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"The path of Initiation!"

After a longer or shorter period of time the disciple stands at the Portal of Initiation. We must remember that as one approaches this portal and draws nearer to the Master it is, as says "Light on the Path," with the feet bathed in the blood of the heart. Each step up is ever through the sacrifice of all that the heart holds dear on one plane or another, and always must this sacrifice be voluntary. He who treads the Probationary Path and the Path of Holiness is he who has counted the cost, whose sense of values has been readjusted, and who therefore judges not as judges the man of the world. He is the man who is attempting to take the "kingdom by violence," and in the attempt is prepared for the consequent suffering. He is the man who counts all things but loss if he may but win the goal, and who, in the struggle for the mastery of the lower self by the higher, is willing to sacrifice even unto death.
The first two initiations.
At the first initiation, the control of the Ego over the physical body must have reached a high degree of attainment. "The sins of the flesh," as the Christian phraseology has it, must be dominated; gluttony, drink, and licentiousness must no longer hold sway. The physical elemental will no longer find its demand obeyed; the control must be complete and the lure departed. A general attitude of obedience to the Ego must have been achieved, and the willingness to obey must be very strong. The channel between the higher and the lower is widened, and the obedience of the flesh practically automatic. That all initiates measure not up to this standard may be ascribed to several things, but the note they sound should be on the side of righteousness; the recognition of their own shortcomings which they will evidence will be sincere and public, and their struggle to conform to the highest standard will be known, even though perfection may not be achieved. Initiates may, and do, fall, and thereby incur the working of the law in punishment. They may, and do, by this fall injure the group, and thereby incur the karma of readjustment, having to expiate the injury through later prolonged service, wherein the group members themselves, even though unconsciously, apply the law; their progress will be seriously hindered, much time being lost in which they must work out the karma with the injured units. The very fact that a man is an initiate, and therefore the medium for force of a greatly increased kind, makes his lapses from the straight path to have more powerful effects than is the case with a less advanced man; his retribution and punishment will be equally greater. Inevitably he must pay the price before he is allowed to proceed further upon the Way. As for the group he injures, what should their attitude be? A recognition of the gravity of the error, a wise acceptance of the facts in the case, a refraining from unbrotherly criticism, and a pouring out of love upon the sinning brother:—all this, coupled with such action as will make clear to the onlooking general public that such sins and infringements of the law are not condoned. To this must be added an attitude of mind within the group concerned which will lead them (whilst taking firm action) to help the mistaken brother to see his error, to work out the retributive karma, and then to reinstate him in their regard and respect when due amends have been made.
All people do not develop exactly along the same or parallel lines, and therefore no hard or fast rules can be laid down as to the exact procedure at each initiation, or as to just what centres are to be vivified, or what vision is to be accorded. So much depends upon the ray of the disciple, or his development in any particular direction (people do not usually develop evenly), upon his individual karma, and also upon the exigencies of any special period. This much can be suggested, however: At the first initiation, that of the birth of the Christ, the heart centre is the one usually vivified, with the aim in view of the more effective controlling of the astral vehicle, and the rendering of greater service to humanity. After this initiation the initiate is taught principally the facts of the astral plane; he has to stabilise his emotional vehicle and learn to work on the astral plane with the same facility and ease as he does on the physical plane; he is brought in contact with the astral devas; he learns to control the astral elementals; he must function with facility on the lower sub-planes, and the value and quality of his work on the physical plane becomes of increased worth. He passes, at this initiation, out of the Hall of Learning into the Hall of Wisdom. At this time, emphasis is consistently laid on his astral development, although his mental equipment grows steadily.
Many lives may intervene between the first initiation and the second. A long period of many incarnations may elapse before the control of the astral body is perfected, and the initiate is ready for the next step. The analogy is kept in an interesting way in the New Testament in the life of the initiate Jesus. Many years elapsed between the Birth and the Baptism, but the remaining three steps were taken in three years. Once the second initiation is taken the progress will be rapid, the third and fourth following probably in the same life, or the succeeding.
The second initiation forms the crisis in the control of the astral body. Just as, at the first initiation, the control of the dense physical has been demonstrated, so here the control of the astral is similarly demonstrated. The sacrifice and death of desire has been the goal of endeavour. Desire itself has been dominated by the Ego, and only that is longed for which is for the good of the whole, and in the line of the will of the Ego, and of the Master. The astral elemental is controlled, the emotional body becomes pure and limpid, and the lower nature is rapidly dying. At this time the Ego grips afresh the two lower vehicles and bends them to his will. The aspiration and longing to serve, love, and progress become so strong that rapid development is usually to be seen. This accounts for the fact that this initiation and the third, frequently (though not invariably) follow each other in one single life. At this period of the world's history such stimulus has been given to evolution that aspiring souls—sensing the dire and crying need of humanity—are sacrificing all in order to meet that need.
Again, we must not make the mistake of thinking that all this follows in the same invariable consecutive steps and stages. Much is done in simultaneous unison, for the labour to control is slow and hard, but in the interim between the first three initiations some definite point in the evolution of each of the three lower vehicles has to be attained and held, before the further expansion of the channel can be safely permitted. Many of us are working on all the three bodies now, as we tread the Probationary Path.
At this initiation, should the ordinary course be followed, (which again is not at all certain) the throat centre is vivified. This causes a capacity to turn to account in the Master's service, and for the helping of man, the attainments
of the lower mind. It imparts the ability to give forth and utter that which is helpful, possibly in the spoken word, but surely in service of some kind. A vision is accorded of the world's need, and a further portion of the plan shown. The work, then, to be done prior to the taking of the third initiation, is the complete submerging of the personal point of view in the need of the whole. It entails the complete domination of the concrete mind by the Ego.
The succeeding two initiations.
After the second initiation the teaching shifts up a plane. The initiate learns to control his mental vehicle; he develops the capacity to manipulate thought matter, and learns the laws of creative thought building. He functions freely on the four lower sub-planes of the mental plane, and before the third initiation he must,—consciously or unconsciously,—be complete master of the four lower sub-planes in the three. planes of the three worlds. His knowledge of the microcosm becomes profound, and he has mastered theoretically and practically, in great measure, the laws of his own nature, hence his ability experimentally to be master on the four lower sub-planes of the physical, astral, and mental planes. The last fact is of interest. The control of the three higher sub-planes is not yet complete, and here is one of the explanations as to the failures and mistakes of initiates. Their mastery of matter in the three higher sub-planes is not yet perfect; these yet remain to be dominated.
At the third initiation, termed sometimes the Transfiguration, the entire personality is flooded with light from above. It is only after this initiation that the Monad is definitely guiding the Ego, pouring His divine life ever more into the prepared and cleansed channel, just as in the third, or Moon Chain, the Ego individualised the personality through direct contact, a method different to the individualisation as shown in this fourth chain. The law of correspondences, if applied here, might prove very revealing, and might demonstrate an interesting analogy between the methods of individualising in the various chains, and the expansions of consciousness that occur at the different initiations.
Again, a vision is accorded of what lies ahead; the initiate is in a position at all times to recognise the other members of the Great White Lodge, and his psychic faculties are stimulated by the vivification of the head centres. It is not necessary nor advisable to develop the synthetic faculties, or clairaudience and clairvoyance, until after this initiation. The aim of all development is the awakening of the spiritual intuition; when this has been done, when the physical body is pure, the astral stable and steady, and the mental body controlled, then the initiate can safely wield and wisely use the psychic faculties for the helping of the race. Not only can he use these faculties, but he is able now to create and vivify thoughtforms that are clear and well-defined, pulsating with the spirit of service and not controlled by lower mind or desire. These thoughtforms will not he (as is the case with those created by the mass of men) disjointed, unconnected, and uncorrelated, but will attain a fair measure of synthesis. Hard and ceaseless must the work be before this can be done, but when the desire nature has been stabilised and purified, then the control of the mind-body comes more easily. Hence the path of the devotee is easier in some ways than that of the intellectual man, for he has learnt the measures of purified desire, and progresses by the requisite stages.
The personality has now reached a point where its vibrations are of a very high order, the matter in all three bodies relatively pure, and its apprehension of the work to be done in the microcosm, and the share to be taken in the work of the macrocosm is very advanced. It is apparent, therefore, why it is only at the third initiation that the great Hierophant, the Lord of the World, Himself officiates. It is the first at which He contacts the initiate. Earlier it would not be possible. For the first two initiations the Hierophant is the Christ, the World-Teacher, the Firstborn among many brethren, one of the earliest of our humanity to take initiation. Browning brings out this thought most beautifully in the words found in his poem "Saul":—

