Thursday, March 31, 2011

5th Ray of Healing Words and Thoughts

5th. Ray of Truth, Healing and Vision.
Life Lesson :– “ To Sustain a Vision of Wholeness for All.” The energy of the 5th. Ray :–
–allows you to access the power of inner vision to perceive the reality of a situation.
–gives you the ability to focus, to put your attention upon what you want to become, or to create.
–gives you the ability to exercise your spiritual vision by seeing the Good (God ) in all, in friend and foe alike.
The energy of the 5th. Ray can be mastered as you learn to use the energy of the Third- Eye Chakra correctly:–
–by focusing your inner vision on the Divine Plan so you achieve clarity and creative insight.
–by honouring the creative genius and insights that come to yourself and others.
–by recognizing that what you put your attention upon, you will become.
–by striving to recognize and overcome the mind-sets of the world, and see as God sees.
–by letting the Third- Eye Chakra be the open door for the expression of Divine love as God truth.
–by letting the Third-Eye Chakra radiate the healing Vision that will awaken all life to the Living Truth.
“ My third-eye chakra is balanced. “
“ My third-eye chakra now radiates the healing vision that awakens all life to the Living Truth. “
“ I use the power of my third-eye chakra correctly. “
“ My third- eye is a centre of Violet Fire ! My third-eye is the purity God desires ! “
“ I release all disqualified energy of my third-eye chakra into the Violet transmuting Flame—NOW ! “
“ My third-eye chakra is the open door for the expression of Divine Love as God Truth. “
Positive Qualities of the 5th. Ray.
–truth –vision –healing –wholeness –clarity
–music –science
– constancy
–holding the highest vision for self and others.
Unbalanced Expressions of the 5th. Ray.
—falsehood –lack of vision
–spiritual impoverishment
—inconstancy — lack of clarity — mental citicism
–Everything in the material universe is made from one basic substance ==Light/energy.
–behind all imperfect appearances is the Ma-ter light, the Mother Light. This light can be envisioned as tiny particles or strings that vibrate at very high speed.
When you are confronted with an imperfect appearance, whether in your own life, your own physical body, or in your society or on the planet as a whole—you can make a decision that you will not accept it as real or permanent.
See beyond it and see the vibrating particles of the Ma-ter Light. Use your attention to see beyond the outer appearance and see the perfect vision of Christ instead of the outer appearance.
–Whatever you focus your attention upon, you will magnify through the power of the light in you. So, if you focus your attention on an imperfect appearance, especially if you accept it as real and permanent, you will actually reinforce that condition.
–You need to consciously take the power of your attention and vision and use it to focus a more perfect vision, the most perfect vision you can imagine and affirm that vision as real and permanent.
–At the beginning of the spiritual path, you need to be constant because you have work to do—the transmutation of your karma.
–Over the years and your previous lifetimes , you have made negative karma and created habits and momentums which keep your energy tied up.
–To free your energy, so that you can pursue your purpose, your divine plan, you need to transmute your past. This can be done by daily giving the Violet Flame decrees or the Aquarian Age Rosaries, in order to transmute your karma.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Puzzle Pieces,Karma,Past Lives and other Potential Influences

Every aspect of life from Astrological Influences,Skills and abilities,Ray type,Personality Type,Numerology,Family Friends,Incarnational Location,Friends,Family,Ray Structure of Personality Soul and Monad are all under the direction and influence of Karmic Patterns.Actually in terms of the Monadic Ray,this does not changes from life time to life time as it is stationary influence that is stable through each incarnation.Our Monadic Ray remains the same through our entire incarnation process until ascension and until perhaps we develop integrated ascension and integrate all the rays evenly into our Personality Soul and Monad.The Soul Ray however does changes its influence over an age or at an end of an age and particularly its influences change and we are more responsive to the soul ray at the 3rd initiation,which is esoterically called the soul merge initiation where we become receptive and aligned with the Soul Ray.More than any other the Sub Rays that effect our Mental Emotional and Physical bodies,or more aptly stated govern our Physical Body our Emotional Body and our Mental Body to change as we pass from life time to lifetime.The development of these rays depends on our action within each life time and as we work on each of the bodies refining purifying and cleansing each body we ascend our awareness and consciousness of each body and thereby ascend through the Ray structures in each differing body.We can obtain this knowledge either from a clairvoyant channel for the Masters or by our own intuitive and deductive reasoning after study the rays,and looking at our own tendancies abilities and capacities in each body,we will then be able to identify which ray is governing which body.Alternatively contact the IAMUniversity( for a detailed ray reading.
Before the cycle of Incarnation is about to begin again for an Intiate on the path of Ascension,That ones Master and the Lords of Karma join forces to plan the coming incarnation.There are many many factors that go into this great plan,to many to address here.However we will address a few main points here.As you know each life incarnation has a basic plan or theme in lessons to learn and lines to develop.In the undeveloped soul basically one is following the line of free will.Basically the tests are about good and evil and choosing the Christ Consciousness over the Negative Ego.For the more evolved Intiate however the situation is quite different with many factors being decidied upon before incarnation.With the Guidance of our Master(s) and the Lords of Karma we have choosen a particular path in order to facilitate our own growth and to be of greater service to humanity and our brothers and sisters.Think then of the Soul Mantra given by Dwahl Khul that states,”Iam Fixed Design”The permanent atoms of our 4 Lower bodies is developed and carried through the incarnation process depending on our actions within and upon these bodies.We can start to see then in a greater sense the importance of developing a right relationship with our 4 Bodies and treating them with Love,purifying and cleansing them,attuning and aligning them to the Higher Ray Ideals and higher patterns of Ascended Christed perfection.All this considered we choose appropriate parents with the consent of our Higher Selves and the Higher selves of our parents as well as with the consenting Master.The time of Birth,type of environment,genetic coding all must be in harmony with our Past life accumulated permanent atoms in our 4 lower bodes we have developed in our many earthly sojourns.We can see then how

Monday, March 28, 2011

Developing Full Spectrum Prism Integrated Ascended Masters Unconditional Love of Self and of all others. Learning to love all of Creation and all God/

Today’s Lesson test and Challenge is on developing 100% Unconditional Self Love, Receiving Love from God The Masters Angels Elhoim your Mighty I am presence the Earth Mother and others, Then learning and practicing giving that love in all kinds of ways in all kinds of relationship while always remaining Right with self and right with God! In getting right with self First in loving Self First fully, we can allow ourselves to receive Gods Love and then give and share that love with our Brothers and Sisters .For many people actually love the wrong way around and develop bonding Patterns that are imbalanced inappropriate and not in the Integrated Ideal .If one is not right with self and right with God one cannot Love another properly for if one does not love self one will end up seeking that love and wholeness outside of self in another, which eventually will end because of ones attachment which will end up causing suffering .When one is fully right with self fully whole in self fist one can then enter relationship with others and one can then fully extend their unconditional Self love and Self Worth that one gives totally to self and allows oneself to receive from God and the Masters one can then share that Essence and Form Level Self Love and Self Worth with all others.
It should be noted here also that there are different levels of love that all need to be Integrated and Demonstrated for Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness Love in the World.There is Love for the Mineral Kingdom Plant Kingdom Animal Kingdom Human Kingdom Ascended Master Kingdom Angelic and Arch angelic Kingdom Elhoim Kingdom God/Godess Kingdom and Elemental Kingdom,There is also Love for our Brothers and Sisters Love for Our Parents Love for our Siblings Love for our Teachers Love for Our Students Love for our Employees Love for our Employers Love for our friends Love for all Kinds of relationship in truth and the key that all this must be done to ones Highest degree in a Totally Unconditionally Loving way.The Key to doing this is in learning to Think at all times with ones Christ Mind Ones Buddha Mind One Krishna Mind and learn not to think with the Negative Ego/Seperative/Dualitic/Seperative/Illusionary/Fear Based/Lower Self Mind.This is the premier test and lesson of the Spiritual Path and it must be practiced to ones highest potential for Full God and Self realization to take place!So then be sure today to make a decisive decision to Remain in Unconditional Love of Self and all others in all situations and to always think with your Christ Mind giving and Receiving Gods Love Unconditional and then giving this to others we can then pass through the 4th Sphere into the 5th Sphere!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Leadership,Personal Power,Political and Personal Leadership!How to Attain,Maintain and achieve these 1st Ray Qualities and aspects of God.

