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Master Sananda and the 6th Ray Ashram of the Christ

Master Sananda and the 6th Ray Ashram,

Master Sananda Directs and Leads the 6th Ray Ashram of the Christ which deals with Brotherhood and the Universality of Religion and Spirituality,Devotion,Idealism and the Revamping of all World Religions and Spiritual Schools.His Divine Consort and Partner in this work on the 6th Ray is Lady Nada,who does similar work on the Divine Feminine Lines of Evolution.According to St Germain Sananda also holds the Frequency for the Personal Christ Self Pattern so that each Individual can embody the Divine Masculine Christ Self for themselves,as themselves.You can see this in the way we seem to have many more souls incarnating who look quite strickingly like the Master Jeshua.This pattern has been held in the Collective Consciousness for the last 2,ooo years since his Famous Incarnation as Jeshua.It is not quite as well know but later after his Life in Jerusalem India Tibet Egytp Greece and so forth,(Where he travelled for that time) he Reincarnated in a Syrian Body as Apolotina or Siria.He as recognized and much loved as a Master in that life and spent his life much like he did previously wandering Alone teaching Healing and giving Divine Blessings where ever he went,bringing with his the SPirit of the Living God.I believe he Ascended in that lifetime.
In his LIfe as Jesuha he came to teach that Love was Higher than the Law,he also came to incarnate the Picean Ideal of Universal Love and Onenes,Spiritual Purity Healing and Incarnation of Love.For this he gave his LIfe and was Crucified under Pontious Pilot at the will of the Jewish Orthidox Religous Leaders.He was the Messiah that the Jewish People where waiting for but they could not accept him because of this Unauthox non traditional Methods.Essentially they Choose the Law above Love,holding fast to a Disspensation that Moses brought Forth in the Age of Taurus.Jeshua came to demonstrate the Personal Path of Crucifiction Death and Resurection that we all must go through as we pass our 4th Initiation.All will go through this Initiation experience on one level or another and it will take many forms as many are the forms of Different incarnations of the Divine.Everyone will experience this differently and it would be best to logg and record this experience as it happens.All souls on Earth will have to take this Intiation as Mother Gaia herself is taking this Initiation.
Regardless of your Religion you would do well as an aspirant to call on Sananda and and his Enormous Spiritual Blessings.He can assist you in any area of your life.The Master came to Create a New Religion and this New Religion of Love must be formed within ourself and untied under the Grand Master Love Itself.It must rule our Inner Constitution consistently.The Lord of the World Must ever sit as Ruler on our Hearts Minds Souls Minds and we must do his will with all our Might!We must do as Jeshua did and carry our Cross in life so that we may wear the Crown!
NOw according to ELizabeth Claire Prophet,Jeshua incarnated Twice as an Emperor of Antlantis,Again in 33,000bc, and again in 15,000bc.He did this to aid the White Magicians who where battling against the Dark Magicians in Atlantis.According Alice A Bailey,He Incarnated as the Military Leader Joshua and Joshua the High Priest in the Hebrew Tradition.Also according to the Ascended Masters Teachings of Theosophy he incarnated as Joseph who wore the Coat of Many Colours,as well as King David and Elisha of Old.We can see that the Great Master Sananda has earnt the Right to Rule the 6th Sphere by Many Incarnations of Leadership and Rightousness Under the Lord.We to must then prove ourselves in this Life so we can wear the Crown of life as it were!We must prove ourselves in this Life to be the Righteous Sparks and Humble Servants of God and the Divine Plan we are collectively bringing forth!
It is told in the Ascended Masters Teachings that St Germain was one of the 3 Wise Men that Brought the Gifts to the Christ Child,and that his Mother Mary upon her Assumtion became an Archangel and is now the Twin Flame of Archeangel Raphel.In theosophy it is taught that Mary Became a Deva.They Masters Teachings also state that Casper who gave the Gold to Jesus was an Incarnation of Dwhal Khul.Balshathsa, who gave the Frankinsence to Jeshua was an Incarnation of Kuthumi,and Melchior who gave the Gift of Myrr to Jesuha was an Incarnation of El Moyra.Also according to these Teachings between the Age of 12 to 33 Jeshua travelled and studied Wide and Far Studying in Luxor in Egypt in a Mystery School,He then Went to India to Study with Lord Meitreya and Lord of the Himilaya The Manu of the 4th Root Race.