………It shall be
A face like my face that receives thee; a Man like to me,
Thou shalt love and be loved by, forever;
A Hand like this hand
Shall throw open the gates of new life to thee!
See the Christ stand!
But when the initiate has made still further progress, and has taken two initiations, a change comes. The Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, the ineffable Ruler Himself administers the third initiation. Why has this become possible? Because now the fully consecrated physical body can safely bear the vibrations of the two other bodies when they return to its shelter from the Presence of the KING; because now the purified astral and controlled mental can safely stand before that KING. When purified and controlled they stand and for the first time consciously vibrate to the Ray of the Monad, then with prepared bodies can the ability to see and hear on all the planes be granted and achieved, and the faculty of reading and comprehending the records be safely employed, for with fuller knowledge comes added power. The heart is now sufficiently pure and loving, and the intellect sufficiently stable to stand the strain of knowing.
Before the fourth initiation can be taken, the work of training is intensified, and the hastening and accumulation of knowledge has to be unbelievably rapid. The initiate has frequent access to the library of occult books, and after this initiation he can contact not only the Master with Whom he is linked and with Whom he has worked consciously for a long time, but he can contact and assist (in measure) the Chohans, the Bodhisattva, and the Manu.
He has also to grasp the laws of the three lower planes intellectually, and likewise wield them for the aiding of the scheme of evolution. He studies the cosmic plans and has to master the charts; he becomes versed in occult technicalities and develops fourth dimensional vision, if he has not already done so. He learns to direct the activities of the building devas, and at the same time, he works continually at the development of his spiritual nature. He begins rapidly to co-ordinate the buddhic vehicle, and in its co-ordination he develops the power of synthesis, at first in small measure, and gradually in fuller detail.
By the time the fourth initiation is taken the initiate has mastered perfectly the fifth sub-plane, and is therefore adept,—to use a technical phrase,—on the five lower subplanes of the physical, astral, and mental planes, and is well on the way to master the sixth. His buddhic vehicle can function on the two lower sub-planes of the buddhic plane.
The life of the man who takes the fourth initiation, or the Crucifixion, is usually one of great sacrifice and suffering. It is the life of the man who makes the Great Renunciation, and even exoterically it is seen to be strenuous, hard, and painful. He has laid all, even his perfected personality, upon the altar of sacrifice, and stands bereft of all. All is renounced, friends, money, reputation, character, standing in the world, family, and even life itself.
The final initiations.
After the fourth initiation not much remains to be done. The domination of the sixth sub-plane goes forward with rapidity, and the matter of the higher sub-planes of the buddhic is co-ordinated. The initiate is admitted into closer fellowship in the Lodge, and his contact with the devas is more complete. He is rapidly exhausting the resources of the Hall of Wisdom, and is mastering the most intricate plans and charts. He becomes adept in the significance of colour and sound, can wield the law in the three worlds, and can contact his Monad with more freedom than the majority of the human race can contact their Egos. He is in charge, also, of large work, teaching many pupils, aiding in many schemes, and is gathering under him those who are to assist him in future times. This refers only to those who stay to help humanity on this globe; we will deal later with some of the lines of work that stretch before the Adept if He passes away from earth service.
After the fifth initiation the man is perfected as far as this scheme goes, though he may, if he will, take two further initiations.
To achieve the sixth initiation the Adept has to take a very intensive course in planetary occultism. A Master wields the law in the three worlds, whilst a Chohan of the sixth initiation wields the law in the chain on all levels; a Chohan of the seventh initiation wields the law in the solar system.
It will be apparent that, should he search these subjects with application, the student will find much that concerns him personally, even though the ceremony itself may be far ahead. By the study of the process and the purpose he may become aware of the great fundamental fact that the method of initiation is the method of:—
a. Force realisation.
b. Force application.
c. Force utilisation.
The initiate of every degree, from the humble initiate of the first degree, making for the first time his contact with a certain type of specialised force, up to the emancipated buddha of the seventh degree, is dealing with energy of some kind or other. The stages of development of the aspirant might be expressed as follows:—
1. He has to become aware, through discrimination, of the energy or force of his own lower self.
2. He has to impose upon that energetic rhythm one that is higher, until that lower rhythm is superseded by the higher, and the old method of expressing energy dies out entirely.
3. He then is permitted, by gradually expanding realisations, to contact and—under guidance—to employ certain forms of group energy, until the time comes when he is in a position scientifically to wield planetary force. The length of time taken over his final stage is entirely dependent upon the progress he makes in the service of his race and in the development of those powers of the soul which are the natural sequence of spiritual unfoldment.
The application of the Rod of Initiation at the first two initiations by the Bodhisattva enables the initiate to control and utilise the force of the lower self, the true sanctified energy of the personality in service; at the third initiation the application of the Rod by the One Initiator makes available in a vastly more extensive manner the force of the higher self or Ego, and brings into play on the physical plane the entire energy stored up during numerous incarnations in the causal vehicle. At the fourth initiation the energy of his egoic group becomes his to use for the good of planetary evolution, and at the fifth initiation the force or energy of the planet (esoterically understood, and not merely the force or energy of the material globe) is at his disposal. During these five initiations those two great beings, the Bodhisattva first, and then the One Initiator, the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, are the administrators or hierophants. After these ceremonies, should the initiate choose to take the two final initiations which it is possible to take in this solar system, a still higher type of energy in expression of the One Self comes into play, and can only be hinted at. At the seventh initiation that One of Whom Sanat Kumara is the manifestation, the Logos of our scheme on His own plane, becomes the Hierophant. At the sixth initiation the expression of this Existence on an intermediate plane, a Being Who must at present remain nameless, wields the Rod and administers the oath and secret. In these three expressions of hierarchical government—Sanat Kumara on the periphery of the three worlds, the Nameless One on the confines of the high planes of human evolution, and the planetary Spirit himself at the final stage—we have the three great manifestations of the Planetary Logos Himself. Through the Planetary Logos at the final great initiation flows the power of the Solar Logos, and He it is Who reveals to the initiate that the Absolute is consciousness in its fullest expression, though at the stage of human existence the Absolute must be regarded as unconsciousness.
Each of the great initiations is but the synthesis of the smaller ones, and only as man seeks ever to expand his consciousness in the affairs of daily life can he expect to achieve those later stages which are but culminations of the many earlier. Students must get rid of the idea that if they are "very good and altruistic" suddenly some day they will stand before the Great Lord. They are putting effect before cause. Goodness and altruism grow out of realisation and service, and holiness of character is the outcome of those expansions of consciousness which a man brings about within himself through strenuous effort and endeavour. Therefore it is here and now that man can prepare himself for initiation, and this he does, not by dwelling upon the ceremonial aspect, as so many do in excited anticipation, but by working systematically and enduringly at the steady development of the mental body, by the strenuous and arduous process of controlling the astral body so that it becomes responsive to three vibrations:—
a. That from the Ego.
b. That from the Master.
c. Those from his brothers everywhere around him. He becomes sensitive to the voice of his higher self, thus working off karma under the intelligent guidance of his own Ego. He becomes conscious, via the Ego, of the vibration emanating from his Master; he learns to feel it ever more and more, and to respond to it ever more fully; finally, he becomes increasingly sensitive to the joys and pains and sorrows of those he daily contacts; he feels them to be his joys and pains and sorrows, and yet he is not incapacitated thereby.
This post Comes Care of Lady Helena in Her Book "Initiation Human and Solar".It is given as a guide to current initiates on the Universal Ecclectic path of Synthisis.Know that progress is much accelerated at these times.The Material still applies greatly though Joshua David Stone has brought through the next Disspensation of Ascended Masters Teachings and the Real work should be studied there as well as under "IAMYA" ashram of which this blog is a part.Serious Disciples Initiates Chelas and Incarnated Masters should be dilligent in covering all IAMU and IAMYA material as well as any and all other Learnings that one might have inclination to,as all are part of the Universal Ecclectic Path of Synthsis!


