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2nd Ray Ashram of the Christ

Perhaps the best description of the Master DK has given by himself in statements given in August 1934 "I only will say that I am a Tibetan disciple of a certain degree, this may mean very little for you, because all are disciples, from the humblest aspirant to beyond the same Christ. I have physical body, like all men, I live on the borders of the Tibet, and sometimes (from the exoteric standpoint), when my duties let me, I preside over a large group of Tibetan lamas. This is why the spread that I am an abbot of that monastery Lamas. Those who are associated with me in the work of the Hierarchy know me by another name and office" "I am a brother who has walked a little further down the path and therefore I have more responsibilities than the common student. I have fought and I have opened myself in the way to the light and made the most amount of light that the aspirant who will read this article, therefore, I have to act as a transmitter of light, cost what it may. I'm not an old man, with regard to what age can mean in an instructor, nor I am a young and inexperienced man. My job consists to teach and disseminate the knowledge of the Eternal Wisdom wherever I can find an answer, and I have been doing it for many years. I also try to help the Masters M and KH in every moment, because I'm connected to them and their work. The above mentioned till here, involves so much, but I do not tell you anything that might induce you to offer me that blind obedience and the foolish devotion which the emotional aspirant offers to the Guru and Master with whom is not yet able to make contact, or he can´t obtain it till he hasn´t transmuted the emotional devotion into unselfish service to humanity, not to the Teacher. "

In this words of the own Master we can see that his main mission is to offer the real knowledge to humanity, to draw back the veils of ignorance and enter in the path of light. Indeed, the Master DK is a follower of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, at the Department of Teaching, and therefore he plays an important work in the Spiritual Hierarchy, the planetary heart center. He received the fifth Initiation in 1875, and since then he preserves the same body. For his willingness to serve and to do whatever is necessary, has been called "the Messenger of the Masters."

He is very well educated and has more knowledge about the rays and the planetary Hierarchies of the solar system than any other Master. And his love for humanity is somuch, that he has placed his profound wisdom available to men.

He covers a wide range of human endeavor. In addition to the field of education, which places great emphasis, working with those engaged in healing and is also working with the great philanthropic movements worldwide, as the Red Cross He is responsible for a large number of aspirants and disciples, making lighter the work of other teachers teaching. He took under his wing the preparation of the New Group of World Servers who are trained in various aspects, trying that each applicant, student or person of good will locate his natural place of service, so to prepare the conditions for the advent of Christ .


By the late nineteenth century, the Master DK, responding to the action of the energy of synthesis and as a representative of the entire hierarchy mixed and fused into one spiritual body: the planetary heart center, accepts the responsibility to present to the humanity a serie of three new interpretations of the Eternal Wisdom as well as to make up a large group of disciples of various ashrams Ray. In this way, he revealed and put within reach of all humanity the teaching which until had been available to few. As you can see, his work is essentially hierarchical in its origin and scope.

The first of these interpretations about the Eternal Wisdom, planned by the Hierarchy and trusting to the Tibetan Master, was given to the world between the years 1875 and 1890, through Helena P. Blavatsky, known as The Secret Doctrine, as the Master himself called the "preparatory phase" for the externalization of the Hierarchy.

The second was given between 1919 and 1949 by Alice Bailey and included in the famous Blue Book, through which the Master made available to all, knowledge of the subtle world. The third series of the interpretation of the Eternal Wisdom will be announced in the first years of XXI century, through an initiative that is being prepared for it. And in this regard, the Master says: "this series of treaties provide a bridge between the material knowledge of men and the initiated science." The work and the effort of those who use the teaching of creative ways, will be devoted to "the rebuilding of a new civilization on the foundations of the old so with the reorganization of the thought´s structures and world politics"

After the horror and destruction suffered by humanity with World War , the spiritual Hierarchy had to carry out a reorganization and a deep readjustment among the various planetary spiritual centers: Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. As a result of this, it has been expressed a new force for integration and merger between the mains ashrams of the Hierarchy, so that instead of each ashrama expresses an aspect of the Plan, the Hierarchy has begun to function more realistically as " the great Ashram of Sanat Kumara, with Christ in his heart. "

