Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Integrating Jupiter and its Higher Octave

Jupiter was in Greek Mythology traditionally the Solar God of Knowledge Benediction and Benefaction.It was considered rightly so an Expansive Influence and where ever it was place in the Heavens,The Zodiac what ever sphere it was in in generally added a Great Blessing.This is in Modern Scientific Terms probably related to the Sheer Mass of the Great Planet.It is the Largest Planet in our Solar Sphere and a Huge Gasious Planet,Air based in Nature,(Which relates to the Mind and Knowledge) and therefor Rules Knowledge Learning and Education.Juptier is the Great Educator and directs the Energies of Great Schools of Learning and Holds the Wisdom of all Teachings from all Systems and on all Rays.It is the Repository for Knowledge and gives knowledge of the sphere it is placed in.Currently from Earths Current Perspective Juptier to Solar God of Knowledge and Learning is Placed in the Sphere of the Ram,Aries.Knowledge is gained through action and willingness to do something new and in a New Way.Knowledge is gain through Fiery action and direct action up the Spiritual Mountain of ones Personal Life!So in all your efforts gain the Blessing of the Great Knowledge Holder the Solar God Jupiter by taking Direction action on your Course up your Personal Spiritual Psychological and Earthly Mountain!Make this your Way today!Namaste!

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