Thursday, October 14, 2010

Astrological Update from Vibhuti Terri Norris.

Mercury and Sun both make their debut in the sign of Scorpio this
fortnight, on the 21st and 23rd respectively. Just hours before the
Sun enters Scorpio we experience our second Aries Full Moon. This is
a power packed Full Moon sitting at the very last degrees of Aries. A
culmination of the Libran energies, which have been orchestrating
events this past fortnight. Remember Venus the ruler of Libra, is in
retrograde motion until mid-November, so relationship themes are
highlighted and deeply pondered. Now with this Full Moon we are
dramatically positioned to experience significant healing force and
potential. Mars in Scorpio is placed square to Neptune and Chiron in
Aquarius. Old wounds are opened bringing to the surface any
unresolved issues, possibly pertaining to possessiveness, envy and
jealously. These all being in Scorpio's realm of relating. The
healing will come through deep compassion (Neptune) and unification of
opposites (Aquarius). The deep realization of our shared humanity and
the universal call to love, paramount. Mars the ruler of Aries (the
sign of the Full Moon) is pushy, determined and fundamentally
immovable, is however trining both Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. This
being the sign of unconditional love, compassion, spiritual wisdom and
intuition, brings a softer and kinder edge to the force of Mars.
Understanding the power of words brings with it a sense of
responsibility as Mercury also moves into Scorpio this fortnight.
Mars enters Sagittarius on the 28th.
FULL MOON 29 Aries 33 October 23, 2010 09:38 a.m.
This Full Moon highlights your potential and Mars poised and ready to
enter that sign of ultimate adventure, Sagittarius, places you in the
optimum position to branch out into new fields and to expand your
horizons to encompass bigger possibilities. Your knack of being in
the right place at the right time, is aligning you with all sorts of
interesting and amazing people. These connections prompting
spontaneous actions, are keeping you stimulated and are amplifying the
need for constant movement and change in your life. Use the added
energy of the Full Moon portal to manifest your dreams.
Venus retracing her steps through Scorpio, as you know, is destined to
have a harmonious meeting with Pluto again, at the end of the
fortnight. Any changes that you need to make within your personal
relationships will receive a great deal of support at this time.
Particularly those which need deep transformation. If a letting go is
called for, this is the optimum time. Venus also teams up with the
Sun as it enters Scorpio and sheds her beneficent light on your path.
Perhaps not always wanting to experience life to the depth of your
polar opposite, Scorpio, you will however find this time deeply
As Mercury enters Scorpio, you find communication taking on a much
deeper and broader spectrum of topic. You and those around you
wanting to get to the very heart of issues with a willingness to dig
deeply even into those areas we usually prefer to avoid. Scorpio can
be ruthless in it's approach and is often prone to manipulation and
prefers to attack when provoked. You would do best to align with the
higher octave of this sign and use it to dig deeply and transform
areas of your mind which are in need of some redirection. Turning
negative mindsets to positive and replacing words in conversation.
There are many Planets in water signs now, so there is a chance for
deeper connection and understanding this fortnight. Even as the Moon
enters that fiery sign of Aries and reaches its' zenith, you will be
feeling well supported, nurtured and comforted by your group of
friends, soul family, and for others, blood family. The emotional
depth of connections now is fulfilling your need for a sense
camaraderie within your community and environment. Community is a key
word now, as Neptune and Chiron transit the sign of Aquarius and call
all of us to find those geographical locations where we feel most at
The Sun entering Scorpio can be a challenging time for you as it
creates a square to your own exuberant sign. The penetrating depth of
Scorpio at times leaves you feeling heavy and a little burdened by
responsibility. It's not that you are a stranger to responsibility,
it's just that joy and a good time are way more appealing. The good
news is that Mars is set to enter Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign,
which will bring an allegiance of frivolous and adventurous energies.
As you move forward with boldness and confidence many new doorways
open for you and the union of opposites is ever so apparent.
The ever deepening round of healing is particularly apparent to you
this fortnight. You may wonder if and when it ever ends, or you may
be embarking on another round of exercise or fitness programs. All in
all this is a good time for you, when you can harness much energy and
use it in a way that supports your highest ideals. You may even find
yourself in a position to mentor or teach others these practices.
This is a dream that you have been nurturing for a long time, and now
you start to see the manifestation of it. For those already busy in
this field, there is a movement forward in its' evolution.
As we bid adieu to the Sun and it's sojourn in your sign, we open the
portal for deep and profound healing on many levels. Venus as she
backtracks through to late degrees Libra, sees you positioned to
receive the maximum benefit of current transits. A good time to share
your appreciation, gratitude and joy. Even during hardship there is
the opportunity to appreciate all that we have been given throughout
our lives and to view each new opportunity as a deeply rich and
rewarding experience. Sometimes sharing our pain with others through
communication is the healing balm that is required.
As the Sun now enters your sign you find yourself in a position to
expand your enterprises and make headway in many areas of your life.
Even with the retrograde Venus in your sign you are poised and ready
to alter much. Mars makes a hasty exit this month from Scorpio and
the Full Moon acts as a major catalyst for transformation. Get some
clarity on what it is that needs to leave you life. Close the doors
on those things which are not in alignment with your highest
aspirations. Allow your true and shining potential to be made
manifest. The more willing you are to release, the quicker the
manifestation of your creations.
Jupiter retracing steps through Pisces keeps your edges smoothed and
rounded. The really good news is that Mars moves into your sign for
the next few weeks giving you some much appreciated vitality and
stamina. Harness the energy of this transit and use it to bring
growth and enlightenment into the lives of others. You are a natural
born teacher and many of you healers as well. No need to hold back
any longer because of any imagined insecurities. The world is finally
ready for what it is you have to offer and your special blend of
optimism and humor. This is truly a great time to be alive on this
magnificent Planet.
All this Scorpio energy works in your favor and harmoniously with your
astrology. What then is available to you, is the ability to see
things clearly and to look deeply into situations, events and people
and make any necessary adjustments to your relationship with them.
Remember Saturn is in Libra, and focusing your attention on
relationships. and working through any issues within all of your
personal, business and day to day encounters. Let this time be richly
rewarding for you and bring a great deal of fun into to your
exchanges. Let the serious side of your nature take a break and
loosen the bonds a little.
Uranus is retracing steps through Pisces until early December, at
which time it will move into forward motion until it re-enters Aries
for the next seven years. Your spiritual lessons of the past seven
are being indelibly stamped into your consciousness in preparation for
these days of heightened activity which are to come. You will feel
the need to respond more spontaneously and with that all the dress
rehearsals will be over and the real deal, occurring. There will be
no time for reference to past training, you will have to know your
stuff. Great time then to implant positivity, harmony, peace and joy.
As you merge and align yourself with that aspect of the Unified Field
that most appeals to you, your creations are made manifest. It
appears that there is a window of opportunity now, that you would do
well to utilize. Opportunities are presenting themselves which could
really lay the foundations for the coming years. Allow your intuition
to guide you to people, events and places that will support you in
this new way of relating to the World. Guidance is always there for
the asking. Start delegating responsibility to those most capable and
able to fulfill the role. This is a splendid time for receiving new

Article Vibhuti Norris on the 14/10/10

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