This implies greater cooperation and coordination in the roles and responsibilities in ashrams, as well as the realization of combined activities and shared actions with an indisputable tendency to the synthesis. So today there is constant talk of unity and unification. The Tibetan Master's Work has been attracting the attention of humanity into two main ideas: 1) the existence of the New Group of World Servers who work as intermediaries between humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy and 2) the statement regarding the return of Christ, which is due to make a work of preparing the conditions of the world to His coming. The Master has said that "all the disciples and initiates are members of the New Group of World Servers, group that is the focal point of the effort made by the Hierarchy." This group will be responsible for changing global conditions for the entry of the new era.

To prepare these conditions for the return of Christ, the Master has brought to the light to be known, some fundamentals lessons:

1) The teaching about Shamballa, to learn about the nature of the Ray of Will and the purpose of Sanat Kumara or Logos Plan for the Earth.

2) The teaching about the discipleship in the New Era, which is made known to the hierarchy with her various ashrams

3) The teaching about the Seven Rays, which highlights the importance of the psychological aspect.

4) The teaching about the new astrology
5) The information about the New Group of World Servers, through which and through the work of triangles, it tries to form a Net Light and Goodwill in the planet.

6) The attempt to externalize the hierarchy instructing the aspirants and disciples so that they can develop the Divine Plan.

7) The teaching about the New World Religion, where the full moon festivities will be the point of coincidence for different religions.

The Tibetan Master has insisted in all his works on "the new discipleship." This emphasis is not only due to the renewed influence of the Age of Aquarius, but also the new planetary alignment between Shamballa, the Hierarchy and the Humanity, which has led relations and communications more strengthen between these centers. In addition, there has been an increasing and unexpected expansion of human consciousness in response to the spiritual encouragement. The Tibetan has said about that "the wave of spiritual life is now so strong and powerful that in next one hundred and fifty years it will demonstrate the true nature of the Kingdom of Souls, or the kingdom of God. This will produce fundamental changes in the immediate objectives of human progress, in the plans of the teachers, in the teaching given and in the training presented. "

The Tibetan Master has clearly identified the objectives to be achieved in the present and in the immediate future.

1. To prepare the men for the reappearance of Christ. This is the first and greatest duty. The most important part of this work is to teach men - on a large scale - to use the Invocation so that it becomes a world prayer, and to focus the invoker demand of humanity.

2. Expanding the Triangles work, so subjective and ether, the light and the good will can cover the Earth.

3. To promote continually the work of World Goodwill, so that each nation may have its group of men and women dedicated to the establishment of right human relations. You posses the core, your must therefore begin the expansion. You have the beginning of this goodwill present in all the world, the task will be really heavy, but it is far from to be impossible.

4. Undertake the constant distribution of my books, which contain much teaching for the new era. In the final analysis, the books are for you the work´s tools and the instruments by which you will train your workers. Try that they circulate constantly.

5. Strive to make the Festival of Wesak an universal festival, which would be recognized as of value to all the faiths. In this festival two divine guides of East and West, collaborate and work together in the closest spiritual union, the Christ and the Buddha used this festival each year as a point of inspiration for next year's work. Try to do the same. Then, the spiritual energies will be unusually available.

6. Discover to the members of the new group of world servers as possible and strengthen their hands. Look for them in all nations and all expressions of the different lines of thought and views. Always remember that in doctrine and dogma and techniques and methods may differ widely from you, but in the love of their fellowmen, in practice of the good will and in the devotion to establish the right human relations, they are with you, they are your equal and can probably teach you a lot.

Lecsy Novoa
May the blessing of Him to Whom we all serve spills upon you and the disciples of everywhere and that they fully engaged to help men to move from darkness to light and from death to immortality. (The Externalization of the Hierarchy, pp. 527 and 528) We can see that the Master, supported by the whole hierarchy, has a well-designed work plan for the evolution of actual humanity. There the interest that we have to present, through these deliveries, the wise guidance of this Master, which not only will give us guidelines for action and serve where and when is appropriate for us to do it, but it will give a real meaning to our lives in this planet.

I invite you to walk together under the loving guidance of our beloved Master DK!




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