoga Weights or any such practices.We do this ideally 3 times a day to relate to the Rising Sun the Mid day sun and the Setting Sun.In this way we will achieve the most fullest Alignment to the Galactic Source in the Planetary Sun and then the Great Central Sun as well as the Great White Lodge on Sirius.After making our Spiritual practices and taking a Raw food Diet,(Ideally Smoothie during the Morning Stomach time of 7-9am) we progress through the day taking to our choosen service in developing the 3rd Ray,while always attuning to and sitting in a Bi Located state to the 3rd Ray Ashram.We also request to be over lighted and Guided by the Hand of Master Serepis Bey Himself.In our Consciousness and Psychology we choose to own the 100% full Power of our Mind giving it away to no one or no thing.We use our Mind capacities fully then to the externalization and Materialization of our Business and Financial Goals Aspirations and Ideals.Continuing in this way through out our day we progress to the Final Evening Practice Walk,(Ascension Bi Location Walk) and ending in our Final Ascension Activation attunement Meditation,where by we fully align our Minds and Bodies with the 3rd Ray 3rd Planet and 3rd Kingdom.We then after completing wind ourselves down Physcially Emotionallly Mentally and Spiritual to prepare for our Nightly Training in the Inner Plane Ashrams of the Christ.(Which will be with Paul the Venetian and the 4th Ray Ashram of the Christ)We slow down all movements thoughts and actions and prepare to take full lucidity to the inner Plane that we can have full recall and Consciousness of the Inner Experience we get from the Inner Plane.If we can do this in a consistent and diligent manner while all the time enjoying the process claiming our Joyus Spiritual Vigilence we can be sure that we will be making steady progress on our Personal Path of Integrated Ascension Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness and Mastery over the 7 Planetary Rays in a Balanced and integrated Manner.Namaste Master Christ in Training!


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