Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Michael Jackson Ascended back into Christ Consciousness!"

By Lynn Brewer
Dear Reader,
As I noted in the welcome, this inaugural post of "Love, Light, Beauty
and Truth" is dedicated to the late Michael Jackson, and the spiritual
impressions and insights which gently unfolded in my mind and heart
about his essence in the days after he passed. I would like to share
those impressions and insights with you now.
Michael Jackson, as many of his loyal fans have suspected, was not
only human. In the depths of his soul, Michael Jackson also belonged
to an intergalactic, interdimensional species of Christ-conscious
beings who were known to the ancient Egyptians as the Hathors.
Human awareness of the Hathors, and their role in human evolution, has
increased significantly in recent years due primarily to the work of
men and women who have been tasked by the Brotherhood of Light with
reviving the ancient mystery school teachings of Atlantis and Egypt,
and who as a part of their spiritual work are in regular contact with
the Hathor consciousness. I have provided links to their websites on
the left-hand side of this page, and will be citing their writings
about the Hathors in depth here.
Maureen St. Germain, a facilitator for the ancient mystery school
teaching known as the mer-ka-ba, describes the Hathors as "the most
intelligent, most advanced race in the solar system." According to St.
Germain, the Hathors "only represent peace and love," "function only
through sound," and "hold the flame of absolute love on the planet
Venus." Tom Kenyon, a sound healer and channel for Hathor
consciousness, writes on his website that though "the Hathors do offer
information in the form of language, their primary mode of
communication is through catalytic sound patterns."
Perhaps the most beautiful, detailed, contemporary description of the
Hathors comes to us from Drunvalo Melchizedek, the founder of the
modern-day teachings on the science of the mer-ka-ba. In his book,
"Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life: Volume II", Melchizedek writes
the following:
The Hathors were the main or primary mentors within the Left Eye of
Horus Mystery School. Though they were not from Earth, in the ancient
days they were always here to assist us in unfolding our
consciousness. They loved us dearly, and they still do. As our
consciousness became more and more third-dimensional, we eventually
could no longer see them or respond to their teachings. Only now, as
we grow, are we beginning to communicate with them again.
[They are] a race of fourth-dimensional beings who come from Venus.
You don't see them on the third-dimensional world of Venus, but if you
tune to Venus on the fourth dimension, especially on the higher
overtones, you'll find a vast culture there. They are the most
intelligent consciousness in this solar system and they function as
the headquarters or central office for all life under our Sun. If you
come into our solar system from the outside, you must check with Venus
before proceeding.
The Hathors are beings of tremendous love. Their love is on a level of
Christ consciousness. They use vocal sounds as their means of
communicating and performing feats within their environment. They have
amazing ears. They have almost no darkness to them at all; they're
just light-pure, loving beings.
Hathors are very much like dolphins. Dolphins use sonar to do almost
everything, and Hathors use their voices to do almost everything. We
create machines to light or heat hour house, but the Hathors simply
use sound through their voices.
For a very, very long time they have helped people on Earth, almost
always through their love and their incredible knowledge of sound.
…The Hathors were here on Earth helping mankind for thousands of
years." (pp. 278-279)
As I noted at the outset, Michael Jackson was, in the depths of his
soul, also a Hathor. At some point in the journey of his soul, perhaps
many thousands of years ago, Michael answered the call of the Galactic
Command for more highly evolved, higher dimensional beings to come to
planet Earth to help raise the planet's vibration and thereby prevent
its self-destruction. As many higher beings have done for thousands of
years, and are increasingly doing in ever greater numbers on the Earth
at this time, Michael Jackson's soul sacrificed his higher level of
consciousness to incarnate as a third-dimensional human being for the
purpose of helping humanity. As the Hathors did in ancient Egypt,
Michael Jackson worked primarily through sound, using a high, pure
vibration to fill our airwaves with messages of hope, love, light,
harmony, peace, unity, beauty and goodwill. In so doing, he touched
the consciousness of millions (if not billions), brought healing to
our hearts, and fulfilled his soul's mission of helping to "make this
world a better place for you and me." Moreover, by incarnating as a
black man in this life time, through his own DNA Michael elevated the
vibration of the continent of Africa, and of all people of African
As is evident to us all, in the fulfillment of his soul's mission,
Michael Jackson suffered greatly. This sensitive soul was crucified by
the corporate media - a media which nowadays serves as one of the
foremost, modern-day crucifiers of human beings who stand for a higher
frequency of love, light, beauty and truth on Earth. Michael Jackson
was often misunderstood, and more than this, he was repeatedly
flogged, mocked, scorned, derided, and ridiculed before the public. So
was Jesus Christ was in his day:
They hung him high,
They stretched him wide,
He hung his head, for me he died,
That's love.