A disciple described.
A disciple is one who above all else, is pledged to do three things:—
a. To serve humanity.
b. To co-operate with the plan of the Great Ones as he sees it and as best he may.
c. To develop the powers of the Ego, to expand his consciousness until he can function on the three planes in the three worlds, and in the causal body, and to follow the guidance of the higher self and not the dictates of his three-fold lower manifestation.
A disciple is one who is beginning to comprehend group work, and to change his centre of activity from himself (as the pivot around which everything revolves) to the group centre.
A disciple is one who realises simultaneously the relative insignificance of each unit of consciousness, and also its vast importance. His sense of proportion is adjusted, and he sees things as they are; he sees people as they are; he sees himself as he inherently is and seeks then to become that which he is.
A disciple realises the life or force side of nature, and to him the form makes no appeal. He works with force and through force; he recognises himself as a force centre within a greater force centre, and his is the responsibility
of directing the energy which may pour through him into channels through which the group can be benefited.The disciple knows himself to be—to a greater or less degree—an outpost of the Master's consciousness, viewing the Master in a two-fold sense:—
a. As his own egoic consciousness.
b. As the centre of his group; the force animating the units of the group and binding them into a homogeneous whole.
A disciple is one who is transferring his consciousness out of the personal into the impersonal, and during the transition stage much of difficulty and of suffering is necessarily endured. These difficulties arise from various causes:—
a. The disciple's lower self, which rebels at being transmuted.
b. A man's immediate group, friends, or family, who rebel at his growing impersonality. They do not like to be acknowledged as one with him on the life side, and yet separate from him where desires and interests lie. Yet the law holds good, and only in the essential life of the soul can true unity be cognised. In the discovery as to what is form lies much of sorrow for the disciple, but the road leads to perfect union eventually.
The disciple is one who realises his responsibility to all units who come under his influence,—a responsibility of co-operating with the plan of evolution as it exists for them, and thus to expand their consciousness and teach them the difference between the real and the unreal, between life and form. This he does most easily by a demonstration in his own life as to his goal, his object, and his centre of consciousness.The work to be done.
The disciple, therefore, has several things at which to aim:—
A sensitive response to the Master's vibration.
A practical purity of life; a purity not merely theoretical.
A freedom from care. Here bear in mind that care is based on the personal, and is the result of lack of dispassion and a too ready response to the vibrations of the lower worlds.
Accomplishment of duty. This point involves the dispassionate discharge of all obligations and due attention to karmic debts. Special emphasis should be laid, for all disciples, on the value of dispassion. Lack of discrimination is not so often a hindrance to disciples these days, owing to the development of the mind, but lack of dispassion frequently is. This means the attainment of that state of consciousness where balance is seen, and neither pleasure nor pain dominates, for they are superseded by joy and bliss. We may well ponder on this, for much striving after dispassion is necessary.
He has also to study the Kama-manasic body (desire-mind body) . This is of very real interest, for it is, in many ways, the most important body in the solar system, where the human being in the three worlds is concerned. In the next system the mental vehicle of the self-conscious units will hold an analogous place, as the physical did in the previous solar system.
He has also to work scientifically, if it may be so expressed, at the building of the physical body. He must so strive that he will produce in each incarnation a body which will serve better as a vehicle for force. Hence there is nothing impractical in giving information anent initiation, as some may think. There is no moment of the day that that goal may not be visioned, and the work of preparation carried on. One of the greatest instruments for practical development lying in the hands of small and great, is the instrument of SPEECH. He who guards his words, and who only speaks with altruistic purpose, in order to carry the energy of Love through the medium of the tongue, is one who is mastering rapidly the initial steps to be taken in preparation for initiation. Speech is the most occult manifestation in existence; it is the means of creation and the vehicle for force. In the reservation of words, esoterically understood, lies the conservation of force; in the utilisation of words, justly chosen and spoken, lies the distribution of the love force of the solar system,—that force which preserves, strengthens, and stimulates. Only he who knows somewhat of these two aspects of speech can be trusted to stand before the Initiator and to carry out from that Presence certain sounds and secrets imparted to him under the pledge of silence.
The disciple must learn to be silent in the face of that which is evil. He must learn to be silent before the sufferings of the world, wasting no time in idle plaints and sorrowful demonstration, but lifting up the burden of the world; working, and wasting no energy in talk. Yet withal he should speak where encouragement is needed, using the tongue for constructive ends; expressing the love force of the world, as it may flow through him, where it will serve best to ease a load or lift a burden, remembering that as the race progresses, the love element between the sexes and its expression will be translated to a higher plane. Then, through the spoken word, and not through the physical plane expression as now, will come the realisation of that true love which unites those who are one in service and in aspiration. Then love between the units of the human family will take the form of the utilisation of speech for the purpose of creating on all planes, and the energy which now, in the majority, finds expression through the lower or generating centres will be translated to the throat centre. This is as yet but a distant ideal, but even now some can vision that ideal, and seek—through united service, loving co-operation, and oneness in aspiration, thought, and endeavour,—to give shape and form to it, even though inadequately.
Group relationships.
The path of the disciple is a thorny one; briars beset his every step, and difficulties meet him at every turn. Yet in the treading of the path, in the overcoming of the difficulties, and in a single-hearted adherence to the good of the group, with a proportionate attention to the individuals and their evolutionary development, comes at length fruition, and the attainment of the goal. A SERVER of the race stands forth. He is a server because he has no ends of his own to serve, and from his lower sheaths goes out no vibration which can beguile him from his chosen path. He serves, because he knows what is in man, and because for many lives he has worked with individuals and with groups, gradually expanding the range of his endeavour until he has gathered around him those units of consciousness whom he can energise, and use, and through whom he can work out the plans of his superiors. Such is the goal, but the intermediate stages are fraught with difficulty for all who stand on the verge of self-discovery, and of becoming the Path itself.
Some practical advice might be of value here:—
Study with care the first three books of the Bhagavad Gita. The problem of Arjuna is the problem of all disciples, and the solution is eternally the same.
Stand ready and watch the heart. In the transferring of the fire from the solar plexus to the heart centre comes much pain. It is not easy to love as do the Great Ones, with a pure love which requires nothing back; with an impersonal love that rejoices where there is response, but looks not for it, and loves steadily, quietly, and deeply through all apparent divergences, knowing that when each has found his own way home, he will find that home to be the place of at-one-ment.
Be prepared for loneliness. It is the law. As a man dissociates himself from all that concerns his physical, astral and mental bodies, and centres himself in the Ego, it produces a temporary separation. This must be endured and passed, leading to a closer link at a later period with all associated with the disciple through the karma of past lives, through group work, and through the activity of the disciple (carried on almost unconsciously at first) in gathering together those through whom later he will work.
Cultivate happiness, knowing that depression, an over-morbid investigation of motive, and undue sensitiveness to the criticism of others leads to a condition wherein a disciple is almost useless. Happiness is based on confidence in the God within, a just appreciation of time, and a forgetfulness of self. Take all the glad things which may come as trusts to be used to spread joy, and rebel not at happiness and pleasure in service, thinking it an indication that all is not well. Suffering comes as the lower self rebels. Control that lower self, eliminate desire, and all is joy.
Have patience. Endurance is one of the characteristics of the Ego. The Ego persists, knowing itself immortal. The personality becomes discouraged, knowing that time is short.To the disciple naught occurs but what is in the plan, and where the motive and sole aspiration of the heart are towards the carrying out of the Master's will and the serving of the race, that which eventuates has in it the seeds of the next enterprise, and embodies the environment of the next step forward. Herein lies much of clarification, and herein may be found that on which the disciple may rest when the vision is clouded, the vibration lower than perhaps it should be, and the judgment fogged by the miasmas arising from circumstances on the physical plane. With many, much arises in the astral body that is based on old vibration and has no foundation in fact, and the battleground is so to control the astral situation that out of present anxieties and worries may grow confidence and peace, and out of violent action and interaction there may be elaborated tranquility.
It is possible to reach a point where naught that occurs can ruffle the inner calm; where the peace that passeth understanding is known and experienced, because the consciousness is centred in the Ego, who is peace itself, being the circle of the buddhic life; where poise itself is known and felt, and equilibrium reigns because the centre of the life is in the Ego, who is—in essence—balance; where calm rules unruffled and unshaken, because the divine Knower holds the reins of government, and permits no disturbance from the lower self; where bliss itself is reached that is based, not on circumstances in the three worlds, but on that inner realisation of existence apart from the not-self, an existence that persists when time and space and all that is contained therein, are not; that is known when all the illusions of the lower planes are experienced, passed through, transmuted and transcended; that endures when the little world of human endeavour has dissipated and gone, being
seen as naught; and that is based on the knowledge that I AM THAT.
Such an attitude and experience is for all those who persist in their high endeavour, who count all things but naught if they may but achieve the goal, and who steer a steady course through circumstances, keeping the eyes fixed upon the vision ahead, the ears attentive to the Voice of the God within, that sounds in the silence of the heart; the feet firmly placed on the path that leads to the Portal of Initiation; the hands held out in assistance to the world, and the whole life subordinated to the call of service. Then all that comes is for the best—sickness, opportunity, success, and disappointment, the gibes and machinations of enemies, the lack of comprehension on the part of those we love—all is but to be used, and all exists but to be transmuted. Continuity of vision, of aspiration, and of the inner touch, is seen to be of more importance than them all. That continuity is the thing to be aimed at, in spite of, and not because of circumstances.
As the aspirant progresses he not only balances the pairs of opposites, but is having the secret of his brother's heart revealed to him. He becomes an acknowledged force in the world and is recognised as one who can be depended upon to serve. Men turn to him for assistance and help along his recognised line, and he begins to sound forth his note so as to be heard in deva and human ranks. This he does—at this stage—through the pen in literature, through the spoken word in lecturing and teaching, through music, painting and art. He reaches the hearts of men in some way or another, and becomes a helper and server of his race. Two more characteristics of this stage might here be mentioned:—
The aspirant has an appreciation of the occult value of money in service. He seeks nothing for himself, save that which may equip him for the work to be done, and he looks upon money and that which money can purchase as something which is to be used for others and as a means to bring about the fruition of the Master's plans as he senses those plans. The occult significance of money is little appreciated, yet one of the greatest tests as to the position of a man upon the Probationary Path is that which concerns his attitude to and his handling of that which all men seek in order to gratify desire. Only he who desires naught for himself can be a recipient of financial bounty, and a dispenser of the riches of the universe. In other cases where riches increase they bring with them naught but sorrow and distress, discontent, and misuse.
At this stage also the aspirant's life becomes an instrument of destruction in the occult sense of the term. Wherever he goes the force which flows through him from the higher planes and his own inner God produces at times peculiar results upon his environment. It acts as a stimulator of both the good and the evil. The lunar Pitris, or little lives which form the bodies of his brother and his own body, are likewise stimulated, their activity is increased and their power greatly aggravated. This fact is used by Those Who work on the inner side to bring about certain desired ends. This it is also which often causes the temporary downfall of advanced souls. They cannot stand the force pouring into them, or upon them, and through the temporary over-stimulation of their centres and vehicles they go to pieces. This can be seen working out in groups as well as in individuals. But, inversely, if the lunar Lords, or lives of the lower self, have been earlier subjugated and brought under control, then the effect of the force and energy contacted is to stimulate the response of the physical brain consciousness and the head centres to egoic contact.[paragraph continues] Then the otherwise destructive force becomes a factor for good and a helpful stimulation, and can be used by Those Who know how, to lead men on to further illumination.
All these steps have to work out on all the three lower planes, and in the three bodies, and this they do according to the particular ray and sub-ray. In this fashion is the work of the disciple carried forward, and his testing and training carried out. Thus is he brought—through right direction of energy and wise manipulation of force currents—to the Portal of Initiation, and he graduates from the Hall of Learning into the Hall of Wisdom, that Hall wherein he gradually becomes "aware" of forces and powers latent in his own Ego and egoic group, wherein the force of the egoic group is his for the using, for he can now be trusted to wield it only for the helping of humanity, and wherein—after the fourth initiation—he becomes a sharer in, and can be trusted with, some part of the energy of the Planetary Logos, and thus be enabled to carry forward the plans of that Logos for evolution.
It would be well to remember that disciples on the first ray understand discipleship largely in terms of energy, or force, or activity, whilst disciples on the second ray understand it more in terms of consciousness or initiation. Hence the divergence of expressions in ordinary use, and the lack of comprehension among thinkers. It might prove useful to express the idea of discipleship in terms of the different rays—meaning by this, discipleship as it manifests on the physical plane in service:
1st Ray
The Occultist.
2nd Ray
The true Psychic
3rd Ray
The Magician.
4th Ray
The Artist.
5th Ray
The Scientist.
6th Ray
The Devotee.
7th Ray
The Ritualist.
Remember carefully that we are here dealing with disciples. Later on as they progress, the various lines approximate and merge. All have been at one time magicians, for all have passed upon the third ray. The problem now is concerned with the mystic and the occultist, and their eventual synthesis. A careful study of the foregoing will lead to the realisation that the difficulties between thinkers, and between disciples of all groups, consist in their identifying themselves with some form, and in their inability to understand the different points of view of others. As time elapses, and they are brought into closer relationship with the two Masters with whom they are concerned (their own inner God and their personal Master), the inability to cooperate and to merge their interests in the good of the group will pass away, and community of endeavour, similarity of object, and mutual co-operation will take the place of what is now so much seen, divergence. We might well ponder on this, for it holds the key to much that is puzzling and, to many, distressing.



