Sunday, March 13, 2011

Integrating Pluto and its Higher Octave

Pluto is traditionally and still the Lord and God of the Underworld.He rules The Underworld,taken from the myth of Hades,Pluto is the Powerful God of transformation Truth and Change.His Powerful Gaze calls for truth of any situation through total honesty and integrity by pure expression.Pluto rules Scorpio so as you can imagine and intuit this Solar God Rules Power Transformation Sexuality Tantra Dark Arts Magic and all things Mysterious Deep and Transfornational.It is the most slow moving Planet as it is on the furtherest reaches of the Solar Sphere,(Suggesting also the Energy Archetype of Pluto,being an Outsider Influence or an energy of being on the Fringe and outside of the Solar workings.)taking 248 Years to complete 1 Solar Cycle.It also has an elliptical orbit which changes the time it spends in each sign.(13 Years in one sign and 32 Years in another sign for example)It is therefor again an Generational planet.Traditionally Pluto represents Great Change and Drastic Upheaval that can be either positive or negative but it is always permanent.Do explore this Archetype within self by finding out which Sign it finds its home in the current Solar Dance as well as in your Natal Chart,for that will give the the knowledge you require to search the deepths and heights of yourself so that you might bring forward the Higher Aspect of that Placement fully that you might be a righteous demonstration of this Solar Energy upon the Earth,In service of the most High God,and all the Lesser Divinities bellow that supreme One and down to your very self.

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