Monday, March 7, 2011

Integrating Venus and its Higher Octave

Venus the Godess of Love in Greek Mythology is the Aspect of Solar Consciousness that Directs Art Culture Refinement Beuty as well as the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Sexuality.It is a Feminine Ray Day today with Feminine Practices Ruling our Efforts,A Passive Open Receptive Approach to our Earth Life Psychology and Spiritual Life are the Focus of today.By calling forth to the Higher Aspect of Self On Venus we attune to our Ascended Self and our part in the Greater Spiritual Plan for ourselves and our part on the Earth.Venus is an Ascended Planet and She,The Brightest Star in the Sky is Guiding Gaia and her Sons through the Ascension into 5th Dimensional Consciousness.She is a Most Wonderful and Glorious Planet and being with amazing extensions i am sure you will all agree!Do attune and align to her Higher Aspect and Self today and be sure to bring those aspects of Self into Consciousness today in all your Activities!

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