It is also said that Jeshua was overlighted During His Ministry in Israel by Lord Mietreya the Planetary Christ which gave him greater Healing Powers and Abilities to Do a great many things!This is however possible for all aspirants and adepts who wish to do the Work of the Great Master by humbling themselves through Service and being ever ready to serve one another with love and by those who wish to be mouthpieces for the Holy Spirit and Universal Truth.Meitreya Over lights all who would do his Work of Spreading Good Will to all.
Theosophists and Adhearents to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters believe again that Master Jeshua under went the 4th Initiation at the Crucification.For most this is a Symbolic Experience for Jeshua however it was Literal.It is also believed that Master Jeshua ascended Later after travelling to Kashmir and to the Even Europe where apparently he lived with Mary Magdelena and even sired Children who carried the Bloodlines of the Christ Pattern.The Theosophists believe that after the Resurection he went to Shambala to be with the Lord of the World Sanat Kumara.A Chapter will later be written about.Also according to Leadbeater after Sanandas Incarnation and Appolanna of Tyanna he Incarnated in India as the Tamil Religous Reformer,Ramanuja.Apparently he was part of the Bhakti sect in India.Apparently this Life was to further deepen his training in the Mastery of the 6th Ray which is of course emotional Idealism.According to some teachings also Master Sananda lives in his Light Body in Secret in Rome and after the Lord Maitreya makes his Official decleration and returns to make a Public Appearence Master Sananda will ascend to the Papal position as Lord of the Religions of the World.HIs position as 6th Ray Lord will be fully Externalized!
Now it also must be said that Sananda has a Twin Flame Named Lady Master Magda,whos last incarnation was of Course Mary Magdelana.who also had an incarnation as Aiimme Semple Mcpherson.
Sananda also work with Higher Dimensional Beings from Venus,most notably is Master Aetherius.He also works with Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar command who are the Airborne Winged Division of the Great White Brotherhood.These great Ascended Race assist earth souls with their Ascension process in a great number of ways.Through both Advanced SPiritual Teachings as well as advanced Spiritual Technology which they implement and heal with at Night while the Souls of disciples and Initiates who have requested this receive.
Upon the Fleet of the Winged Airborne Division of the Great White Brotherhood,there are many Other Masters serving different Roles for this Great Mission in bringing mother Earth and all its Inhabitants to the 4th Initiation and beyond.Commander Sananda works upon this fleet as well in his Light Body and spilt off self to serve a Prominent Role there.Some other notable Masters and servants are Aleph,Korton,Esola,Merku,Soltec,Kla La and Hanton to mention just a few.These masters serve different Roles under the general mission of Ascending the Planet and its consciousness and all beings upon it!
So Master Sananda and the Other Galactic Masters have much work to do with the Revamping the Planets Consciousnss and all World Systems.Master Sanandas work is very specific as we have seen,His work again basically is to Purify Religion and Philosophy of Dogmas and Seperation Consciousness.Basically Transcending the Negative Ego thought system which has infiltrated to such an indescribable fasion the Worlds Religions.I will not go into any deepth here as i am sure the read will know well the deepth of this Illusion.
So In conclusion we would like to make a Request to be taken in our Bi Located Split off Self and Soul Body to the 6th Ray Ashram of the Christ,and we ask that we be personally trained by Master Sananda in our Daily lives in the Implementation and demonstration of the higher Aspect of the 6th Ray of Devotion and Idealism.We ask that we become perfect instruments and examples of Devotion and Idealism and that we ourselves become Spiritual Masters in this life in service of God the Masters and our Brothers and Sisters.We ask that we be given all the inner and outer training for this to be a Reality in the shorted possible time.We know that this is done for we have requested it,we know that God hears all prayers.It is up to us now to take perfection action so that this thought form prayer can be brought forth and demonstrated fully upon the Earth Plane!We make a decisive decision now to go out and Act until,Thy Will Be done!Namaste.

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