To become a Leader Externally is to first Become a Leader of Self Internally.We must become the President and leader of our Inner Constitution and Self and all aspects of self.We must become a Rightous Leader of our Mental Emotional and Physical Bodies,Archetypes,3 Minds,4 Bodies,Archetypal Influences,Subpersonalities and all Past life aspects.The Key to Mastering these aspects of Self is Personal Power and is the Key to Psychological Health!This translates into being a Master and not a Victim,being incredibly persevering and persistent,and pursuing excellence in everything you do!The next thing is to never give our power to any one or anything for any reason.This being the first key,the 2nd Key is Love unconditional.In this way as great Christed Leaders we need Tough love,being tough in our focus but loving and harmless as the Dali Lama.We must have strong first ray energy to destroy outdate modes forms or functions but be totally loving in all our actions and interactions.1st Ray is a Key and love is the 2nd Key.All people need to develop both 1st 2nd and 3rd Ray energies equally for full manifestation of ones Mighty I am Presence and Monad on Earth.So for leadership ideal we really need full level 3 Fold Flame Balance at all times in all situation and in all circumstance and use that to demonstrate Gods Christed Spiritual Leadership as oppose to Egotistical Leadership which we see so manifest in the World at this time.We are seeing the destruction of this now with Pluto charging through the Sign of Politics and Leadership,Capricorn.This is seeing the needed destruction of the Old Order of Negative Egotistical Power systems and structures and is making way for the Higher Christed Leaders Intiates and Disciples to step into leadership and externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Spiritual Government that happening now at the end of this Age and the start of a New Golden Age of Light where the Ascended Masters of all 7 Rays and their Disciples will step forward into the World,sooner for those with the Eyes to see and the Ears to Hear!
So being a Good Leader is really dependent on doing your Psychological homework and never give your power away,Parent your Inner Child with firmness and Love,Maintain your Discipline and Practices at all times,Master and integrate your 3 Minds and 4 Bodies 7 Chakras 10 Sepiroth and 12 Zodiacal SPhers!Look at everything that happens as a test and lesson!Be a Cause at all times and never an effect!Master your attention and focus at all times!Master all aspects of self and especially your psychology and your will be automatically be placed in a Leadership role in the Spiritual Hierarchy as you will have qualified yourself by your own efforts.Remember that the Psychological House is the Foundation of your Spiritual house and must be grounded and Integrated even as your Psychological system must be based on a Strong Physical Earthly House.All 3 levels must be Mastered Integrated and Demonstrated for full God and Self Realization!So focus on working on your psychology and Mastering yourself and all your energies in service of God and find yourself externalized as a Part of the Spiritual Hierarchy under your own Ray Structure and on the Ashram that you serve in!
The Next key to Leadership Spiritual is to have an Integrated Ego,never being over or underidentified with any of the archetypes and aspects of self.The Key is to develop Psychological Clarity and be clear in your thinking and hence your feeling and Christ Attunement!Learn to Lead yourself into Mastery of all 4 Levels Earthly Psychological and Spiritual.Again the key points to being an Effective Spiritual leader are:Learn to be Unconditionally loving at all times to all people!Never give into your negative/Dualistic/Seperative/Illusionary/Lowerself Consciousness,be 100% focused at all times and never loose your commitment to your highest goals and aspirations on all 3 levels of your being,Balance integrate and demonstrate all the 12 rays,12 Zodical spheres,all 12 archetypes,all 10 sepiroth on the tree of life,all your sub personalities,past life influences and never over or underidentify with any of them.Parent your inner child with firmness and love.Control your astral,emotional and desire body,Maintain self Mastery and Self Discipline at all times,Become a Master of where you keep your attention,Have absolute mastery of your physical diet so you are not run by your lower self appetites,Balance Integrate and Demonstrate the Higher Functions and aspects of all your 7-36 Chakras,demonstrate Integrate and Synthisize the Higher Functions of the 10 Spheres on the Tree of Life,Always take a Good Positive and Christed Spiritual Diet,Have at all times preferences and not attachments,Look at everything that happens in life as a teaching,lesson and spiritual blessing from God the Masters and your Higher self,Forgive at all times all people for all things and never ever get into Judgement, for to do so wold be to judge self and to call judgement onto yourself,Transcend Duality and remain even-minded at all times,Be a Cause of your Life at all times and in all situations and never be an effect,Be a Master and never a Victim!
Develop these qualities and no matter your level of Light Quotient or Intiation level you will be placed in a position of Leadership as you will have developed leadership over self.Your Psychology is the Foundation of your Spiritual House and must be developed before any real proper spiritual growth can be attained.To many spiritual people and light workers develop their Spiritual Bodies without developing their physical and Psychological selves and this leads to a great many challenges and difficulties for them.Develop first your Physical House then your Psychological House then your Spiritual House!You will be well on your way to becoming an Integrated Ascended Master on Earth and a True Spiritual Leader!Another Key to develop spiritual leadership is to develop a Healthy Spiritual Ego or said another way,”Learning to lead your Ego Structure”We are not referring to the Negative Ego but the Spiritual Ego and structure of your inner constitution.We must learn to Spiritualize our Ego and make every part of self Spiritual!There are a number of spiritual complexes to get caught in and one must be aware of all of them to have the wisdom and discernment to not get trapped in any of them!One of these complexes that many light workers are trapped in is the High Priest.Priestess/Inner Child Complex,where one constantly flits back and forth between these 2 which creates ego sensitivity and a subtle form of separation between self and other.There are many forms of this and one should look to all the Archetypes Rays Spheres and Schools in the previously given list to clear balance integrate and demonstrate all of them evenly in a balanced and integrated manner.The Next key in developing leadership is transcendence,as one must come to transcend all forms of duality and live in must come to learn to love ones enemies and turn the other cheek as the Master Jesus has so eloquently stated.There are very few people who live at all times in transcendence,living at all times in evenmindedness and equanimity,instead most are caught in pleasure and pain,profit or loss,Victory and defeat,Sickness or health.Instead dear readers please learn to practice to stay in evenmindedness and Balanced Equanimty at all times remaining in joyus spiritual vigilance at all times in the Consciousness of the God Self.
Generally there are 3 Kinds of Leadership,One being the Dictitorial One being the Autocreatic and one being the Laissez Faire.Dictaorial being the Style of Hitler Musilini Stalin and so forth,the Autocratic being the leadership based on checks and balances where everone has a say and vote,where the Laissez Fiare is just allowing everything to happen and flow with out any control or Dscipline.The Dictatorial is extreme Yang,The Autocratic more the middle way and the Laissez Fiare is the Extreme Yin style.Balance and Integration are ever the Key!
Another Key point to remember in relation to leadership is that as of Wesak 1995 we have a new Planetary Logos in Lord Buddha,who achieved his Ascension as Guatama Buddha.Sanat Kumara has been the previous Sanat Kumara but has transferred this role to Buddha as Sanat Kumara moves up in his Cosmic Ascension.This was not meant to happen until 2000 but because of the great effort and readiness of many light workers this has been moved forward.Buddha brings a Balance of the Christ and Buddha Energies to the Planetary sphere.We can see this in the way these energies are becoming externalized in a much larger and broader manner in the masses.This will see and is overseeing the brining and grounding of heaven on earth.Through the Wesak celebration we are seeing a merger of the Christ energy through Lord Meitreya and the Buddha Energy through Lord Buddha.Essentually this is the merging and marrying of West and East,it is the cross hemispherical balance of the Planetary Brain Mind and nervous system.It is a colossal galactic event happening on earth as we draw near the end of an age and the begining of a New Golden Age on earth!Earth is moving into a 5th Dimensional planet and all those who are not ready to align with and emerge as this will have to exit to another system.Sanat Kumara held the Planetary Logos position for 8.5 Million years,The Shifting of logos leadership is a huge event!When Sanat Kumara first ensouled the Planet there where huge electrical storms and other disasters even as there are now as Lord Buddha begins to ensoul the Planet.We will need to prepare and be ready for these great changes and see them from an equanimous and evenminded place remaining in our power so we can begin to provide stability and support for others more effected by these great planetary changes occurring at this momentous time.For those who are not ready and prepared for these changes there is another planet being prepared for those that will have to leave.Scientists cant see this planet because of the way the Universe folds in on itself.Sanat Kumaras responsibilities will include 3 things,He is Ensouling this Planet and the other 2 Planets where being not ready will go.One of these Planets is for Back up.The Spiritual Hierarchy does not want over population that has happened on this planet.These 2 Planets will not be a part of our solar system,but will reside in a Parallel Universe which is enfolded on this one and therefor cannot be seen with the Physical Senses.
This Planet is for the Laggards so to speak ,It is for those who are not ready to move onto and into the 5th Dimensional Planet that is being created.although in truth we are Laggards from Previous Ages.Usually when one dies they go through the Bardo on the Astral and Mental Planes and then Reincarnate in an appropriate body on Earth however,at this time no one will be allowed to Reincarnate unless they have taken the 4th Intiation.So where will these people go?They will be going to this other planet to prepare for their ascension there.They cannot stay around on the Astral and Mental Plane creating Drag time for the 5th Dimensional Earth we are creating.This is why these other Planets are being prepared for them.Sanat Kumara will have his Base on his Home Planet Venus and will continue to oversee the Reincarnation process for those on the Parallel Planets.He will have his Brothers and Sons Kumaras to assist him in this work.Serepis Bey is overseeing the Ascension Process for those going from the 5th to the 6th Intiation.Melchedizek is overseeing the 7th Degree Initiates and is working with the Synthisis Model for those working at developing the 98% Light Quotient Level.Lord Meitreya is of course over seeing all this as the Planetary Chirst and is holding that Planetary Christ Vibration.Sananda holds the pattern for the Individual Christ Pattern,All Masters are working together in harmony to orchestrate this great Transition.The Other Key Masters key to this Process are Kuthumi,El Moyra,Dwahl Khul,Paul the Venetian,Hillarion,Sananda,St Germain,Sanat Kumara,Vyawamus,Helios,Vesta,Metatron the Mahatma and all other Masters mentioned in the Ascension activation Meditatino given by the New Leader of the Spiritual Heirarchy and Head of the Synthisis Ashram the Great Dr Joshua David Stone.Please buy all his books and material from the IAM University ( as these books are in truth the foundation for this material you are now reading.For the real program and rocket ship to God you should enroll and get involved in the IAM University are soon as possible!
As far as Spiritual Politics and Dynamics go from the Spiritual Hierarchy Lord Buddha and Sanat Kumara have the last say,but take input advise and insight from the Consciousness of the 7 Cohans of the 7 Rays,the Mahacohen and the Manu Allah Gobi.The Buddha also has the 6 Kumaras Surrounding him who are his main council team.It is must then be understood by all light workers that there is a Heirarchical structure to Gods Infinite Ominvese and this functions at different levels,First a Planetary Level,then a Solar Level,Then a Galactic Level,The a Universal Level then a Omniversal Level then a Cosmic Level!The Inner Plane Ashrams are set up this way to serve the greater Planetary Plan through their own Ray energies and Each Incarnated Soul Extension serves on one or more of these ashrams depending on their Initiation level and consciousness development.Helios and Vesta are our Solar Logos,Melchior is our Galactic Leader and Melchedizek is the Universal Level Leader.Melchedizek takes his leadership from the Cosmic Core 12 who take their orders and directions from God!If you want to become the ultimate leader then pattern yourself after the leadership of God!It is everones destiny to move into leadership of some kind,first of all though one must learn to lead oneself!All leaders are students and all students are leaders!Or said another way,”A true Servent Leads and a True Leader Serves!”in this way no one shold let their leadership go to their head for there is always another level of leadership above you and these all serve the one unfoldment and plan of God the Most High!In the Spiritual Heirarchy all decisions are agreed upon by all masters although initially not all agree on some point.The masters though work through the group process and eventually come to concensus on the major issue.Hu Man leaders would do well to learn from this Christed Example set by our Elder brothers and Sisters in the Ascended Masters Kingdom!At the 5th Dimension access to the Akashic records is available and all knowledge is also available so things are seen in a much broader clearer and Lucid perspective than the limited lens seeing so many experience on Earth at this time.

Mother Earth Ascends!

