Sunday, March 13, 2011

Integrating Uranus and its Higher Octave

Uranus being the First of the New Planets is the Higher Spiritual Octave of Saturn.It is the Heavenly Aspect build on the Capricorn Structure that Saturn has created.It is the Heavenly aspect within self.Uranus was in Greek Mythology the Sky God whos lover was Gaia.So we can get a sense then by that imagery alone what this archetype means for us.We should then make every effort on every level to bring that Divine Archetype forward!Uranus also represents where you individuality needs to be brought forward.It takes around 7 Years to pass through the Zodiac,therefor anyone born within a 7 year cycle(Generally and broadly speaking for there will always be changes depending on the degree of progression of said Planet)will be born with Uranus in the Same Sign.It is therefor a Generational Pattern.It is a very impersonal Influence in the chart therefor a great deal of space is required for the energies of Uranus.Being a Sky God it requires a lot of space and time so it may be fully merged in its heavenly Consciousness.The same is said for us.So depending on where you Uranus falls in your Birth Chart will give you an indication of what this Solar God is calling you to integate into your Life.For a Detailed Astrological Reading in all 3 Major Systems Western Eastern and Mayan,Contact the Creator of this Site by emailing This reading is a Full Download of your Astrological and Heavenly self as perceived by the Great Sages and Rishis of all Ancient Traditions from the Earth.It is a most WOnderful service,do get one for your Self and then your Freinds and Family!It will provide almost unlimited conversation and discussion as well as work for your Integration and Demonstration of the Archetypes given forth!Namaste!

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