Sunday, March 13, 2011

Integrating Neptune and its Higher Ocatave

Neptune is the Solar God of the Cosmic Waters,The Ruler of Creativity and Expression,Neptune is a Nebulous Planet that gives an impression and Experience of Omniscience through the water Element.It rules artists and artistry in all forms.It is a Planet of Great Openess but can also be stormy and full of Mysterious Deepness.It is a most Wonderous sphere to explore through ones Chosen artistic endevour!Neptune takes about 165 to Travel Once around our Solar Center and stays in each of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac for about 14 Years.The Planet then has a Mass Influence on large numbers of people born during each of its particular sphere of Influence.In 1998 it moves slowly from Capricorn into Aquarius where it will remain for thirteen years before moving slowly into Pisces its traditional ruler!This placement will bring forth many being with a natural tendency to the Higher Aspect of this Planet and Sign and therefor give Righteous Rulership to these Neptunian Energies.Again for a Full 3 Fold Reading on all your Birth Stars from all 3 Systems Western Vedic and Mayan send an email to with Natal Chart request in Subject line.

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