Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Puzzle Pieces,Karma,Past Lives and other Potential Influences

Every aspect of life from Astrological Influences,Skills and abilities,Ray type,Personality Type,Numerology,Family Friends,Incarnational Location,Friends,Family,Ray Structure of Personality Soul and Monad are all under the direction and influence of Karmic Patterns.Actually in terms of the Monadic Ray,this does not changes from life time to life time as it is stationary influence that is stable through each incarnation.Our Monadic Ray remains the same through our entire incarnation process until ascension and until perhaps we develop integrated ascension and integrate all the rays evenly into our Personality Soul and Monad.The Soul Ray however does changes its influence over an age or at an end of an age and particularly its influences change and we are more responsive to the soul ray at the 3rd initiation,which is esoterically called the soul merge initiation where we become receptive and aligned with the Soul Ray.More than any other the Sub Rays that effect our Mental Emotional and Physical bodies,or more aptly stated govern our Physical Body our Emotional Body and our Mental Body to change as we pass from life time to lifetime.The development of these rays depends on our action within each life time and as we work on each of the bodies refining purifying and cleansing each body we ascend our awareness and consciousness of each body and thereby ascend through the Ray structures in each differing body.We can obtain this knowledge either from a clairvoyant channel for the Masters or by our own intuitive and deductive reasoning after study the rays,and looking at our own tendancies abilities and capacities in each body,we will then be able to identify which ray is governing which body.Alternatively contact the IAMUniversity( for a detailed ray reading.
Before the cycle of Incarnation is about to begin again for an Intiate on the path of Ascension,That ones Master and the Lords of Karma join forces to plan the coming incarnation.There are many many factors that go into this great plan,to many to address here.However we will address a few main points here.As you know each life incarnation has a basic plan or theme in lessons to learn and lines to develop.In the undeveloped soul basically one is following the line of free will.Basically the tests are about good and evil and choosing the Christ Consciousness over the Negative Ego.For the more evolved Intiate however the situation is quite different with many factors being decidied upon before incarnation.With the Guidance of our Master(s) and the Lords of Karma we have choosen a particular path in order to facilitate our own growth and to be of greater service to humanity and our brothers and sisters.Think then of the Soul Mantra given by Dwahl Khul that states,”Iam Fixed Design”The permanent atoms of our 4 Lower bodies is developed and carried through the incarnation process depending on our actions within and upon these bodies.We can start to see then in a greater sense the importance of developing a right relationship with our 4 Bodies and treating them with Love,purifying and cleansing them,attuning and aligning them to the Higher Ray Ideals and higher patterns of Ascended Christed perfection.All this considered we choose appropriate parents with the consent of our Higher Selves and the Higher selves of our parents as well as with the consenting Master.The time of Birth,type of environment,genetic coding all must be in harmony with our Past life accumulated permanent atoms in our 4 lower bodes we have developed in our many earthly sojourns.We can see then how

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