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El Moyra and the 1st Ray Office of the Christ.

El Moyra and the 1st Ray Office of the Christ.

Master and Lord of the 1st Ray El Moyra is the Great Indian Adept and Ascended Master and Cohan and Lord of the 1st Ray.His energies and efforts are to transform and inform all peoples involved in Politics and Leadership.He inspires by his Supreme Example as a leader of himself and his own energies in Service of God Humanity and the Divine Plan for Earth.He works at inspiring all aspirants to remain in their 100% Personal Power at all times and never give that Power away to anyone anything any aspect of self for any reason.He teaches that Personal Power should be used to create Ideal systems and Ideal life process for the Incarnation of Ones Highest Divinity.His is tough as Nails as a leader and a master but he is also gentle and loving like a Dove.

Master Moyras Family Line come from the Maurya Clan which ruled India from 322-185BCE.The Invincible Chandragupta Maurya,United the Indian Sub Continent while his Grandson and Great Disciple of the Buddha Ashoka,Who adopted Buddhism and send Missions out to other parts of Asia and even the Mediteranian to spread the Teachings of the Buddha.The Moyra family was said to have built a Great Stupa from the Embers of the Cremation of the Lord Buddha.It is also said that one of the Moyra Clan an Arhat named Kasyapa went to Distant Lands Tibet and others with 7 Golden Statues of the Buddha,which he took to different Locations where Buddhism was able to flurish in the Spiritual Realm of Tibet.From here came the Great Dispensation of the Teachings of the Buddha and great realizations and development of these teachings where made and experienced by Adepts Monks Masters alike.A great Contribution to Earths Evolution came out of this Migration from the Teachings of Lord Buddha from India to Tibet where everything was able to expand under the auspices of Jupiter.There are still to this day Descendants of the Clan living still in India!The Moyra clan have deep connection to the Sakya Clan which is Gotamas Tribe,however the Moray tribe was and primarily is a Warrior class.The Modern Siek of India resonate to the Powerful Vibration and emenation of Lord Moyra and the Moyra clan.

Master Moyra had many prominent past lives according to Annie Besant and CW Leadbeater.According to information revealed to them Master Moyra Incarnated Previously as Abraham of the Bible,Melchior one of the 3 Wise Men who went to See the Christ Child Jeshua.He was also King Aurthur of Chamelot.He was Thomas Becket(ArchBishop of Centerbury,Thomas More,Akbar,(Mogul Emperor)Others State that he had other lives also.Certainly in his last life where he took his Ascension he as Ruler of Mauryan Empire,He defended the Indian Empire from Alexander the Great.He Fortified Indian Defences and made the Country stong to defend itself and hold its strength and Unity as a Nation.He built India it could be said to National Consciousness.He works now to Bring the Whole Planet to Planetary Consciousness as do all the Masters.Intersting to note that the “Ashoka Chakra” still adorns the Indian Flag.This Line of Holy and SPiritual Kings still rein and rule today from the Inner Planes.

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