Wide Like the Doors of Eternity,The Swing from One to Two,From the One to the One,All is in that Glorious One!Nothing outside that Eternal Perfect Cosmic Self.Nothing exist but to serve this Supreme Evolution,This Great Cosmic Being with Multiverous selves.This Supreme being lives to experience itself through it self extended.We are that.Any thought then outside that reality is in itself illusionary Unreal and non existant.All that is,is God.Only then the thought of seperation in the Human Mind can create anything else.The rest of Creation and all kingdoms then serve man returning to this Edenic State of Consciousness.The 2 World Systems that have been created from the Fall of Man from the Edenic State of Consciousness,that was and in truth always is in harmony with the Perfect Cosmic Law.All Evil Duality Fear Seperation Maya Negative Ego exists only temporarily as a thought creation of the Human Mind thinking out of harmony with Cosmic law.The Process of Incarnation then has been given so that souls can realize the perfected state of divinity through many incarnations.We are currently at the end of a 26,000 Year Planetary Cycle.Many souls are now ready to take the Initiation into Immortality at the 6th Initiation.All Souls on earth are being prepared for the 3rd Initiation or Soul Merge.Great Advances are being made in all Endevours in all Ashrams and offices of the Christ.We are approaching Galactic Alignment with the 2012 Portal and Many Masters Walk in Extraterrestial Beings are Incarnating to assist the Ascension of the Mother Earth Gaia into 5th Dimensional Consciousness on the Earth.The 4th Initiation which mother earth is taking at this time is the Crucification Initiation,which Master Jeshua took on the Cross in the Picean Age.In this we see a crucifiction Ressurection and Ascension.This is what is happening now,to a Great Extent the Crucifiction is complete and the Resurection and Ascension is now taking place!Surely it is a glorious time to be here!The Ascension into the Light is taking Place across the earth to all being ensouled in her Planetary Body!This Evolution is also echoing out into Solar Galactic Universal and Cosmic Levels of Reality!All Creation sounds the Glory of the Perfect Ascension of the Perfect Mother Earth taking her Higher Birth into Perfection and edenic State of Consciousness!Give witness to this today in everything you see and let your mind and psychology reflect this wonderous understanding!Let your eyes be open to the Glorious Eternal Self Incarnated in all beings at all times and in all situations!Bring that Vision forth today in your Earth Life Beloved Freinds!Blessings in the One Eternal Perfection!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Tribute to Valum Votan/Jose Arguelle

Messenger of the Law of Time
José Argüelles aka Valum Votan
Perhaps best known for his role in initiating the world famous Harmonic Convergence global peace meditation of August 16-17, 1987, José Argüelles was also one of the originators of the Earth Day concept and is recognized as the “father of the Whole Earth Festival,” now in its 33rd year at Davis, California.
Holding a Ph.D. in art history and aesthetics from the University of Chicago (1969) José’s career as an educator has included professorships at Princeton University, University of California Davis, the Evergreen State College, Olympia Washington, the Naropa Institute, San Francisco State University, the University of Colorado and the Union Graduate School.
An artist as well as an author, his numerous books include the international best seller, The Mayan Factor, Earth Ascending, Surfers of the Zuvuya, The Arcturus Probe and Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs.
A spiritual seeker, José studied Tibetan Buddhism for many years with noted meditation master, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, yet feels it is important to break out of the shell of all organized religion and establish what he calls a “return to UR - the Universal Religion.”
But it is his pioneering research of the Mayan calendar system that has absorbed his energies most passionately. Ever since he had a visionary experience at the age of fourteen atop the Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan, Mexico in 1953, he has pursued a lifelong investigation of the mathematics and prophecies associated with the Mayan calendar.
His explorations and deciphering of the Mayan calendar has resulted in an interactive game called Dreamspell - the Journey of Timeship Earth 2013, (a universalized expression of the mathematics of the ancient Mayan Calendar designed to help illuminate and re-attune modern humanity), and the discovery of the Law of Time. According to the Law of Time, modern humanity is in trouble because it is immersed in an erroneous and artificial perception of time which causes it to deviate at an accelerated rate from the natural order of the universe. To remedy this situation, Arguelles has been promoting the return to a natural timing cycle through the regular measure of the Thirteen Moon 28-day calendar.
Since the end-date of the current Great Cycle of the Mayan calendar is in the year 2012, in order to survive the worst, humanity must make a shift to natural time - and soon...
Currently serving as the President of the Foundation for the Law of Time - the organization that promotes his cause - Argüelles was honored on March 3, 2002 as “Valum Votan, Closer of the Cycle” by Nine Indigenous Elders atop the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan who awarded him a ceremonial staff for his efforts in helping to wake humanity up to the meaning of 2012...
To learn more about Jose Arguelles,
we recommend checking out his new, authorized biography:
"2012: Biography of a Time-Traveler"
Dr. Arguelles' website is:
is an affiliate website of
International Hub of the Planet Art Network
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Appolonius of Tyanna

Appolonius of Tyanna

“His Noble Countance,His Winning Presence,His Pure Doctrine,His Unsullied Life,The Ardent Advocacy of the Immortality of the Soul,As well as his Miracles,led men to Believe,Where ever he went that he was more that mortal.”
W.B Wallace,

In looking over the Alice Bailey Material,one of the Pieces of Information i have come across was that Jesus had two more Incarnations after his Life as Jesus the Christ.According to Dwhal Khul,Jesus Took his 5th Initiation as Appolonious of Tyanna and came back one more time in the 1600’s in a Syrian Body.It is on this Body that he Ascended.Not much information is available on this most recent incarnation,however there is quite a lot of information about his life as Appolonius of Tyanna.
When i first heard about this i went to the Libary and looked up in the Encyclopedia about Appolonious of Tyanna.There was a small write up but to my suprise the Encyclopedia said that his teachings where very similar to that of Jesus the Christ.Appolonius was a Great and Noble Being.Much of our Information comes from a Biography that was written by “Philistratus”about Him.The Actual date of Appolonious birth is a little unclear.What is clear is that he incarnated back to earth very shortly after his life as Jesus.
At the Age of 12 he was sent to Tarus,where he studied Liturature Rhetoric and all forms of Philosophy.He was Initiated there in the temple of Aesclepius,in the Arts of Healing through Dreams.It was there that he commited himself to following the Philosophy of Pythagoras.(Kuthumi)
He became a Vegetrian and Abstained from all Alcohol and Sexual Activity.He dressed in only a white Robe,and walked barefoot.Appolonious was Jesus like in his facial features,with a long beard and hair to his shoulders.He was an extrodinarily Handsome man with very strong but loving disposition.It was during these early times that Appolonious Commited himself to the pursuit of Knowledge and Philosophy.He gave his money to his poor relatives and travelled to Antioch,where he began recieving disciples and teaching.He studied there in the Temple of Apollo and later travelled to India and Egypt in search of Knowledge.
His Travels were very similar to those he Took as Jesus Christ.What is interesting is that there is much confusion between appolonious,Jesus and Lord Meitreya,who resurected jesus’ Physcial Body after the Crucification.First off,Jesus and Appolonious were so Similar and lived Close together Chronologically,some historians have confused the 2.Secondly,Lord Maitreya travelled to India and the Americas for 31 Years after the Ressurection which has also confused Historians.There is even a group o Histroians who believe that Jesus didnt really Exist,but was really Appollonious,who was the Messiah.This of Course is totally not true.The confusion comes in that Jesus and Appolonious were the Same soul so their Teachings were incredibly Similar.
Upon Returning from his Travels to India and Egypt,He then Returned to Greece and to the Greecian Mystery School.Along with the Teachings of Pythagoras,he also taught the teachings of Krishna(Lord Maitreya) and the Buddha.He has been exposed to these teachings in India under the Himilayan Spiritual Master ,Iarchus.
During his Early years training under the Pythagoreans he Maintained silence for Five Years.Appolonious was very ascetic his entire life and took these vowls at a very young age and never broke them.He was extremely psychic and had the ability and had the ability to see into the Future.He very much believed in the immortality of the Soul and in God the Creator.He was a Great Healer,religous reformer,social leader,Philosopher and Moral Teacher.He travelled through out the Roman Empire and where ever he went Divine Honours were given to Him.He was one of the Great SPiritual Masters that has worked the Earth and it is an interesting that he is not as well known as Jesus Buddha Krishna Pythagoras or Saint Francis.

