Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Business Finance Economics and Mental Mastery

Business Finance and Economics is the area of Earth life where we Learn to correctly manage administrate and apply Universal law of economy and mental mastery to the domain of Earth resources value and possession.By administering the Higher Law through organisation of the physical earthly plane to express economy autonomy and ethics,we achieve right relationship to and Mastery of the 3rd Sphere of Mental Matters,Finance Trade and economics,as well as the Sibling territory of the 3rd House astrologically speaking.By using the mental emotional and physical energies as an alter of service to the supreme spirit,the living God/Godess in all our Brothers and Sisters in all kingdoms,we attain both Yoga and Bhoga,Bhakti and Shakti,Material and spiritual Realization and Liberation.Realizing that the earth plane is a divine platform for service and worship of the living God/Godess,we are immune from falling into False Idol Worship or putting Creation before creation or falling into materialism,which are the traps and pitfalls related to the 3rd Ray,3rd Sphere and 3rd School of life!From this perspective we can re orientate the Mind and the Noosphere,towards appropriate use of world resources,Ascended Administration of financial systems around service,and correct direction of the Mental Rays,to the ends of Ascending the Aryan Race the 4 Lower Kingdoms and the Consciousness of Humanity and Gia and the Biosphere.This way we merge with the mission purpose and service work of Master Serapis Bey and the 3rd Ray Ashram of the Christ!Be sure friends to administer this thought adjustment to the Ascended Ideal on a personal familial communal regional state national and planetary level today,And there by correctly apply the teaching and direction of The Lord of the 3rd School,Sphere and Ray.Once mastery of these levels is stabalized long term,we can the Move into Solar Levels of advancement evolution and Spiritual Psychological and Earthy advancement and Administration!Namaste beloved friends and Planetary Kin!

Monday, February 4, 2013

"Cyclic Life Rythms"

Although we may have a fixed Spiritual Psychological and Earthy Regieme and Sadhana in place,we still must allow for the ebbs and flows of nature,and her natural cycles.Her cycles are tied to a bigger part of the collective Group Soul that is ascending through her Body of light.For example she may send Rain,As She cries for the Exquisite Beuty that her beloved Beloved children are creating.This may not be convenient as we may want to be outside training in the sun or some such thing however,if we can take a moment to attune to the Great Mother and what she is experiencing and expressing we can come into greater,oneness with all creation.
Flowing with the cycles of emotional fullness and emotional newness of the Moon cycle for example gives us a greater attunement to the Collective Psyche and emotional body,and we are better able to utilise Higher Spiritual guidance by tailoring our program to the cycles of nature.More detail about this will be revealed in IAMYAs official training program so be sure to sign up and join us in the Integrated Ascended Masters Training Program!Much love and light dear friends!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Suns Day and the 7th Ray Day

Sunday the 7th Ray Day,Is essentially about communing with Mother Nature,and the infinite Worlds that exist through her Life bearing Womb,known as the World!Taking time to sit run swim walk In nature we allow the energies if Cosmos to Chanel through our 4 Body systems Consciousness & 3 Minds,we feel greater and greater level of attunement to Eternal Spirit and all that is!We Allow the sun to illuminate our minds and bodies as we receive the 5th Dimensional energies of the 5th Sun.We attune especially via request inwardly to ourselves that the presence of the 7th Ray and the 7th Ray Ashram of the Christ be known and shown to us,that we might have greater conscious mind understanding of the most important work of St Germain and his Ashram of Transformation Ceremonious Order and Magic!We sit in meditation now an allow the down pouring of spirit of the Mahatma to enlighten out mind soul and spirit now to the divine plan and our puzzle piece within and upon it!After sitting in this experience for 20 minutes we return to our service work and earthly mission!Namaste dear friends!