Saturday, March 17, 2012

Exercise for releasing Negative Self Belief,

Exercise to Shake Fear and Doubt,for the Aspiring Integrated Ascended Master!

List 10 Lame excuses i am not living my Highest Life on all Levels!
1.Social Cultural Economic Conditioning,
2.Rejection from potential partnership opportunities,
3.Karmic Lessons and tests from Spiritual world,
4.Past Life Programing.
5.I am not Intgegrated in 3 Minds 4 Bodies.

10 Things i am Grateful for,
1.My Car,
2,My Monad Soul and Personality Integration,
3.My Commitment to God and Self Realization and Self Mastery!
4.My spiritual Connection and attunment to God and the Masters of the Light!
5.My Spiritual Mission Purpose for the Earth!
6.My Personal Puzzle Piece,
7.My Loving Relationships with others in the Ashram.
8.My Abilities Skills Gifts and talents.
9.My Earthly Blessings of all kinds which i use to glorify God the most High!
10.My Attunment to the Christed Extraterrestials!

Now fill your Heart With Gratitude and Thanks and prayer for all the good things in your life!Bring these to mind and heart and meditate on their increase.Imagine this as an all encompassing Light and egg of God/Godess!

Now step into this egg and see feel and experience the Cosmic Universal Galactic Solar and Planetary Christ Light bathing you in the Christed Patterns of Perfection Knowledge Love and Bliss of Source!Bath in this Energy as long as you feel to.Imagine feeling this at all times and in all situations.That is what we will be practicing doing from now on!This is a choice to connect with this light Spiritually Psychologically and Physically.This is an ongoing practice of an Integrated Ascended Master!

5.Recall now and go over the negative Belief list admit each as true and release them into the Light,Move them outside your Golden Christed Perfected Master Golden Bubble and Invulnrable and Invinsible Egg of God/Godess!They are now clear from your Aura and Sub Conscious Mind!

6.Re affirm that negative beliefs are self deception and not real at all in Gods eyes.They are illusion created by the mind and temporary conditioning.Realize they are not real and release the hold of them from you in this moment and every moment from now on!

7.Practice this exercise as often as possible.Ideally when ever any kind of limitation comes up!

8.Do this as a meditation first thing in the morning and last thing at night and as often as needed through out the day or night!

Check this link for more related training and have the Best most Amazing Integrated and Synthisized Day ever!

Much Power Light Love Wisdom Intelligent Activity Balance Harmony Art Science Service Spirituality and Planetary Transformation!