Michael Jackson apparently also carried a heavy karmic burden, as
evidenced by his birth number, the number 29. In her book "Star
Signs", the late astrologer Linda Goodman calls the number 29 "a
number of perhaps the heaviest karma of all." She writes that the
vibration of this number:
tests the person or entity for spiritual strength, through trials and
tribulations echoing the Old Testament story of Job. The life is
filled with uncertainties, treachery and deception from others,
unreliable friends, unexpected dangers, and considerable grief and
anxiety caused by members of the opposite sex. Its a number of grave
warnings in every area of the personal life and career.
Was this not the life of our beloved Michael Jackson, in all of its
highs and lows, and in all of its sadness, brokenness and glory?
However, as we sing in the African American religious tradition, I
thank and praise God that "Trouble don't last always!" For, as the
scriptures remind us, "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes
in the morning. (Psalm 30:5)." And so it is with our beloved Michael
Jackson, for, though he was bent and broken on this Earth, he has now
ascended back into the Christ conscious state from which he originally
came. This is the revelation, the good news, the message which I am so
extraordinarily blessed to bear to his fans.
Michael has liberated himself from the wheel of life, death, and
rebirth, and now joins that great brotherhood of Christ conscious
beings who have silently served humanity and the Earth for untold
ages: the Ascended Masters of the Brotherhood of Light. This beautiful
"Sun of Righteousness", who arose with healing in his wings (Malachi
4:2) and in his songs, has this day, ascended and mounted up "with
wings like eagles" (Isaiah 40:31) to be with the Lord, where he will
continue to serve humanity in his own beautiful, glorious and silent
way. He has been greeted with all love, glory, reverence and honor -
and thunderous applause - by that blessed heavenly host for the life
he lived on Earth.
In honor of him, it is my prayer that:
- the media (and its often voracious consumers) will one day cease to
crucify the bearers of love, light, beauty and truth;
- that the music industry will cease to promote degradation and, in
recognizing that sound is sacred, instead choose to promote the love,
light, beauty and truth which Michael stood for;
- artists who have been misled into believing that they must appeal to
the lowest common denominator in human consciousness to earn money
will recognize in Michael an example of one who upheld the highest
order of love, purity, beauty and truth while at the same time
reaching millions on the planet and earning billions of dollars for
himself and others.
- That the people of the Earth will come to remember their oneness
with one another and the Creator, as Michael would have wanted, and
work together for the advancement of humanity and all life on planet
And to you, beloved Michael Jackson, my heart and soul sings aloud
with absolute joy: "Well done, well done, well done!"
One of my favorite videos by Michael Jackson and his brothers is "Can
You Feel It". If you watch it to the end, i.e., a version that shows
all seven minutes or so of it, you will clearly see that the video is
an inspired imaging of the coming of the Kingdom of Christ on earth.
Moreover, from the liquid fire erupting from Michael's hands, to his
radiant smile, glowing aura, and the golden rays streaming from his
head, the video beautifully illustrates the truth of "Christ in him -
hope of glory." I cannot watch it without crying. I hope you will
enjoy it as much as I do, and through it, remember the truth of who
you are, and of your own soul's mission on planet Earth.
Watch: "Can You Feel It"
The lyrics to the song are inspired, poetic, beautiful and true, and
are provided below.
"Can You Feel It"
(Words and Music By Michael Jackson and Jackie Jackson)
Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!
If you look around
The whole world's coming together now.
Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!
Feel it in the air
The wind is taking it everywhere.
Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!
All the colors of the world should be
Lovin' each other wholeheartedly.
Yes it's alright, take my message to your brother and tell him twice.
Spread the word who tried to teach the man who is hatin' his brother,
When hate won't do
'cause we're all the same
Yes the blood inside of me is inside of you.
Now tell me!
Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!
Can you see what's going down, you can feel it in your bones
Every breath you take,
Is someone's death in another place.
Every healthy smile,
Is hunger and strife to another child.
But the stars do shine
And promising salvation is near this time.
Can you feel it now,
So brothers and sisters
Shall we know how.
Now tell me!
Can you feel it, tell me can you feel it, can you feel it!
Talk now can you see what's going down open up your mind.
All the children of the world should be
Lovin' each other wholeheartedly
Yes it's alright
Take my message to your brother and tell him twice.
Take the news to the marchin' men
Who are killin' their brothers, when death won't do.
Yes we're all the same
Yes the blood inside my veins is inside of you.
Now tell me!
Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!
Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!

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