Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Developing the Mind of the Christ to Ones Highest Potential at all times and in all situations.

Todays Focus and Key note Lesson and Practice is around the development of the Higher Mind Functions,Thought Transference,Clairaudient Channeling,3 Mind Alignment and balance,The Development of the Will and the 3rd Chakra,Cultivating the Solar Power at the World Navel Point in ones Inner Micro and Outer Macrocosmic,The Appropriate and Positive use of ones Conscious Mind,The Application of Proper thinking and responding to all life situations.In short developing the Christ Mind to ones Highest Potential at all times and in all Situations.In all your Earthly Activities Psychological Consciousness Practices and in all your Spiritual Ascension Programs be sure to develop the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad Mighty I am Presence God/Godess thinking and Transcend the Negative Ego Fear Based/Seperative/Dualistic/Illusionary/Selfish/Lowerself/Materialistic Mind and thinking!This dear friends is your mission focus and main practice today!TO find out more about the exact workings of the two through systems,be sure to read CC7 in this IAMU Enrollment.Be sure to deepen this way in your understanding of the 2 thought systems!Be sure to enter at your highest ability the Thought system of Love of God the Masters and the only true thought system!The Thought system of the Christ!You are that!

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