We have considered somewhat the highest offices in the ranks of the Hierarchy of our planet. Now we will deal with what we might call the two divisions into which the remaining members are divided. They form literally two Lodges within the greater body:—
a. The —— Lodge, comprised of initiates above the fifth initiation, and a group of devas or angels.
b. The Blue Lodge, comprised of all initiates of the third, fourth, and fifth initiations.
Below these come a large group of initiates of the first and second initiations, and then the disciples of every grade. The disciples are considered as affiliated with the Lodge, but not as literally members of it. Finally come those who are on probation, and who hope through strenuous effort to achieve affiliation.
From another point of view we can consider the Lodge members as existing in seven groups, each group representing one type of the sevenfold planetary energy emanating from the Planetary Logos. The triple division has first been given, as ever in evolution you have the major three (manifesting through the three departments) and then the seven, these seven showing again as a triple differentiation and a septenary. Students must bear in mind that all that is herein imparted concerns the work of the Hierarchy in connection with the fourth or human kingdom,and refers especially to those Masters Who work in connection with humanity. Were the deva evolution being dealt with, the entire tabulation and division would have to differ from this.
Again, there are certain aspects of hierarchical work affecting, for instance, the animal kingdom; this work calls into activity beings and workers and adepts totally distinct from the servers of the fourth or human kingdom. Therefore students should carefully remember that all these details are relative, and that the work and personnel of the Hierarchy are infinitely greater and more important than may appear upon a superficial reading of these pages. Certainly we are dealing with what might be considered Its primary work, for in the service of the human kingdom we are concerned with the manifestation of the three aspects of divinity, but the other departments are interdependent and the work progresses as a synthetic whole.
The workers, or adepts, concerned with the evolution of the human family, comprise sixty-three, if the three great Lords are counted in making the nine times seven necessary for the work. Of these forty-nine work exoterically, if it might be so expressed, and fourteen esoterically, being more concerned with the subjective manifestation. Not many of Their names are known to the public, nor would it be wise in many cases to reveal Who They are, where They dwell, and what is Their particular sphere of activity. A very small minority, through group karma and a willingness thus to sacrifice Themselves, have come before the public eye during the past one hundred years, and therefore concerning these, certain information may be given out. Quite a number of people in the world today are aware of Their existence independently of any particular school of thought, and the realisation that Those Whom they thus know personally are workers in a great and unified scheme of endeavour may encourage these real knowers to testify to their knowledge, and thus establish past all controversy the reality of Their work. Certain schools of occultism and of theosophical endeavour have claimed to be the sole repository of Their teaching, and the sole outlet for Their efforts, thereby limiting that which They do, and formulating premises which time and circumstance will fail to substantiate. They work most assuredly through such groups of thinkers, and throw much of Their force into the work of such organisations, yet, nevertheless, They have Their disciples and Their followers everywhere, and work through many bodies and many aspects of teaching. Throughout the world, disciples of these Masters have come into incarnation at this time with the sole intent of participating in the activities and occupations and truth dissemination of the various churches, sciences, and philosophies, and thus producing within the organisation itself an expansion, a widening, and a disintegration where necessary, which might otherwise be impossible. It might be wise for occult students everywhere to recognise these facts, and to cultivate the ability to recognise the hierarchical vibration as it demonstrates through the medium of disciples in the most unlikely places and groups.
One point should here be stated in connection with the work of the Masters through Their disciples, and it is this. All the various schools of thought which are fostered by the energy of the Lodge are, in every case, founded by a disciple, or several disciples, and upon these disciples, and not upon the Master, lies responsibility for results and the consequent karma. The method of procedure is somewhat as follows:—The Master reveals to a disciple the objective in view for an immediate little cycle, and suggests to him that such and such a development would be desirable. It is the work of the disciple to ascertain the best method for bringing about the desired results, and to formulate the plans whereby a certain percentage of success will be possible. Then he launches his scheme, founds his society or organisation, and disseminates the necessary teaching. Upon him rests the responsibility for choosing the right co-workers, for handing on the work to those best fitted, and for clothing the teaching in a presentable garb. All that the Master does is to look on with interest and sympathy at the endeavour, as long as it holds its initial high ideal and proceeds with pure altruism upon its way. The Master is not to blame should the disciple show lack of discrimination in the choice of co-workers, or evidence an inability to represent the truth. If he does well, and the work proceeds as desired, the Master will continue to pour His blessing upon the attempt. If he fails, or his successors turn from the original impulse, thus disseminating error of any kind, in His love and in His sympathy the Master will withdraw that blessing, withhold His energy, and thus cease from stimulating that which had better die. Forms may come and go, and the interest of the Master and His blessing pour through this or that channel; the work may proceed through one medium or another, but always the life force persists, shattering the form where it is inadequate, or utilising it when it suffices for the immediate need.
Certain Masters and Their Work.
Under the first great group of which the Manu is the Head, can be found two Masters, the Master Jupiter, and the Master Morya. Both of them have taken more than the fifth initiation, and the Master Jupiter, Who is also the Regent of India, is looked up to by all the Lodge of Masters as the oldest among Them. He dwells in the Nilgherry Hills in Southern India, and is not one of the Masters Who usually takes pupils, for He numbers amongst His disciples initiates of high degree and quite a number of Masters. In His hands are the reins of government for India, including a large part of the Northern frontier, and to Him is committed the arduous task of eventually guiding India out of her present chaos and unrest, and of welding her diverse peoples into an ultimate synthesis. The Master Morya, Who is one of the best known of the Eastern adepts, and Who numbers amongst His pupils a large number of Europeans and Americans, is a Rajput Prince, and for many decades held an authoritative position in Indian affairs.
He works in close co-operation with the Manu, and will Himself eventually hold office as the Manu of the sixth root-race. He dwells, as does His Brother, the Master K. H., at Shigatse in the Himalayas, and is a well-known figure to the inhabitants of that far-away village. He is a man of tall and commanding presence, dark hair and beard and dark eyes, and might be considered stern were it not for the expression that lies in His eyes. He and His Brother, the Master K. H., work almost as a unit, and have done so for many centuries and will, on into the future, for the Master K. H. is in line for the office of World Teacher when the present holder of that office vacates it for higher work, and the sixth root-race comes into being. The houses in which They both dwell are close together, and much of Their time is spent in the closest association. As the Master M. is upon the first Ray, that of Will or Power, His work largely concerns itself with the carrying out of the plans of the present Manu. He acts as the Inspirer of the statesmen of the world, He manipulates forces, through the Mahachohan, that will bring about the conditions desired for the furthering of racial evolution. On the physical plane those great national executives who have far vision and the international ideal are influenced by Him, and with Him co-operate certain of the great devas of the mental plane, and three great groups of angels work with Him on mental levels, in connection with the lesser devas who vitalise thoughtforms, and thus keep alive the thoughtforms of the Guides of the race for the benefit of the whole of humanity.
The Master M. has a large body of pupils under His instruction, and works in connection with many organisations of an esoteric and occult kind, as well as through the politicians and statesmen of the world.
The Master Koot Humi, Who is also very well known in the occident, and has many pupils everywhere, is of Kashmiri origin, though the family originally came from India. He is also an initiate of high degree, and is upon the second, or the Love-Wisdom Ray. He is a man of noble presence, and tall, though of rather slighter build than the Master M. He is of fair complexion, with golden-brown hair and beard, and eyes of a wonderful deep blue, through which seem to pour the love and the wisdom of the ages. He has had a wide experience and education, having been originally educated at one of the British universities, and speaks English fluently. His reading is wide and extensive, and all the current books and literature in various languages find their way to His study in the Himalayas. He concerns Himself largely with the vitalising of certain of the great philosophies, and interests Himself in a number of philanthropic agencies. To Him is given the work very largely of stimulating the love manifestation which is latent in the hearts of all men, and of awakening in the consciousness of the race the perception of the great fundamental fact of brotherhood.
At this particular time the Master M., the Master K. H. and the Master Jesus are interesting Themselves closely with the work of unifying, as far as may be, eastern and western thought, so that the great religions of the East, with the later development of the Christian faith in all its many branches, may mutually benefit each other. Thus eventually it is hoped one great universal Church may come into being.
The Master Jesus, Who is the focal point of the energy that flows through the various Christian churches, is at present living in a Syrian body, and dwells in a certain part of the Holy Land. He travels much and passes considerable time in various parts of Europe. He works specially with masses more than with individuals, though He has gathered around Him quite a numerous body of pupils. He is upon the sixth Ray of Devotion, or Abstract Idealism, and His pupils are frequently distinguished by that fanaticism and devotion which manifested in earlier Christian times amongst the martyrs. He Himself is rather a martial figure, a disciplinarian, and a man of iron rule and will. He is tall and spare with rather a long thin face, black hair, pale complexion and piercing blue eyes. His work at this time is exceedingly responsible, for to Him is given the problem of steering the thought of the occident out of its present state of unrest into the peaceful waters of certitude and knowledge, and of preparing the way in Europe and America for the eventual coming of the World Teacher. He is well known in the Bible history, coming before us first as Joshua the Son of Nun, appearing again in the time of Ezra as Jeshua, taking the third initiation, as related in the book of Zechariah, as Joshua, and in the Gospel story He is known for two great sacrifices, that in which He handed over His body for the use of the Christ, and for the great renunciation which is the characteristic of the fourth initiation. As Appollonius of Tyana, He took the fifth initiation and became a Master of the Wisdom. From that time on He has stayed and worked with the Christian Church, fostering the germ of true spiritual life which is to be found amongst members of all sects and divisions, and neutralising as far as possible the mistakes and errors of the churchmen and the theologians. He is distinctively the Great Leader, the General, and the wise Executive, and in Church matters He co-operates closely with the Christ, thus saving Him much and acting as His intermediary wherever possible. No one so wisely knows as He the problems of the West, no one is so closely in touch with the people who stand for all that is best in Christian teachings, and no one is so well aware of the need of the present moment. Certain great prelates of the Anglican and Catholic Churches are wise agents of His.
The Master Djwhal Khul, or the Master D. K. as He is frequently called, is another adept on the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. He is the latest of the adepts taking initiation, having taken the fifth initiation in 1875, and is therefore occupying the same body in which He took the initiation, most of the other Masters having taken the fifth initiation whilst occupying earlier vehicles. His body is not a young one, and He is a Tibetan. He is very devoted to the Master K. H. and occupies a little house not far distant from the larger one of the Master, and from His willingness to serve and to do anything that has to be done, He has been called "the Messenger of the Masters." He is profoundly learned, and knows more about the rays and planetary Hierarchies of the solar system than anyone else in the ranks of the Masters. He works with those who heal, and co-operates unknown and unseen with the seekers after truth in the world's great laboratories, with all who definitely aim at the healing and solacing of the world, and with the great philanthropic world movements such as the Red Cross. He occupies Himself with various pupils of different Masters who can profit by His instruction, and within the last ten years has relieved both the Master M. and the Master K. H. of a good deal of Their teaching work, taking over from Them for certain stated times some of Their pupils and disciples. He works largely, too, with certain groups of the devas of the ethers, who are the healing devas, and who thus collaborate with Him in the work of healing some of the physical ills of humanity. He it was Who dictated a large part of that momentous book The Secret Doctrine, and Who showed to H. P. Blavatsky many of the pictures, and gave her much of the data that is to be found in that book.
The Master Who concerns Himself especially with the future development of racial affairs in Europe, and with the mental outgrowth in America and Australia, is the Master Rakoczi. He is a Hungarian, and has a home in the Carpathian mountains, and was at one time a well-known figure at the Hungarian Court. Reference to Him can be found in old historical books, and He was particularly before the public eye when he was the Comte de St. Germain, and earlier still when he was both Roger Bacon and later, Francis Bacon. It is interesting to note that as the Master R. takes hold, on the inner planes, of affairs in Europe, His name as Francis Bacon is coming before the public eye in the Bacon-Shakespeare controversy. He is rather a small, spare man, with pointed black beard, and smooth black hair, and does not take as many pupils as do the Masters previously mentioned. He is at present handling the majority of the third ray pupils in the occident in conjunction with the Master Hilarion. The Master R. is upon the seventh Ray, that of Ceremonial Magic or Order, and He works largely through esoteric ritual and ceremonial, being vitally interested in the effects, hitherto unrecognised, of the ceremonial of the Freemasons, of the various fraternities and of the Churches everywhere. He is called in the Lodge, usually, "the Count," and in America and Europe acts practically as the general manager for the carrying out of the plans of the executive council of the Lodge. Certain of the Masters form around the three great Lords an inner group, and meet in council with great frequency.
On the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science, we find the Master Hilarion, who, in an earlier incarnation was Paul of Tarsus. He is occupying a Cretan body, but spends a large part of His time in Egypt. He it was Who gave out to the world that occult treatise "Light on the Path," and His work is particularly interesting to the general public at this crisis, for He works with those who are developing the intuition, and controls and transmutes the great movements that tend to strip the veil from the unseen. His is the energy which, through His disciples, is stimulating the Psychical Research groups everywhere, and He it was Who initiated, through various pupils of His, the Spiritualistic movement. He has under observation all those who are psychics of the higher order, and assists in developing their powers for the good of the group, and in connection with certain of the devas of the astral plane He works to open up to the seekers after truth that subjective world which lies behind the grossly material.
Little can be given out anent the two English Masters. Neither of them takes pupils in the same sense that the Master K. H. or the Master M. take pupils. One of Them, who resides in Great Britain, has in hand the definite guidance of the Anglo-Saxon race, and He works upon the plans for its future development and evolution. He is behind the Labour movement throughout the world,transmuting and directing, and the present rising tide of democracy has His directing hand upon it. Out of the democratic unrest, out of the present turmoil and chaos, will arise the future world condition which will have for its keynote co-operation and not competition, distribution, and not centralisation.
One other Master may here be briefly mentioned, the Master Serapis, frequently called the Egyptian. He is the Master upon the fourth ray, and the great art movements of the world, the evolution of music, and that of painting and drama, receive from Him an energising impulse. At present He is giving most of His time and attention to the work of the deva, or angel evolution, until their agency helps to make possible the great revelation in the world of music and painting which lies immediately ahead. More about Him cannot be given out, nor can His dwelling place be revealed.
The Master P. works under the Master R. in North America. He it is Who has had much to do esoterically with the various mental sciences, such as Christian Science, and New Thought, both of which are efforts put forth by the Lodge in an endeavour to teach men the reality of that which is not seen, and the power of the mind to create. This Master occupies an Irish body, is on the fourth ray, and the place of His residence may not be revealed. Much of the work of the Master Serapis was taken over by Him when the latter turned His attention to the deva evolution.
The present work.
Certain facts concerning these Masters, and Their work in the present and in the future, may be in place here. First, the work of training Their pupils and disciples to fit them to be of use in two great events, one, the coming of the World Teacher towards the middle or close of this present century, and the other, the training of them to be of use in the founding of the new sixth sub-race and in the reconstruction of the present world conditions. This being the fifth sub-race of the fifth root-race, the pressure of the work on the five rays of mind which are controlled by the Mahachohan, is very great. The Masters are carrying an over heavy burden, and much of Their work of teaching disciples has been delegated to initiates and advanced disciples, and certain of the Masters on the first and second rays have temporarily taken over pupils in the Mahachohan's department.
Secondly, the preparation of the world on a large scale for the coming of the World Teacher, and the taking of the necessary steps before They Themselves come out among men, as many of Them surely will towards the close of this century. A special group is forming amongst Them now Who are definitely preparing Themselves for this work. The Master M., the Master K. H. and the Master Jesus will be specially concerned with the movement towards the last quarter of this century. Other Masters will participate also, but these three are the ones with Whose names and offices people should familiarise themselves, wherever possible. Two other Masters, specially concerned with the seventh or ceremonial ray, Whose particular work it is to supervise the development of certain activities within the next fifteen years, work under the Master R. Very definitely may the assurance be given here, that prior to the coming of the Christ, adjustments will be made so that at the head of all great organisations will be found either a Master, or an initiate who has taken the third initiation. At the head of certain of the great occult groups, of the Freemasons of the world, and of the various great divisions of the Church, and resident in many of the great nations
will be found initiates or Masters. This work of the Masters is proceeding now, and all Their efforts are being bent towards bringing it to a successful consummation. Everywhere They are gathering in those who in any way show a tendency to respond to high vibration, seeking to force their vibration and to fit them so that they may be of use at the time of the coming of the Christ. Great is the day of opportunity, for when that time comes, through the stupendous strength of the vibration then brought to bear upon the sons of men, it will be possible for those who now do the necessary work to take a great step forward, and to pass through the portal of initiation.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Developing a Lazer Focus and Arildite Discipline to the Inner and Outer ends of the Attainment of all your Soul and Spiritual Ideals!"