Master Sananda and the 6th Ray Ashram of the Christ

Master Sananda and the 6th Ray Ashram,

Master Sananda Directs and Leads the 6th Ray Ashram of the Christ which deals with Brotherhood and the Universality of Religion and Spirituality,Devotion,Idealism and the Revamping of all World Religions and Spiritual Schools.His Divine Consort and Partner in this work on the 6th Ray is Lady Nada,who does similar work on the Divine Feminine Lines of Evolution.According to St Germain Sananda also holds the Frequency for the Personal Christ Self Pattern so that each Individual can embody the Divine Masculine Christ Self for themselves,as themselves.You can see this in the way we seem to have many more souls incarnating who look quite strickingly like the Master Jeshua.This pattern has been held in the Collective Consciousness for the last 2,ooo years since his Famous Incarnation as Jeshua.It is not quite as well know but later after his Life in Jerusalem India Tibet Egytp Greece and so forth,(Where he travelled for that time) he Reincarnated in a Syrian Body as Apolotina or Siria.He as recognized and much loved as a Master in that life and spent his life much like he did previously wandering Alone teaching Healing and giving Divine Blessings where ever he went,bringing with his the SPirit of the Living God.I believe he Ascended in that lifetime.
In his LIfe as Jesuha he came to teach that Love was Higher than the Law,he also came to incarnate the Picean Ideal of Universal Love and Onenes,Spiritual Purity Healing and Incarnation of Love.For this he gave his LIfe and was Crucified under Pontious Pilot at the will of the Jewish Orthidox Religous Leaders.He was the Messiah that the Jewish People where waiting for but they could not accept him because of this Unauthox non traditional Methods.Essentially they Choose the Law above Love,holding fast to a Disspensation that Moses brought Forth in the Age of Taurus.Jeshua came to demonstrate the Personal Path of Crucifiction Death and Resurection that we all must go through as we pass our 4th Initiation.All will go through this Initiation experience on one level or another and it will take many forms as many are the forms of Different incarnations of the Divine.Everyone will experience this differently and it would be best to logg and record this experience as it happens.All souls on Earth will have to take this Intiation as Mother Gaia herself is taking this Initiation.
Regardless of your Religion you would do well as an aspirant to call on Sananda and and his Enormous Spiritual Blessings.He can assist you in any area of your life.The Master came to Create a New Religion and this New Religion of Love must be formed within ourself and untied under the Grand Master Love Itself.It must rule our Inner Constitution consistently.The Lord of the World Must ever sit as Ruler on our Hearts Minds Souls Minds and we must do his will with all our Might!We must do as Jeshua did and carry our Cross in life so that we may wear the Crown!
NOw according to ELizabeth Claire Prophet,Jeshua incarnated Twice as an Emperor of Antlantis,Again in 33,000bc, and again in 15,000bc.He did this to aid the White Magicians who where battling against the Dark Magicians in Atlantis.According Alice A Bailey,He Incarnated as the Military Leader Joshua and Joshua the High Priest in the Hebrew Tradition.Also according to the Ascended Masters Teachings of Theosophy he incarnated as Joseph who wore the Coat of Many Colours,as well as King David and Elisha of Old.We can see that the Great Master Sananda has earnt the Right to Rule the 6th Sphere by Many Incarnations of Leadership and Rightousness Under the Lord.We to must then prove ourselves in this Life so we can wear the Crown of life as it were!We must prove ourselves in this Life to be the Righteous Sparks and Humble Servants of God and the Divine Plan we are collectively bringing forth!
It is told in the Ascended Masters Teachings that St Germain was one of the 3 Wise Men that Brought the Gifts to the Christ Child,and that his Mother Mary upon her Assumtion became an Archangel and is now the Twin Flame of Archeangel Raphel.In theosophy it is taught that Mary Became a Deva.They Masters Teachings also state that Casper who gave the Gold to Jesus was an Incarnation of Dwhal Khul.Balshathsa, who gave the Frankinsence to Jeshua was an Incarnation of Kuthumi,and Melchior who gave the Gift of Myrr to Jesuha was an Incarnation of El Moyra.Also according to these Teachings between the Age of 12 to 33 Jeshua travelled and studied Wide and Far Studying in Luxor in Egypt in a Mystery School,He then Went to India to Study with Lord Meitreya and Lord of the Himilaya The Manu of the 4th Root Race.
It is also said that Jeshua was overlighted During His Ministry in Israel by Lord Mietreya the Planetary Christ which gave him greater Healing Powers and Abilities to Do a great many things!This is however possible for all aspirants and adepts who wish to do the Work of the Great Master by humbling themselves through Service and being ever ready to serve one another with love and by those who wish to be mouthpieces for the Holy Spirit and Universal Truth.Meitreya Over lights all who would do his Work of Spreading Good Will to all.
Theosophists and Adhearents to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters believe again that Master Jeshua under went the 4th Initiation at the Crucification.For most this is a Symbolic Experience for Jeshua however it was Literal.It is also believed that Master Jeshua ascended Later after travelling to Kashmir and to the Even Europe where apparently he lived with Mary Magdelena and even sired Children who carried the Bloodlines of the Christ Pattern.The Theosophists believe that after the Resurection he went to Shambala to be with the Lord of the World Sanat Kumara.A Chapter will later be written about.Also according to Leadbeater after Sanandas Incarnation and Appolanna of Tyanna he Incarnated in India as the Tamil Religous Reformer,Ramanuja.Apparently he was part of the Bhakti sect in India.Apparently this Life was to further deepen his training in the Mastery of the 6th Ray which is of course emotional Idealism.According to some teachings also Master Sananda lives in his Light Body in Secret in Rome and after the Lord Maitreya makes his Official decleration and returns to make a Public Appearence Master Sananda will ascend to the Papal position as Lord of the Religions of the World.HIs position as 6th Ray Lord will be fully Externalized!
Now it also must be said that Sananda has a Twin Flame Named Lady Master Magda,whos last incarnation was of Course Mary Magdelana.who also had an incarnation as Aiimme Semple Mcpherson.
Sananda also work with Higher Dimensional Beings from Venus,most notably is Master Aetherius.He also works with Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar command who are the Airborne Winged Division of the Great White Brotherhood.These great Ascended Race assist earth souls with their Ascension process in a great number of ways.Through both Advanced SPiritual Teachings as well as advanced Spiritual Technology which they implement and heal with at Night while the Souls of disciples and Initiates who have requested this receive.
Upon the Fleet of the Winged Airborne Division of the Great White Brotherhood,there are many Other Masters serving different Roles for this Great Mission in bringing mother Earth and all its Inhabitants to the 4th Initiation and beyond.Commander Sananda works upon this fleet as well in his Light Body and spilt off self to serve a Prominent Role there.Some other notable Masters and servants are Aleph,Korton,Esola,Merku,Soltec,Kla La and Hanton to mention just a few.These masters serve different Roles under the general mission of Ascending the Planet and its consciousness and all beings upon it!
So Master Sananda and the Other Galactic Masters have much work to do with the Revamping the Planets Consciousnss and all World Systems.Master Sanandas work is very specific as we have seen,His work again basically is to Purify Religion and Philosophy of Dogmas and Seperation Consciousness.Basically Transcending the Negative Ego thought system which has infiltrated to such an indescribable fasion the Worlds Religions.I will not go into any deepth here as i am sure the read will know well the deepth of this Illusion.
So In conclusion we would like to make a Request to be taken in our Bi Located Split off Self and Soul Body to the 6th Ray Ashram of the Christ,and we ask that we be personally trained by Master Sananda in our Daily lives in the Implementation and demonstration of the higher Aspect of the 6th Ray of Devotion and Idealism.We ask that we become perfect instruments and examples of Devotion and Idealism and that we ourselves become Spiritual Masters in this life in service of God the Masters and our Brothers and Sisters.We ask that we be given all the inner and outer training for this to be a Reality in the shorted possible time.We know that this is done for we have requested it,we know that God hears all prayers.It is up to us now to take perfection action so that this thought form prayer can be brought forth and demonstrated fully upon the Earth Plane!We make a decisive decision now to go out and Act until,Thy Will Be done!Namaste.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

yay for yahwee,set you free,come and see

“5th Ray 5th Day 5th Way"

“5th Ray 5th Day 5th Way"
All within and Upon,Within and Without,
Planetary Perfection expression Creation and Manifestation,
Solar Way Ether Day Yod He Va He Yahwee Yahwee,This day this Way,
All day today,This day ride into what you want to do be and have,
See and feel it as it is now,future now past not exist unless you want it to be.
Find your way under the Great Leader of Churches New,Build your own!
Make your Way Communicate Clearly in an integrated Fasion,
All levels as one interpenetrate all expression are but of One substance,
One being one,One System One Being One in the Many.One in all!
All is all know then that you need never again fall for you are the wall,
To the Kingdom that has come,to all that has been and all that Is to come,
All is one all Is that all is we all is he all is she all is free!
Receive the Communication from the Inner Realms of Perfection that guide,
Receive from the Outer Limits which exist to descent through you as you by you.
Receive the Higher Impressions Visions and Communications from those Races of have walked through these gates,and ascended greater upon the Infinite Ladder of Creation,
Walk in your Mind and Hearts with all that is for that comes out of everywhere and everything,
There is nothing that is not,and that which is not does not exist.Place your mind instead on what is,
What is to come,what you are to create,what is your destiny,your origin and your Future,
Give that you may be given to.Serve for no reason other than the joy supreme it gives you,
The Value It adds to the Other Self incarnated in all “other” Forms,The stream is unending.
Enter the Light of Lights,the Son of Suns and Know that there is but one supreme perfection,
Guiding Informing Directing Co Creating,Manifesting,Externalizing all that appears and disappears.
You are that,We are that and all is that for ever more.What more can be said?
Only what can be done is not for you to do.Only for the Will to be brought forth,
Only for the Creation,The Enaction and the Brining forth of the Inner Substance to the Outer Sphere,
The Bridging of Worlds Now begins as we walk collectively into a Bright Sunny Day newly Dawned.
Celebrate with your Brothers and Sisters in all forms,Laugh and Love in the Plan,the New Day.
Be Powerful Wise Intelligent Balance Harmonious,Commmunicate the Creators plans to all that is!”

5th Ray Day with Master Hillarion and the New World Bridgers and Builders.New Age churches New Age Merkabahs and Vehciles of Light.

Todays lesson and Vibrational Alignment attunement is to the 5th Ray ashram of the Christ Under and with Ascended Master Hillarion.Hillarion and the 5th Ray Personalities Souls and Monads deal with Direct and are a part of the Building of the New World Systems,New Age New World Churches and New World Communities.This Ray and Office has a strong focus on the Mental Attunement and focusing attention on Goals Ideals and Brining them forth into the 5th Dimensional Physical Sphere of reality.Hillarion directs world servers to build the New Age Systems through building group bodies devoted to service in a particular neich area of service.We can see this for example in the way Group Servers get together to serve the group body in creating a Product and or service around a particular area say for example Surfing and all requirements needed for the Maintaining and Sustaining of the Surfing Lifestyle Ie producing Surfboards Wetsuits and Related Clothing.This Service offers both a Means to support the Community Provide Financial and Energetic Emotional Physical and Physical Support to the Community and group of Surfers.This Example applies also to all other systems,eg Energy Healers,Artists,Musicians,Mechanics,Spiritual Groups and Organizations,Personal Growth Groups Esoteric Study Groups Painters etc add infinitum.This is the Higher Level expression of the 1st and 3rd ray and Includes Group Consciousness and Greater Group Sharing.It very much connected to Higher Group Body Attunement and Alignment and is brining forth the New Energies of the New Earth through the New Foundational Systems,that bring essentially Enlightened Systems of Transformation to all Incarnated Soul Extension upon this Local Planetary System.These are all ultimately Under the Direction and Ensouling Overlighting Presence of the Planetary Logi Lord Buddha.All Hierarchical New Age Energy Systems of transformation will have embody and experience the Inner Peace and Sanctity that the Buddha/Christ/Krishna Consciousness demonstrates.The essence and core level of all relational experiencial systems will have a direct access to the Consciousness of the Buddhas of Activity which are connected with the Evolution of this World System.The Builders of these New Externalizing World Systems under the Direction of Master Hillarion are Building the Very Real and Tangable Ships of Light on an Earthly Level.The New World Systems are a Part of grounding of the higher Dimensional Consciousness existing above the 5th Dimension but exist within and to the 5th Dimensional Earth Grid.We officially ask and request for a 4 Body System 3 Mind alignment to these externalizing systems for the purpose of Illumination and Revelation of the Plan Grid and Purpose of the 5th Ray Ashram of the Christ and we ask for full group body alignment to the Energies and this Externalization.The thank thee and accept this as done now!

