Sunday, March 6, 2011

Integrating Mars and the First Ray Energy in Its Higher Octave

Mars was Traditionally in Greek Mythology the God of War,Mars Ruled Previously the Sphere of the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio.This energy was always associated with Intense Masculine Enregy.It is the Energy of Action,Traditionally War however in Modern New Age Terms we might relate this to War on the Negative Ego.It is the Spiritual Warrior Archetype Perhaps used by the Personality Soul and Spirit to over come Evil Tendencies Habits and patterns from the Negative Ego.This also relates to the Destroyer Archetype which we can employ in all ways today to help us destroy all out dated Patterns of ways of being doing seeing feeling and thinking within and without so that we may enter the new Kingdom of God upon the Earth!Our Focus then is to in our Physical Earthly LIfe and all our Activities upon that Sphere is to Destroy all Modes of being all habit patterns of a negative ego nature that have developed upon that line.We focus our thinking and our Psychology on destroying old thought patterns that limit us to the negative Ego thought programs.We also finally focus our Spiritual Ascension Routine and Program on first attuning to and aligning with Master El Moyra and the First Ray Adepts of the Great White Lodge at a Planetary Level.We call down the Higher Spiritual Archetype of the Destroyer of Mars and of the God of “War on the Negative Ego!”We can then feel know and experience that we have developed the first Sphere and the Higher Aspect of Mars and the Destroyer Archetype on this First Ray Day,Monday!Namaste Dear Friends!

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