Developing a Lazer Focus and Arildite Discipline to the Inner and Outer ends of the Attainment of all your Soul and Spiritual Ideals.How to attain your Life purpose complete your Planetary Mission and Return home to Great Lines of Cosmic Evolution.
The topic of todays Post is on the incredible importance of Developing a Laser Focus inner and Outer on your Supreme life Mission and purpose and using every piece of energy to that end.With a clear focus inner and outer using both the Sub Conscious and Conscious Minds as well as ones Super Conscious Mind one can use all minds to develop and draw closer ones Ultimate Monadic Blueprint for the Eztended Soul that you are.So Super Conscious Impressions can come from Dreams and Impressions from the Supernal realm through Perhaps Visions in Meditation or through your Greater Understanding through the culmination of all your Sensor input inner and outer.Usually you will be able to tell when you receive a Super Conscious Impression from Spirit for It will be very clear.The feeling about the Impression as well as your thoughts about the impression will give you the meaning you require to convert this impression into the analoguous Right action that you are to take as a result of this impression.Lord Buddha tauhght in his Life as Gautama the Buddha about the importance of Right Action.Now to properly direct the Conscious Mind we are required to direct all thoughts,that we choose all currents of Mind down into the Garden Bed of the Sub Conscious Mind.For what ever we put in the sub conscious Mind will create and mirror to us its mirror likeness.So the Sub Conscious Mind should always be directed rather than being the Director,which is the case when we experience or allow the subconscious mind to Create what Joshua David Stone has dubbed “Sub Conscious Mind Interference”.When we own the 100% Personal Power of our Mind at all times we become the Programmer of our Mind and hence can create by the proper direction of our Mind action and energy anything we can imagine.This is the Incredible power of the “Proper use of the Conscious Mind!”Now with that being said we want to use the Conscious Mind to Communicate the Will of the Super Conscious Mind.To do this we need to develop time each day to receive the impressions of the Super Conscious Mind.This is done through Meditation where the Minds are still long enough to receive an impression from Spirit.This impression that we receive should be how we direct our Conscious and Sub Conscious Minds as it where.With the reception of our Minds and Hearts to Spirit opened through the Constant practice of Meditation we can then use all our action and energy both inner and outer to the ends of brining about the attainment of that which we have received from Spirit God and the Masters.We can begin to use all our actions and energies to the Creation of these Spiritual Ideals on a Physical Earthly Level!
So with this in mind and after having done our Life Plan and written up and drawn our “Supreme Life Mission” Statement,Having gotten clear on our Physical Earthly Psychological Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension Level Ideal that we are wishing to bring forth,after having created a Dream and Vision board with all these things on our Board we can begin to then use every piece of energy and action towards the attainment of these ends!It can be said and must be understood that every bit of energy is either drawing us near to our goals or taking us away from them.If we have then in our mind at all times our Ideal we can then determine weather any person place event or circumstance is either adding to or taking away from our attainment our Mission and remove that situation and circumstance from our Life and empower and share with that and those that are adding to our ultimate life purpose!To do any less would be to allow the Illusionary Forces of Maya Glamour and Distraction to take over our Lives and take us off course!We must be focused like a laser at all times on the Goal inner and Outer and take all actions to that ends.For to do any less would be “Unbecoming” of the “Great Soul” that we are,as Krishna once said to Arjuna!Now it must be understood that not all people will have this kind of intense focus that we have yet and that is fine for all people develop through the Planetary School at different rates and on different Lines.This is good and fine but we must not allow ourselves to be drawn into this.The best we can do is set the better example and share our methods means and our Understanding on this matter so that they can do the same.We can help our Brothers and Sisters in Christ gain this Integrated Ascended Master Ideal and help them develop a simple process and path for doing all these things and more also!For to do any less then help all those around us do all that we are doing as well would also be un becoming of the Great Soul we are!For Lord Maitreya says “Service is the Law of Life and Service is the Fruit of Life!” When we can serve from this Integrated Understanding and put all our energy in effort to helping and serving others then in turn we shall be helped and served in a like manner by the forbears and guides of the Race of Men.Our elder Brothers and Sisters the Ascended Masters themselves!If we can do this daily on a consistent manner to our highest degree each day we will become the embodiment of our Highest ideal and true leaders over ourselves.We will be qualified to lead then the Sons on Men as Masters ourselves!When this is done and completed at a Planetary level through a Life of Service and Devoted effort to the goal we will at the culmination of our Life have qualified to progess into greater Cosmic Evolution by going onto Solar Evolution as Ascended Masters.We will continue there to serve greater levels of Divinity and bring forth greater levels of Solar Light and Will of the Logoi.By that way and with that same ends unto service with that absolute focus and intention on the Supreme Cosmic Attainment and total effort and focus inner and outer on that Goal we shall become servants of the one and Lords of Light at the Solar Level.We shall again over more time and cycles of Time perhaps counting ages we will progress into Galactic Universal and Cosmic Evolutionary Ascension and Completion.First we must demonstrate our Planetary Mastery through Dilligent and daily Planetary World Service and through total mastery of all our Thoughts Energies actions Impulses and desires.Once we have attained and completed this process at a planetary level though a Life of service again we shall then be qualified to move onto greater Solar Service!This then is our Mission and Puzzle piece that we have come here to complete,this is our work to be done,this is our inner and outer effort and focus at all times and in all circumstance!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Developing a Daily Meditation Practice!