4th ray day

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Puzzle Pieces,Karma,Past Lives and other Potential Influences

Every aspect of life from Astrological Influences,Skills and abilities,Ray type,Personality Type,Numerology,Family Friends,Incarnational Location,Friends,Family,Ray Structure of Personality Soul and Monad are all under the direction and influence of Karmic Patterns.Actually in terms of the Monadic Ray,this does not changes from life time to life time as it is stationary influence that is stable through each incarnation.Our Monadic Ray remains the same through our entire incarnation process until ascension and until perhaps we develop integrated ascension and integrate all the rays evenly into our Personality Soul and Monad.The Soul Ray however does changes its influence over an age or at an end of an age and particularly its influences change and we are more responsive to the soul ray at the 3rd initiation,which is esoterically called the soul merge initiation where we become receptive and aligned with the Soul Ray.More than any other the Sub Rays that effect our Mental Emotional and Physical bodies,or more aptly stated govern our Physical Body our Emotional Body and our Mental Body to change as we pass from life time to lifetime.The development of these rays depends on our action within each life time and as we work on each of the bodies refining purifying and cleansing each body we ascend our awareness and consciousness of each body and thereby ascend through the Ray structures in each differing body.We can obtain this knowledge either from a clairvoyant channel for the Masters or by our own intuitive and deductive reasoning after study the rays,and looking at our own tendancies abilities and capacities in each body,we will then be able to identify which ray is governing which body.Alternatively contact the IAMUniversity( for a detailed ray reading.
Before the cycle of Incarnation is about to begin again for an Intiate on the path of Ascension,That ones Master and the Lords of Karma join forces to plan the coming incarnation.There are many many factors that go into this great plan,to many to address here.However we will address a few main points here.As you know each life incarnation has a basic plan or theme in lessons to learn and lines to develop.In the undeveloped soul basically one is following the line of free will.Basically the tests are about good and evil and choosing the Christ Consciousness over the Negative Ego.For the more evolved Intiate however the situation is quite different with many factors being decidied upon before incarnation.With the Guidance of our Master(s) and the Lords of Karma we have choosen a particular path in order to facilitate our own growth and to be of greater service to humanity and our brothers and sisters.Think then of the Soul Mantra given by Dwahl Khul that states,”Iam Fixed Design”The permanent atoms of our 4 Lower bodies is developed and carried through the incarnation process depending on our actions within and upon these bodies.We can start to see then in a greater sense the importance of developing a right relationship with our 4 Bodies and treating them with Love,purifying and cleansing them,attuning and aligning them to the Higher Ray Ideals and higher patterns of Ascended Christed perfection.All this considered we choose appropriate parents with the consent of our Higher Selves and the Higher selves of our parents as well as with the consenting Master.The time of Birth,type of environment,genetic coding all must be in harmony with our Past life accumulated permanent atoms in our 4 lower bodes we have developed in our many earthly sojourns.We can see then how

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3rd Ray Day Song

today's song makes you strong,never wrong,always right in the light!
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Spiritual Vision and Mass Hallucination caused by the Negative Ego Programing.

There are actually 3 levels of Spiritual Vision as with all things in our Incarnation.God is a Trinity and this relates also to todays theme of “Spiritual Vision”.Most people think of Spiritual Vision as being clairvoyant.However there are a large number of different spiritual visions,some people see auras,some people see chakras,some people see into the astral plane,some see into the Mental plane,Some see into the Spiritual Plane,some see into the Earthly plane and some see into the Psychological world of Mind and its various manifestations.Some people see into the Spirit World through the use of Hallucnagenics and psychedelics.There are so many levels and layers to spiritual vision it is quite unbelievable.

It also must be understood that ones Consciousness and Psychology will also affect ones Vision for in truth ones Consciousness affects every area of ones Perception and experience of Life!The first level I will speak of is Physical Vision.The key understanding is that God Lives as much in the Physical Universe as he/she does in the Spiritual Universe.In this way we need to learn to see all physical expressions as God/Godess literally in form.All you can see is he/she!This level is of course though just one the Faces of God.Ideally we develop an efficient perception of Reality by learning to see clearly and move into perceiving life from an integrated ascended Masters perspective.The Physical appearance of any person gives us information about that person.The way they walk,the way they talk,the Physical Clothes they Wear,their demenour,their Stride how they decorate their home and so forth.Also some people are not seeing clearly physically by not having clear eye sight.Sometimes the Lens in the eyes don’t focus properly so one does not quite get a clearly defined perception of Physical Reality.In this case that person might require glasses.

Of The 3 Levels of Vision,(Earthly,Psychological and Spritual)psychological is the most important for it colours our other perceptions for we not only see with our eyes but with our minds,Super Conscious Conscious and Sub Conscious.If the 3 Minds are not balanced aligned and integrated we will see from a fragmented perspective.If we are run by the Sub Conscious mind we will see through the lens of the Sub Conscious past life negative ego programming.We most certainly will not see clearly.This is why we need to at all times and in all now moments learn to balance integrate and align our 3 Minds.We need to learn to see clearly through a Transcendent Spiritual Psychology,We need to learn to see the Material Universe As Gods Body as much as the Spiritual and we need to see the Spiritual as much as the Physcial.Learning to do this in a balanced and integrated way we develop an efficient perception of Reality!There are basically 2 Levels of Spiritual Vision,one being the Spiritual Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/Mighy I am Presence/God/Godess seeing and the Fear Based/Seperative/Dualistic/Illusionary/Lower Self Negative Ego seeing.Once we learn to see with our Christ mind alone in all situations and circumstances we have come to have an efficient perception of reality!There is a way of perceiving that will bring unchaning joy happiness inner peace and another way that will bring you ups and downs and a rollercoaster of life.Choose then my friends to think with your Christ mind and choose always to have the Spiritual Christ Vision of the Holy Encounter and Innocent perception that God would have you see!

Sub Conscious Interference,

An interesting Spiritual Discernment from a Psychological Perspective is that Most Light Workers are to a great degree run by the Sub Conscious Non reasoning Mind and so automatically run by the Inner Child Negative Ego Lower Self desire Body.Occurs for most people have not yet learned to practice Joyus Spiritual Vigilence at all times.This leads to one being ineffective in theier perception of Gods Reality.Most people are totally programmed by Teachers Rabbis Priests their parents their Past Life Programing the Inner Perception Media Government National Karma and everything else that effects ones programming.Most things people see and even most light workers is a Massive hallucination of the Negative Ego.Most things people see is a massive hallucination of the Sub Conscious mind and Negative Ego.It has been said that the World is Dream,The Aborigines talk of the World as “Dreaming” and this is quite true in many ways!We are constantly dreaming either from a Love perspective or a Fear Based Perspective or some mix of the 2.Our goal and mission then is to dream and perceive only from the Spiritual Christ Mind and to Enter Gods Infinite Endless dream of Perfection Love Oneness Eternity Abundance,in short to re enter the Dream of God/Godess that we are!

So most People Currently are being Run by the Sub Conscious mind to a great degree and living in a mass hallucination of the Negative Ego and are not even aware of it!The Sub Conscious Mind was never meant to be the programmer of Ones Life however that is what is happening to a great extend even in Light Workers and so called Spiritual People.This has caused so many to be dreaming up and perceiving things that do not even exist for the believe things to have deep meanings when they might actually have no significance to that person or situation.Also people see through their own Ray Structure Astrological Make up,Past Life Programing,Level of Spiritual Psychological and Earthly Development,Philosophy,Gender,Profession,friends,Politicalaffiliation,Education,Numerological Configuration,Archetypal Configuration and identification to name just a few!Most people are looking through one millionth a lens that God sees through.So then we can begin to see why it is so important to Integrate all the Many Levels of Spiritual Earthly and Psycholgical Vision into a Cohesive and Synthisized whole so that we can see with Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness and Integrated Ascended Masters perspective and true Spiritual Vision!We can now see why it is so important to Become an Absolute Master of Every Thought Word deed and Piece of Energy in Service of God and the Masters,To totally Master Ones Energies Routines Patterns Life Rythms Mind Negative Ego Sub Conscious Programing Inner Child Psychology and so forth.That is why it is so important to keep your Golden Bubble of Protection up at all times,To Balance your 3 Fold Flame of Personal power Unconditional Love and Wise Discernment!That Is why it is so important to remain joyously Spiritual Vigilent for God and Gods Kingdom and never go on Automatic Pilot for a second even while you sleep!We can see that why it is so important to absolutely master every piece of Energy at the highest level at all times and in all situations in service of God on Earth!We can see why it is so important to learn to transcend the Negative Ego/Dualitic/Seperative/Fear Based/Dualistic/Lower Self mind at all times and to learn to think feel and see only with ones Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/

today's ray way!

Monday, March 21, 2011

2nd Ray Ashram of the Christ

Perhaps the best description of the Master DK has given by himself in statements given in August 1934 "I only will say that I am a Tibetan disciple of a certain degree, this may mean very little for you, because all are disciples, from the humblest aspirant to beyond the same Christ. I have physical body, like all men, I live on the borders of the Tibet, and sometimes (from the exoteric standpoint), when my duties let me, I preside over a large group of Tibetan lamas. This is why the spread that I am an abbot of that monastery Lamas. Those who are associated with me in the work of the Hierarchy know me by another name and office" "I am a brother who has walked a little further down the path and therefore I have more responsibilities than the common student. I have fought and I have opened myself in the way to the light and made the most amount of light that the aspirant who will read this article, therefore, I have to act as a transmitter of light, cost what it may. I'm not an old man, with regard to what age can mean in an instructor, nor I am a young and inexperienced man. My job consists to teach and disseminate the knowledge of the Eternal Wisdom wherever I can find an answer, and I have been doing it for many years. I also try to help the Masters M and KH in every moment, because I'm connected to them and their work. The above mentioned till here, involves so much, but I do not tell you anything that might induce you to offer me that blind obedience and the foolish devotion which the emotional aspirant offers to the Guru and Master with whom is not yet able to make contact, or he can´t obtain it till he hasn´t transmuted the emotional devotion into unselfish service to humanity, not to the Teacher. "

In this words of the own Master we can see that his main mission is to offer the real knowledge to humanity, to draw back the veils of ignorance and enter in the path of light. Indeed, the Master DK is a follower of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, at the Department of Teaching, and therefore he plays an important work in the Spiritual Hierarchy, the planetary heart center. He received the fifth Initiation in 1875, and since then he preserves the same body. For his willingness to serve and to do whatever is necessary, has been called "the Messenger of the Masters."

