Monday, March 21, 2011

The Current Astrological Configuration

The following exert is a brief Explanation of the Current Placements of Our Greater Solar Selves,The Greater Solar Gods,(The Planets) and their Placement in the Greater Galactic Realm.There will be a brief description of the current archetypes effecting our Collective and Individual Psyche or Souls.This will be given not only from a Personality Self but also the Soul and Monadic Self.This way a greater understanding and description/transmition of the Higher Dimension and Higher Octave Archetypes will be extolled that one can easily relate to and express that higher Octave in Ones Earth Life Ones Psychology and Ones SPiritual Life by Attunment and Alignment.With that being said let us begin this Solar and Galactic Exploration dear friends!
Currently the Solar Center of Force and Fire,The Solar Force,The Sol,The Sun is being impressed upon and directed by the Greater Galactic Sphere of the Ram,The Firey Realm of Aries,The Son the Ego The Self is being Directed by the Forces of Action Will Entreprenurial Archetype which is Aries energy emenations.Action and forward movement from the Center for the Ego for the Spiritual Self for the Christ Self will be favoured and Victorious through action movement and Motion.
The Collective Emotional Body,The Feeling Self,The Planetary Emotional Body,The Mother Moon,Luna,is Traversing through the Begining Stages of the Underworld of Scorpio.The Emotions and feeling will be Intense deep and Wholly Transformational.Use the Intense Energy of Scorpio to transform your Emotional Body and Emotional Feeling self from the Lower Octave of Stagnation Death and Deep Melencholie by the Power of Truth and Engagement with the Moment,Thereby Creating with the Transformed Sexual Power the Pheonix of Light and creating eternal Life and power over Death by Destroying that Which is best Destroyed,within and Without!
The Solar God of Communication who carries all messages and teachings to the Lesser Sons of Gods,Humanity is in also the Sign of Aries.Success and Self Actualization in Communication will be Won through again forward motion Self Initative a Firey WIll and the determination to communicate the Self in a New and Different Way.The Lower Illusionary Octave could be Ego Battles and Raming Heads,but this will always nesecitate a Greater Harmony after the Initial Conflict.So be sure to be out going in your Communication and engage all healthly Higher Octave Competition and enter the Greater Sphere of Communion of Spirit with Spirit,God and the Gods with the Sons and Daughters of God.Be open to express yourself as that!
Venus the Principal of Beuty Harmony Divine Sexuality Culture Refinement and Art,has found her Divine Emminent Self into the Sphere of the Water Bearer.She Finds her Illuminated Mind transported through the Airs of Life to the Future Sphere where she can hear and know the truth and goodness of all things to come.Aquarius represents the Completion and Culmination of the Solar Zodiac and as such any Planet in this Sign gives an experience of Great Peace,An Experience where one can honestly Say,”My Cup Runneth Over!” For at this stage of completion the Waters of Life are poured out,Gods Spirit is poured out upon his Flesh and the Gods pour out eternal Life and Light on the Sons and Daughters of God.Heaven is Realized and the Door to the Greater Kingdom to come is flung open!Venus the Queen and Princess of Heaven is in that heavenly place right now receiving those gifts of Spirit.Go then within self to find that Divine Feminine within absorbing the Greater Glories of the Kingdom Come!Admire and Adhor and Venerate similarly the Outer Feminine as she revels in the Divinity of the God/ess Self.
Mars the Masculine Principal in all Incarnation,The God of War on a Planetary and Solar Level has found reprieve and Rest in the Solar Sign of the Mystic,The Sign of Spirit the Sphere of the Spiritualist,The Sign of the Monk Wanderer Sage Medicent,The Sign of the Fishes,Pisces.This Archetype was perfectly expressed by many great Ones in that Age,however the most readily accessed archetype is the Great Master Jeshua(Jesus).Other Great Ones Such a Paracelcus,Chopin,Sivinanda,Michalagelo,Da Vinci,Orpheus also perfectly demonstrated the higher octave of this Pisces Archetype through with an over all different ray make up and with a different puzzle piece and mission in the World.However we do digress!Mars finds rest and freedom from his Wars and Conquest by finding rest and solice in Silent reprieve within,Finding Spirituality Meditation Withdrawal from worldly conquests to find the Spirit and Soul within.(Mars in Pisces)
Jupiter the God of Knowledge Education Expansion and benediction is in the Firey realm again of Aries!Knowledge insight success comes again through action will and direct action towards and by engaging the will in Action.Stimulation and Proper use and activation/Demonstration of the 3rd Chakra will assist your self in gaining the Power of the Son and the Solar Force and hence greater Mastery over those Spheres that rule the Realm of the Ram.Any excersise that activate the Navel and Core Power will be especially useful at this time!Navel Kriyas in the Kundalini Tradition will be most useful!(Jupiter in Aries)Take action and Knowledge and success will come forth from your engaged will and action!Your Mind will be Illuminated when your body and action is illuminated and engaged in Service and the Science of Karma Yoga!