Developing a Regular Daily Meditation Practice We are able to Experience more Directly the Ever Present Oneness and God Consciousness that the Sages and Great Masters of all Ages have expounded and Demonstrated.Through Developing a Daily Meditation Practice as a part of our Program we consistently enter the state of Oneness thereby slowly and consistently breaking down the Illusion of Seperation and its attendant Falsities.Meditation Ideally should be practiced before 7 am while still in the Amrit Vela.This time is in Indian Philosophy the Time of Great Stillness where the Sattva Guna predominates the Akasha and allows for the most ideal meditation.One can choose from a variety of Meditation Practices.In the Kundalini Yoga System taught by Yogi Bhajan aspirants arise at 3:30am take a Cold Shower and Get dressed and ready for Yoga and Meditation.It is quite a rigerous program but one that has many benefits!When you can master and complete this morning sadhana program you become victorious over time and space for you have risen above them.So by this way we become victorious in our Life.Daily regular Meditation practice first and last thing in ones day also allows us to experience more directly the Inner Plane Reality that is part of our Light Body experience and it also gives us a greater level of Dream recall so we can make progress in our Consciousness by analzying and cultivating the Meaning in our Dreams.Writing these images and impressions from both our Sleep cycle and our Meditation practice gives us greater insight into the Inner Worlds and allows us to experience a deeper sense of Reality and Oneness.Make a commitment to meditate twice a day if not 3 Times.Morning Midady and Evening.Your Soul and Spirit will rejoice muchly!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The First Ray and First Chakra

The First Ray Day Monday relates not only to the First Ray of Will Power and Leadership but also to the First Kingdom of God the Mineral Kingdom as well as the First Chakra of the Earth in Uluru.It also relates to Grounding Ones Spirituality into the Earth Plane fully.This can be done through a variety of Techniques and Methods and all such appropriate means should be applied in order to Ground Ones Spirituality into the Earth Fully.Examples of such practices as Walking on the Earth Barefoot,Wearing Red Clothing,Taking Warm Showers,Getting and Giving Massages,Walking in Nature,Using Sexuality Moderately,Eating a Balanced Whole and Raw food Diet,Doing Attunment and Alignment Activations to the First Ray Department and Kingdom.There are many ways to Balance and attune to the First Ray and First Chakra of the Inner Self and the Outer Self.Both aspects must be developed Balanced and Aligned.Imagining and Visualizing the Red Ray surrounding Ones Aura and Bubble of Protection is a Good way to practice Spiritual Visualization.Also requesting attunement to El Moyra and the First Ray Ashram of the Christ is Key.Holding Fast Psychologically to Personal Power and Master Cause Consciousness will be key.So an integrated Approach will be best firstly Grounding Spirit into matter by Enjoying Earth Life,A Psychological Consciousness Approach by Holding to Personal Power 100% and a Spiritual Ascension Level approach by Visualizing and attuning to the First Ray and First Chakra Red in ones Minds Eye and Inner Imaginings.This way we develop the higher Aspect of the First Ray and First Chakra in a Balanced and Integrated Way!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Entering the 13th Galactic Heaven,By Simeon

Entering the 13th Galactic Heaven
On November 3rd, 2010 the harmonic frequencies of the 13th Heaven of the Galactic Wave Movement of consciousness evolution synchronizes its active state with our linear timeline on Earth.
This is the final major pulse of cosmic energy to be released within the Galactic Wave Movement or Underworld which is identified by the Mayan Calendar.
The 13th Galactic Heaven is an energy which brings the fruition of all twelve heavens or cosmic pulses that preceded it in the Galactic Wave Movement, which began on January 5th, 1999.
It is also the transition into the ninth and final Universal Wave Movement which synchronizes its active state with our linear timeline on March 9th, 2011.
These wave movements began with what scientists call the Big Bang. They are unfolding in a progressively accelerated way where each one unpacks its harmonics within our collective reality within a period of our linear time that is shorter than the wave movement that preceded it by a factor of 20.
We are experiencing this acceleration in an amazing fashion, and this experience will be amplified through the course of next year in particular after the ninth and final Universal Wave Movement activates its harmonics within our reality.
To give you an idea of the type of acceleration that is involved, the first Cellular Wave Movement spans sixteen billion years, the current eighth Galactic Wave Movement spans a little less than 13 years, the final ninth Universal Wave movement that begins March 9th, 2011 spans less than nine months!
All of these wave movements have thirteen pulses or heavens which unfold within them, and each holds a similar consciousness evolutionary potential.
The 13th Galactic Heaven is a great universal harmonic balancer meant to prepare us for, and escort us through, the Universal Wave Movement. Its energy is thus about the balancing of polarities which take many different forms in our world and personal experience.
Therefore we will see things manifest in our world that represent this balancing and as well which are reacting to it, thereby resisting this powerful cosmic frequency shift.
However, it is very important that we not judge that which resists the frequency shift. It is critically important to move into a more expanded plane of awareness where it becomes possible to see what role that which resists the frequency shift actually plays in the whole movement.
There is a universal dynamic referred to as "inertia" in the world of physics. In physics inertia is the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest. That which resists the change of frequency state in the cosmic environment is simply that portion of our collective reality which is operating within the laws of physics as they apply to consciousness.
What purpose does inertia serve in terms of consciousness evolution and reality frequency shifts? It is a stabilizing force that prevents absolute disintegration from occurring when consciousness and the reality it has formed are making a transition from one major harmonic set to another.
I find this bit of meta-science helpful in my process of not judging that which may resist the frequency shift so I can just accept the fact that it serves a purpose and focus more intently internally. That which resists is the part of the 'collective me' which is attempting to maintain some stability. Human mental and emotional dynamics are what causes this dynamic force to manifest in the chaotic the way that it often does in our world, but that is another topic for discussion!
The cosmic awareness pouring in of late indicates to me that the more each of us works to balance each of these two dynamics within ourselves - i.e. the rapid acceleration into new universal frequencies of consciousness, and the inertial but more stable aspect of our existing reality - the less need there will be for it to play out in dramatic ways on the world stage.
Setting an intention to balance all polarities within ourselves and our world, and to maintain an expanded awareness about anything that is resisting this accelerated forward movement - within ourselves and our world - is in beautiful alignment with the Galactic energy pulse of the 13th Heaven. This intention will thus be powerfully supported by the energy of the incoming 13th Galactic Heaven.
I am therefore inspired to ask everyone to set this intention for themselves and our world in any way that feels appropriate. I am also inspired to offer a Tele-Transmission to facilitate this process on a personal and planetary level to help align ourselves and our collective to these new 13th Heaven cosmic frequencies.
Entering the 13th Galactic Heaven Tele-Transmission
Date: Sunday October 31st, 2010
Time: 11AM Mountain Time (about 1.5 hours)
7AM Hawaiian | 10AM Pacific | 12 NOON Central | 1PM Eastern
Use the World Clock for International Time Conversions
Place: anywhere, global tele-conference call.
To be Recorded, Includes MP3 Access
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Astrological Update from Vibhuti Terri Norris.

