Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Learning the Lessons that Life is always Teaching at all times and in all situations to your Highest Potential!

The Sages Declare that Life is itself the Teacher and the Master and that all systems rise out of that Primordial Mother,THe Eternal Void,All Lessons all teachings all Blessings All Schools All Systems All Thought Systems All Art All Creativity All Kingdoms All Nations All States All Planets All Solar Systems and all Universes Rise out of the Primordial Emptyness of the Great Mother.Alll Systems are Born of that Great Mother.It is the nature of this being to give education and training to all those born of this system,from those that have been before,they by their knowledge understanding and compassion for those that now tread the path,have devised and direct a system of learning where by Spiritual Currents are given and Life Opportunities are given to those functioning within the Law.The Law is always Perfect and Exact and gives benediction to those who obey it and harder karmic lessons to those who break it.There is also however a gift given for those going beyond the Law and making there own law by their effort to push through and beyond the current accepted limitations of any system!So this Life system teaches and instructs all upon it to learn certain lessons and pass through certain stages of life.Certain functions are given to those within those systems depending on the level of service and giving that one can enact to the other extensions in that system.So the key focus and lesson is to focus on exacting service checking oneself and giving ones 100% to learning the lesson that life is teaching.Remaining in Harmony with the Law and Will of the One and the Law of One.Stay in harmony and activity within that system so that one can progress continually.Only by giving our 100% at all times and in all situations can we progress and recieve the Benediction and blessing of the Greater Self of all at the 100% level at all times!So in all situations at all times and in all systems give your 100% so that you might recieve your 100%!Namaste!

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