Saturn the Great World Teacher,The Grandfather Spirit,The Rules and Regulation of the Melchedizek Universe is teachings the Planetary Ones the Sons and Daughters of God through the Sacrament of Union or Relationship,through partnership and pairing.It is also teachings receptive souls and spirits to the Higher Octave of Libra,The Scales of Justice,through Art Culture Refinement and Balance.We learn the important and tough lessons of life through relationship and are similarly blest through such engagement with this most sacred and sanctified aspect of life!(Saturn in Libra!)
Uranus the Son of Saturn,The Heavenly aspect of Self,Uranus the Sky God has found his/her way into again the Sign of the Firey Ram!Another Planet moves forward with Plans action Initative energy and action!Uranus the Awakener,The God of Thunder Flash awakening and Flashes from Heaven breaks any rigidity in any and all old worlds systems so that stagnation and isolationism is destroyed by the God of the Sky Uranus under the Over lighting Direction of the Spirit of the Mountain Goat,Aries.If you consider more deeply the experience of the Mountain Goat and meditate on the Experience of that aspect of yourself,you will be advancing then on the path of Integration of the Archetype that this Divine Being Represents!
Now also consider that the God of the Oceanic Waters of the Deep Feeling and Psychic World,The Watery Lord of the Waters Neptune also finds completion through his entering into the Sign of the Water bearer.He/We/She finds great Peace and Perfection when resting in Spirit,In the Universal Waters of Light and Life that pervades all life and is the direct experience of all life when rested in the Safe Center of the Self.When this is done we and our Neptunian Self Experiences the Heavenly Airs of the Water Bearer.Heaven Reaches the Ears that Hear and Heaven is heard on the Ears.Waters of Life fill every cup and the Lord of the Waters Rules Victoriously over the Emotional Realm,through the perfection of the Form and in the Incarnation of Divinity in form.By this incarnation and perfection of Form One also comes to Master the Water Above,by Ones Mastery of the Waters Bellow!(Neptune in Aquarius)
Finally Pluto in Capricorn,The Lord of the under World and absolute Master of all Matter Beings and Life under the Earth in the Under world,The Lord God Hades of the Underworld makes his Way through the Mountain Range of Government Tradition Structure and World and Self Systems,brining by his Transformative Sexual Power truth and anything not in alignment with that Truth!Pluto brings Corruption of the Self and the Government Systems to the Consciousness of the Greater Self so that they can be transformed into the Higher Octave Light!This is done first always through Plutos Ruling Power which is Destruction,which then gives rise to the Higher Pheonix of Light and new Eternal Life!So let the Lord of your Own Ounderworld Rule and take back Dominion over the Structures and Governance of your Worlds so that he/she can destroy anything and everything not becoming of the Mighty I am Presence Light,Anything not in alignment with the Highest Divine Light and Right of Total Dominion and Mastery over your own Inner and out World,Over your Own inner and Outer Government!(Pluto in Capricorn!)
The Final Archetypal Reality we will invoke and explore is the Plantoid Chiron,The Wounded Healer,The Teacher and Way Shower for the Gods of Olympus,The Gentle Cenataur Chiron.Chiron is the Gentle Quite Inward Hermit who is well versed in Herbalism Healing Ancient Esoteric Arts and Sciences.He/She is the Archetype for the Healer within and without.Now this Solar Deity has entered currently the sign of the Fishes,The Sign of the Mystic The Sign of the Devotionalist the Sign of the Spiritualist Piceas!So we see healing comes at a planetary level by engaging our Isolation and seclusion our by Engaging our Spiritual Self in Meditation With drawal and Immersion in the Deeper vaster realms of Spirit!Healing Comes through the Entering into the Waters of Life through Meditation and Involution!
That then Concludes our Brief Description of the Solar Deities and their Sojounrs through the Greater Galactic Worlds of the Zodiacal Spheres!We hope it has been and enlightening and illuminating experience as it has been writing it!Do study and look more deeply into Astrology and your personal Natal or Birth Chart as it is a most Informative Gift that will change the course of your life for the Better!Contact the Owner of the Website for a Trinitized Astrological Reading from the 3 Great World Astrological Traditions,Eastern Western and Mayan.Send an Email to “” with Astrological Reading as the Title line for a Full Reading.Readings are $24 AUD and well worth the price as they are in and of themselves transformative!Blessings forever in the One Brothers and Sisters!

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