Mercury and Sun both make their debut in the sign of Scorpio this
fortnight, on the 21st and 23rd respectively. Just hours before the
Sun enters Scorpio we experience our second Aries Full Moon. This is
a power packed Full Moon sitting at the very last degrees of Aries. A
culmination of the Libran energies, which have been orchestrating
events this past fortnight. Remember Venus the ruler of Libra, is in
retrograde motion until mid-November, so relationship themes are
highlighted and deeply pondered. Now with this Full Moon we are
dramatically positioned to experience significant healing force and
potential. Mars in Scorpio is placed square to Neptune and Chiron in
Aquarius. Old wounds are opened bringing to the surface any
unresolved issues, possibly pertaining to possessiveness, envy and
jealously. These all being in Scorpio's realm of relating. The
healing will come through deep compassion (Neptune) and unification of
opposites (Aquarius). The deep realization of our shared humanity and
the universal call to love, paramount. Mars the ruler of Aries (the
sign of the Full Moon) is pushy, determined and fundamentally
immovable, is however trining both Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. This
being the sign of unconditional love, compassion, spiritual wisdom and
intuition, brings a softer and kinder edge to the force of Mars.
Understanding the power of words brings with it a sense of
responsibility as Mercury also moves into Scorpio this fortnight.
Mars enters Sagittarius on the 28th.
FULL MOON 29 Aries 33 October 23, 2010 09:38 a.m.
This Full Moon highlights your potential and Mars poised and ready to
enter that sign of ultimate adventure, Sagittarius, places you in the
optimum position to branch out into new fields and to expand your
horizons to encompass bigger possibilities. Your knack of being in
the right place at the right time, is aligning you with all sorts of
interesting and amazing people. These connections prompting
spontaneous actions, are keeping you stimulated and are amplifying the
need for constant movement and change in your life. Use the added
energy of the Full Moon portal to manifest your dreams.
Venus retracing her steps through Scorpio, as you know, is destined to
have a harmonious meeting with Pluto again, at the end of the
fortnight. Any changes that you need to make within your personal
relationships will receive a great deal of support at this time.
Particularly those which need deep transformation. If a letting go is
called for, this is the optimum time. Venus also teams up with the
Sun as it enters Scorpio and sheds her beneficent light on your path.
Perhaps not always wanting to experience life to the depth of your
polar opposite, Scorpio, you will however find this time deeply
As Mercury enters Scorpio, you find communication taking on a much
deeper and broader spectrum of topic. You and those around you
wanting to get to the very heart of issues with a willingness to dig
deeply even into those areas we usually prefer to avoid. Scorpio can
be ruthless in it's approach and is often prone to manipulation and
prefers to attack when provoked. You would do best to align with the
higher octave of this sign and use it to dig deeply and transform
areas of your mind which are in need of some redirection. Turning
negative mindsets to positive and replacing words in conversation.
There are many Planets in water signs now, so there is a chance for
deeper connection and understanding this fortnight. Even as the Moon
enters that fiery sign of Aries and reaches its' zenith, you will be
feeling well supported, nurtured and comforted by your group of
friends, soul family, and for others, blood family. The emotional
depth of connections now is fulfilling your need for a sense
camaraderie within your community and environment. Community is a key
word now, as Neptune and Chiron transit the sign of Aquarius and call
all of us to find those geographical locations where we feel most at
The Sun entering Scorpio can be a challenging time for you as it
creates a square to your own exuberant sign. The penetrating depth of
Scorpio at times leaves you feeling heavy and a little burdened by
responsibility. It's not that you are a stranger to responsibility,
it's just that joy and a good time are way more appealing. The good
news is that Mars is set to enter Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign,
which will bring an allegiance of frivolous and adventurous energies.
As you move forward with boldness and confidence many new doorways
open for you and the union of opposites is ever so apparent.
The ever deepening round of healing is particularly apparent to you
this fortnight. You may wonder if and when it ever ends, or you may
be embarking on another round of exercise or fitness programs. All in
all this is a good time for you, when you can harness much energy and
use it in a way that supports your highest ideals. You may even find
yourself in a position to mentor or teach others these practices.
This is a dream that you have been nurturing for a long time, and now
you start to see the manifestation of it. For those already busy in
this field, there is a movement forward in its' evolution.
As we bid adieu to the Sun and it's sojourn in your sign, we open the
portal for deep and profound healing on many levels. Venus as she
backtracks through to late degrees Libra, sees you positioned to
receive the maximum benefit of current transits. A good time to share
your appreciation, gratitude and joy. Even during hardship there is
the opportunity to appreciate all that we have been given throughout
our lives and to view each new opportunity as a deeply rich and
rewarding experience. Sometimes sharing our pain with others through
communication is the healing balm that is required.
As the Sun now enters your sign you find yourself in a position to
expand your enterprises and make headway in many areas of your life.
Even with the retrograde Venus in your sign you are poised and ready
to alter much. Mars makes a hasty exit this month from Scorpio and
the Full Moon acts as a major catalyst for transformation. Get some
clarity on what it is that needs to leave you life. Close the doors
on those things which are not in alignment with your highest
aspirations. Allow your true and shining potential to be made
manifest. The more willing you are to release, the quicker the
manifestation of your creations.
Jupiter retracing steps through Pisces keeps your edges smoothed and
rounded. The really good news is that Mars moves into your sign for
the next few weeks giving you some much appreciated vitality and
stamina. Harness the energy of this transit and use it to bring
growth and enlightenment into the lives of others. You are a natural
born teacher and many of you healers as well. No need to hold back
any longer because of any imagined insecurities. The world is finally
ready for what it is you have to offer and your special blend of
optimism and humor. This is truly a great time to be alive on this
magnificent Planet.
All this Scorpio energy works in your favor and harmoniously with your
astrology. What then is available to you, is the ability to see
things clearly and to look deeply into situations, events and people
and make any necessary adjustments to your relationship with them.
Remember Saturn is in Libra, and focusing your attention on
relationships. and working through any issues within all of your
personal, business and day to day encounters. Let this time be richly
rewarding for you and bring a great deal of fun into to your
exchanges. Let the serious side of your nature take a break and
loosen the bonds a little.
Uranus is retracing steps through Pisces until early December, at
which time it will move into forward motion until it re-enters Aries
for the next seven years. Your spiritual lessons of the past seven
are being indelibly stamped into your consciousness in preparation for
these days of heightened activity which are to come. You will feel
the need to respond more spontaneously and with that all the dress
rehearsals will be over and the real deal, occurring. There will be
no time for reference to past training, you will have to know your
stuff. Great time then to implant positivity, harmony, peace and joy.
As you merge and align yourself with that aspect of the Unified Field
that most appeals to you, your creations are made manifest. It
appears that there is a window of opportunity now, that you would do
well to utilize. Opportunities are presenting themselves which could
really lay the foundations for the coming years. Allow your intuition
to guide you to people, events and places that will support you in
this new way of relating to the World. Guidance is always there for
the asking. Start delegating responsibility to those most capable and
able to fulfill the role. This is a splendid time for receiving new

Article Vibhuti Norris on the 14/10/10

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How to be Happy!

How to Be Happy
Happiness is not something that can be attained through wealth, therapy, or relationships. It's inside every one of us, all of the time.
Paul Lowe (the guy I've learned a lot from) states: 'You have happiness inside you now. Eternal dancing blissful happiness, inside you now ... Inside each person there is a something that is unaffected by anything.'
He suggests: 'If you are not happy, the intelligent thing is to make [happiness] your priority. Find that place inside you.'
In his 'How to Be Happy' CD, Paul explains how our conditioning obscures our natural state of joy and contentment, and how acceptance of each moment is the key to true happiness. Paul talks about the different vibrations we give out when we're happy, in complaint, or resisting the moment - and how a simple change in attitude can bring about a major shift in our interactions with the world.
(Personal Note: I bought this CD myself, and it rocks! I will be listening to it several times)
Cost for the CD is US$19 (15 Euro or 10 GBP) plus shipping. To order, send an email directly to Mia at
2. FEATURE: Beyond the Conditioned Mind
This Guest Article provided courtesy of one of my mentors, Paul Lowe:
We each live in our own individual world. It may not look like it, but 6 billion people live in 6 billion separate realities.
The way we see and experience the world is determined by how we grew up, the attitudes, opinions, beliefs and limitations we were given. In other words, by the conditioning we received to our minds and emotions.
This conditioning effects the way in which we see things. It is as though we are looking out of a window with curved glass - everything appears distorted. This distortion is created by our conditioning.
It isn't so
We think that which we see is the way things are, but it is not so. We are actually seeing through the distortion of our conditioned mind and this puts a spin on to our whole life and how we perceive ourselves. It is a huge handicap and certainly prevents us from reaching our maximum potential.
When we begin to disconnect from our mind and its fixed opinions an unexplainable mystery happens - life gets easier and better and better. Everything starts to click into place. Anger and judgment dissipate, a feeling of freedom descends and a gentle peace starts to permeate our whole being.
With that phenomenon comes another phase that keeps us moving and growing. We begin to recognise that life presents us with what we need to evolve into our greatest potential as a human being.
To take advantage of this possibility: be more adventurous, experiment, take a few risks. More aliveness happens in unpredictable situations. You only have one short life, and this is it. Live it to the full and don't take it too seriously. Have fun!
1. What is your conditioning? Identify ways in which your perception is distorted.
2. Think of one risk you can take this week.
3. Take that risk, in a spirit of adventure.
4. Share your experience at the blog.
3. The Personal Touch
I love writing this section - it's like my diary ;-)
I officially have a girlfriend: Kristina. She's smart, sassy, loving, fun, sexy, and passionate. I was pretty sure I wouldn't go back to 'poly-land', but this is what has shown up, and I'm thrilled. I'm having an absolute blast with her, and look forward to more great times.
My best buddy Ezra and I are getting even closer. Such a new feeling to be with someone who has so much attention on my happiness and goals - a little confronting at times, a little vulnerable - and I say bring it on! I'm dragging him to Australia with me, to visit the parents, kick some business goals, and have a whole heap of fun.
After four years, the relationship book specifically for women is under way! It is awesome, and I'm having a lot of fun with Cindy and Ezra on this! We have a couple of publishers interested, but we could use more, so if you have good contacts in the publishing industry, please forward to (but without the dashes). US, UK or Australia are all fine.
NOTE: I'm assembling an R&D team just for this book. So ladies, if you have any interest in how to win with your guy, how to get more of what you want from him, or just to have more fun with him, send a blank email to Every now and then I'll send out some questions for you, and may even run the audio interviews past you for comment and questions!
I've turned my bedroom into a sultan's tent, which has been a HUGE amount of fun. I'm talking stretchy purple fabric covering the entire ceiling, and gold fabric winding down the walls like tent poles. Just ordered awesome candle holders and a 5 foot water feature - really fun to be putting so much attention on my environment.
Business wise the universe continues to provide. We've launched a limited edition of Top Coaching Techniques (the first coach training package of its kind in the world). I'm about to produce a DVD of the Internet Clients Webinar we did recently, a Google Pay Per Client training video specifically for a coaching campaign, plus a few other fun things. If you're interested in volunteering to join in the action, I think Beth could still use a couple (her email is above).
Love and fun,
P.S. Comments invited on the blog.

