Sunday, October 24, 2010

The First Ray and First Chakra

The First Ray Day Monday relates not only to the First Ray of Will Power and Leadership but also to the First Kingdom of God the Mineral Kingdom as well as the First Chakra of the Earth in Uluru.It also relates to Grounding Ones Spirituality into the Earth Plane fully.This can be done through a variety of Techniques and Methods and all such appropriate means should be applied in order to Ground Ones Spirituality into the Earth Fully.Examples of such practices as Walking on the Earth Barefoot,Wearing Red Clothing,Taking Warm Showers,Getting and Giving Massages,Walking in Nature,Using Sexuality Moderately,Eating a Balanced Whole and Raw food Diet,Doing Attunment and Alignment Activations to the First Ray Department and Kingdom.There are many ways to Balance and attune to the First Ray and First Chakra of the Inner Self and the Outer Self.Both aspects must be developed Balanced and Aligned.Imagining and Visualizing the Red Ray surrounding Ones Aura and Bubble of Protection is a Good way to practice Spiritual Visualization.Also requesting attunement to El Moyra and the First Ray Ashram of the Christ is Key.Holding Fast Psychologically to Personal Power and Master Cause Consciousness will be key.So an integrated Approach will be best firstly Grounding Spirit into matter by Enjoying Earth Life,A Psychological Consciousness Approach by Holding to Personal Power 100% and a Spiritual Ascension Level approach by Visualizing and attuning to the First Ray and First Chakra Red in ones Minds Eye and Inner Imaginings.This way we develop the higher Aspect of the First Ray and First Chakra in a Balanced and Integrated Way!

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