Thursday, March 3, 2011

Practicing Perfect action at all times and in all situations,to the ends of attaining all ones Goals and Aspirations!

Todays Focus in our Spiritual Ascension Life,In our Psychological Consciousness and in our Spiritual Ascension Program is to develop a consistent and continuos thought,in a definite Major Life Purpose,To direct then all our Thoughts actions energies and aspirations to the attainment Realization and Demonstration of that ideal on the Earth Plane.By always having our Earthly Psychological and Spiritual Goals and Ideal in our Mind we are drawn continuosly and consistently into the sphere of that which spirit has deemed ideal,We there by the power of magnetizim draw ourselves our 3 Minds and 4 Bodies into that Monadic Sphere.By placing Images and Notes of these things all around our House we also further help to re program the Sub Conscious mind to our Ideal.By always thinking about focusing on and taking action towards these ends we draw daily closer and closer to the full Realization and Demonstration of that Ideal.We take action and review and refine our Action based on results.We re attune re access and re focus our Mind and actions every week to get closer,taking away actions that move us away from those ideals,and taking all action consistently that brings us closer to that goal,We remove anyone and anything that gets in the way of this,there by fast tracking our Process into the Spiritual Plane where these things happen quite quickly.We demonstrate patience of course in getting these things as everything takes time.By doing this each day to our Highest Potential at all times and constantly re adjusting and re aligning to that ideal,we can make the swiftest and most Integrated Progress.We will be amazed at how Quickly we can manifest all the things we need in our Life to serve our Highest Monadic Potential on the Earth Plane in service of our Self Our God and our Brothers and Sisters in all Kingdoms and all Dimensions of Reality!Namaste!

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