Monday, October 11, 2010

"The Work of Dwhal Khul and the Synthisis Ashram!"

I apologize to our fellow readers, because by accepting the responsibility to write about the teachings of Master Dwhal Khul, the Tibetan, the first thing I should have done is to present him to readers, among whom there will be many who know him and know of his work but there will be some others who would like to know who this teacher and what was the purpose of His teachings.
Perhaps the best description of the Master DK has given by himself in statements given in August 1934 "I only will say that I am a Tibetan disciple of a certain degree, this may mean very little for you, because all are disciples, from the humblest aspirant to beyond the same Christ. I have physical body, like all men, I live on the borders of the Tibet, and sometimes (from the exoteric standpoint), when my duties let me, I preside over a large group of Tibetan lamas. This is why the spread that I am an abbot of that monastery Lamas. Those who are associated with me in the work of the Hierarchy know me by another name and office" "I am a brother who has walked a little further down the path and therefore I have more responsibilities than the common student. I have fought and I have opened myself in the way to the light and made the most amount of light that the aspirant who will read this article, therefore, I have to act as a transmitter of light, cost what it may. I'm not an old man, with regard to what age can mean in an instructor, nor I am a young and inexperienced man. My job consists to teach and disseminate the knowledge of the Eternal Wisdom wherever I can find an answer, and I have been doing it for many years. I also try to help the Masters M and KH in every moment, because I'm connected to them and their work. The above mentioned till here, involves so much, but I do not tell you anything that might induce you to offer me that blind obedience and the foolish devotion which the emotional aspirant offers to the Guru and Master with whom is not yet able to make contact, or he can´t obtain it till he hasn´t transmuted the emotional devotion into unselfish service to humanity, not to the Teacher. "
In this words of the own Master we can see that his main mission is to offer the real knowledge to humanity, to draw back the veils of ignorance and enter in the path of light. Indeed, the Master DK is a follower of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, at the Department of Teaching, and therefore he plays an important work in the Spiritual Hierarchy, the planetary heart center. He received the fifth Initiation in 1875, and since then he preserves the same body. For his willingness to serve and to do whatever is necessary, has been called "the Messenger of the Masters."
He is very well educated and has more knowledge about the rays and the planetary Hierarchies of the solar system than any other Master. And his love for humanity is somuch, that he has placed his profound wisdom available to men.
He covers a wide range of human endeavor. In addition to the field of education, which places great emphasis, working with those engaged in healing and is also working with the great philanthropic movements worldwide, as the Red Cross He is responsible for a large number of aspirants and disciples, making lighter the work of other teachers teaching. He took under his wing the preparation of the New Group of World Servers who are trained in various aspects, trying that each applicant, student or person of good will locate his natural place of service, so to prepare the conditions for the advent of Christ .
By the late nineteenth century, the Master DK, responding to the action of the energy of synthesis and as a representative of the entire hierarchy mixed and fused into one spiritual body: the planetary heart center, accepts the responsibility to present to the humanity a serie of three new interpretations of the Eternal Wisdom as well as to make up a large group of disciples of various ashrams Ray. In this way, he revealed and put within reach of all humanity the teaching which until had been available to few. As you can see, his work is essentially hierarchical in its origin and scope.
The first of these interpretations about the Eternal Wisdom, planned by the Hierarchy and trusting to the Tibetan Master, was given to the world between the years 1875 and 1890, through Helena P. Blavatsky, known as The Secret Doctrine, as the Master himself called the "preparatory phase" for the externalization of the Hierarchy.
The second was given between 1919 and 1949 by Alice Bailey and included in the famous Blue Book, through which the Master made available to all, knowledge of the subtle world. The third series of the interpretation of the Eternal Wisdom will be announced in the first years of XXI century, through an initiative that is being prepared for it. And in this regard, the Master says: "this series of treaties provide a bridge between the material knowledge of men and the initiated science." The work and the effort of those who use the teaching of creative ways, will be devoted to "the rebuilding of a new civilization on the foundations of the old so with the reorganization of the thought´s structures and world politics"
After the horror and destruction suffered by humanity with World War , the spiritual Hierarchy had to carry out a reorganization and a deep readjustment among the various planetary spiritual centers: Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. As a result of this, it has been expressed a new force for integration and merger between the mains ashrams of the Hierarchy, so that instead of each ashrama expresses an aspect of the Plan, the Hierarchy has begun to function more realistically as " the great Ashram of Sanat Kumara, with Christ in his heart. "
This implies greater cooperation and coordination in the roles and responsibilities in ashrams, as well as the realization of combined activities and shared actions with an indisputable tendency to the synthesis. So today there is constant talk of unity and unification. The Tibetan Master's Work has been attracting the attention of humanity into two main ideas: 1) the existence of the New Group of World Servers who work as intermediaries between humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy and 2) the statement regarding the return of Christ, which is due to make a work of preparing the conditions of the world to His coming. The Master has said that "all the disciples and initiates are members of the New Group of World Servers, group that is the focal point of the effort made by the Hierarchy." This group will be responsible for changing global conditions for the entry of the new era.
To prepare these conditions for the return of Christ, the Master has brought to the light to be known, some fundamentals lessons:
1) The teaching about Shamballa, to learn about the nature of the Ray of Will and the purpose of Sanat Kumara or Logos Plan for the Earth.
2) The teaching about the discipleship in the New Era, which is made known to the hierarchy with her various ashrams
3) The teaching about the Seven Rays, which highlights the importance of the psychological aspect.
4) The teaching about the new astrology
5) The information about the New Group of World Servers, through which and through the work of triangles, it tries to form a Net Light and Goodwill in the planet.
6) The attempt to externalize the hierarchy instructing the aspirants and disciples so that they can develop the Divine Plan.
7) The teaching about the New World Religion, where the full moon festivities will be the point of coincidence for different religions.
The Tibetan Master has insisted in all his works on "the new discipleship." This emphasis is not only due to the renewed influence of the Age of Aquarius, but also the new planetary alignment between Shamballa, the Hierarchy and the Humanity, which has led relations and communications more strengthen between these centers. In addition, there has been an increasing and unexpected expansion of human consciousness in response to the spiritual encouragement. The Tibetan has said about that "the wave of spiritual life is now so strong and powerful that in next one hundred and fifty years it will demonstrate the true nature of the Kingdom of Souls, or the kingdom of God. This will produce fundamental changes in the immediate objectives of human progress, in the plans of the teachers, in the teaching given and in the training presented. "
The Tibetan Master has clearly identified the objectives to be achieved in the present and in the immediate future.
1. To prepare the men for the reappearance of Christ. This is the first and greatest duty. The most important part of this work is to teach men - on a large scale - to use the Invocation so that it becomes a world prayer, and to focus the invoker demand of humanity.
2. Expanding the Triangles work, so subjective and ether, the light and the good will can cover the Earth.
3. To promote continually the work of World Goodwill, so that each nation may have its group of men and women dedicated to the establishment of right human relations. You posses the core, your must therefore begin the expansion. You have the beginning of this goodwill present in all the world, the task will be really heavy, but it is far from to be impossible.
4. Undertake the constant distribution of my books, which contain much teaching for the new era. In the final analysis, the books are for you the work´s tools and the instruments by which you will train your workers. Try that they circulate constantly.
5. Strive to make the Festival of Wesak an universal festival, which would be recognized as of value to all the faiths. In this festival two divine guides of East and West, collaborate and work together in the closest spiritual union, the Christ and the Buddha used this festival each year as a point of inspiration for next year's work. Try to do the same. Then, the spiritual energies will be unusually available.
6. Discover to the members of the new group of world servers as possible and strengthen their hands. Look for them in all nations and all expressions of the different lines of thought and views. Always remember that in doctrine and dogma and techniques and methods may differ widely from you, but in the love of their fellowmen, in practice of the good will and in the devotion to establish the right human relations, they are with you, they are your equal and can probably teach you a lot.
Lecsy Novoa
May the blessing of Him to Whom we all serve spills upon you and the disciples of everywhere and that they fully engaged to help men to move from darkness to light and from death to immortality. (The Externalization of the Hierarchy, pp. 527 and 528) We can see that the Master, supported by the whole hierarchy, has a well-designed work plan for the evolution of actual humanity. There the interest that we have to present, through these deliveries, the wise guidance of this Master, which not only will give us guidelines for action and serve where and when is appropriate for us to do it, but it will give a real meaning to our lives in this planet.
I invite you to walk together under the loving guidance of our beloved Master DK!