Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Integrating Earth and Its Higher Christed Octave in everything you do!

Earth is in truth the Center of Activity and Incarnation for all life extraterrestial and Terrestial.It is the Center of Activity for not only the Planetary Life but the Solar Worlds in the World of the Planets the Creator Gods,The Solar Gods and Beings,It is also the Center or we might say currently aligned with the Galactic Center which is producing and enducing the Experience of the Galactic Family of Light which is now of course Externalizing.Beyond the Plantary Solar Galactic Levels of Consciousness however there are Universal and Cosmic which also have to be integrated for Full God and Self Realization.All Creation will move again to these levels,and all creation will return to the Supreme Point of Oneness with Cosmic Consciousness and this is the Thrust and Push of all Creation in all Dimensions and all Worlds.All life is returning to itself and its source and we are in the process of doing that now,every activity of life goes to serve that end.All Life is evolving utimately to return to Cosmic Unity.First however we need to do this at a Planetary Level as Individuals so we can help and assist our Brothers and Sisters in doing this also!So The Focus today is on giving our 100% Energy Actions Emotions Feeling Impulse Mind thoughts and all of our being to Attaining and Realizing this Planetary Potential within ourselves first!This should always be the focus of course on being right with self 100% of the Time before any other or for one must be right with self with God and then one Automatically becomes right with other people!One once fully Realized in ones Highest Potential or at least while focusing on and acting to that end,(Hence being Connected to that Eternal Reality,Understanding Similtaneous Time,and the Eternal Now,Where what ever you are now,you are also that in all other time Lines all other Dimensions and all future and past experiences)And Once you then give 100% of your effort at all times to this Energy focus on Mastering your Minds your Bodies your Negative Ego your Earth Life and all Attendent Lessons and Tests to the 100% Level at all times,you will then qualify yourself through the Higher Levels of Reality which you are connected to through your Monad and your Antakarana or Rainbow Bridge which connects you to these things on a Spiritual Level at all times.This is why we sit 3 times a day first thing Middle thing and last thing in the Day,to get re connected to the Direct Experience of our Cosmic Nature Our Eternal and Full Enlightened Self.Our God Self in Form.So Having on the previous Days worked on incarnating and expressing our Inner and Outer Masculine and Feminine by working with invoking and Demonstrating our Higher Octave Mars and Venus Energies we can come to the center Balance point of all Solar Life which is of course the Earth,The Plane and Great Center of Balance and Harmony!The Mid Way Point Between All Higher and Lower Worlds,The Center where Rest and Perfect Equilibrium are attained Realized and Experienced fully!This is why we are here!Now that being said for this Monadic Merger and Experience to take place not only on a Spiritual Level but also an Earthly and Psychological level we need to do our respective work in those Areas!We have to work on Mastering the Material Face of God,through regulating our Life Energies Our Sleep Patterns Our Diet our Physical Health Reigeimes,Our Moderate Use of Sexuality,Our Appropriate Play Work Balance and the Proper use of our Finances.We also then for the Psychological Level have to work on developing and Practicing the Consciousness of the 7 Great Rays of God Integrating these into our Psychology by demonstrating 100% Personal Power 100% Unconditional Self Love and Self Worth,100% Active Intelligence and Wise Discernnent,100%,100%Balance Harmony and Beuty,100% Science and Life System Mastery,We have to develop and Demonstrate in our Consciousness and Psychology 100% Devotion to Self and Ideal Potenial To God the Masters and our SPiritual Path,We have to also develop this Devotion to serving our Brothers and Sisters in God!We then have to develop to the 100% Level our Ceremonious Order and Victorious Magic in everything we do,employing Order ways of working and living that we can be victorious even as God is ultimately always Victorious in everything he/she does!In this way we develop our Personality Soul and Spirit around the Greater Planetary Perfection that is God/Goess Consciousness.In this way we Master and Demonstrate the Higher Octave Christed Consciousness at a Planetary Level!

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