Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mother Earth Ascends!

Wide Like the Doors of Eternity,The Swing from One to Two,From the One to the One,All is in that Glorious One!Nothing outside that Eternal Perfect Cosmic Self.Nothing exist but to serve this Supreme Evolution,This Great Cosmic Being with Multiverous selves.This Supreme being lives to experience itself through it self extended.We are that.Any thought then outside that reality is in itself illusionary Unreal and non existant.All that is,is God.Only then the thought of seperation in the Human Mind can create anything else.The rest of Creation and all kingdoms then serve man returning to this Edenic State of Consciousness.The 2 World Systems that have been created from the Fall of Man from the Edenic State of Consciousness,that was and in truth always is in harmony with the Perfect Cosmic Law.All Evil Duality Fear Seperation Maya Negative Ego exists only temporarily as a thought creation of the Human Mind thinking out of harmony with Cosmic law.The Process of Incarnation then has been given so that souls can realize the perfected state of divinity through many incarnations.We are currently at the end of a 26,000 Year Planetary Cycle.Many souls are now ready to take the Initiation into Immortality at the 6th Initiation.All Souls on earth are being prepared for the 3rd Initiation or Soul Merge.Great Advances are being made in all Endevours in all Ashrams and offices of the Christ.We are approaching Galactic Alignment with the 2012 Portal and Many Masters Walk in Extraterrestial Beings are Incarnating to assist the Ascension of the Mother Earth Gaia into 5th Dimensional Consciousness on the Earth.The 4th Initiation which mother earth is taking at this time is the Crucification Initiation,which Master Jeshua took on the Cross in the Picean Age.In this we see a crucifiction Ressurection and Ascension.This is what is happening now,to a Great Extent the Crucifiction is complete and the Resurection and Ascension is now taking place!Surely it is a glorious time to be here!The Ascension into the Light is taking Place across the earth to all being ensouled in her Planetary Body!This Evolution is also echoing out into Solar Galactic Universal and Cosmic Levels of Reality!All Creation sounds the Glory of the Perfect Ascension of the Perfect Mother Earth taking her Higher Birth into Perfection and edenic State of Consciousness!Give witness to this today in everything you see and let your mind and psychology reflect this wonderous understanding!Let your eyes be open to the Glorious Eternal Self Incarnated in all beings at all times and in all situations!Bring that Vision forth today in your Earth Life Beloved Freinds!Blessings in the One Eternal Perfection!

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