He is very well educated and has more knowledge about the rays and the planetary Hierarchies of the solar system than any other Master. And his love for humanity is somuch, that he has placed his profound wisdom available to men.

He covers a wide range of human endeavor. In addition to the field of education, which places great emphasis, working with those engaged in healing and is also working with the great philanthropic movements worldwide, as the Red Cross He is responsible for a large number of aspirants and disciples, making lighter the work of other teachers teaching. He took under his wing the preparation of the New Group of World Servers who are trained in various aspects, trying that each applicant, student or person of good will locate his natural place of service, so to prepare the conditions for the advent of Christ .


By the late nineteenth century, the Master DK, responding to the action of the energy of synthesis and as a representative of the entire hierarchy mixed and fused into one spiritual body: the planetary heart center, accepts the responsibility to present to the humanity a serie of three new interpretations of the Eternal Wisdom as well as to make up a large group of disciples of various ashrams Ray. In this way, he revealed and put within reach of all humanity the teaching which until had been available to few. As you can see, his work is essentially hierarchical in its origin and scope.

The first of these interpretations about the Eternal Wisdom, planned by the Hierarchy and trusting to the Tibetan Master, was given to the world between the years 1875 and 1890, through Helena P. Blavatsky, known as The Secret Doctrine, as the Master himself called the "preparatory phase" for the externalization of the Hierarchy.

The second was given between 1919 and 1949 by Alice Bailey and included in the famous Blue Book, through which the Master made available to all, knowledge of the subtle world. The third series of the interpretation of the Eternal Wisdom will be announced in the first years of XXI century, through an initiative that is being prepared for it. And in this regard, the Master says: "this series of treaties provide a bridge between the material knowledge of men and the initiated science." The work and the effort of those who use the teaching of creative ways, will be devoted to "the rebuilding of a new civilization on the foundations of the old so with the reorganization of the thought´s structures and world politics"

After the horror and destruction suffered by humanity with World War , the spiritual Hierarchy had to carry out a reorganization and a deep readjustment among the various planetary spiritual centers: Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. As a result of this, it has been expressed a new force for integration and merger between the mains ashrams of the Hierarchy, so that instead of each ashrama expresses an aspect of the Plan, the Hierarchy has begun to function more realistically as " the great Ashram of Sanat Kumara, with Christ in his heart. "

This implies greater cooperation and coordination in the roles and responsibilities in ashrams, as well as the realization of combined activities and shared actions with an indisputable tendency to the synthesis. So today there is constant talk of unity and unification. The Tibetan Master's Work has been attracting the attention of humanity into two main ideas: 1) the existence of the New Group of World Servers who work as intermediaries between humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy and 2) the statement regarding the return of Christ, which is due to make a work of preparing the conditions of the world to His coming. The Master has said that "all the disciples and initiates are members of the New Group of World Servers, group that is the focal point of the effort made by the Hierarchy." This group will be responsible for changing global conditions for the entry of the new era.

To prepare these conditions for the return of Christ, the Master has brought to the light to be known, some fundamentals lessons:

1) The teaching about Shamballa, to learn about the nature of the Ray of Will and the purpose of Sanat Kumara or Logos Plan for the Earth.

2) The teaching about the discipleship in the New Era, which is made known to the hierarchy with her various ashrams

3) The teaching about the Seven Rays, which highlights the importance of the psychological aspect.

4) The teaching about the new astrology
5) The information about the New Group of World Servers, through which and through the work of triangles, it tries to form a Net Light and Goodwill in the planet.

6) The attempt to externalize the hierarchy instructing the aspirants and disciples so that they can develop the Divine Plan.

7) The teaching about the New World Religion, where the full moon festivities will be the point of coincidence for different religions.

The Tibetan Master has insisted in all his works on "the new discipleship." This emphasis is not only due to the renewed influence of the Age of Aquarius, but also the new planetary alignment between Shamballa, the Hierarchy and the Humanity, which has led relations and communications more strengthen between these centers. In addition, there has been an increasing and unexpected expansion of human consciousness in response to the spiritual encouragement. The Tibetan has said about that "the wave of spiritual life is now so strong and powerful that in next one hundred and fifty years it will demonstrate the true nature of the Kingdom of Souls, or the kingdom of God. This will produce fundamental changes in the immediate objectives of human progress, in the plans of the teachers, in the teaching given and in the training presented. "

The Tibetan Master has clearly identified the objectives to be achieved in the present and in the immediate future.

1. To prepare the men for the reappearance of Christ. This is the first and greatest duty. The most important part of this work is to teach men - on a large scale - to use the Invocation so that it becomes a world prayer, and to focus the invoker demand of humanity.

2. Expanding the Triangles work, so subjective and ether, the light and the good will can cover the Earth.

3. To promote continually the work of World Goodwill, so that each nation may have its group of men and women dedicated to the establishment of right human relations. You posses the core, your must therefore begin the expansion. You have the beginning of this goodwill present in all the world, the task will be really heavy, but it is far from to be impossible.

4. Undertake the constant distribution of my books, which contain much teaching for the new era. In the final analysis, the books are for you the work´s tools and the instruments by which you will train your workers. Try that they circulate constantly.

5. Strive to make the Festival of Wesak an universal festival, which would be recognized as of value to all the faiths. In this festival two divine guides of East and West, collaborate and work together in the closest spiritual union, the Christ and the Buddha used this festival each year as a point of inspiration for next year's work. Try to do the same. Then, the spiritual energies will be unusually available.

6. Discover to the members of the new group of world servers as possible and strengthen their hands. Look for them in all nations and all expressions of the different lines of thought and views. Always remember that in doctrine and dogma and techniques and methods may differ widely from you, but in the love of their fellowmen, in practice of the good will and in the devotion to establish the right human relations, they are with you, they are your equal and can probably teach you a lot.

Lecsy Novoa
May the blessing of Him to Whom we all serve spills upon you and the disciples of everywhere and that they fully engaged to help men to move from darkness to light and from death to immortality. (The Externalization of the Hierarchy, pp. 527 and 528) We can see that the Master, supported by the whole hierarchy, has a well-designed work plan for the evolution of actual humanity. There the interest that we have to present, through these deliveries, the wise guidance of this Master, which not only will give us guidelines for action and serve where and when is appropriate for us to do it, but it will give a real meaning to our lives in this planet.

I invite you to walk together under the loving guidance of our beloved Master DK!

