Thursday, March 10, 2011

Integrating Saturn and its Higher Octave

Saturn the World Teacher,The Crone or Cronus as he/she was know in the Ancient Days(Saturn was traditionally Male however that really represents more the Patriarchal Society more then it does the Universal Truth of the Fact that God is half Godess and Creation is Dual,Mother Father God expresses itself in Polarities down through all levels of Creation.),was and is in Mythology the Teacher,The Task Master and the Elder.Saturn Represents Challenge Work and is Ruled of Course by Capricorn the Goat and industrious Worker,The Tradition Keeper,The Sturdy Pillar of all Great Works!Saturn Takes around 29 Years to complete its Single Orbit around the Great Solar Center our Sun,(Sol)It represents Discipline Responsibility and where it appears in a Natal Chart represents what major life lessons there are to learnThis might also suggest where limitation might occur.This is not a negative limitation for Limitation and restraint are often great teachers and required for Higher Appropriation of that Energy.Saturn speaks the Inner Voice of Reason Caution and is often heard by the Seeker and Aspirant as a “Should Voice” Speaking to responsibility of the Self and what needs to be done.By listening to this Voice of Reason we will gain self confidence and success ,if we choose to ignore this voice of Reason we will find regress due to our Rash indulgence and neglegence.Through Saturns Guidance and instruction we find Discipline Discrimination Patience Fortitude Success and Earthly Advancement in our Choosen Endevour Service work and Major life undertaking.Capricorn the 10th Sign of the Zodiac Gives us Ambition Drive and impels us to do the right thing.Capricorn and Saturn lead us to Love of Tradition and allow us to deepen in the Mysteries of Life on Earth which is so rich full and Unmistakably Wonderous i am sure you will all agree!

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