Thursday, March 3, 2011

Developing Beauty and Harmony to ones Highest Potential at all times and in all Situations!

Todays Focus is upon Developing Beauty Harmony and Balance in all aspects of our Life,from our Earth Life in Our Psychology and Consciousness and in our Spiritual Life.Be sure to dress and Cloth yourself in materials that reflect your Inner Spiritual Beuty,Be sure to organize your Household in a way that expresses Beauty and harmony to you.In your Thinking in Psychology to sure to develop Harmony and Balance within yourself in always finding that inner space of Harmony within so that that may be so outwardly as well.Be sure to develop both your Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine as well as your Outer Masculine and Outer Feminine.The key is that life will always give you people to help you do this.All forms of relationships to other people of both sexes in all types of relationship will help you develop this.Be sure to attune to the energy every person and being in your Life brings,Integrating their aspects while developing also your Own.Be sure to develop Harmony and Balance in your Spiritual Life in always re attuning and aligning with God The Masters and your Ideal Spiritual Path on Earth,remain in harmony with the Will of God by attuning to that in your Silent Meditation which you take 3 Times Religiously.Be sure to attune to the Higher Sphere of harmony in balance by requesting to be attuned to those Greater Heavenly Worlds in your Spiritual Body through your Antakarana and through your Consciousness and Spiritual Body.Feel the Harmony and Balance of Nature and the Perfect Balance of all things within the Great Mothers Great and Infinite Couldron of Life and Light!May you be blest and bless yourself with the highest and deepest and Broadest Development of Harmony and Balance in all Lines All Stages all States and in all Worlds through all Soul Extensions.May you be the Integrated Synthisis of Harmony and Balance upon the Earth Plane!Namaste!

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