Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Importance of Understanding and Completing Spiritual Missions given forth by Spirit and the Masters

In the Process of Achieving Ones Ascension and stepping into Spiritual Leadership over oneself and all ones energies,then into leadership in ones Family Friends Community City State Nation and Eventually Planet,one will through this process be given mission and Spiritual Assignments from God and the Masters.Now to the degree to which one completes these Missions in a balanced and integrated way is the degree to which more tasks and spiritual energy and spiritual leadership roles are given.Now it also must be understood that in this process one will get many tests and lessons that one must face.One will have to deal with crisis situations that are in truth tests from God and the Masters to test ones Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Consciousness that one can demonstrate in the Firey Kiln of Life.How does one go when one is getting tested by being publicly attacked,Having Family Tragedy or Family Break downs?How does one hold up when one is being tested by all the Negative Ego run People one has to deal with?How does one go dealing with the tests of being incredibly over whelmed with the Amount of work one has to do?How does one go in dealing with organizing all life energies around the ideal and then having to deal with unforseen circumstances?How do you hold up in your Christ/Buddha/Krishna Consciousness when you are undergoing sever testing by God and the Masters?For the degree that you remain out of the negative Ego and in the Christ Consciousness is the degree to which you will be moved into Leadership,to which you will be given more meaningful missions and the degree to which you will be made available to do the work of the Lord Mietreya and the other Masters.
Now a lot of Times your Spiritual Assignments from Spirit will comes through Dreams Insights or Intuitions.How you accomplish these little missions is how you are being “Groomed” by God and the Masters for greater Missions.Now the first mission of all Aspiring Masters is to achieve ones 7 Levels of Initiation and Light body and learning the lessons and passing the tests therein.SPirit and the Masters only give you what you are ready for.They will also stretch and push you!Be ready to go beyond your own Limitations!So the masters will push you but not beyond what you can handle!Now the missions dont have to be huge things,they can just be small missions like helping out Volunteering Recording your Songs,Having a Disciplined Routine and so forth.For each person it is different.Tune into your own Spiritual Assignment and mission.The mission does not have to be huge or glamours for this does not matter one bit in Gods eyes.All that matters is the work you are doing is right for you,you capacity gifts skills ray and zodical past life influence.
Now there are many Planetary Spiritual Positions God and the Masters are looking to fill.The Master are needing Planetary Replacements as they move onto their Solar Initiation process.In this way we need to full fill our Little missions that we might be prepared and ready for great Planetary World Service and Great Planetary WOrld Leadership.First we get our Right Relationship to Self To God and the Masters and then to Others right.Then we work on achieving our 6th and 7th Initiation in a Balanced and Integrated way.At this point much more will be expected of you!Much is given and much is now expected!In this process you will be given smaller spiritual assignments in the begining then you will be given greater spiritual missions and the bigger and larger will be your spiritual assignment.You diamond must be polished,either before or after this takes place!
Now in truth a many people in this process take a fall down the Spiritual Mountain and Light workers are not able to pass the Tests of the Negative Ego that will most definitely come.They are not able to deal with all the energy and use it appropriately in service of Spirit God the Masters and Ones Brothers and Sisters.They have not prepared themselves and hence are not ready for greater Spiritual Missions.They will be given more lessons and tests until they pass them and when they do they will be able to progress on further.Many of these lessons and tests will be listed latter for your benefit Understanding and so that you might pass all these test in a balance manner!
Now the Ascended Masters move up the Spiritual Mountain and take on more expansive Spiritual Missions,ie,Sanat Kumara who was the Planetary Logos for 1.3 Billion years has moved on and Lord Buddha has taken on this Role.So the the same thing works for us in the various ashrams of the Christ and our Position in them.Take your time to work through and master all your current lessons in the Tao so that you can move into greater planetary World Service!
Spirit and the Masters are not just looking for channels they are looking for Spiritual Masters and Co Creators who can receive guidance and use it in their own creative way,not just take orders as in the Military,(Which is a Lower Form of the 1st Ray).Now channeling does not mean by any means that you are working directly with the masters and are fit for the work or successful.The importance is to be able to attune with communicate and work with God and the Masters on a Moment to moment basis.It is a Co Creation and a Mutual Sparking Process,for God and the Masters are also sparked by your Ideas as well!For it is possible for the mission to change and transform as God Communicates to God the Work of God.God then relates to God,Gods thoughts on that,and how to manifest more God!Is it not a wonderful process?So finally do create your own missions and make yourself a funnel and Servant of God and the Masters though your Own Ideas Intuitions and by doing what you love and what brings you joy.For this will be the way God Spirit and the Masters will be able to work through you the best!
Planet Earth in truth is the Training Ground for Greater Solar Galactic and Universal Leadership!God gave you all the abilities and skills you need to complete your planetary mission and service work,just get busy and get to work!This is the training for much greater things to come!Remain in the Tao Stay balanced and get the Job done in a Harmonious way and more will be given and you will be placed in key Planetary World Leadership positions!

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