The Current Astrological Configuration

The following exert is a brief Explanation of the Current Placements of Our Greater Solar Selves,The Greater Solar Gods,(The Planets) and their Placement in the Greater Galactic Realm.There will be a brief description of the current archetypes effecting our Collective and Individual Psyche or Souls.This will be given not only from a Personality Self but also the Soul and Monadic Self.This way a greater understanding and description/transmition of the Higher Dimension and Higher Octave Archetypes will be extolled that one can easily relate to and express that higher Octave in Ones Earth Life Ones Psychology and Ones SPiritual Life by Attunment and Alignment.With that being said let us begin this Solar and Galactic Exploration dear friends!
Currently the Solar Center of Force and Fire,The Solar Force,The Sol,The Sun is being impressed upon and directed by the Greater Galactic Sphere of the Ram,The Firey Realm of Aries,The Son the Ego The Self is being Directed by the Forces of Action Will Entreprenurial Archetype which is Aries energy emenations.Action and forward movement from the Center for the Ego for the Spiritual Self for the Christ Self will be favoured and Victorious through action movement and Motion.
The Collective Emotional Body,The Feeling Self,The Planetary Emotional Body,The Mother Moon,Luna,is Traversing through the Begining Stages of the Underworld of Scorpio.The Emotions and feeling will be Intense deep and Wholly Transformational.Use the Intense Energy of Scorpio to transform your Emotional Body and Emotional Feeling self from the Lower Octave of Stagnation Death and Deep Melencholie by the Power of Truth and Engagement with the Moment,Thereby Creating with the Transformed Sexual Power the Pheonix of Light and creating eternal Life and power over Death by Destroying that Which is best Destroyed,within and Without!
The Solar God of Communication who carries all messages and teachings to the Lesser Sons of Gods,Humanity is in also the Sign of Aries.Success and Self Actualization in Communication will be Won through again forward motion Self Initative a Firey WIll and the determination to communicate the Self in a New and Different Way.The Lower Illusionary Octave could be Ego Battles and Raming Heads,but this will always nesecitate a Greater Harmony after the Initial Conflict.So be sure to be out going in your Communication and engage all healthly Higher Octave Competition and enter the Greater Sphere of Communion of Spirit with Spirit,God and the Gods with the Sons and Daughters of God.Be open to express yourself as that!
Venus the Principal of Beuty Harmony Divine Sexuality Culture Refinement and Art,has found her Divine Emminent Self into the Sphere of the Water Bearer.She Finds her Illuminated Mind transported through the Airs of Life to the Future Sphere where she can hear and know the truth and goodness of all things to come.Aquarius represents the Completion and Culmination of the Solar Zodiac and as such any Planet in this Sign gives an experience of Great Peace,An Experience where one can honestly Say,”My Cup Runneth Over!” For at this stage of completion the Waters of Life are poured out,Gods Spirit is poured out upon his Flesh and the Gods pour out eternal Life and Light on the Sons and Daughters of God.Heaven is Realized and the Door to the Greater Kingdom to come is flung open!Venus the Queen and Princess of Heaven is in that heavenly place right now receiving those gifts of Spirit.Go then within self to find that Divine Feminine within absorbing the Greater Glories of the Kingdom Come!Admire and Adhor and Venerate similarly the Outer Feminine as she revels in the Divinity of the God/ess Self.
Mars the Masculine Principal in all Incarnation,The God of War on a Planetary and Solar Level has found reprieve and Rest in the Solar Sign of the Mystic,The Sign of Spirit the Sphere of the Spiritualist,The Sign of the Monk Wanderer Sage Medicent,The Sign of the Fishes,Pisces.This Archetype was perfectly expressed by many great Ones in that Age,however the most readily accessed archetype is the Great Master Jeshua(Jesus).Other Great Ones Such a Paracelcus,Chopin,Sivinanda,Michalagelo,Da Vinci,Orpheus also perfectly demonstrated the higher octave of this Pisces Archetype through with an over all different ray make up and with a different puzzle piece and mission in the World.However we do digress!Mars finds rest and freedom from his Wars and Conquest by finding rest and solice in Silent reprieve within,Finding Spirituality Meditation Withdrawal from worldly conquests to find the Spirit and Soul within.(Mars in Pisces)
Jupiter the God of Knowledge Education Expansion and benediction is in the Firey realm again of Aries!Knowledge insight success comes again through action will and direct action towards and by engaging the will in Action.Stimulation and Proper use and activation/Demonstration of the 3rd Chakra will assist your self in gaining the Power of the Son and the Solar Force and hence greater Mastery over those Spheres that rule the Realm of the Ram.Any excersise that activate the Navel and Core Power will be especially useful at this time!Navel Kriyas in the Kundalini Tradition will be most useful!(Jupiter in Aries)Take action and Knowledge and success will come forth from your engaged will and action!Your Mind will be Illuminated when your body and action is illuminated and engaged in Service and the Science of Karma Yoga!
Saturn the Great World Teacher,The Grandfather Spirit,The Rules and Regulation of the Melchedizek Universe is teachings the Planetary Ones the Sons and Daughters of God through the Sacrament of Union or Relationship,through partnership and pairing.It is also teachings receptive souls and spirits to the Higher Octave of Libra,The Scales of Justice,through Art Culture Refinement and Balance.We learn the important and tough lessons of life through relationship and are similarly blest through such engagement with this most sacred and sanctified aspect of life!(Saturn in Libra!)
Uranus the Son of Saturn,The Heavenly aspect of Self,Uranus the Sky God has found his/her way into again the Sign of the Firey Ram!Another Planet moves forward with Plans action Initative energy and action!Uranus the Awakener,The God of Thunder Flash awakening and Flashes from Heaven breaks any rigidity in any and all old worlds systems so that stagnation and isolationism is destroyed by the God of the Sky Uranus under the Over lighting Direction of the Spirit of the Mountain Goat,Aries.If you consider more deeply the experience of the Mountain Goat and meditate on the Experience of that aspect of yourself,you will be advancing then on the path of Integration of the Archetype that this Divine Being Represents!
Now also consider that the God of the Oceanic Waters of the Deep Feeling and Psychic World,The Watery Lord of the Waters Neptune also finds completion through his entering into the Sign of the Water bearer.He/We/She finds great Peace and Perfection when resting in Spirit,In the Universal Waters of Light and Life that pervades all life and is the direct experience of all life when rested in the Safe Center of the Self.When this is done we and our Neptunian Self Experiences the Heavenly Airs of the Water Bearer.Heaven Reaches the Ears that Hear and Heaven is heard on the Ears.Waters of Life fill every cup and the Lord of the Waters Rules Victoriously over the Emotional Realm,through the perfection of the Form and in the Incarnation of Divinity in form.By this incarnation and perfection of Form One also comes to Master the Water Above,by Ones Mastery of the Waters Bellow!(Neptune in Aquarius)
Finally Pluto in Capricorn,The Lord of the under World and absolute Master of all Matter Beings and Life under the Earth in the Under world,The Lord God Hades of the Underworld makes his Way through the Mountain Range of Government Tradition Structure and World and Self Systems,brining by his Transformative Sexual Power truth and anything not in alignment with that Truth!Pluto brings Corruption of the Self and the Government Systems to the Consciousness of the Greater Self so that they can be transformed into the Higher Octave Light!This is done first always through Plutos Ruling Power which is Destruction,which then gives rise to the Higher Pheonix of Light and new Eternal Life!So let the Lord of your Own Ounderworld Rule and take back Dominion over the Structures and Governance of your Worlds so that he/she can destroy anything and everything not becoming of the Mighty I am Presence Light,Anything not in alignment with the Highest Divine Light and Right of Total Dominion and Mastery over your own Inner and out World,Over your Own inner and Outer Government!(Pluto in Capricorn!)
The Final Archetypal Reality we will invoke and explore is the Plantoid Chiron,The Wounded Healer,The Teacher and Way Shower for the Gods of Olympus,The Gentle Cenataur Chiron.Chiron is the Gentle Quite Inward Hermit who is well versed in Herbalism Healing Ancient Esoteric Arts and Sciences.He/She is the Archetype for the Healer within and without.Now this Solar Deity has entered currently the sign of the Fishes,The Sign of the Mystic The Sign of the Devotionalist the Sign of the Spiritualist Piceas!So we see healing comes at a planetary level by engaging our Isolation and seclusion our by Engaging our Spiritual Self in Meditation With drawal and Immersion in the Deeper vaster realms of Spirit!Healing Comes through the Entering into the Waters of Life through Meditation and Involution!
That then Concludes our Brief Description of the Solar Deities and their Sojounrs through the Greater Galactic Worlds of the Zodiacal Spheres!We hope it has been and enlightening and illuminating experience as it has been writing it!Do study and look more deeply into Astrology and your personal Natal or Birth Chart as it is a most Informative Gift that will change the course of your life for the Better!Contact the Owner of the Website for a Trinitized Astrological Reading from the 3 Great World Astrological Traditions,Eastern Western and Mayan.Send an Email to “” with Astrological Reading as the Title line for a Full Reading.Readings are $24 AUD and well worth the price as they are in and of themselves transformative!Blessings forever in the One Brothers and Sisters!

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El Moyra and the 1st Ray Office of the Christ.

El Moyra and the 1st Ray Office of the Christ.

Master and Lord of the 1st Ray El Moyra is the Great Indian Adept and Ascended Master and Cohan and Lord of the 1st Ray.His energies and efforts are to transform and inform all peoples involved in Politics and Leadership.He inspires by his Supreme Example as a leader of himself and his own energies in Service of God Humanity and the Divine Plan for Earth.He works at inspiring all aspirants to remain in their 100% Personal Power at all times and never give that Power away to anyone anything any aspect of self for any reason.He teaches that Personal Power should be used to create Ideal systems and Ideal life process for the Incarnation of Ones Highest Divinity.His is tough as Nails as a leader and a master but he is also gentle and loving like a Dove.

Master Moyras Family Line come from the Maurya Clan which ruled India from 322-185BCE.The Invincible Chandragupta Maurya,United the Indian Sub Continent while his Grandson and Great Disciple of the Buddha Ashoka,Who adopted Buddhism and send Missions out to other parts of Asia and even the Mediteranian to spread the Teachings of the Buddha.The Moyra family was said to have built a Great Stupa from the Embers of the Cremation of the Lord Buddha.It is also said that one of the Moyra Clan an Arhat named Kasyapa went to Distant Lands Tibet and others with 7 Golden Statues of the Buddha,which he took to different Locations where Buddhism was able to flurish in the Spiritual Realm of Tibet.From here came the Great Dispensation of the Teachings of the Buddha and great realizations and development of these teachings where made and experienced by Adepts Monks Masters alike.A great Contribution to Earths Evolution came out of this Migration from the Teachings of Lord Buddha from India to Tibet where everything was able to expand under the auspices of Jupiter.There are still to this day Descendants of the Clan living still in India!The Moyra clan have deep connection to the Sakya Clan which is Gotamas Tribe,however the Moray tribe was and primarily is a Warrior class.The Modern Siek of India resonate to the Powerful Vibration and emenation of Lord Moyra and the Moyra clan.

Master Moyra had many prominent past lives according to Annie Besant and CW Leadbeater.According to information revealed to them Master Moyra Incarnated Previously as Abraham of the Bible,Melchior one of the 3 Wise Men who went to See the Christ Child Jeshua.He was also King Aurthur of Chamelot.He was Thomas Becket(ArchBishop of Centerbury,Thomas More,Akbar,(Mogul Emperor)Others State that he had other lives also.Certainly in his last life where he took his Ascension he as Ruler of Mauryan Empire,He defended the Indian Empire from Alexander the Great.He Fortified Indian Defences and made the Country stong to defend itself and hold its strength and Unity as a Nation.He built India it could be said to National Consciousness.He works now to Bring the Whole Planet to Planetary Consciousness as do all the Masters.Intersting to note that the “Ashoka Chakra” still adorns the Indian Flag.This Line of Holy and SPiritual Kings still rein and rule today from the Inner Planes.

Count St Germian!The Greatest Man who ever lived!

Count St Germian!The Greatest Man who ever lived!
Cohan and Lord of the 7th Ray of Transformation Ceremnoial Order and Magick!
Leader of the New Ascended Earth!
The Count of St Germain(1710-1784)has been described and known as a Coutier,and Supreme Gentleman,adventuerer,Charlatan,Inventor,Alchemist,Pianist,Violinist and Composer but is best known as a recurring figure in the stories of several strands of occultisim-particularly now connected in this time to the Theosophy society,the White Eagle Lodge,where he is also refered to as “Master Rakoczi” or the Master R as one of the Masters of Ancient Wisdom,is credited with God Like Powers and Longeivity.Some Sources write that his name is not familial,but was invented by him as a French version of the Latin “Sanctus Germanus”meaning “Holy Brother”
The Scarcitiy of Contemporary biographical detail about St Germain has supported the construction of many versions of his origins and ancestry including that he was:The Son of Frances 2 Rakoci,The Prince of Transylvania,by Rakoczis first wife.Originally his name was Rakoczi Lipot Lajos Gyorgy Josez Antal.
Frances Bacon,true Heir to the Throne of England,born to Queen Elizabeth 1 and Robert Dudley.He was given to the Bacon Family who raised him as this secret was kept.The Illigitimate son of Maria Anna of Pfalz Neurburg,the Widow of Charles the 2nd of Spain.The Son of King of Portugal,John the 5th.
In a Letter of 1745“The Other day they seized an odd man who goes by the name of Count St Germain,He has been here these two years,and will not tell who he is,or wence he came,but professes,that he goes not by his right name,(and the second that he never had any dealings with any woman,nay,now with any succedaneum.He sings,Palys the Violin,wonderfully,composes,is mad,and not very sensible.He is called an Italian,A Spaniard,A Pole,a somebody that married a great fortune in Mexico and ran away with her jewels to Constantinople:A Priest,A Fiddler,A Nobleman.The Prince of Wales has had unsatiated curiosity about him,but in vain.However nothing has been made out against him,he is released,and what convinces me that his is not a gentleman,stays here,and talks of beings taken up for a spy.
One Piere_renault De St Germian was governor of Changalaput in India,in 1752,and a Robert Francois Quesnay De St Germain was active in several secret societies.Stories of the Count in India and at Masonic meetings can be traced to them.A Mime and English comedian known as Milord Gower also impersonated St Germain in Paris salons.His stories were wilder than the real Counts-He had advised Jesus for example.Inevitably,hearsay of his routine got confused with the Original.
Giacomo Casonova describes in his Memoirs several meetings with the celebrated and learned imposted.Of his first meeting in Paris 1757,he writes:
“The Most enjoyable dinner I had was with Madam de Robert Gerji,who came with the famous Adventurer,known by the Name of Count Saint Germain.This individual,instead of eating,talked from the beginning of the meal to the end,and I followed his example in one respect as I did not eat,but instead listened to him with the greatest attention.It may be safelt said that as a conversationalist he was unequalled.
St Germain gave himself out for a Marvel and always aimed at exiting amazement,which he often succeeded in doing.He was a Scholar,Linguist,Musician,and a Chemist,Good Looking and a perfect Ladies Man.For a while he gave them paints and cosemetics.He flattered them,not that he would make them young but that their beuty would be presereved by means of a wash which,he said,cost him a lot of money,but which he gave away freely.
He had contrived to gain the favour of Madame De Pompadour,who had spoken about him to the King,for whom he had made a laboratory,in which the monarch-a Martyr to boredom-tried to find a little pleasure or distraction,at all events by making dyes.The King had given him a suit of rooms at Chambord,and a hundred thousand francs for the Construction of a Laboratory ,and according to St Germain the dyes discovered by the king would have materially beneficial influence on the quality of French fabrics.
This Extrodinary Man,Intended by Nature to be the King of Imposters and Quacks,would say in an easy,assured manner that he was three hindred years old,that he knew the secret of Universal Medecine,that he possessed a Mastery over nature,that he could melt diamonds,professing himself capable of forming,out of ten or twelve small diamonds,one large one of the finest water without any loss of weight.All this,he said,was a mere triffle to him.Notwithstanding his boastings,his bare faced lies,and his manifold eccentricities,I cannot say I thought him offensive.In spite of my knowledge of what he was and in spite of my own feelings,I though him an astonishing man as he was always astonishing me.
Myths,legends and speculations about St Germain begain to be widespread in the late 19th Century and early 20th century,and continue today.They include beliefs that he is immortal,that Wandering Jew,and Alchemist with the Elixir of Life,a Rosicurian,and that he prophesized the French revolution.He is said to have meet the Forger Guiseppe Balsamo in London and the Composer Rameua in Venice.
There are several “Authorative”Biographers who usually do not agree with one another,Probabaly the two best known Biographies are Isabel Cooper Oakleys the Count of St Germain(1912) and Jean Overton-Fullers The Comte St Germain:Last Scion of the House of Rakoczy(1988)The Former is a compilations of letters,diaries and private records written about the Count by Members of the French Aristocracy who knew him in the 18th Century.Dr Raymond Bernards book The Great Secret-St Germaon is Biographical and covers aspects of the Counts Life including his conflation with Sir Frances bacon and the Author of Shakspearean opus.Manly Palmer Hall in his The Secret Teachings of the Ages,describes some of the same attributes as Dr Bernard,including the attribution of the Writings of Shakespeare to a Great adept like Frances Bacon,who could be amaigamated with the Count of St Germain.There have also been a number of German and French Biographies written about the Mysterious Counte St Germain.
A Book Titled the Great Secret,Count St Germain,by Dr Robert Bernard purports that St Germain was actually Frances Bacon by Birth,and later authored the complete plays to Shakespeare.He Also contends,as does the Saint Germain Foundation in Chicago,IL,that Frances Bacon wsa the Child of Queen Elizabeth and Lord Dudley but that it was kept quiet.According to the Theory,Frances was raised by the Bacon Family,Yet through out the Shapespearean Canon,there are numerous hints that the author kowns of his true birth,as revealed in the explicit clues in the text of the plays themselves,in pictures,as well as the Cipher code that he employed.
Many Books are also attributed to the Master St Germain,brought forth by Thought Transference of Channelings as it has often been refered to.One such book attributed to Saint Germain is “The Most Holy Trinosophia of Count St Germain”There are also two triangular books in the Manly Palmer Hall collection of Alcehmical Manuscripts at the Getty Research Library which are attributed to Saint Germain.There is an additional book at the Getty Research Library entitled “America Hereldica”attributed to the Author “Saint Germain”Although it was published in New York 1886.Micharl Scott and his books have been noted facts in the Magician,and other related books later in the series.
Saint Germain is the central Figure in the Saint Germain Series of Books published by the Saint Germain Press.The First 2 volumes ,Unvieled Mysteries and the Magic Presence,written by Godfrey Ray King,describe Saint Germain as an Ascended Master,like jesus,Hillarion,Kuthumi,Dwahl Khul.In these first books,he discusses his personal experience with Saint Germain and reveals many teachings that are in harmony with others referenced above.The 3rd Volume,The I AM Discourses,contains material that is foundational to the sacred scriptures of the IAM Activity.There are 20 Volumes in the Saint Germaon Series of Books,which are also refered to as the”Green Books”Another work of great importance,the Comte De Gabalis,is said to be from the Hand of Sir Frances Bacon before he Ascended and returned as Sanctus Germanus,the “Holy Brother Herman”of Saint Germain.First printed in 1670,the book includes a picture of the Polish Rider,a famous painting at the Frick Collectino in New York City,which is said to be of Sir Frances Bacon,a.k.a the Comte De Gebalis,or the Count of Cabala.Lotus Ray King(Edna Ballards pen name)wife of Guy Ballar,talked about this book having been authored by the Ascended Master Saint Germain in the Round Table talks of the IAM Activity.
Several Theosophists and Practitioners of Alternaltive Esoteric Traditions have claimed to have met Saint Germain in the late 19th or Early 20th,:Annie Besant said that She met the Count in 1896.C.W.Leadbeater claimed to have met him in Rome in 1926 and gave a physical description of him as having Brown eyes,olive coloured Skin and a pinted Beard:”The Splendour of his Presence impels men to make Obeisance”Leadbeater said also that Saint Germain Showed him a Robe that had been previously owned by a Roman Emperor and that Saint Germain told him that one of his residences was a Castle in Transilvania.Accorrding to Leadbeater,when performing Magical Ritual in his castle in Transayvania,Saint Germain wears a Suit of Golden Chain Mail which onece belonged to a Roman Emperor.Over it is thrown a Magnificent cloak of Tyrian Purple with on its clasp a Seven Pointed Star in Diamond amythisist,and sometimes he wears a Glorious Robe of Violet.Guy Ballar,Founder of the “IAM”activity,claimed that he met Saint Germain in Mount Shasta in California in August 1930,and that this Initated his Training and experiences with other Ascended Masters in various parts of the World.Edgar Cayce,The “Sleeping Prophet”,was asked while in trance if Saint Germain and is an anowed disciples of his.Paul Foster Case,founder of Builder of the Adytum claims to have met Saint Germain,who was as Master R at a hotel in New York in 1921.
Many Groups honour Saint Germain as an Ascended Master.He is refered to in Theosophy as the Master Rakocky or the Master R.In the Ascended Master Teachings he is refered to simply as Saint Germain,or as the Ascended Master Saint Germain.As an Ascended Master Saint Germain is believed to have many magical powers such as the ability to teleport.levitate,walk through walls,and to inspire people telepathically among others.Theosophists consider him to be a Mahtama Master or Adept.Helena Blavatsky said that he was one of her Masters if Wisdom and Hinted that he had giver her secret documents.Some Esoteric Groups credit him with inspiring the Fountain Fathers to draft the United States Decleration of Independence and the Constitution,as well as providing the design of the Great Seal of the United States.In New Age Thinking Saint Germain is always associated with the Colour Violet the Jewel Amethyst,and the Maltese Cross rendered in Violet. He is also regarded as the Chohan of the 7th Seventh Ray.According to Theosophy,the Seven Rays are Seven metaphysical principals that governed by the Seventh Ray,Saint Germain is sometimes called the Hierarchy of the Age of Aquarius.According to the Ascended Masters Teaching Saint Germain is the Good of God of Freedom for this System of Worlds.In Alice A Bailey books,Saint Germain is referred to as the Master Rakocki or the Master R.Alice a Bailey’s book the Externalization of the Hierarchy(A compolation of Earlier revelations published posthumously in 1957)gives the most Information about his reputed Role as a Spiritual Master.His title is said to be the Lord of Civilizatin and his task is the Establishment of the New Civilization of the Age of Aquarius,He is said to telepathically Influence people who are seen by him as being instrumental in bringing about the New Civlization and his task is the Establishment of the New Civilization of Aquarius.Alice A Bailey stated that Sometime after ad 2025,The Master Jesus,The Master Rakozki,Kuthumi and other Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy would Externalize,ie Descend from the Spiritual Worlds and interact in Visible tangible bodies on the Earth in Ashrams,surrounded by their Disciples.Alice A Bailey said that Saint Germain is the Manager of the Executive council of the Christ.(Theosophists regard the Master Jesus and Chirst as two Separate beings.The Christ being the principal and pattern,also as the Lord Meitreya who is the Planetary Christ who over lighted Jesus in his incarnation at that time.”Jesus” is identified as being the Master Jesus or Sananda as he is know known on the Inner Planes.Aspirants on the Path Recognize Jesus or Jeshua to be Realized in the Christ Consciousness while Lord Mietreya is holding the Energy of the Planetary Christ.The Christ it might be added is a Universal Pattern of Perfection that Governs all Universes and all World Systems.In Hinudisim The Christ Aspect would be Known as Vishnu,Brahama as God and Shiva as the Holy Spirit.In any case the Team of Masters have been given the Directive and Mission from the Universal Source and the creator of Preparing the way for the Second coming of the Christ,which will in truth have to come through every incarnated Soul Extension on Earth.Every Living Being will have to come to Realize and be Recognized as the Christ for the Full return of the Christ to be fully realized on Earth.For that is the Reality as it is in Gods Eyes.
According to the Theosophy Saint Germain has incarnated as St Alban,Proclus,Roger Bacon amd Sir Frances bacon.These incarnations are Universally accepted.Ruler of a Golden Age Civilization in the Area of the Sahara Desert 70,000 years ago,originally a Colony sent out from Atlantis.